My ODDyssey part one (the journey begins) the conclusion and part 2

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My ODDyssey part one (the journey begins) the conclusion and part 2I am so spaced out as I lay there flat and panting, feeling weak and numb all over. She then held me up and we kissed, long and hard and deep, with our tongues twirling with each other, sensual fires begin to build up again as our hands explored each other. Her hands crawled down to my bums and gently squeezes them. "I want you so bad, I want to fuck you baby" she whispered then pulled me hard against her body and we went panting moaning grunting grinding our pussies together as hard as we can. My eyes are going at the back of my head as I am having my first tribbing fuck, the incredible adrenaline rush as we do it outdoors, as feminine erotic music play on, the feel of another woman’s wet soft vagina was so fucking exhilirating, our legs locked around each other, while our hips moved in a wild erotic dance pushing as hard as we can as we rub our hot sweaty bodies. We kissed long, hard and deep, as we climaxed, also to keep ourselves from screaming and attract attention to ourselves. “Let’s come together baby” she whispered sexilly, “oh gawwd yess ohh gaawdd yes yes” I whispered back and then we both have gushing orgasms, feeling each others hot love juice as they poured from our loveholes. We lay panting moaning and groaning on the grass, with me on top of her.

         That experience was totally liberating, it brought out the real me as I am freed of all my inhibitions. I haven't had sex with her again for quite some time, but we still makeout in school every chance we get and because of her I became a very good kisser, and occassionaly she will give me a tongue fuck. I became rather bold with my sexuality as I have been seducing a lot of other girls since, though I’m a bit choosy so as to keep my wild activities a secret. I have had sex with few girls at school, other models, random acquaintances at home, in italy, france and every country in europe I went to, from 12 year olds and even those much older than myself, there were virgins who had my tongues in their tight pussies before any cock did. In total I have had sex with 13 lovely girls and women of different ethnicity before I turned 15. I am also became very daring, as I like the thrill and the adrenaline rush of doing it in dangerous places, I've done it many times in school, in train compartments, in parks, gardens and other places my favorites are those places which are barely shielded or has a lot of greens, and often we do it completely naked. So far I wasn't caught nor any adult particularly my family suspected me of my sexuality, I had so many sleep overs cum lesbian orgies even in my house. I prided myself on being able to put on a very good act, pretending to be a well-mannered, decent, good girl. I was an honor-roll student with a perfect attendance and not a mark on my scholastic record. Having a secret life is just so exciting.

         Our clandescent affair went on, that is my headmistress and I,  kahit marami ako naging girlfriends sa school and from everywhere else, no girl I liked wasn't able to resist me even the most straight, you could say I could write a book on attractive women attracting other women heheh, nagugulat nalang sila someone like me is into women, well theres a lesbian switch in all women and I am among those who know how to turn it on, women are more likely to be seduced by another lovely young woman than a total dyke or butch.  Although both my parents are extremely devout catholics, kaya patago, it is alright with my parents if I hang out with other young women, they thought its ok kasi walang boys, I had so many sleep overs cum orgies! I have used my love toy on many lovely young and older women, the risk and thrill makes it even more sexy. Lalo na nung lumipat kami sa l.a. I truly embraced my sapphic hedonism, there I formed a close knit of friends.

         I was raised in a rather strict but not overly catholic household and I do love my parents I even tried being "normal" for them, I dated cute guys specially the ones my parents introduce to me, sons of some snotty rich folks in their catholic circle. But all those relationships with blokes never lasted more than 3 weeks, a month the most. Tingin ko Im only into women since I'm not attracted to cute guys, but it so strange cocks are very sexy for me. I almost did it with a guy in college once, but it ended with me beating his loser arse for calling me a bloody dyke, poor bloke he must have only been very frustrated.

