(OHEMGEE) Atty ng Bossing ko member ng FSS

April 9, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Summer time. OJT time. one day sa office binigyan ako ng tasks na mag encode ng mga newly registered vehicles for the month of march. Ang computer na ginagamit ni atty is katabi lang ng computer na ginagamit ko. Accidentantaly nasilip ko ang computer niya and i was shocked and tonguetied nung makilala ko ang page na nakaopen sa tab niya .FFS at nagbabasa sa siya ng stories. I think he is in his 50's na..i will not mention his name... Read More

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I am a writer in my own ways. I write things vividly coz for me it really ads the chill and boost up your pleasure when you imagine what is specifically written in the story and as if you are the character.
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