My ODDyssey part 2 BANZAI BEACH completed

December 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey part 2 BANZAI BEACH completedSorry guys, christmas and churchwork can be such a bloody drag! where was I? oh yes...

I took off the bathrobe, and the 3 japanese girls went cheering whooping screaming and laughing really loud, I felt so exhiliratedd as I waded in the waters towards them with my boobies exposed, illuminated by the bright full moon. I played with them, we were laughing and giggling like foolish little girls splashing sea water at each other, I saw their smooth round bums were not completely bare, so to speak, as the tentacle straps not only go around the hips legs and between the crease but also over the bum cheeks as well.

Saeko and I wandered to far off from the other two, foolishly and very daringly ver far from our villa. She put her arms around me and we kissed passionately, lt was long hard and deep and very wet. We were panting as we stared into each other's eyes, and then she slowly took off her octopi top, unhooking the tentacles around her neck and her back, the pair of octupi "sucking" and cupping her cute titties made squishing and sucking noises as she pulled them off. She threw her top on the sand as I beheld her lovely 36cs with nipples looking like little milk chocolate bon bons. I kissed her tenderly, and she kept moaning as my lips and tongue explored her lovely face, nibbling and sucking her tender ears, going down her smooth slender neck, all the while lovingly fondling her cute titties. She moaned and grunted and was talking in japanese as I went sucking and licking her lovely titties while fondling them. I slowly move down, licking and kissing her smooth lean belly each as I work on the tentacles of her very sexy octupus bikini bottom, around her hips and thighs the little suckers on her skin went popping while I undo the straps and the octupus head clinging on her fanny squished as I pull it off and it has lovejuice stringing from her kiki.

Being young she has little hair on her pubis and she is still a virgin. She moaned and grunted loudly while I licked and sucked her, warm sweet lovejuice trickled down her legs as I fuck her with my tongue. She then knelt down and looked at me teary eyed and whispered "ai shite imasu...candy girl I rav you bebi" I smiled lovingly "I love you too Saeko chan" she cupped my face with her hands as her cute mute explored my face, mimicking everthing what I did to her earlier. Her felt so exquisite as also sucked and licked my breast while she fondled them. She then pulled my panties off and threw them on the sand with her octopi swimwear. We again kissed hard and deep while fondling each other, she again sucked and licked my boobies with our fingers lovingly fucking each other's pussies. Our lovemaking culminated in a very passionate tribbing, our bodies grinding hard with each other, our hips in a lovedance with the waves washing over us. We went screaming, moaning, groaning and grunting. We were both whimpering with tears flowing extreme erotic passion as we grind our soft wet pussies as hard as we could both lost in erotic oblivion as we reached climax then we wave after wave of sexual pleasure washed over me as we both came in screaming orgasm our warm juices gushing from our loveholes.

I collapsed on the sand and she on top of me. "Ai shite shite imasu" she kept saying tenderly rubbing her cheek with mine while we lay on the sand, whimpering and panting. I then rolled her over and she screamed and giggled and I got on top of her. Were both teary eyed as we stared lovingly into each other's eyes. "Aishite masu Saeko chan" I said to her, she beamed and giggled and then cupped my face as we kissed. Again sensual fires begin to burn as my mouth went down and licked and sucked her boobies, lightly nibbling her stiff chocolate bon bon like nipples. I kneaded and caressed her bums as I sucked and licked her soft virgin pussy and fucked her lovehole deeply with my tongue and then we grind our pussies again with me on top, she kept calling my name between loud groaning and grunting as we went harder and faster with waves washing over us, until we both came screaming again. After laying on the sand for awhile we got up and gathered our clothes and walked naked and holding hands, back to where we left tomi and yuki.

We came back to where we left Yuki and tomi but they weren't there, and they couldn't have gone back to the villa as the bottle of dom and the champagne glasses and Tomi's ipod and station were still on the sand. We gathered the items and looked for the two girls, still fully naked as we walked along the shoreline. As we came around the bench we heard faint screaming and laughing of women and children. In the distance we saw figures splashing and running in the water and we knew right away they were tomi and yuki as they're the only other ones with glow in the dark bikinis. We have our hands and arms over our tits and crotch as we as we came upon them and sat on the sand with legs folded and watch as they went very scantilly clad and playing with local little boys who were all naked they were not speaking tagalog but in a local dialect which I'm not familiar with. Saeko called out to Yuki and Tomi and they motioned and shouted back inviting us to join them, and Saeko told them that we cannot do so because were both naked and we both giggled. "Are you?!" Yuki said in japanese (I had Saeko translating) "that's very kinky! come on play with us bitches" she kept urging, and Saeko and I shook our heads as were both embarased and felt uneasy letting the naked local boys see us without anything on even if it's still night and we only have light from the moon.

