My ODDyssey part 1 (the journey begins)

December 23, 2013 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey part 1 (the journey begins)Hello people! I like reading erotic stories and I want to share with you my story, I am 22 years old at the time I posted this, which are mostly excerpts from my diary and personal logs. I hope all of you (especially you beautiful hedonistic women) enjoy my story hope you really find it very sexy and a little bit of warning to the not so kinky, as this not just another lesbian or heterosexual story but rather about a woman's extraordinary sexual odyssey. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I find writing and sharing it with you and do forgive my tagalog. I was born and pretty much spent my growing up years in london before moving to l.a. in the u.s. My dad is english and my mum is filipina american that is she is of a spanish mestizo father and chinese mestiza mother (I’m a wee bit of a halo halo no?), and yes marunong akong kaunti magtagalog, I learned from mum who is very fluent though she was born and raised in the us, still bulol parin ako with other words and do not sound like a native when speaking in tagalog, and as I have mentioned the stories you are about read are taken from my diary and private logs so its not entirely in pilipino and please bear with my tagalog which will be on later chapters. Anyhoo how should I describe myself? well Im a five foot seven, brunette, hazel-eyed part asian, or tisay to pinoys, I have luxuriant growth of hair and a strong set of eyebrows but by some genetic trait I don't have body hair so I don't shave my pits or legs I haven't even had a bikini wax, ever! but I'm not totally hairless down there if that's what you're thinking, I still have a faint mustache of cat hair which I do shave from time to time. I did some modelling back in u.k. and in the u.s. so modesty aside I'm a wee bit of a looker and according to my girl-friends here I'm a mix of sarah lahbati, paulene luna and anne curtis, (heh!) though I reckon I look more like the fictional lara croft (not the angelina jolie version people) and lily collins with fuller lips and better boobies and I'm not saying this just because I have a crush on them. My girl-friends are my inner circle of barkada (with benefits wink wink) and are mostly bisexual and lipstick lesbians. I'm very feminine or ladylike, a bit posh in public, no one would ever suspect I'm very much into girls, among other dirty things. I prefer my nails to be simple, short clean and trimmed I'm actually very boyish when I'm alone at home or in a girl-friend's place and I'm most comfy wearing very thin and loose white cotton shirts or camisoles, distressed shorts as in really short shorts or jeans which I prefer to have a lot of wear or madami butas on them, and flip flops or sandals and my hair simply tied in a pony or loosely tied up, lalo na here in manila where it is so mainit most often I wear camisoles or undershirts even very old shirts na madami butas and cotton panties (I'm not fond of thongs) at home or in a girl-friend's house even in the monsoon even when working on my car or tending the garden or just relaxing in the porch, and sometimes I just go bare, au naturel, like when it is really mainit but being liberated and wild as I am I don't have any tattoos or body piercings it's not that I don't like them as some of my girlies have them, I'm just not into getting them, I occasionally do smoke weed and really get really fucking bloody drunk with girl-friends but that's it, nothing too bad.

My ODDyssey part 1

I grew up in a modern family but is also quite traditional and a wee bit strict, as my parents are both catholics, there are so many do's and don'ts, but often kids who grew up in that kind of setup tend to be more curious if not rebellious, especialftly with my attitude. I began to explore my sexuality during my preteens, and I found myself very attracted to lovely members of the same sex. I started touching or pleasuring myself when I was 12 and my cup size then was already at 34b at that age and then went to 32c before I turned 14 (currently I'm a 36d at 5'7"). Most often I get off watching girl to girl or monster hentai porn to which I like watching while rubbing myself on a big hairy stuff toy (kinky ba?). I like watching these types of porn and sometimes even wee bit extreme but still very erotic types, pero ayaw ko nang may guys unless if it is a pov porn where you don't see the mukha of the guy, which is odd because I find certain types penises sexy and erotic pa din. I had so many girl crushes, and I'ts candyland whenever I'm in the girls' locker, shower or wherever I get to undress/be naked with other hot females, but I haven't made a move on any any of them until I am fourteen. I was a wee bit of an honor student and I got my college degree before I turned 19, (Am I mayabang ba? sowi) At first it was just a lot of self fondling and masturbation, my sexual odyssey began before my 13th birthday. At barely 13 years old malaki bulas ako as my filipino relatives would say, at 5 foot 2 with perky supple 32Cs. I was quite active, gymnastics, a bit of self defense karate and aikido, ballet and jazz on the side, lots and lots horseback riding etc pretty much into motorcyles when we moved to the us. I also have a geeky side as I also play video games as much as boys do. I was modelling for posh teen fashion magazines then and my photos travelled the world before I did. One spring day my headmistress (school principal) invited me for tea at her house.

