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April 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Just as I was about to end my conversation with my client my secretary stood up and left the room as if nothing happened so I tried to call her back but she waved her hand as if to say she needs to finish something on her table. Guess I have to wait another day to return the favor.
The next day went on as usual but it seems the tension has toned down a bit. I noticed too that my disposition towards my subordinates and co-office workers have been amicable. But it seems my day is not enough. I have to see my secretary.

I tried to start a light talk with my secretary but it seems the tease was trying to ignore my furtive advances and trying to approach it in a professional manner as the day went on. I was getting a bit impatient at this point and so does my throbbing shaft inside my slacks.

Once office hours had ended, all of my staff left the building except me since the papers are piled up in my table and had to be approved by tomorrow, and my secretary who voluntarily extended her working hours to assist me.

Making sure that all of the people in the office have left, I notified the guard on duty that I will lock the door because I don’t want to be disturbed as I finish my papers. The guard nodded but in a glance I saw a slight grin on his face as he starts his inspection in the building.

After a few hours I ordered dinner to be delivered. We had a small talk as we quickly ate our food. Once done she fixed the leftovers and cleaned the table as I brushed my teeth in the washroom. When it’s her turn to use the washroom I immediately pushed her to the lavatory and pulled her panties down. She tried to pull away so I grabbed her hips, lifted her skirt to her waist and began licking and fingering her pussy. As she squirmed away from me, ignoring my advances, I shouted at her to remain still or I’ll be forced to fire her. The little threat I gave worked so I just told her to continue her brushing. I continued sucking all the juices in her sweet smelling pussy and pounded it with my three fingers until she gave a faint yelp followed with a slight lubrication in her pussy. I licked the remaining cum around her pussy and went back to my desk.

She went out from the washroom a few minutes later all dressed up except from a sweat in her forehead which she quickly wiped off and she continued her task. After an hour she went in to bring the next set of papers on my table and as she placed it down I grabbed her hand, pulled her on my table and bended her as I unzip my pants and lifted her skirt again to fuck savagely her from behind. She begged me to be quick about it because her pussy was dripping wet again. A few more hard thrusts and she began squirting on my pants as I unloaded my cum inside her. I fucked her two more times and she sucked my d... Read More

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