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April 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Rico was now fucking her sideways with him holding her right leg up while fucking her with that big cock of his. Then they moved into another position. But rico decided to lick her pussy some more. " ohhh, fuck babe, yoour pussy smells and tastes so goooood". He said while licking her wildly and sucking her clit. My wife looked she was going to come again so they did a 69 and continued sucking each other out. Their moans were somewhat muffled since each had their mouth full. I heard my wife let out a long and loud moan while she sucked ricos cock as hard as she can. it didnt take more than 2 seconds for rico to follow suit. He came all over her mouth and face. As i was looking, i was surprised that my wife took all of this heartedly.  She never liked me to come in here mouth and face but this time with rico, she seemed to love it. She later told me that she felt so hot and turned that she actually looked forward to that.

After resting for about a minute, rico was at it again. He started rubbing her pussy and fingering her while bringing his mouth and tongue over to her tits. My wife began getting hot once again and when she was already for another round, she stayed on top of of Rico. She slowly lowered herself and felt his cock slide easily deep inside her. Although she felt so full inside because his large cock. going up and down him made his cock slide easily in and out of her pussy. She was moaning loudly again and saying " ohhh fic, you are so hot and good. Your cock feeeels soooo goood inside." Rico was pushing his cock upward to meet the downward motion of my wife until they were doing faster and faster. I could see his cock appearing and disappearing inside her pussy. She started to let out a wild moan indicating that she was coming. She was showing no inhibitions at all and seemed not to care if she looked like a slut.  She was so hot and aroused that she was giving it all. She made no move to cover her lust nor did nodt try to hold back. She was wild with lust and wanted everybody to see that. She was fucking fico wildly while she continued her orgasm. As she about to lie down and rest after pulling rico's cock out of her dripping pussy, rico suddenly felt like coming and he wanted to come inside her mouth again. Seeing this, my wife gamely grabbed his super hard cock and sucked it while jerking it off.  Rico started shaking with pleassure which signalled my wife that he was coming and my wife took every come inside her mouth, though much of it came out at the sides of her mouth down to her chest and tits. She pulled rico's cock and rubbed it all over her face and tits until it became soft.

I could not believe that i just saw my wife do this. Ive never imagined her having this wild side that just needed the right cock and the right king of fucking to bring it out in the open.  This made my cock hard again. After rico and glady's left. me a... Read More

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