We were in her lovely garden, lush and lots of exotic plants, a wee waterfall and a koi pond, kind of zen and new age, not too shabby huh. We are sitting on really fucking big cushioned wicker chairs that were just delivered, they were cleverly designed as such that two can be joined to become a bed with a canopy, and all five pieces is something like a gazebo, I think. On the table we have very aromatic tea in a crystal pot simmering on an earthen stove, a few petit fours; macaroons and eclairs, little cucumber and salmon sandwiches, a hobbit size basket of mini scones and cut up breads we can toast on the griddle, and there are jams, honey and herbed cream cheese and some grapes and sliced fruits. You think it's madami? well the sizes and portions are quite small even for hobbits. The food was stylishly served on leaves, woodboards and stone slabs and not the usual tiered tray, there were no plates or forks and we eat out of leaves with our fingers and drank tea from big crystal & metal cups. It was my first time seeing her looking so laid-back, wearing a loose off-shoulder crop-top filmy shirt and a pair of distressed shorts, and she was wearing no bra. Her hair is loose, cascading down her smooth slender neck and shoulders, very different from the usual beautiful but icy cold looking executive with the stylish geeky glasses, suit and trousers and tied up hair, tawag namin sa kanya jadis the white witch or the snow queen. She has the look of michelle monaghan with a hint of kate beckinsale about her except that she is more voluptuous, she has a very shapely body and a really sexy round set of bums, her boobies are sexier, rounder, more perky, nice and firm than their's (hahahah).

She is strangely nice to me that I became so relaxed and very open with her, para kaming bffs na matagal na, it is like a girls' sleep-over or bridal shower yet she's 27 and I'm barely 14. We got to know each other so well and our conversation became very personal and sexy. She behaved so differently in her "alter ego" no one would ever think she can be so profane or vulgar. "It is getting fucking scorching here don't you think so darling?" she said, though that afternoon is not very mainit, it is quite breezy actually. She stood up and pulled down her shorts then doused herself with rose water, as in fucking dripping wet. She slumped on the chair with legs wide open, right leg on the arm rest the other knee bent as she rests on it with her elbow. I felt so stoned at the sight of her, every bloody inch of her skin is so fair even at her crotch and pits it's like I'm looking at an older version of myself, she is so drenched in rose water her thin shirt clinged to her lovely bosoms like a second skin, pink cherry nipples are showing through the wet thin fabric, her yummy shaved kiki kita ko through her very sexy filmy knickers (panties). She is smirking devilishly as knows she has made me fucking turned on. "Go on sweetheart take some of your clothes off it's only us girls here" she said, and gawd that really made me so flushed and and made me feel I have butterflies in the stomach. I was reluctant like hello? I haven't been scantilly clad outdoors, eventually I gave in to her persistence or rather it didn't take long for her to persuade me because I'm sooo sexually excited? She practically undressed me herself down to my skivies, a crop-top cotton camisole and cotton string lace knickers. She leered at my body bite lipped as she held my arms up sideways. "Darling you're so fucking hot, vous etes delicieuse mon cheri Je tiens a vous ravir grroowwll" she said, as I feel her hot breath on my belly. "Uhh m-merci merci beaucoup?, je pense?" I trembingly replied and she did another sexy snarl before she let go of me. We went on with our sexy girl-talk with erotic feminine new age music playing from speakers cleverly placed in the garden, she caresses my feet and legs with her foot until she got me playing footsie with her. Later we had the wicker chairs join together, roof and arm points interlocking, so sexy like a lovers' ark, she lights scented candles and burned incense and heats some oils with which she gave me soothing and very sensual arm and leg massages as we tell stories. The sight of her lovely form, her very exquisite touch, the sweet smell of the heated massage oils, incense and candles along with the erotic music really raised the bars of sexual tension. I became more sopping wet as her feet caresses my inner thighs and I am sooo fucking stimulated, I pretty much stuttered as I talk, I'm so boiling up inside and goosebumps become more intense. "Oohhm f-fuck gawdohshit" I exclaimed when her feet pressed the opposite ends of my crotch, it was so sudden and intense It made me close my legs. "Oh my you're so hot and wet sweetheart!" she whispered as she gently open my legs. Her feet went inside my knickers coming in contact with my sopping wet pussy. "ohh fuckkuhhmphsshhit!" I exclaimed as her toes probed hard on my soft wet fanny, making me lean forward and grab on to her. My heart was beating hard and fast, bitelipped and whimpering at the delicious sensation of her feet writhing squirming all over and under my crotch, and I'm getting images of hentai porn. She plants tender kisses all over my face as she cups it with her supple hands, she then took off her undershirt and throws it away, as I marvelled at her perfect naked tits with their glistening cherry nipples.

