One Journey at a Time Book III: Fangs of a Lone Wolf, Claws of a Feisty Cougar Act I

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Date: March 25, 2016 (2 years ago)

After many years of self-imposed exile, I decided to return to my roots. The event was really a dramatic fanfare. I listened to almost four hours of litany coming from the Empress Dowager only interrupted and ended abruptly by the arrival of my younger sister and her companion. Through selective listening and acute hearing sense, I managed to piece together important details. My good sis has been supporting my parents ever since my vanishing act. They have a new family member in the personification of her companion, Ate Gara.

She turn out to be my sister's best friend, confidante and elder sister figure. To complete the connection, she also is my sister's son's godmother. No wonder, the Empress Dowager (my mother), ever so suspicious of new people, accepted easily this "Ate Gara".

In terms of looks, she has what it takes to be told: good-looking. Though not as blessed in height, everything else is in proportion despite her small bust. Plus the fact that she already has a son. Yes, she is another MILF in our parlance. Her most distinguishing feature and what caught my attention the most is her always red, moist lips. So pouty it is, it felt like she's always begging to be kissed. The closest I can compare her to is the Hollywood actress, Mary Louise Parker. She's Bruce Willis's leading lady and love interest in the comic book (from DC Comics) turned action movie: "Red" and "Red 2".

In my absence, Ate Gara filled in my spot. She helped my sister in the finances and chores in and around the house.

Upon my return, she respectfully left the house and eventually settled in another apartment provided by her employer. It was on another subdivision near where my family was so communication between her and my sister remained intact. In fact, my mother was the one taking care of her laundry. Ate Gara just pays for the service out of respect.

One fine Tuesday morning, I was about to do my five laps run (I was able to secure a jogging field, actually the parking lot of the parish church within the subdivision), when the Empress Dowager asked me to do an errand for her. She wanted me to bring the freshly laundered cloths of Ate Gara to her house. I pondered for about a minute then I agreed. Even though, Ate Gara's new place is just a subdivision away, that's still far for my mother. Add the fact, the laundered cloths in the basket weighed more than six kilos. Heavy for my mother but an easy peasy task for me. I just considered it a part of my morning workout.

When I got there, it took iaoime five minutes worth of knocking on the door before she opened. Apparently, she's still asleep (I later found out that her work is at 10 in the morning and she usually wakes up by 8.30 AM) and after ushering me in, she just locked the door and went back upstairs. I thought she would just check on something or put on more decent cloths (when she opened the door, I knew she had no bra on because the towel she draped on herself failed to hide one of her breasts and she's on white bikini shorts only) so I waited. I sat on one of the sofas (the combined living room and receiving patio offered 3 sofa sets) and looked around. I noticed a huge flat screen TV (around 42 inches, I guess) and a DVD player that had a blinking blue light on it. Curious as I was, I checked for the remote control and found it on top of the other sofa after one sweep of my roaming eyes. Undecided what to click or what button to push, I just tapped the remote on my other palm and was surprised when the TV screen came to life. I realized it was just on standby mode and both it and the DVD player were recently used. The scenes that showed on the screen after I accidentally (but intentionally) awoke the TV from its standby mode were familiar to me! The movie that was in play was actually a porn movie!

I immediately located the sleep button on the remote control and returned both the TV and DVD player to its original state. I looked in the direction of the staircase and let out a sigh of relief when I saw no one coming down or already standing there. After another minute or two of calming myself, I again, looked around the house. The area between the living room and the combined dining room and kitchen was populated by glass shelves. Those in turn were filled with a variety of mobile phone gadgets and accessories. I recalled from memory that my sister mentioned Ate Gara works as a supervisor of a chain of cellphone stores.