My ODDyssey part 2 The wicked gift toy and the beach

APRIL 2004

         A day before my 14th birthday, she asked me to come over her house kasi may bibigay siya, I was so excited I would have had a makeover pero I only had long shower then quickly biked over to her house. She gave a me a sort of a pre birthday party we had girly food, chocolate truffles and I get to drink champagne for the first time as we watch some hentai movies she requested me to bring over. She handed me a folder tied with a ribbon, I broke the wax seal and inside were first class plane tickets and reservations to a posh resort and spa in cebu (yes that cebu). She said she will give me my real present there. As expected my parents allowed me to go since I'm going with my principal and it will be when school is out in june. I'm so excited to go since It will be my first trip outside europe and I am also curious about the present that she will give me. We flew there a week after school is out, and the place is a luxurious paradise, indeed worth the money. We have our own zen type villa with a spa and infinity pool overlooking the ocean. It was quite big for 2 people and there are 3 queen sized japanese style beds she then told me that we are having company on this vacation. The following day after we arrived in the resort, we walked along the shore line and had a picnic quite far from our villa. The beach is almost deserted because it's not a peak season, except for few tourists and locals. It was noon and were having some drinks, caviar and cheese in a hut that is near a forested area. She then went behind the bushes, I thought she is going to pee, but she came back quickly with a parcel which she handed to me and tells me to open it as she sipped her champagne. I ripped the paper wrapping and underneath is a strange purple and pink box with japanese writing. I was very nagulat when I opened the box, it gave me such a fright I almost dropped it as whats inside looks like a moving fleshy mucus covered creature, she laughed and showed a remote and it stopped moving as it turned out to be a very unusual sextoy she had ordered from japan out of my fondness for hentais. I took it out of the box and examined it. It looks and feels so frighteningly real with very fleshlike semi-transparent pinkish-orange phallus and tentacles dotted with warts, blisters and yellowish pustules of varying sizes, and reddish thick veins ending in pustules and succers which secretes a hot foamy material that becomes a slimy sticky mucus like lubricant. The nine inch phallus appears limp and there is a cluster of fleshy feelers at its base, that thins into pliable spines, like a pink maggot mustache that thinned and condensed around the lips then are scattered on a pair of veiny testicles (that looked like rambutans) that squishes and sloshes if they're squeezed or shaken. As I'm examining what looked like closed bony finger like mandibles they suddenly open and revealed a drooling vagina looking mouth with a flickering tongue it was like something out of resident evil. The arms around it went writhing and wriggling as if they're going to grab me. The mouth blew a short burst of steam on my face as it shrieks, and circular rows of tiny pointy teeth come out and retreats back into the fleshy sockets. It gave me such a bloody fright I shrieked and almost dropped it again, it felt like a scene in a movie like aliens, we both laughed and I threw a grape at her. The toy pleasures the wearer or "host" by sucking with its rows of circular teeth that comes out and sinks back as it "exhales" hot steam and a tongue which darts and probes the host's vagina. It latches on with mandibles and the tentacles that start as boney fingers. They go around the waists, hips, legs and a peculiar one that seemed to be an extension of the mouth go between the bum cheeks , the entire thing throbs and pulsates at varying intensities. the power and fluids are fed via tubes and wires inside a rubbery "tail" which connects the beastie to a source box that looks like an oval shaped heavily veined, throbbing creature. I get to know it's other features later on. It was my first love toy, it is weird and sexy and I'm both excited and reluctant to try it since I'm a cock virgin. "No dahling" she said laughing as she reaches inside my shorts and fondled my fanny "this wants to be fucked deep and hard by a real cock first" she whispered "I want you to make love to me with that thing on " Her touching and words got me so fucking turned on and we kissed and feel each other as we take our clothes off, then I saw naked boys, local urchins looking at us from about 20 feet away, they seem to be 4 or 5 and an 11 year old retard, she grinned and said "let them watch" in a devilishly sexy tone, we went on and it felt very naughty, and after few minutes more of kissing and touching she stood up and took my hand "let's do this somewhere less exposed, "bigger" boys might see us" and we giggled. I held the box with the toy in it as we ran scantily clad across the sand to a thicket with big leafy plants, rocks and wood carvings. It was a very hot day but the area is cool because of the canopy of trees. She got me totally naked and made me lie down, and it feels so sensual being nude with nature, in the tropics. She spreads my legs, and tells me to raise my hips, she then pressed the beastie hard, mouthside on my pussy and turned it on, marble sized eyes popped out and the sores or warts lit up in a warm yellow glow while hot foam comes out from the pustules and suckers turning into a slimy sticky warm mucus. I shrieked very loudly as that thing came to life, so to speak, I was so taken by the feeling of a warm, slick and moving fleshy thing on me as its slimy eel like tentacles slithered and curled tightly around my legs, the mandibles latched on my waist, hips and between the butt cheeks, pressing the sucking wet mouth with its circular rows of teeth hard on my tender pussy.

