My Sexual Journey (One Night in Kadayawan)

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Date: January 4, 2017 (1 year ago)

Hi everyone, i posted a profile to start of my sexual journey diaries but was deleted by admin. anyway, here is my first post on my sex journey.

I used to be a sales rep for one of the top multinational comapnies. Part of my job is to travel across the country in different cities to check on our top accounts. I get the chance to be in davao overnight for the kadayawan festival back in the late 2000s.

I didnt know what kadayawan festival is thst time... i only know of sinulog in cebu and i know its crazy. anyway, to continue my story, upon our return from work to my hotel, my davao counterpart asked me if i want to grab a drink since its kadayawan festival in davao. i definitely said yes, took a shower and went to one of the most posh and prime bar in davao that time... sorry i cant remembe the name.

Upon entering the bar, we got ourselves a couple of beer then squeezed in immediately with the crowd. the place was really packed. there are a number of hot girls around... i was lucky to get to know a few of them. Around midnight, as i was chatting with a group of girls, they asked me and my friend if we wanted to transfer to another bar with them. I politely declined since i wanted to go home that time already (either alone or with someone) since i need to wake up 6am the next day for our work. the girl beside me offered to bring me back to my hotel.

I know im in for a score however a girl from afar caught my eyes. she was with another girl as they entered the bar and approached another table. i cant take my eyes off the girl i just saw. i was in dilemma if i will take the girl im with home or i'll let this go and get to know the one that caught my attention. it was really hard to decide cause my friend down there is telling me to take home this pretty little lady beside me for a good fuck but the girl i just saw get me really all excited and curious. I eventually decided to go with the girl just came in... so i declined their offer and stayed.

As the girls are leaving, me and my counterpart moved a little closer to the group of the girl i just saw. luckily, he knows one of the guys in the group and we were introduced to each one of them, including the gril i set my eyes on. Honesly i cant remember her name now, but let's just call her Cathy. However after getting introduced I found myself beside another attractive lady, her name is kristine she stands around 5'5, a little skinny with short hair and white smooth skin. i found her hot and very attractive up close on her white tank top and tight jeans. I can really see the 34-24-34 figure with her teasing cleavage (i somehow like girls with small sized full breast).

I immediatly chatted with Kristine as i was beside her, she owns a small business in davao and we get to exchange numbers as she also travel to manila few times a year. After a few chats, i found myself beside Cathy. Cathy on the other hand was wearing a dress. I cant exactly tell her figure as the dress is a little fluffy on the butt area but i can sens that she has a fuller breast around 36-38. she is a little chubbier compared Kristine. I found her figure perfect that night.

As the night draws deeper with the alcohol kicking in, i get to know more about cathy as we dance the night away. i am not a good dancer so i just danced my way with the flow as i hold cathy's waist in front of me. after a few swings i can feel her butt slowly and gently touching my crotch. i dont know if its accidental or incidental but im definitely getting a semi hard on that time. i tried to bring my hand down a little bit to her butt area and i didnt sense any objection so i slowly lower it down until i can fully feel the side of her left butt cheek. that time we were whispering to each other sweet nothings as i teased her if she wants to go somewhere else.

She eventually invited me to her place for some coffee and chatting which i definitely obliged. as she was driving her car, i cant help rubbing her legs which she kept asking why im doing that. i just said she has a pair of really lovely, smooth legs as i try to convince her to come to my hotel room but she insisted that we head back to her place as her grandma will be very upset if her grandma finds that she's not home yet. That time i was thinking that i wasted my chance to get a good fuck. i was regretting not going back to the hotel with the pretty lady that offered to bring me back to my hotel earlier. but nonetheless i still dont wanna lose hope as i continue to stroke her legs, inner thigh very close to her singit. i can sense the heat it there. but in a few more minutes and rubbing we arrived at her place.

As she opened their main door, i was led to their spacious but dark sala. She told me to be quiet as her grandma is staying in the room closest to the sala. she didnt open the light that time and we only have the street lights as our guide as we tiptoed to their sofa. we get to chat a little bit as i still find my left hand on her inner thigh when i get the chance to reach for her lips. it was so soft that we cant stop pecking on each other for a good 5 minutes as i move my right hand to her caress her right breast. after a few minutes i moved my hand from her neckline to grab her breast underneath her dress... man, it was so firm and full. she tried taking off my shirt and she kissed my nips. it gives me a tingling sensation that sends goosebumps all over.

I eventually managed to get her breast out of her neckline as i sip on it. all i can hear was moans of "oohhh...and ahhhs..." i told her to lower down her voice since her grandma's room is just beside the sala. i reached for her clit that time and it was all wet. i played with it gently as she let out with longer moans. she then tried to unbutton my pants. as soon as she was able to pull down my underwear, she immediately grabbed hold of my thing and without any word, kneeled down to give me a bj. as she is giving me head, i was trying to undress her by pulling up her dress and taking it off. as soon as i got it all off, i immediately unhooked her bra and guided her to lie down on the sofa. i kissed her breast that time as i pulled down her panties. she was so horny that she begged for me to enter her wet pussy.

I told her that i dont have any condom ready that time, she just said that its ok as she thinks she is safe but reminded me not to cum inside her as she is not sure. we went into missionary position on their sofa as i entered her vigorously. her pussy was so wet and slippery that time but i can still feel the tightness of her pussy trying to do some muscle control over me. in a few pumps i had her biting their pillow as she said she is already cumming. as she was cumming, i had the urge to cum as well (that is one of my weakness, hearing the moans as they cum makes me want to cum as wel) but luckily i got hold of it as she released her inner juices.

I can feel that she's a little bit exhausted but she asked if i can lie down as she wanted give back the favor by working on top of me. i definitely obliged. i can feel the rhythm as i enjoy her perfect 36 D breast bounce up and down with my hands casping them both but eventually she enjoyed it too much with my soft pumps from the bottom and whispered that shes about to cum again. i felt her stop grinding as i increase my soft pumps to harder thrust as i squeeze her full sized breast. she eventually let out a quiet moan as she fell on top of me.

I asked her to lie down again as i entered her missionary position again. it was a rather slower thrust that i used to start our rhythm going as i continue to hold on to her breasts and grab them rigorously. this is i told myself that i need to release so i eventually went into my own rhythm with my hard pumps and thrust as i can feel the tension build inside me i told her that im about to cum and had to withdraw, to my surprise she told me not to pull my thinkg out as she was about to cum as well... i remembered asking her a few times if she is sure, she said yes so i cummed insid...

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January 7, 2017 (1 year ago)

Nice and smoothly done sir! :)

"A thinker, A non-sense talker and A worker" - The SubConscious of a RAT

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