Saeko and I gasped when they began taking off their octopi swimwear and then threw them at us and went back playing with the local urchins, very naked under the moonlight and then tomi ran towards us and pulled us up and led us into the water. Saeko and I felt uneasy at first being naked and sorrounded by equally naked little urchins and we covered ourselves, but I'm feeling strangely sexy and then Tomi played "pour some sugar on me" on her ipod and and she and Yuki danced sexilly. Saeko and I looked at each other smiling bitelipped and then we played with the little naked boys, splashing water and running, laughing and giggling as we went while Yuki and Tomi continue to dance very sexilly feeling and kissing each other while the other kids watched. We then joined them dancing, going really sexy and slutty as we can and I never felt so exhilirated. later we saw Yuki on the sand letting kids touch and feel her every where "Gawd you're fucking wild girl!" I exclaimed. She looked very sexy with little monkeys touching her privates, we got so aroused, Tomi Saeko and I started feeling and kissing each other as we danced and then we went over to Yuki and we became like a coven of young witches having a wild lesbian orgy, touching feeling kissing grinding pussies sorrounded by little monkeys and older ones were playing with their wee stiffies.

It was so fucking wrong and yet it felt so wickedly erotic, bloody taboo, naked and going wild with each other in semi darkness, with little dark hands touching us everywhere. After cumming hard we lay on the sand for awhile afterwards we picked our stuff and left the little boys and walked naked, laughing and giggling back to our villa where we found Megumi Kate and Saki naked sleeping on the porch floor with their arms around each other. Saki was still wearing the toy and it still plugged and continues to gyrate, throb and squeal. Tomi turned off the toy and unplugged it and she and Yuki try to wake them up. I went straight to the bathroom and took a hot shower, and as I let the water wash the sand off me, someone entered the shower and came up behind me, and run her hands to my sides feeling my form, then went fondling my boobs as she kissed my neck. I smiled and whispered "Saeko chan" I turned around and saw it was indeed her and we went kissing and feeling as we wash each other off.

We toweled each other off and went out of the bathroom each slapped our bums before going in the shower together laughing and giggling. Saeko had me wear one of her favorite pink stripe teen skivvies which she puts on herself and I gave her my favorite scanty white cotton pair and she had me put them on myself. I am so enamored by her cute nipples that looked like milk chocolate bon bons, I sucked and licked them long and hard before I put on a shirt on her. We out of the villa wearing shirts and skivvies and saw Kate and Megumi still naked and talking in the veranda, while having tea and smoking weed, and Saki on the other chair also naked and sleeping. I went over to Kate and sat on her lap and kissed her long and deep. "Best birthday gift and party ever!" I said, "I aim to please" Kate said as I took a puff of her weed "I'm happy that you're happy sweetheart" Kate said smiling Saeko stood by her aunt Megumi as they talk in nihonggo, they were looking at me as they talk and while Megumi caresses Saeko in a very sensual manner, and then Megumi made Saeko sit on her lap and went on sexually touching and feeling her while they talk. Saeko looked very cute and sexy in the skivvies and lose shirt I gave her. Saeko caressed my legs with her foot and Kate started kissing and nibbling my nape and ears while fondling my boobies inside my shirt and Megumi did the same to Saeko. I then caressed Saeko's thighs with my foot and pinched her near her groins and she giggled and threw a grape at me. I then slip my foot inside her panties and fondled her pussy and made her wet groaning and moaning. Kate dipped inside my panties and finger fucked me and Megumi did the same with Saeko making her moan and groan even louder.

It was very sexy watching aunt and niece in a bloody taboo but very erotic act. Saeko and I then looked at Saki as she sleeps naked on a cushioned chair. "Do it sweetheart" Kate whispered and I smiled and motioned to Saeko that we go over to Saki. We got up and walked over to saki. We stared bitelipped on the naked sleeping japanese beauty and then we went down and Saki moaned as we kiss nibble and lick her ears and neck while fondling her supple round boobies, with Saeko mimicking my every action. Our mouth's moved and met at Saki's sexy lips and together we sucked kissed and nibbled them. I moved slowly move down kissing and licking and Saeko followed we stared lovingly at each other while we suck lick and nibble Saki's gorgeous boobies while fondling them. "Ohhh that is so cute and very sexy my darlings!" Megumi exclaimed "Yes they look like pretty little love nymphs or faeries" Kate said giggling. My hand slowly slide down her fanny and Saeko's hand followed and together we fondled and finger fucked her lovehole making Saki moan even louder. I went down sucking nibbling and licking and Saeko followed and together we sucked, nibbled and licked every inch of Saki's crotch while we finger fuck her and Saki's lovejuice trickled down her thighs and she caressed our heads as we bring her closer and closer to orgasm.