         I then felt an electric shock as the gooey fleshy tongue darted inside me and then wriggles as it slowly withdraws scraping my insides. It made me so fucking weak at the joints, the feeling is so intense I thought I'm going to pass out I held on to her as I slowly sank on the ground. I lay resting on my elbows looking at the phallus as it gets an "erection", the veins are very engorged as hot goo squirts and foams from the suckers and pustules. The foreskin pulled back revealing a purplish head, like the glans of a penis, but it has a small drooling mouth with tiny teeth that shrieks, around its neck are moving maggot-like feelers like the ones at the base of the phallus. The phallus became a very stiff pulsating, nine inch beast that gyrates in alternating directions, it's very awesome and scary looking, and very kinky. I moaned and groaned at the extraordinary sensation the creature is giving me it was a bit painful but also a very delicious pleasure. It looks so disgusting and frighteningly real to watch, its eyes looking at the direction of my crotch as its mouth suck and "exhales" jets of hot steam, the lips throb and rippled making squishing and sloshing sounds as it went, the circular rows of teeth pressed deep and hard on my tender pussy lips. Hot slimy drool is squirted in all directions going high up my belly and legs and drips down my bum. The tentacles slithers and throbs and felt very slimey eel like as they latch on to me. It was a very mindblowing sight and sensation, disgusting and scary but very erotic.

