One Journey at a Time Book I: Homeless Luck, Vagrant Jackpot Act II

March 12, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Being the Head of Technical Department for the company I worked for has its merits and downsides. In my case, the only demerit I complained of was the avalanche of concerns I had to face and take care of in person. The company has more than twenty satellite branches nationwide! Twenty-four to be exact by the time I was promoted and made Head of the department I handled.

I am required to visit all branches every month. The purpose? To make sure all our people were educated and equipped with the basics of the technical know-how of the product they were selling.

With a twist of fate and a little pinch of destiny, I came to love this particular assignment. How's that? You will know for it's the reason why I have written this after all.

It had been six months when I started with the company and a month less since I started crashing in at Cherry's
place. After our first intimate encounter, we didn't gain another chance to have a repeat as we've been all very busy. The most we managed all that time were stolen kisses, passing brushes on our respective bushes and exchanged winks and pouts.

I guess when both parties are involved and well aware of the affair they dove into, they mutually earn a level of secrecy and learn how to act normal to everybody else. Because that's how it was between I and Cherry. Not even one soul suspected of an extra-marital affair going on with her and I had been prudent enough to raise any suspicion. As much as possible, I avoided drinking binges with the others in the office (I don't drink anyway. With the post I held, I just made it a point to treat my subordinates to a bucket or two every week) and didn't participate in any gossip-mongering which had been a popular dessert of the other employees in the company after lunch. Even Cherry herself, minimized the display of public affection she awarded me prior our tryst.

Back home, she took the role of a "nee-chan". Big sis. She was greatly successful with it since she really is an elder sister to Joan. In my part, I managed to stay civil and was even paired up with Joan by no other than, Cherry's husband! He and I would play basketball at a nearby court (though, not regularly) and discuss man-talk after a game. He was insistent that I shouldn't waste time and grab the opportunity to get to know his wife's younger sister more. On this regard, he assured me I have his 100% support. Inwardly, I had conflicting feelings for I knew what's really going on between I and his wife. Still, we all managed to get along well and live normal everyday life.

Who am I kidding?

I wouldn't say normal. I had to discipline myself beyond the norm. I had to ensure that I could restrict my almost always high libido to dictate my pace. I found this a great ordeal for me. Specially during and after every night when the couple had just a lovemaking session. Other than Cherry, her husband got too comfortable as well and it didn't bother him at all that I was staying there and I could hear their sexual activities as husband and wife. The loud whispers. The slap of wet privates grinding each other. The sighs and moans.

Every morning when I woke up, aware that nobody else were in the house except I and Cherry, my mettle was tested. Their bedroom door was always open, just positioned to maintain the privacy of its occupant but still, provided me ample viewing angle to see enough within. Aware that Cherry might entertain my advances for the second time, I have to constrain myself even more. On her part, Cherry was successful to maintain a sense of modicum. She really knew how to strut her stuff. Always teasing me but never too much to become enticing hence, I had no incentive to work with and pounce on her again.

One weekend, since we have no work, I decided to go out. I made visits to certain acquaintances, watched a movie, completed two rounds of paintball battles and it was already seven in the evening when I realized the sun is down. While having dinner in a popular pizza parlor, I kept on debating with myself whether I stay outdoors til the sun rises again or just go home. The adventurer in me prevailed and I continued prowling the city as the night deepens. Though I don't drink, I hopped from one bar to another just listened to the bands that performed. Of course, to stay, I have to buy something. In each bar I came into, the purchase I made was the same. A solo serving of a side dish or appetizer and a glass or shot of whatever concoction (that has the most unique name) they can offer. It was already one in the morning when I first noticed my head was spinning. Slight dizziness was already pounding my head and I decided to call it quits. While still conscious I walked to where I could ride a jeep back home. Less than twenty-minutes after, I was slightly fumbling when I fished the house keys in my pants pockets. I was unlocking the door when it suddenly opened (it opens inwards), I lost my balance and I would have dove all the way inside if not for Cherry. She held me by my arms and stood me upright.

"Where have you been? I keep myself awake waiting for you." She said.

Slightly disoriented from the combined effects of the previous day's activities and the close proximity I had to her, I just stood there gazing at her. With enough strength she could muster, she hauled me to be seated on the sofa then she locked the door. She went to the kitchen and got a glass of water. She covered the distance from the kitchen to the sofa with a few easy strides and offered me the water. I took it and finished it within a minute. She took the glass away and to my surprise, she knelt directly between my legs looking directly to my eyes.

