December 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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And I'll be blank with all those lights, Shining down right through my eyes, 
It tastes like Heaven but it feels like home. 
And when you're down into the riot, 
Will you tell me if you're gone? 

Coz I can't take this anymore. 
The Sun is red while it's dark, 
but you just stood there and drowned out the spark, 
So i'll light up every room for taste. 

The feelings that we hide, 
Everytime our lips collide, 
Well I don't know If I should hold your waist. 
Coz baby your wrist are as red, 
like the blood on our bed. 

Well you can't leave me now to stay alive. 
So i'll start a song and dance with you tonight, 
As we swing in circles under neon lights, 
We'll punch the gates of Hell, 
Open our eyes and we yell, 
That you fucking love me even though we're gone. 

Coz i'd kiss you, 
Even if you are dead, 
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