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April 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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The week in the office has not been good. The phone lines are going on and off due to network repair, and my report papers are passed their deadlines. The powers that be are calling for blood right now because of my team’s poor performance in the office. The Vice –President, serving as a go-between me and the Board of Directors, ordered me to shape up and come up with a better report at the end of the month; otherwise my career in the company will be over.

The result was catastrophic on my part. I have become grouchy to my employees --- goading them, pushing them to work harder because if they don’t, well, they get the picture. As a result, most of my members were listless, some demoralized, others confused. They don’t know what to do with the task I gave them.

One day, after reporting for work early, I ordered my secretary to prepare the papers I assigned my staff to draft. I went straight to my office and began reading some reports for editing when a I received a call from a potential client. As I was talking on the phone my secretary, without permission quietly entered the room and casually locked the door and rolled the blinds down. I was silently surprised by this gesture as something very important had come up.

She walked and stood straight beside me. Without warning she kneeled in front of me and began to unzip my pants. I was surprised by my secretary’s behavior but can’t do anything about it because I was having a serious conversation with a client on the other line.

Once opened, she took out my semi-hard cock and began rubbing it slowly. Her soft palm on my shaft was an incredible feeling that in no time my 7-inched cock stood out proudly. She smiled a bit when she saw this and let her tongue wiggle out to lick the tip. I gave a sigh of pleasure when I felt her warm mouth engulfed my shaft while I try to keep my composure to have a civil conversation with the client. I began combing her hair as she continuously bobbed her head up and down. A few minutes later I felt a surge coming so I had to press her head down to the base of my cock to avoid messing my cum on the floor. The first spit hit her throat directly which made her gag but she was able to compose herself and gulped it quickly... Read More

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