"I waited for so long. Then, you have the guts to keep me waiting still! You ought to be punished." With that said, she expertly unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled it down with my brief in one swift motion. It wasn't difficult for me to get an erection. She was wearing a night robe that time, red and silky. Her hair kept in a pony. Even at her current kneeling position, I had an easy view of her curves. By the time she exposed my cock, I was already semi-erect.

With a quick naughty smile, she lowered her mouth and seconds later, got my cock completely engulfed. She sucked it down to the hilt! She looked at me and while her mouth covered the wholeness of my cock, she teasingly licked it with her tongue. She did this for several minutes and when she finally let go of my cock to catch her breath; I became completely sober. No trace of any daze or whatsoever. I was fully awake and ready for action. I bended from my sitting position to reach for her face and kiss her but she swiped my hand away then pushed me back.

"What are you--" I had no chance to complete my sentence as she started sucking my cock again.

This time with more grit than usual. Her hands moved and started to work wonders on my balls. In some instances, I winced as I felt the force of her passion. There were times her teeth made its presence felt on my cock. When I tried to react, to hold her, she would slightly shift her position and her hands disengaged from my balls to held down my arms. It was the first time in my life I felt a little helpless in a sexual context. She continued sucking my cock, slow tempo but with pressure. She's doing deep throat!

Every time the tip of my cock head touched the back of her throat, I shuddered. I watched her and what she's doing to my cock as I rode the wave of pleasure.

"Fine, Cherry. Do what you want. When I get ahold of you, I'll fuck you so hard. Be ready." I said in between my groans as I let her play the role of the dominator.

When she heard what I just stated, she slightly giggled and her eyes twinkled. She stopped in midsuck (there's no such term. It's a personal jargon. Midsuck: after slowly sucking the cock from the base of the shaft upwards, it would stop exactly in the cockhead). Then, with her right hand, she started jacking me off. She moved her hand, slid it up and down the shaft (made easier because her saliva made the surface of my cock slippery) all the while her mouth continued sucking the cockhead. She spitted on it then changed her tactics. While she continued jacking me off, she flicked her tongue playfully on the tip of my cockhead. It was too much. My back arched as I went through a ticklish sensation coupled with the familiar feeling swirling in my loins. She continued her current ministrations for several minutes then she shifted gears again. She switched back again to caressing my balls with her hands and simultaneously, she started sucking me again from tip to base. The very noticeable difference was the speed she's doing it. She was almost squeezing my balls whilst her head bobbed up and down my cock.

Her efforts finally paid off. With a big squeeze on my balls, I ejaculated. Loads of sperm squirted down her throat. She was taken by surprised too because she gagged reflexively and tried to disengaged her mouth from my cock as I unload but I took that moment to free my hands and hold her head steady as I emptied down her throat my first surge.

"Uhmm, URKHH! Aargh, URKHH!
She gagged helplessly.

Then, when I was empty, I let go of her head.

"Sometimes, I wonder if you enjoy raping me." She said with her left eyebrow raised. "Then, again it wasn't rape at all because I seduce you in the first place."

From nowhere she suddenly flicked her pointy finger using her left hand to my unsuspecting cock! The sharp pain made me wince and I instinctively covered it with both hands. It wasn't particularly a low blow but any man (when I said "any man", I refer to normal young adults who do sports semi-regularly; not to gym jocks who only flex to showcase bulging muscles) would feel what she did.

She read my mind and before I could voice what it was, she stood up (still wearing her robe) and she slowly lowered herself to me. For some reason or another she knew how to make me react. I withdrew my hands, settled nicely to the sofa on a bossy position and anticipated her arrival-- all this as if I was under a love spell.

Cherry still look fresh, beautiful and sexy. The red robe tailored in pure silk magnifies her best features.

She mounted me like a true blood equestrian champion, her flushing hot and dripping wet pussy easily swallowing my upright cock. She placed her arms around my neck and pulled herself closer to me. Her breasts with its perked-up nipples going level with my face. My tongue darted swiftly to have a taste of her sweaty breasts. She let out a moan and I felt her body trembled as the tip of my tongue got contact with the protruded pinkish flesh of her left breast which was her nipple (hardened by the surging lust in her body). It was only when she started a slow dance on my lap did I realize she's completely naked beneath that alluring red silk robe!

With more freedom for movement than when I was when all this started more than half an hour ago, I hold to her voluptuous waist as she worked on a rhythmic ride on my cock. If I have to describe it, it's like my cock slid like a sword from its scabbard when she pulled away and it felt like a spark plug when she rammed herself back to insert my throbbing cock inside her pulsating cavernous pussy.