         It made me feel I'm in a hentai movie with an monster squid and facehugger hybrid from hell, and fuck I have never been so aroused and so soaking wet. She kneeled in front of me and grabbed the phallus and it stopped gyrating but continues to throb spasmodically as she strokes it. She presses some buttons on the remote and opened her laptop, an image came up on the screen, and realized theres a tiny hd camera at the head, so you can see the insides of a pussy as you fuck it, "gawd the japanese are such hi-tech kinky nerds" I exclaimed, she beamed and then I felt something hot and syrupy being shot deep in my vagina accompanied by a rapid darting of the slimy tongue in my tight lovehole then it wriggled like an eel as it slowy withdraws, scraping the sides of my vagine. As the tongue darts and withdraws, I felt something slimy and fleshlike penetrate my anus, pulsating and twisting as it goes in, and I felt little fleshy bumps as it went deeper. I got a little scared and she leaned over me and kissed me while she rubbed herself on the throbbing shaft. I arched as the tongue in my anus throbs and gyrates as it withdraws. As one tongue withdraws the other goes in and both would also randomly go in at the same time. She looked so sexy as her hips rocked and grind with the cock, gyrating and throbbing on her crotch, her panties became soaking wet of her juice whose scent is exhilirating. She dipped her hand inside her panties and then lets me suck her sweet honey from her fingers. "You're so beautiful sweetheart" she murmus then something whipped me from behind coming from the power box, they look like slithering wriggling tentacles the size of garden hoses. She wraps wriggling, writhing and sticky wet eel like tendrils each around my arms, looking as malignant as the creature on my groin, heavily veined with suckers and dotted with warts and postules. at the end of each tentacle are what looked like girating hands each with a set of gnarly bony little fingers that sorrounds a drooling, breathing vagina looking mouth and like the one on my kiki, they have thick bumpy lips and circular rows of smaller pointy teeth that comes out and sinks back, and they also have flickering tongues. As I was about to ask about them she puts each mouth on my breasts and puts another pair on her tits. The gyrating hands massaged our breasts in counter circular motion as the fingers went like wriggling slimy worms as they went clawing hard, squeezing our titties. The vagina mouths went like the one on my fanny making loud squishing and sloshing sounds, with lips rippling and pulsating as they suck hard and blowing jets of hot steam as they squirt hot bubbly drool in all directions, the tongues flickered on the nipples and the circular rows of teeth felt like little thorns all over my boobs. My boobs became so pink as they drown in hot sticky bubbly mucus and my nipples became sore and very stiff. It was a painful but very exquisite pleasure as I'm getting uncontrollable spasms from within, I felt completely powerless to the creature . I watched myself on the screen, and saw how sexy I looked with those hideous moving things on my naked body I am so like those girls in the hentai vids. She then laid on the towel and beaconed me to come to her. Feeling so weak at the joints I crawled towards her, panting as I struggled to get up. I staggered towards her with legs close together, tears flowing brought by intense erotic torture. I fell on her whimpering and she catches me and thats when I saw hot syrupy liquid that is glowing bright pink oozing down my legs from my pussy. I was a little alarmed at first but it turns out to be the beastie's "cum" that shoots out whenever I feel an electric shock. She kissed and petted me as I hear lots of beeping from the controller in her hand. She threw the controller away and lovingly stares at me. "Do it baby take me make love to me, ravish me with your pet" she murmured. That made mo so aroused than ever as if I'm being possessed by a lusty demonic entity brought on by the creature clinging onto me and it feels it has become part of my body that I'm so excited and burning to fuck her. I became so feral and ripped her shirt and tore off her panties, the adrenaline rush is indescribable. It was the second time I saw her completely naked, I run my hands down her lovely form, her big and firm round tits and her smooth pussy got me burning hot even more with excitement. I spread her legs and my hips rocked back and forth rubbing the throbbing beastie on her fanny letting it throb and gyrate on her clitoris and between her pussy's tender wet lips. I'm bitlipped as I watch it twisting and writhing on her pussy, looking its a real live creature. She then grabs the phallus and directs it to her hole "Do it baby, fuck me!" she said in a begging tone. I took a deep breath as I prepare to enter her, and gently entered her pussy because it is so fucking tight, we watch the screen as I push the throbbing warty beast w in her tight lovehole. It was my first time seeing the insides of a real vagina, and it was so fucking arousing and exciting as it went deeper in her tight pink wet hole. I didn't push it all the way in, only a little above half the length of the cock, then I pull it up to the head then pushed it in hard to that length. Her tight pussy seemed to be holding on the cock as I am pulling it and a little bit hard as I push it in. The tongues went darting and probing my pussy and ass and sometimes synchronous with my every thrust. Her lovely tits heaved as her shapely body squirmed and writhed with pleasure driving me mad as I'm so tempted to shove it all in "Oh gawd baby, deeper harder ohh" she screamed. I seem to loose all sanity as I'm tempted to totally ram the cock all the way in, our bodies became so slippery with our sweat and hot mucus from the beastie. We're both screaming and moaning really loud until we're startled by an intense electric shock on our orifices as a lot of very hot syrupy liquid is repeatedly ejaculated in our holes, and then electric shocks were felt on my boobies, it got me off balanced, my hands slipped and I fell on her shoving hard all of the phallus deep inside her lovehole making her arch as she moaned loudly in agony either of extreme pain or pleasure. We lay panting, gasping "oh gaawwwddd ohh god baby shit ohh fuck". We lay still for minutes, yet my hips are moving involuntarily, swaying and rocking with the creature between us. The phallus gyrates in the absence of movement in addition to spasmodic throbbing as it shrieks and hums inside her . I caressed and kissed her long and deep, then licked and sucked her ears and neck. "I love you baby" she murmurs as I went kissing sucking and licking down to her tits. I move my hips move in a slow but hard pressing grind, in circular and rocking back and forth motion, as I sucked and licked her boobies, while suckers and feelers at the base above the lip sucking me provide intense clitorial stimulation. I want her titties to feel the same erotic pain I'm having on my own tits, as I'm sucking them hard, licking and biting the nipples. She locked her legs around me and pushes me harder as my grinding hips build up speed. I pinned her arms as I ram her, harder and deeper, pushing all of the ugly throbbing monster cock deep in her pussy. We scream and groan everytime we get electrocuted as the beastie cums in our holes but no pauses, I went on pounding her hard while hot glowing pink cum mixed with our own lovejuice drip profously from our holes. Hot steam then starts puffing out, like from a boiling kettle, from the two mouths on my boobs, and from her pussy as I fuck her and also from my pussy and anus. "god this is so fucking wild" I said . The painful pleasure I'm being suffered become more intense as the mouths sucking licking and probing me are more wicked than ever. The creature is in complete control of my body I can't resist being a slave to it's will and it wants me to go as hard and wicked like it. I held on to her hips as I grind in full force, totally losing it like a vampire bitch in a frenzied orgy.

