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April 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Looking at what rico was doing and seeing my wife so turned by his touching and caressing made me incredibly aroused. My wife was staring at my stiffness and knew that i was enjoying as she was. She placed her hand atop of each his hand and sort of guided them. She was now breathing heavily. She slowly opened her eyes, looked at me once again and said, ' oh honey, it feeeels soooo gooood. Is it ok if i suck his cock'? Without waiting for me to answer, she quickly spun around to face rico and knelt in front of him. She slowly grasped his cock and stroked it up and down. "Oh, god, its sooo big and hard." She then took it slowly inside her mouth while moaning loud enough for me to hear. "Ummmm, ummm" went her noaning as she was now really giving him head. Rico was looking down at her with his mouth a bit opened and saying how good it felt. This went on for a few minutes until rico could not help it so he stood her up and pushed her down on the bed facing up. He right started kissing and licking her from the neck down sto her tits. There he stopped shortly and sucked each or her nipples gently. He alternately licked and sucked each one. My wife kept moaning continously while brushing lightly his hair. She suddenly stopped moaning when she felt rico's tongue licking her thighs and moved further in towards her pussy which was now really wet. He slowly licked her and sucked on her pussy lips while flciking his tongue at her clit. My wife was now moving her head from side to side with closed eyes while pushing the back of his head agaisnt her pussy wisth one hand. With the other hand, she was squeezing both her right and left tit, " Ohhh, i love your tongue, it feeels soooo gooood. Yes, yessss, suck me there. AAHhhh  god it feels so good.

By now, glady's was likewise sucking my hard cock. She really knows how to suck my cock. Her moans made me harder and i felt like coming. I quickly pulled her up and push her down on the couch while stood up and knelt in front of her. She spread her legs while half sitting on the couch and gave out a  long sigh followed by moans when she felt my tongue licking her pussy wildly. I licked her inside adnoutside, circling around her pussy and fucked her with my tongue. " Yeah, yeah, ooohhhh, ooooohhhh, that feels so good. PLs dont stop. Lick me harder, yessss, cmon, ohhhh, there....thereeee, ohhhhh." Hearing her made me feel turned on. I could not wait any longer. I started mounting her. Her pusssy felt so good when i pushed my cock inside. I was pumping her faster now. We were moaning together, breathing more heavily, i started fucking her harder and faster. She was now banging her head agaisnt the couch everytime i pushed my cock deeper inside  her. There was no stopping now and i let go of any control and just fucked her as hard and as fast as i can. 

We both let out a loud scream when we reached orgasm it was so intense that i kept on burying my cock deeper until every last dropped of cum came out of my cock. S... Read More

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