"Spice Girl's single precociously titled "2 Become 1" plays like a loop in my head", I said in between her moans.

"Really? Ohh, you're making me wetter. . ." I knew she was reaching her orgasm because she failed to come up with a wittier response to my comment.

I wished then to help her achieve it faster but she refused any assistance from me. With how she moved her body, fucking and restraining me at the same time, I added another trivia to my fast growing library of "What Really a Woman is". For a thirty plus housewife with three children, pro grapplers are ought to to be ashamed of theirselves. They can't do half of what Cherry was doing to me that time. I wanted to tap out because I felt I would faint any minute with the pleasure she's giving me.

"Ohh, AH! Ohh, AH! Ohh, AH! I'm almost there. . ." It was how she moaned that I continuously gained more libido as our session progressed. There was nothing more arousing than her moans that echoed in my ears. Just like our first encounter, she reminded me of the awe I felt on how she kept her moans audible and unheard at the same time.

I was fast approaching my own climax. I suddenly felt a twinge of fear. I feared that I would explode prematurely before she even reached her own orgasm. Bell chimes bang and clang on my pounding head as I raced to think of a way to overcome my impending ejaculation. I risked my cock and balls with what I did, I slightly pushed her away and said: "Someone's knocking at the door!"

Thank all the sex goddesses that watched over us that time; my risky, cum-stopping gambit worked for me as I intended and it, surprisingly, worked favorably for Cherry too! I discovered that she reaches her orgasm faster when she senses a risk of getting caught in the act of forbidden sex.

"AHHH! . . Here I cum! OH, Oh. . . OHHH. . ."

She looked like she's convulsing on my lap. I let the waves of her climax surge through until the very last current. When her body finally calmed down, I hugged her to a loving embrace, my cock still embedded on her pussy. I combed her hair with my fingers and from my sitting position rocked slowly.

Cherry lifted her head and kissed me tenderly.

"You haven't cummed yet." She said as a matter-of-fact.

I shrugged my shoulders and answered, "The night is young." Though it was already a quarter before 3 AM.

"I planned this to happen an hour before midnight. That's why I got slightly annoyed when you out-of-the-blue decided to become nocturnal." She pouted after saying this.

I sighed and honestly told her that after we made our fantasies into reality that first time, I was trying my best not to get ensnared in the web of our mutual desires.

I told her I don't want to lose what we have and the less we consummate our lust, the more likely we could stay together longer. "Your husband and family are very nice to me. Financial-wise, because you allowed me to be a freeloader here, I am able to open a personal savings account earlier than I expected." I continued by saying all that was happening to us that time were new to me and it scared me.

As always, Cherry never failed to be a woman I dreamt of. She untangled herself from my embrace, took a comfortable sitting position beside me and made me lie down on her lap. She then caressed my face with her right hand and with the other, she started slowly masturbating my slightly softening cock.

"You're sounding like a wimp now. You know and I know. We both know what we're doing is unrighteous. I'm not telling you this so you would feel okay. I'm saying this because I want you to be responsible enough once this is all over. I love my husband and my kids. I won't leave them just for you."

She had an imposing aura that I felt compelled to look at her even though I was already listening intently to what she's saying.

"You have to learn how to control your libido. Right here and now, you're lucky. You have me. What about tomorrow? Next week? Next month? 2 years from now? You're young and I'm sure you will meet a lot more. You have to start thinking with a cool head."

The way she explained it is actually a lot of gibberish if someone else is listening to it. But for me, her words hold a handful of realization.

"I think it's enough punishment for you. I have to stop making you think because when you do, you care for nothing else. And just like you said, the night is young. . ." With that she jacked me off and I responded by giving her a cunnilingus. From my position, I shifted sideways so I could nestle my face to her waiting cunt.

"Ohh. . . Why is it only you can make me wet like this? Ohh. . ." She started moaning when my tongue began working inside and out of her pussy.
I licked her for several minutes before she, too, changed position.

This time we're doing 69.

Despite the narrow space we've to work with, I did what I do best. I licked, sipped, slurped, nibbled and tongued her pussy all the way up to seventh heaven. Cherry couldn't stop moaning even when her own mouth was full with my cock. All I have to do is listen to her moans and I knew I did well on bringing her to the ministry of gratification.

After the last swipe of my tongue to her slit, I disengaged and stood up. I then manhandled her to a position she knew all too well. I had her back nestled on the left armrest of the sofa (it was aligned to the window hence, our current position is nearest to the door). I then hooked her right leg to the back of the sofa while I carried her other leg on my right arm. She's splayed with her legs spread open an... Read More

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