         She seemed to be suffering from excruciating pain as she grimaces grabbing the sheets and pillows her body went into wild convulsions spasms and seizures. I kept on pounding and ramming her hard not caring if she is experiencing pain, for I am dominated by the painful but exquisite sucking, probing and gyrations on my breasts and orifices in addition to the electric shocks commanding me to brutally fuck her. I am getting more stimulated watching her arching, writhing, squirming, twisting and turning and her sexy round boobs heaving while she screams and moans in ecstatic agony. I felt myself close to cumming and she held on to my arms and locked her legs around me again. I shivered as I'm about to explode, she grabbed my bum and squeezes them, and we both came hard as I'm sucking her tits. We lay there totally exhausted, panting and gasping with the cock and tongues still gyrating in our holes. After some minutes passed the mouths on my body got me stimulated again my hips went moving grinding hard, slowly building speed. "Look at me as I fuck you again" I told her "I want us to come together as we look into each others eyes" she cups my face and whispered "ooh baby" then we kissed. We kissed and stared at each other as I fuck her, rarely blinking. Its a fucking sexy kissing ever, as I try to match the wickedness of the mouths on my body. I fucked her hard and deep again as my breasts and orifices are being tortured and pleasured, it feels the throbbing monster has become part me . We're again very noisy as we climaxed, moaning groaning sweet talking, dirty talking as we get closer to orgasm . It is deep hard fucking but with more love and passion. I want to delay my orgasm, but it so hard with creature having control over my body, I can't resist not wanting to cum. We hold each others hands as we came hard again, trying not to blink as we stare into each other's eyes while our pussies drain themselves of hot lovejuice. After some cuddling and kissing I stood up and asked her make the creature stop. She showed me how with the remote and the sucking hands on my boobs became spasmic and detaches, followed by the creature as its tentacles uncurls and loosens their hold, it squishes as it detaches and fell on the ground spasmic and seemed dying. I had nasty red suck marks where the tentacles have been and my boobies and pussy were also red and sore as they still drown in drool. The creature's cum on our bodies looses its glow as it cools. I held the toy creature as I'm very fascinated by it. The pussy tongue is actually bigger than the anal prober she had it preset since I'm a cock-virgin but she had all the creature's functions set to full, electic shocks and all, no wonder I got so tortured and feeling so drained. "You dirty wicked bitch" I said smiling "well you enjoyed it too sweetheart didn't you?" she said grinning devilishly , " yes I did " and I kissed her " thanks for the very lovely gift." That thing also sucks the juices and squirts it inside the partner's vagina and vice versa, I have her cum inside me as well, my god that is so very sexy and romantic. It is funny that the toy was made by a children's toy company in japan in collaboration with some really horny geeks who are credited for the design. It didn't came out officially and only a one off with very limited production as only 25 toys were made, an english-japanese girlfriend of hers ordered it for her and sent it to the resort, it was delivered at our villa when I was taking a shower, and she hid it in the bushes early in the morning. I asked if she paid so much for it, "not really darling" she said "probably just the cost of 7 or 9 of the designer jeans you have in your closet plus the one you left in the hut" and megumi her girlfriend also chipped in as she is very interested in me and is looking forward in meeting me soon as she and some friends will be coming over to join us. The sextoy's production ceased although they were all sold out, since there is very little market, guess the japanese are not as spendy as they are kinky. Good thing it was made to last and the instructions on how to make the liquids from household food items and store bought non toxic chemicals came with it if the refills were all used up. As we were talking the naked asian retard boy who saw us kissing earlier came out from nowhere we panicked and hurriedly pulled off big leaves to cover ourselves gasping "oh shit oh god oh shit" between laughs and giggles." We can't stop giggling as he looked at us, while we hold the leaves firmly to our breasts and crotch our feet pressing the pointy end on our bums. our legs folded as we squeeze tight, the wind kept blowing the leaves, making it hard holding them and keeping them flat and not exposing a bit of skin and they are barely enough to cover ourselves especially her who have bigger boobs. We wondered if he and his buddy saw everything, how would that be to a 5 or 6 year old or in his case a retard, it's scary and kind of naughty. He became interested with the toy and I let him play with it.

