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April 6, 2014 (4 years ago)
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i've been neighbors with gladys and rico for a long time and have been close to them over the years. Even before me and my wife got married, we've already been friends with them and has gone out with them a few times at the beach, or at bars where we drink and have fun. We also shared a few joints with them occassionaly during overnight stays at resorts.Although my wife and i are in our late forties, we still enjoy going to bars and outings especially among friends like gladys and rico who are about our age and like us, have two kids.  My wife is still sexy and attractive to guys who are even much younger than her and gladys can be said to be a hot mama. Both of them weigh much the same and have smooth and sexy skin. They both have really sexy legs expecially when they wear these really short shorts at the malls or anywhere they go. I could could feel the stares of guys directed at them and i can tell what they are imagining in their minds while looking at our gorgeous wives. Me and rico, though we never mentioned or talked about it openly, knew that we had thought about fucking each other's wife many times but are just too scared to bring it up not knowing how t he other would react.  I can even say that my wife would be intrigued by the idea of being fucked, licked and sucked by rico and being able to suck his cock, which is acceptedly bigger and harder than mine would ever be. I knew she would have the fuck of her life and she knows it too with all the stories that gladys has been telling her about rico being a great lover and having a big hard cock.

Me, on the other hand , have been fantasizing about having sex with gladys for a long time now.  It never fails to turn me on every time i imagine eating her pussy especially when we all are stoned and having beer at the beach with the atmosphere so conjusive to having a wife swap. Just by looking at her and rubbing my thighs agaisnt hers while looking at her sexy body wearing only a bikini and a loose but short see through shirt that almost clearly shows her breast and nipples erect agaisnt the fabric of her shirt just makes me masturbate and come when i use the shower. None of these has ever been brought up nor talked about by anyone of us over the years but i knew somehow that this would change this coming weekend when we... Read More

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