On Fairness

February 25, 2015 (3 years ago)
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How do you define fairness?

Going home riding my motorcycle, tumigil ako sa isang intersection dahil red ang traffic light. I noticed there were no vehicles passing on my left side kahit naka-green na ito so I traversed the said path.

Wrong move.

I noticed a man wearing a yellow sweatshirt flagging me as a traffic enforcer stood under a waiting shed. He told me that my violation was obstruction. (which is confusing to me because I was expecting counterflowing, or a traffic light violation or something more concrete but…obstruction? Of what?)
But I do admit I committed an error and he has his duty to penalize me when I noticed something.

Another motorist passed us by, committing the same offense as I did, even more kasi naka-tsinelas, shorts at sando lang ang mama. Yung motor wala pang plaka, so I was expecting na mati-tiketan din siya. But to my consternation the “flagger” did not even bother to stop him. There I realized na kakilala pala ng enforcer ang guy. So I asked him. (verbatim)

“Ser bakit hindi ninyo hinuli yung mama? Eh pareho lang kami ng violation.”

“Ah? Hindi…kasi pulis iyon, may operation sila.”

“Ser, ayun po oh, bumili lang ng tinapay sa bakery sa kanto. Ganoon po ba pag may operation?”

“Masyado kang matanong ah. Sige dadagdagan ko ang mga violation mo!” pasigaw na sagot ng mama.

Para hindi na lumala pa ang sitwasyon, I apologized to him, shut my mouth, and took the ticket.
This is the sad truth about the system of our society. Biased, Selective. Slow. It... Read More

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