It took me this time, close to quarter of an hour before I realized Ate Gara won't be coming downstairs any minute soon. I felt torn between staying or going. If I stay, then that meant I have to wait for who knows how long doing nothing but sitting in the sofa. If I go, I would return without the pay for the laundry. Seeing no merits on either choices, I decided to go upstairs and had it settled once and for all. So, up I went and didn't have much difficulty finding Ate Gara because I saw her right away. . . Asleep. The door on the right was closed and the room she was into had its door half-opened. Upon impulse I still opened carefully the door on the right and found out nobody else was in the house except her and now, me. I went in to the room where Ate Gara was and saw that I got it right about what she's wearing that time. She's sprawled on the bed like no one else in the world cares and I saw clearly her breasts with its slightly brownish nipples. Her mouth with its seductive red lips half-opened as she mildly snore on her sleep. On her state that time, I was strongly tempted to grab her and fuck her then and there. But I still managed to keep calm and urged myself to go back downstairs. I closed her bedroom door and went back to sitting on the sofa.

But I am a man of action. Sitting still isn't one of my specialties. Ate Gara, as I saw her, remained fresh in my mind like a still picture. I did next the unthinkable. I turned on the TV and DVD player and resumed where it was left playing on. I put it into mute and started watching the porn in earnest. I couldn't exactly recall what it was but the lead is a very popular star, Maria Ozawa. In the scene she was in, she was seduced by a big American guy into sexual submission. The whole scenario was nicely choreographed. What they were doing can be done in less than ten minutes but the way they enacted it took them almost more than twenty minutes. They really worked on raising the viewers' libido in a heightened state. I can tell you it really was effective because my throat suddenly became parched and I was having a serious hard-on that time. On one particular scene, Maria Ozawa lazily disrobed and she was seen only wearing a tiny piece of lacy material that served as her underwear. The small white panty with its laces and frills looked familiar and I realized one of the underwear neatly laundered and folded in the basket I brought in looked exactly like that. I wondered then if Ate Gara purposely purchased the underwear for its uncanny resemblance with the one worn by Maria Ozawa. I didn't stop there. I carefully rummaged from the laundered items in the basket I carried and found what I was looking for. I wasn't mistaken. It was very similar to the one showing onscreen. I was about to return the seductive lingerie back in the basket when I heard a cough followed by a familiar voice. Ate Gara was fully awake and standing on the base of the stairs!

"Did I make you wait too long?" She asked sternly.

To make matters worse that time, I had a full erection by then very visible despite the jogging shorts I wore. I tried to reply but no words came out from my mouth as I inserted her lacy panty between her other cloths in the basket.

I saw her looking quickly at my erection then on the item I hastily pushed back in the basket.

"Bring that and follow me upstairs". She ordered me. After saying that, I heard the slap of bare feet into wooden boards as she climbed back upstairs. Left with no choice and burning with shame, I complied and followed her upstairs.

I guessed she was still braless that time because the pink towel was still the only clothing material she had on except, of course for the white bikini shorts. She sat on the edge of the bed, crossed her legs and had her arms same way. Despite looking angry, all I could think of that time was she's pretty and how could I taste those red lips of hers.

She was the first to broke the silence after we both entered her room.

"Did you enjoy what you're watching downstairs?" She asked shortly. In situations like this, I elected to look calm but the pounding of my heart within my rib cage betrayed me. I was about to speak, say sorry when I was taken aback by her next action.

She threw away the towel covering her body leaving her almost fully nude. Then she said, "Take off your shorts."

Mesmerized by the whiteness of her body and seeing Ate Gara in her naked glory, I stood doing nothing. Like an uprooted tree. A slight annoyance could be heard in her voice when she spoke next.

"Are you going to take it off or I'm going to tell your mother of what happened here?" She said when I still remained motionless.

She knew the magic word. For some reason, I still felt a twinge of fear whenever I hear that my deeds (or misdeeds in this case) would be told to my mother. I acted on instinct and took off my shorts, revealing my massive hard-on, covered only now by my remaining underwear. Ate Gara then commanded me to walk towards her.

"That's a big one." She exclaimed while trying to enclose my hard-on with her right hand.