She then took my hands to her boobies and we fondled them together, my first time caressing a woman's bosoms and fuck were they so nice and firm! perky and more than a handful. She then had me dip inside her knickers and fondle her wet soft pussy. I fondled and suckled her boobs with my hand inside her knickers exploring every inch between her legs even down to her anus, her feet probed harder over and under pleasuring my anus as well. We were moaning and groaning so loud we would have been heard outside were it not for the music to dampen our voices. We were so drowned in our lust and passion for each other we made the cushions so wet with our warm lovejuice. She then heats jars of honey and jam on the earthen stove and as I was about to ask her about that she held my face and locked her soft red lips with mine and we kiss, long hard and wet,our tongues going wild in our mouths. Her hands reached under my camisole and starts fondling my breasts and then dips a hand my panties and caresses my pussy, this urged me to fondle her tits and fanny as well. Our hot juices flowed as I climaxed, I'm breathing in pants as we kiss but I didn't want to stop. She suddenly stopped when I was very close to cumming. As I sat there trembling, my heart beating with anticipation, she brushes my hair behind my ears, "je t'aime tellement mon petit ange" she whispers with a longing look in her eyes. "Take off my panties sweetheart" she said in a begging tone. I pulled off her knickers and she throws them away, she then had me finger fuck her, holding my wrist and controlling the motion. Her lovehole was so fucking tight, very warm and very wet as three of my fingers went deep inside with my thumb rubbing her clitoris. I wriggle my fingers as they goes in, and hooks them as they pull out, I was so enthralled by the sweet scent her soaking wet vagina. We gradually went from slow to fast and hard twisting my hand with her sexy hips moving with the rhythm until she came with a gushing orgasm, hot love juice poured profusely from her lovehole. She made me suck my fingers, and makes a rhetorical facial expression, "It is, very sweet" I said as I savor my first taste of another female's juices, and hers is kind of fruity and spicy, strangely like tart apples and cinnamon. She went out of our lovenest and takes the jars of honey and jam off the little earthen stove and lights some more incense and candles before she went back to me and led me out of the wickers with both hands and made me lie on the grass. As I lay resting on my elbows, she kneels between my legs holding something behind her back which then she showed to be what looked like a dagger. The hilt is decorated with naked dryads, the blade shimmered as she unsheaths it. I felt like I'm in a pagan ritual and it made me a bit scared, my heart pounding hard as she licks the blade then gently holds me by the nape and toys me with the dagger. I was very panicky but felt numb all over, shivering, panting at the feel of cold wet steel gliding on my ears, cheeks, nose and lips, from my chin it glides down my neck to my chest. She then tears my camisole with the dagger, the ripping sound is so stimulating as the blades slowly cuts through the thin fabric. She looked hungrily at my exposed breasts as she caresses them, and glides the blade down my belly and also ripped my knickers with it. She lovingly sniffs my ripped panties and hangs it over some rose blossoms. Being naked outdoors for the first time is the most exhilirating, scary, exciting and liberating thing I've ever felt. The adrenaline rush is incredible, the cold wind blowing on my bare skin, it's so ecstatic. It feels naughty, and frightening all at the same time. She then poured hot jam and honey all over my naked body, and fuck do they hurt like melted wax! I arched and squirmed as the hot liquids burned my sensitives, my nipples, my navel and my fanny where it seemed the heat is enough to cause the very few hairs to fall off, it was a sudden pain that gradually turns to strange pleasure. She emptied the remaining contents of the jars on herself and smeared her lips and then she sucks her fingers. We deeply kissed as she fondles me, smearing the warm sweet goo all over my body. We kissed, deeper, hotter, more wet, as we savor the sweetness from each other's mouths. We were moaning and groaning and breathing from each other, the passion, the ecstasy intensified by the burning pleasure at my crotch given by her supple hand as it fondles my pussy and stuffing honey and jam deep in my love hole. As she went slurping from my neck down I became totally euphoric, and it is like she's the goddess of love and I'm her virgin sacrifice, the beautiful aphrodite eating nectar and ambrosia from the body of her handmaiden, fuck I couldn't think of a sexier analogy.

Dusk settles with cold wind blowing hard on our steaming naked bodies, it was cold and moist and tingly yet we both are getting more fucking hot and sweaty, as she went on licking and sucking the sticky sweetness from my body. She lovingly massages my breasts while alternately wraps each in her mouth, lightly sucking and licking them with my hands running through her hair. She then became quite feral and pinned my arms on the grassy ground. My tits were submitted to painfully erotic torture, and had me arching off the grass each time she sucks very hard and bite pulls each nipple. We tightly held each other's hands, as I go moaning and squirming to the delicious scorching sensation of my her mouth. My boobies were sucked clean of the honey and jam but are drowning in her saliva. She licked and gently blew on my sore nipples to soothe them before continuing further down to my belly sucking licking every bit of the sweet stuff and when her tongue was deeply probing my navel I was arching and squirming again to seething,... Read More

Part #: 1

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