Saki then shivered and arched and had uncontrollable spasms as we go harder and faster, she came hard and screaming, hot lovejuice gushed from her lovehole and Saeko and I licked and suck the sweet nectar from her crotch and thighs. Saki knelt down, smiled then lovingly kissed us both then she got up and kissed both Megumi and Kate and went inside the villa. Kate and Megumi then sat down with us looking so bloody pleased. "My gawd you two, you were fantastic!" Megumi exclaimed "You girls were so cute and sexy" Kate said as she pinches Saeko's cheek "th-thank you" Saeko said giggling. Kate then kissed her deep and hard whilst fondling her titties insider her shirt and Megumi did the same with me, while she fondled my boobies inside my shirt. Megumi's mouth tastes of honey and mint as our tongues wrestled inside our mouths then she went sucking my tongu. Kate dipped her hand inside Saeko's panties and made it sopping wet as she fondles her kiki. Megumi did the same and made my panties sopping wet as she caressed and finger fucked my kiki.

Then they both undress us, and made us sit on cushioned chairs side by side, legs open and, Saeko puts her leg over mine and I smiled at her. Megumi mimicked whatever Kate did to Saeko, their lovely mouths explored every inch of our young bodies, and made us go squirming arching and twisting as we moan and groan really loud, each sucked and licked our boobies hard making our nipples stiff and a bit sore, Megumi was as pleasurable as kate and made my clit stiff and swollen with her mouth and tongue they made us both so fucking wet and hot our lovejuices trickled profusely down our bums making the cushions sopping wet, Saeko bit a finger while I go bitelipped grunting. Saeko and I then looked at each other grimacing in erotic agony and gripping each other's hads as two gorgeous women suck nibble and lick our wet and swollen kikis "Aishite imasu...***chan" Saeko whispered to me "I love you too baby girl" I whispered back. We then had uncontrollable spasms until we both came screaming and gushing hard.

We sat there panting whimpering and moaning still holding hands while Kate and Megumi licked and sucked the nectar from our crotch and bums. I lovingly brushed Saeko's hair behind her ears she smiled and she blew me a kiss. After almost half an hour they gently pulled us down on the floor with them. Kate kissed Saeko again and Megumi did the same to me and I tasted my sweet nectar from her lovely mouth. They pressed our bodies hard with theirs, Megumi hands slides down my bums kneading and clawing them as her hips slowly gyrate grinding her soft wet pussies with mine. Kate did the same with Saeko and got her moaning and whimpering. I fondled Megumi's lovely tits as we kiss and grind our pussies hard with each other. Saeko also did the same to Kate, fondling Kate's boobies and mimicking my hip movements. We all reached climax as we went harder and faster, moaning grunting and groaning very loudly, Saeko and I also went whimpering with tears flowing. My hands slides down on Megumi's smooth round bums, kneading and squeezing them hard as I felt close to orgasm, and Saeko also did the same to Kate. Saeko and I looked lovingly at each other, "Aishite imasu Saeko chan" I whispered to her "Go ahead, kiss her sweetheart" Kate said to me between pants "kiss Saeko hard and deep as I fuck her!" Megumi said something to Saeko in nihonggo and Saeko and I kissed very hard and deep than ever sucking each other's tongues, Kate and Megumi also kissed hard and deep as we come closer and closer to orgasm, all lost in erotic limbo so to speak. Our bodies shivered and got uncontrollable spasms, we were all moaning groaning and grunting really loud with mouth's locked with each lover's, as we all came gushing hard almost at the same time. Megumi then went to Saeko and she kissed and petted her sensually while talking in japanese. "You were such a love nymph darling!" Kate said as she caressed me "and you are a love goddess" I replied as I stare into her lovely eyes, we both giggled and then kissed she then told me Saeko was really lucky to have me as her first as in really first to have sex with another person. Saeko and I then put on our clothes back on and we all went inside the villa. Kate and Megumi hit the showers, while Saeko and I lay on the bed, caressing each other, while whispering sweet nothings, until we fell asleep with our arms and legs around each other.

