Ode to my Ex

November 4, 2015 (2 years ago)
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One time I was reminiscing while,
So I think that I should write,
But, don't know what it's about

I am feeling horny
Thinking about sex
Remembering the times
When I'm making out with my ex

She used to lick,
And suck my dick dry
That when I entered her pussy
It almost made her cry

I kissed her in her lips
And started humping her
Then I hold her tightly
To let her know I care

I feel our fluids
Quickly gushing inside
I came in her cunt
And lay by her side

She gave me everything
Her body, her life, her love
But I'm an idiot
Who doesn't know what I have

I let her go
The stupidest thing I've done
Said, she is not part
Of my dreams and my plans

Now who's the lonely one
I think it is me... Read More

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Its just me, so nevermind :)
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