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November 27, 2013 (4 years ago)
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(An open letter to someone in my inbox whose last messge was "Sya din ang nakakasama ko sa inuman paminsan minsan" and that was dated October 30.)

I can't get you off my mind and honestly it's frustrating. I know I am not in love with you but this feeling of being lost in your name is just beyond me :(

I hate to admit it but you've been the object of my latest "literary" works, scribblings on edges of notes and post-its included. My mind always finds its way to the image of your name and the way it's written, even when I am in a meeting room full of buzzing executives.

You have become my steady "lover" and we made passionate love not just once but a couple of times already. You've kissed me, licked me, sucked me and let me flow like a wanton teenager.

I've let you enslaved me with your touch, let you take control of my body and with every thrust you've willed my soul into complete submission.

I've traced my fingers up your throat, across your belly and down to your sturdy length. Your hardness makes my mouth water.

I've licked you, sucked you and urged your body to submit to my every wish and finally I've tasted your sweet release.

All these had been playing inside my head since the moment you asked "Familiar ba?" and that was like ages ago when I asked you about your avatar.


A close friend of mine told me I am acting the way I am because I've yet to know you deeper, I mean we haven't really "talked" that much so maybe he is right. Maybe once I'd get to know you better I'd stop "raping" you in my day dreams and stop scribbling your name on any random paper that I'd get hold of. And maybe I'd stop writing anything that focuses on you.

Or maybe what I need is for YOU to tell me to stop thinking about you and to stop imagining things "with you".

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