Saeko woke me up later after coming out of the shower at around 3 in the afternoon planting kisses on my face while shaking my shoulders and shouting "******chan! *******chan!" repeatedly. I opened my eyes and smiled "mmmmhm good morning candy girl" I said "no no morning!" she said giggling and shaking her head "is that so? " I said smiling devilishly "well I still want sugar lips for breakfast come here you!" and I pulled her and kissed her hard and deep. "Aishite imasu...Saeko chan...I bloody mean it candy bitch" I whispered, she smiled and got up "come see!" she kept saying said between giggles "hmmm what is it Saeko" I said yawning and rubbing my eyes "what do you want to show me?" she then slowly opened her pink hello kitty robe "oooohkay?" I said looking puzzled at her lovely naked body "you rayk?" she said smiling "uhh of course yes I do rayk uh I mean like!" and reached for her cute boobies "no no no!" she said frowning pointing to her crotch and I saw it to be very smooth and hairless like mine, very supple like a baby's. "You rayk?" she asked again. "You shaved your pussy for me?" and she nods while giggling. "T-that's very sweet of you" I said while lovingly caressing the back of her ear, "you don't have to do it I like it no matter what but you do look very cute with it" and she smiled "Aishite imasu Saeko chan" I whispered and then we kissed as I fondled her smooth kiki. I then went down and sucked and licked her cute boobies then went down between her legs and licked sucked and nibbled her smooth pubis and labias and she became more sopping wet. "******chan ohhhh ******chan uhhhh!" she kept saying while moaning and whimpering while caresseing my head. I made her clit stiff by sucking it hard and my tongue darted in and out of her tight lovehole. I went on until she shivered and got uncontrolable spasm as she came hard and I sucked and licked as much as I can of the sweet nectar that poured from her virgin lovehole. I then went up and kissed her again, "aishite imasu I rav you *****chan" she said whimpering with tears falling as she held my face.

She then told me that Megumi Kate saki and Yuki went out shopping and we should be meeting them in a restaurant later for dinner. "Oh I should bloody be getting ready then!" I said and I got up and loosely tied my hair up and went for the bathroom. After brushing my teeth I prepared the shower and as I was about to undress, Tomi went in the bathroom all sweaty and just wearing shirt and skivvies "oops sorry I thought no one's in" she said and she has a bit of an american accent "what the bloody fuck I didn't know you can speak bloody english?" I said giggling "well I went to an american school since when I was a little girl and until college" "Uh sorry I was so fucking drunk and high last night and I'm not always in the company of foreign guys especially very lovely english girls" and she winked at me. "So uhm are you going to take a shower?" she asks "u-uh yeah I am" "well we have to hurry up to meet the other bitches do you mind if we share the bath?" "n-no not at all" "oh cool" she said smiling and takes off her clothes . I again got hot seeing her lovely naked body and I stared at her bitelipped as she went inside the shower. "Well? are you fucking waiting for an invitation?" she said giggling" I dropped my towel and went inside the shower, steam builds up as sexual tensions begin to go up. "You are really very cute and hot" she said I turned my head and smiled "t-thanks you are very gorgeous yourself" I replied sheepishly.

"No you are really very hot, I haven't seen any other caucasian girl looking as gorgeous as you are well besides Kate" tomi said lauging "well probably because I am part asian as well" I said giggling
"there we go, so whose side?" she asks "My mum is asian american, filipino chinese" I replied "that's explains it" and we both giggled. I then felt her hands feeling my form then fondled my breasts as she nibbled and kissed my nape and ears. I groaned at the pleasure and I turned around "what the fuck are you doing?" I said smiling "you're fucking yummy I can't help myself" she said and then we kissed hard a deep while feeling each other. "Tomi I just remembered there are 3 bathrooms in this villa" and then she went emma stone ish "Oh my god! shit! I fucking forgot that!" "mhmm!" I said raising an eyebrow. "Well I seee no reason why we should not be doing this" and we both giggled then went back kissing and feeling each other. "Ohh fuck ******your mouth is so fucking wicked ohhh" she said as I sucked and licked her boobies hard. She laid me on the shower floor and did the same to my boobies after which we got into a 69 position, licking sucking and nibbling our pussies together we got out of the shower then went tribbing on the rug, moaning and groaning and feeling each other's bodies as we grind our soft wet pussies as hard as we can until we both came screaming and gushing hard. We held each other close as we catch our breaths. "ohhh I love you you little english slut!" she said between pants, I smiled "I love you too you you japanese whore!" I replied giggling. and then I saw Saeko by the bathroom door teary eyed as she looks down on us then she ran off.

I left tomi as she finishes her shower and I ran off outside the villa with a towel draped around me. I saw Saeko looking out on the beach with her arms folded over her tits as she is wearing only skivvies. "Hey can we talk, are you ok what is wrong?" she turned her head so I won't see her crying "no not wrong I not go, I stay in villa" she said between sobs "ooh fuck are you jealous?" I said "No!" she replied "not jealous you go now!" she yelled "hey saeko look at me" I said as I caressed her sides "Oh bloody hell, look at me!" I yelled as I made her f... Read More

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