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April 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Finally, the most awaited day of the week arrived. So off we went to the resort where a room was reserved by my wife for our most anticipated weekend together with our closest friends rico and his wife gladys. INside the car, i was the one driving since it was mine with my wife beside me at the passenger side while rico and his wife rode at the back. On the way to the beach, i could not help but imagine what we all would be doing and what we probably be feeling since it was clear to me that every one of us shared the same thoughts. Definitely, all our thoughts boiled down to the sex that would surely happen and the different things that we would be doing to each others wives and the thrill of it all. I was getting a hard on while thinking about all this especially when i knew for sure that my wife would gamely go for whatever was decided by me. MIdway thru the trip, rico pulled out a joint and lighted it, took a deep puff and passed it around. The three of them took turns taking a hit after hit and a second joint was lighted. I didnt take one hit because i knew that i would put every body in danger if i drove while being high. After a few minutes, when the second joint was consumed, i had to stop the car so i could take a leak. when i got back inside to take my place at the driver seat, i was amused to find out that gladys and my wife traded places so my wife was now sitting beside rico at the back seat while gladys to the passenger side at the front beside me. I saw that gladys was wearing a neon green mini skirt that showed almost all her sexy legs while sitting in a way that brought up her skirt up to the edge of her thighs where i could see a little of her underwear that was obviously a black bikini panty. My cock became harder and i started feeling it growing more inside my walking shorts to the point that gladys gave me a sexy smile indicating that she knew i was turned on by her. She started placing her hand on my thighs while running her nails slowly up and down until i could feel it gently scratching my balls. God, i really wanted her to unzip me and grab my cock and stroke it and play with it. Then i looked thru the rear view mirror to check what was going on at the back with rico and my wife. They were seated very closely together near the center but each of them were looking at different directions.

When i adjusted the mirror so i could see the lower part of their bodies, i remembered that my wife was wearing the same kind of skirt as gladys, It was a mini skirt as well but of a different color. Hers was a black skirt with red trimmings and she was also wearing a black bikini panty that was clearly seen thru the rear view mirror. I saw that my wife had her hands on rico's thigh as well but it was not doing anything else. Rico on the other hand was enjoying touching and stroking my wife's legs and inner thighs. I could see that his strokes were slow and heavy indicating that he was very aroused and was encredibly turned on. My wife has a great pair of legs that would make any man want to go down and lick it. she really looked so sexy and was feeling aroused as well and  i knew that it would not be a problem when the swapping finally happens. From the looks of my wife, she clearly wanted rico to fuck her and it wouldnt matter to her if i was fucking another girl. Ive never seen her so turned on.... Read More

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