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My arms.
They came around your shoulders, and pulled your body closer to mine. They tightened their grip, even when I didn't want to leave.
Your arms.
They draped around my waist, as my head rested on your chest. And although they held on loosely, they stayed there, never wishing to sever the bond.
Your lips.
They settled themselves on the top of my head, just as i felt tears starting to dwell on my eyes. "I'm here," you whispered then as an assurance.
My lips.
They pressed together in an effort not to let out a whimper. I wouldn't let you hear my cries, for it would merely bring you pain. And only when i am finally able to control myself do they move to kiss you gently.
Your fingers.
They moved slowly to my face then to my lips and had them intertwined themselves with mine when you sensed my despondency.
My fingers.
They squeezed yours momentarily, assuring myself that you're fine. It is thinly veiled attempt, you and i both know, you ask no further questions and accept it without any misgiving.
Your heart.
It beat steadily, like the way you breathed. If it were to speak, it would ask for rest, but you struggle to keep it beating.
My heart.
It beats for you. It wouldn't need to speak to let you know. It was aching, yes, but it has prepared itself to let you go.
Your eyes.
They glinted in the morning light, but they were brimming with tears. They willed to close, and so they did. But they were never to open again.
My eyes.
I had kept them closed because i do not want to forget the exact features of your face, the sound of your voice, the warmth of your touch. I do not want to forget you. I kept my eyes closed because you were there. And then the tears suddenly came pouring out... Read More

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I can make a poem with a blink of an eye
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