        She then turned it on with the remote, we laughed as the kid got really scared and ran away, we got so careless and relaxed our hold on our leaves but then he came back and we again panicked laughing and giggling as we firmly held the leaves on our bodies. The kid held the toy again as he is more interested with it than ever. He then took my knickers then said something as he points at us and giggles "you naughty little bugger" I said to him. "I think he knows we have nothing on" I whispered "you think? maybe that is why he came back" she said and we laughed. It seems we'd be stuck with the little monkey for awhile, as there are some people out in the beach, it will not be easy making a run to our hut without making a scene and our peta esque nudity will cause quite a sensation becoming viral on the internet. We shared the tequila cocktail we have with us as we enjoy the cool sea breeze, we got intoxicated and we took some sexy and naughty photos of ourselves. It feels so sexy being in the thicket completely nude with nothing but leaves on, it's so exhilirating, naughty and the thrill and fear of being caught is so exciting.

          The sun is starting to set and the little devil is still with us, and were both feeling the effects of the tequila (it was a fucking liter). "it's very naughty and sexy if you think about it" she said with a sexy evil gleam in her eyes " if this little bugger did saw us doing it don't you think?" and she began kissing and feeling me, and it got me turned on again but became uneasy when the little monkey is looking at us. She doesn't seem concerned about the boy as she went on very boldly and I'm getting very strangely aroused. Our tongues played inside our mouths while the kid watch looking very amused. She then lets go of her leaf. "Hello?" I whispered eyeing the boy "little stranger danger?" "let-him see" she said with a wink and an evil sexy grin. My heart pounded hard as we deeply kissed, she grabbed my leaf, and I held on it firmy as I'm still reluctant to expose myself. The wilting big leaf slowly tear and I let go. I'm having goosebumps all over, my insides tingling with excitement, and it is not the tequila. My heart pounded hard like its going to burst through my chest as she took my arms from my breasts "let's give this dirty little monkey what he wants to see" she whispers as she spread my legs. "ohh god" I exclaimed as the little imp looks at me mischievously with an evil grin and it feels like the first time I am totally naked outdoors but a little different and more exhilirating, scary, exciting, the adrenaline rush is fucking intense and amazing, I'm feeling so naughty, and frightened all at the same time .

         We explored each others body and passionately kiss as the boy looks on and we looked at him teasingly while I suck and lick her boobies and finger fuck her I have never felt so dirty and hot. It got really interesting and exciting when the boy's peepee got stiffy. I went down between her legs and sucked and licked her pussy which tasted of her juice and the creature's "cum" which is quite citrusy. We went like two slutty pornstars as we took turns licking and sucking each others body then going 69 before finally tribbing. She lay on the grass arching and twisting, as our hips move in a sexy dance. The boy looked at her boobs as... Read More

Part #: 2

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