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October 31, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I am not Barbie
I'm not as pretty
But I have a beauty so exotic,
My friends treat me as almost angelic.

I am not Barbie
I'm not that sexy
But I have a figure so cool
That makes a lot of guys drool :-D

I am not Barbie
I don't have her Ken, baby
But I have a special someone
Who cares, and will never be gone.

I am not Barbie
No Raquel, the enemy
But a few people hates me
Perhaps due to insecurity and envy.

I am not Barbie
Not as perfect as she
I have my own way of showing
Wit, empathy and love in everything.

I am not Barbie
I will never ever be
Because I'm unique in every way
"No one is exactly like me," I say.

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Sweet, cute and childish :)
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