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March 21, 2014 (4 years ago)
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my starAs i walk, in this dark dusty road
The night envelops me,  choking me
Blinding me, leading me astray...

But i remember your words, your promises
Your whisper, and look up to see you lighting my path
Ever in your place amongstthe clouds, guiding me in
This moon less night...

And with it, i see your fire in the sky,
The darkness becomes your embrace
Shielding me from the wintry night..
And the wind, your voic... Read More

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I live deep in the recess of your mind...i can be whoever you want to be, but to truly capture me, then open your mind..legs..and inhibition for you will get a wild ride, wild time, and then it will come crushing down...
You have been warned
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