June 30, 2015 (2 years ago)
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"Don't touch me!"
"Its over!"
"Ang kapal mo!"

Aaaaaarrgghh!Hurtful words to hear 'no?But then why would'nt she say it?I mean deserving ka naman to have em said to you.You know it you SOB!Anyway,to lessen the impact(maybe)paano mo ba susuyuin siya para muli manumbalik ang tamis(pati asim)nang relasyon ninyong 2(dagdagan mo na rin nang 10).

Tao lang po ako nagkukulang ngunit hindi sumusuko na mapunuan ang pinagkakulangan.Now ladies wag kayong BITTER dahil susuyuin talaga kayo and boys....Be sincere.

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