My ODDyssey part 2 (banzai beach)

December 24, 2013 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey part 2 (banzai beach)Megumi was a real japanese hotty kinda like the most gorgeous of japanese av stars she was about 28 then same age as with my teacher lover, she brought along her japanese friends and a cousin, and a niece, there were 5 of them and all of them are fucking hot, her cousin Yuki who is part german, was 19, and three others Sakura who was 21, Tomi, who just turned 18 then, and the youngest, saeko her niece and the cutest and 9 months younger than I, and was in an all girl kawai pop group has very pretty eyes and sexy fang tooth. We spent the evening partying in the jacuzzi, and since were outdoors in and not yet familiar with the sorroundings, we were wearing lace underwear under thin shirts, while megumi and kate had theirs wearing bathrobes. Saeko had her first champagne and got really drunk, and then my headmistress (let’s call her Kate) told them what happened to us earlier even what she did with the native boy who is a retard. They got so fucking aroused and surprised at what kate did, especially Saeko who is most shocked but got turned on as well. Megumi and Kate started kissing and feeling each other and then Saki (Sakura) joined in. I felt Saeko’s hand caressing my leg and then we looked lovingly at each other. We then kissed hard and deep, moaning and groaning, feeling each other’s tongues.

Saeko became more overwhelmed with passion with my kissing she began feeling me and whispered “I rav you, you rav me?” I beamed sexilly as I nodded “mhmm” between subtle giggling, and then we went on kissing and feeling each other as the kate megumi and other girls watched. “Mmm I think my wee niece is in love with your wee girlfriend” I heard Megumi say to Kate “They look so cute and hot together” Kate said “O fuck yes they are” Megumi replied. And Tomi, Yuki joined in our little erotic kawaii soiree, and totally became engulfed in hot blazing sexual fires as Yuki kissed, licked, nibbled, and caressed me by my back, Tomi was doing the same to both Saeko and I. As saeko was about to take off my shirt, Tomi and Yuki stopped her and began to lightly argue in japanese. And then they got off the hot tub and said “you wait oki?” almost in unison and then went inside the house giggling. I smoked and drank my champagne as I watched Megumi, Kate and Saki make out, their hands inside each other’s bathrobes. I heard shouting, giggling and laughing inside the house and a fucking lot of yakkety yak in japanese. They went out more than half an hour later Yuki and tomi wearing short black japanese bathrobe and saeki in a cute pink short robe. They slowy disrobed, and I gasped “Oh what the fuck!” I exclaimed as I beheld three gorgeous young japanese girls wearing very extraordinary if not the most outrageous but very sexy swimwear, Megumi Kate and Saki went laughing and clapping. They had bikinis that were like translucent octopuses clinging on their boobies and fannies with tentacle straps that go around the back neck and hips much like my sextoy. The went back into the tub and Saeko so gorgeous and cute than ever slowly approached me smiling. “You rayk? Me sexy?” she said, “oh yes me like” I said between subtle giggling, and again we kissed hard and deep “I rav you baby” she whispered.

I sat on the rim of the tub as we continually kiss and feel each other and then Yuki and Tomi joined again in our very sensual little party. I have three gorgeous japanese girls licking kissing nibbling and feeling me all over, it got really wild when they began ripping my clothes off. I sat there as the cool night breeze caress my naked body, with three young women oggling ang giggling at me. You very pretty, very hot, sexy!” Saeko said and then they feel suck lick nibble every inch of my body, were all so fucking hot we no longer mind being barely shielded by plants and the wooden beams and fences. I got moaning groaning and grunting really loud as three gorgeous japanese girls make love to my body. Saeko and Tomi each sucked and licked my boobs while Yuki got down between my legs and sucked licked and nibbled while fingering my anus and lovehole, gawd it was my first lesbian orgy and it was so fucking divine and exquisite!

      “Gawd that is so fucking romantic and very sexy” Megumi exclaimed then she got up and went inside the house as Kate and Saki make out. Megumi came out with my sextoy, she knelt at rim of the tub and looked at us. “Do you mind if we borrow this?” she said “N-no uh not at all” I said smiling between pants. The four of us then watched as Saki Megumi and Kate really get in on. After a lot of very sexy touching and kissing, Kate put on the sextoy and she sexilly fucked both Saki and Megumi, the sucking wriggling tentacles on each of their boobies. After watching much of the very sexy hentai scene Yuki then suggested that we leave them and go night swimming in the beach which I find to be a very sexy and exciting idea and we only have the full moon to illuminate us. Saeko lend me her cute hello kitty striped teen knickers (panties) and pink bathrobe and after putting out the candles we walked out of the villa and towards the beach. There were no other people on the beach except for a few boats in the distance. Saeko and I sat on the sand as Tomi and Yuki splashed water at each other in their sexy octopus swimsuits. Saeko and I talked sharing weed and sipping champagne on the sand, she told me that her girl group will be touring europe and brazil next month and hopes she will be able to visit me. Yuki and Tomi then shouted at us to join them. Saeko urged me to come but I'm still uneasy wearing just panties under a short pink bathrobe. I watched the three them sitting on the sand, laughin... Read More