With one swift motion she pulled down my brief and without another word, swallowed my fully erected cock! She placed her left hand on the small of my back to hold me still while her right hand glided up and down my shaft as she started sucking my cockhead. The heady sensation of what she's doing almost made me faint with pleasure but I remained standing still. I placed both my hands on the top of her head as I continued experiencing the electrifying touch of her ministrations. Her right hand moved next to my balls as she sucked my cock now slowly. She was now giving me a deep throat. I felt the full hotness of her mouth as my cock slid in and down deep her throat. She knew what she's doing and she was expertly doing it. After five minutes of deep throated action, she opened her eyes and this time, started licking and sucking my balls. Her mouth and her right hand exchanged targets. Her right hand now jacked me off hard as she licked my balls while it's inside her mouth.

Just a little more and I would have cummed. But she suddenly stopped completely! With a naughty smile, she giggled as she crawled away from me and up to the center of the bed. She's seducing me to pounce on her and filled with burning lust and pent-up desires, I did exactly what she wanted me to do. I followed her, opened her legs wide and without any ceremonies, I thrusted my raging cock deep inside her cunt. It was already wet with her juices and lubricated enough but the force of my entry made her wince in pain.

"AHH! Fuck you! Why did you do that?" She was about to say something else when I started pounding her.

Using my hands and arms as pillars to support my weight, I fucked her with such ferocity that the bed itself felt the barrage of thrusts and pumps I was doing. It squeaked as I rammed in and out of Ate Gara. She knew I couldn't be stopped. Neither by persuasion nor requests so she acquiesced to the roughness of my passion. She held her own legs wide and up so I could ram her easier. We stayed that way for almost quarter of an hour because I felt gratifying pleasure to see her small breasts bounce wildly as I rape-fuck her. Yes, that time, despite knowing she seduced me in the first place, I admitted to myself that we were not fucking. I was raping her. The boiling lust inside me that time had reached the limit and she was the perfect receptacle.

"OHH! AHH! OHH! Please, oh, be more. . . AHH, gentle!" She said in between her moans.

Her loud moans only made me more aggressive. Knowing that nobody could hear us, I continued ramming into her in that forceful manner and added another item in the things she would receive. I took hold both of her breasts with my hands and squeezed hard as I fucked still! The smallness of her breasts made it possible for me to enveloped both with each hand.

"AHHH, damn you, I. . . Ohh, AHH!" She cummed as she felt pain and pleasure from my fucking ministrations. To my surprise, I discovered that Ate Gara's a squirter.

Her body jerked and heaved like an epileptic beneath me as she cummed in stream. I slowed my tempo in order for me to watch her. I removed my hands from her upright breasts and held her by her tiny waist. Ate Gara was a petite lady. I believe she's somewhere between 4'11" and 5'1" or 5'2". And despite already having a son, she maintained her body into a seductive sexiness with just a little hint of fat. Coupled with her fair white skin, she's really a stunner. I haven't reached my own climax yet and I didn't want the party to stop. I didn't care for anything else that time but to fuck my sister's best friend. I was on kneeling position now as I continued my slow, rhythmic thrusts. She was still letting out some moans as she relaxed now after her climactic squirting. Her legs are now draped behind me and her hands beneath the pillow her head was on. She was watching my cock as it slid in and out of her wet and slightly reddish cunt in a lazy manner. I, too, took my time fucking her this way because I also enjoyed watching her shaved pussy red and swollen.

Then I withdrew from her in one quick pull and ordered her to turn around. I wanted her in all fours and fuck her from behind. She meekly complied and I, again, thrusted inside her forcefully.
This time, she only let out a small squeak because the wetness of her cunt made her well-lubricated and therefore, my entry very easy even if I forced it. Holding her by her waist, I started pumping in and out of her in moderato. Neither slow nor fast. Just enough so my cock could feel the muscle walls inside her cunt. I knew that by doing so, she herself would make it pleasurable for both of us.

There was one thing that made Ate Gara included in my list. I knew back then that she attracted me physically. But knowing she was my sister's best friend and my nephew's godmother, I stayed away from her out of respect. What made me felt desiring her was when my sister accidentally let out that Ate Gara like having sex. I heard my sister back then while she was talking with our mother that Ate Gara had an American boyfriend four months ago and they always met just to fuck each other. From that time on, whenever I saw Ate Gara sexy in her outfit, my imagination would run wild.

