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June 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Mag-ti-thank you lang ako kay admin for the new site features, as follows:

Blocking members from sending you a private message -  when you open a private message (pm) right at the bottom there is now that "how to block" instruction which you just have to follow should you choose to block that particular sender.

Viewing "Comments" - right below the Private Messaging section in My Account, there is that new Comments section where you can view/read not only ALL your Posted comments but also ALL the comments posted by other members on a writing you posted.

Erotic Ads - in the homepage, this is right below the Blogs section.

Individual Erotic Ads can't be viewed from the homepage, you need to click this section to view what's in it and this is comment-restricted.  If you want to respond to the ad then you can click the "Send Private Message" link to send a private message to the "blogger".

So wag sana ma-confuse sa technicalities on where/how to post your writing, be it blog or ads para di mahirapan maglipat ang ating admin ;)

Remember: Blogs are now ads-restricted.  Kapag gustong mag-post ng ad, "Submit Erotic Ads" ang dapat nating i-click in the Submissions section. Owrite?

Sa mga nakakita na ng mga updates na 'to, just ignore my blog, no worries.  Sa mga hindi pa, ngayon alam nyo na ;)

Thank you, admin, for the updates.  Kaya love namin ang FSS at di kami basta-basta makakaalis kasi you continue to give us new updates worth staying and worth using.

Kudos to yah ;)

Updates (6/12/2014):
Member/Author Description and Signature Text - You can now add a little description of yourself. - In My Account, just click My Profile and below your gender there is a field where you can fill in with whatever you want to say about yourself. This will be visible to the reader/s once they will view/read any of your writings.  

Please note however that email address an... Read More

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