After that brief flashback, I made her lie down again facing me. I entered her this time more gently and continued where I left off.

My expectations hit right on mark. Ate Gara knew too well the magic of muscle control. We were now both moaning as we felt the sensational pleasure as we rode each other. She was now arching and twisting beneath me. Then, with a smile, I laid myself flat on top of her and anchored her right leg with my left arm. I knew what would make things more interesting for both of us. It's time for my tried and tested "Slow Slide & Hard Pump" method. Because she was now supporting my whole weight, I knew it would be very difficult for her to move about. I then kissed her torrid. I want her movements to be restricted as much as possible. Unaware of my true goal, she was game to my kisses. She baited me and found my tongue trapped inside her mouth as she sucked on it and played it with her own tongue. Both her arms and hands were also draped to my body. Her left arm behind me with its left hand flat on my right shoulder blade. Her right hand meanwhile was holding my head to stop me from disengaging from her torrid kisses. She thought I was the one trapped but the fun had just started. I moved my hips and initiated the "Slow Slide & Hard Pump" ride. I felt her moan despite our tongues and mouth locked in a kiss when I slid out of her in a very slow motion. I made sure that every inch of my shaft would scrape her vaginal muscle wall as I withdrew. Then when it was just my cockhead remaining to be pulled out, I viciously thrust inward and down deep inside her! I let go of her mouth and head so she could scream with pleasure.

"AHH! . . . Bad boy! Ohh, ah . . . OHHH, AHH!" I found it more exciting when I watched her moan long and scream shortly. I continued torturing her through pleasure and her alternating moans and screams sounded like music to my ears. One more hard pump and she reached her climax. She was squirting like crazy again. I stopped, embedded inside her and just let her rode the wave of her orgasm.

Weak from her second climax, I withdrew from her and turned her around again. I positioned her so that her buttocks would be elevated while the upper half of her body was slumped on bed. I entered her from behind and took hold of her by her wrists. She looked like a suspension bridge with only my strength supporting the weight of both of us. This is one of my most favorite positions because I can pump hard and the lady's breasts have all the freedom to sway this way and that way.

That's what happened as I mercilessly fucked Ate Gara from behind. Even her moans now were soundless. Her mouth just wide open as she accepted each and every thrust I made. I was doing double-time because I myself, felt the familiar stirring deep within my loins. I was reaching my own climax. I adjusted my position so I can fuck her more squarely and let go of her wrists. This time, coming from behind, I squeezed her breasts. That did the trick as Ate Gara, for the third time, had her orgasm. Even with her small frame, she was exhibiting unusual strength as I struggled to hold her firm by squeezing her breasts as I continued pumping relentlessly.

"AHH! Oh my god, it feels so good. . . Ohhhh. . ." She continued to moan as her latest orgasm subsided slowly.

I then withdrew from her as I felt I was about to explode and swiftly moved to ram my cock inside her mouth. I held her head with both hands as she was caught by surprise with what I did.

"Urkhh, hmm, urkh! URKHH! URGHH!" She gagged as I emptied my load inside her mouth but I still continued to hold her head firmly. She had no choice but to swallow my cum as it filled her mouth. I didn't expect it too be that much but was surprised when some of it spilled out the sides of her mouth despite me holding her steady and my cock completely plugging her small mouth.

When I felt there was no more left, I let go of her head and she herself, eased my cock out of her mouth.

"Damn you, why'd you do that?!" She said as she heaved and sucked in air to her oxygen-deprived...

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March 25, 2016 (2 years ago)

Hmmmmm... Masarap talaga ang cougar. Alam ang gusto at ayaw. Walang paligoy-ligoy.

Amazona kung tagurian pero malambing naman.

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May 27, 2016 (2 years ago)

yah..sarap nga..hmmm

I love squirter..

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March 26, 2016 (2 years ago)

Uhoh! Rough sex. I kinda like it slow...

Still a good read though.


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April 3, 2016 (2 years ago)

whheeeww… rough sex…galling  pre

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