My ODDyssey chapter 3: turning Japanese part 1 (detailed)

January 2, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey chapter 3: turning Japanese part 1 (detailed)My clandescent affair with Kate our young headmistress went on kahit
marami ako naging
girlfriends sa school and from everywhere else nothing too serious
though, and no girl that
I liked was able to resist me even the most straight, nagugulat nalang
sila someone like me
is into women, well theres a lesbian switch in all females and modesty
aside I am among
those who knows how to turn it on, and another secret? women are more
likely to be seduced
by another lovely young woman than a total dyke or butch, mostly women
who go for those
with the alpha male syndrome or testosterone meatloaf heads, are the
very emotionally (if
not also mentally) weak.

What women really look for is a cocktail of strength, gentleness, grace
and beauty and then
mysterious and sinister always beats the muscle brained noisy braggarts.
Ever wonder why Legolas is so popular with young women? (or why kpop
bleegh! is so
popular?) let's go nerdy, villains like Loki in the thor films is very
sexy for many women,
squall leonhart, lara croft, alucard, sephiroth and cloud, women of
every fighting game, in
anime, women with guns and swords, youthful and feminine looking male
characters all women
are into these not only japanese women, only because japanese females
were not chained to
the "global social norm"

September **2006

I kept in touch with Saeko as we promised to each other, emailing,
chatting and sometimes
very long and expensive overseas calls (uh because we don't have things
like viber yet
then?). She would send me stuffs from japan and also dvds of her
concerts and other
activities, and I would do the same and also sending her videos of my
photo shoots and
other activities and also my favorite teddy my mum gave when I was a wee
little girl (Until
now we still keep in touch though she already has a boyfriend, a cute
japanese guy who is a
front man of a very popular rockband there).

Saeko and I would sometimes engage in sexy video chatting whenever she
will have the
chance, she would always send a text message "baby I missed you, I'm
alone" and we will
chat with video and mic on sometimes for hours,we would touch ourselves
fully naked while
we sexchat and sometimes I will let her watch as I rub myself on the big
hairy monster
stuff toy she sent me. And always our chat would end with her crying and
saying "aishite
imasu*****chan I rav you so much sweet baby I missed you" over and over
until we finally

Saeko is not very weak girl, she is actually a very strong and sensible
young woman like
myself (ahem), probably because we're both ariens (if horoscopes were
true) except that she
is deeply if not madly in love with me. Then all of a sudden she stopped
emailing me, I am
no longer able to reach her phone. Sometimes I would wait for her to
respond in video chat
if I'm not busy but no response came. This went on for almost a month
and I thought she
might have been very busy with the upcoming euro tour with her girl band
as it was almost 3
months since our cebu holiday. I wasn't very much concerned if she is
seeing someone else,
after all she is still a girl.

One day I was alone in the house with my nephews, then our doorbell
rang, I cautiously
peeked through peephole but saw no one, again the bell rang. Very
annoyed but felt very
strange as my heart went racing, I suddenly felt very excited and
buzzing inside, still I
brought out pepper spray taser and unsheathed the katana Saeko sent me
as an early
christmas present. I tucked the taser and pepper spray in the back of my
denim shorts and
held the katana very tight I told my nephew to stay back as I unlocked
the door. Gripping
the katana even harder I slowly opened the door, and there I saw Saeko
standing and smiling
with her arms at her back, she was wearing a cute sailor type short
skirt and top with a
leather jacket and knee high socks and her raven black hair is tide with
a scarlet bow,
looking very kawaii but not silly.

"*****chan!" she yelled, startling me and she threw her arms around me,
holding me really
fucking tight as she kissed me long deep and hard (thank goodness no one
in the
neighborhood saw that). I dropped the katana and it went clanging on the
floor and put the taser and spray on a vase table and held her tight as
we kissed. I led her in the house while still tongue bathing and closed
the door, my hands then went under skirt and inside her knickers and
kneaded and
caressed her smooth round bums. I then remembered one of my nephews is
there and looking at
us, and I gently push her off "How did you get in?" I asked "za getu was
open" "eh? is it?" I said as I don't ever forget closing and bolting the
gate then she giggled "No I jump ova fence I want su surprise yeu!"
"yeah did fucking got me surprised!"I said " I'm kunoichi, I'm ninja
girl!" she said doing karate poses "bloody hell how did you? the
security... oh fuck whatever, I'm so happy to see you my strawberry
ninja girl!" I said as I hug her very tight (her leather jacket was
bright reddish pink)

We talked as we have tea in our back porch which is canopied with thick
hanging vines. I learned that she just came from a concert in france and
she was able to convice her troupe to make a stop over in london and
arrange to have a mini concert for their english and japanese fans here
also as promotion for their new album. She and her troupe were staying
at the ritz and she wanted to visit me as soon as they got settled.

"I missed you baby girl" I said as I held and caressed her hand and she
became teary eyed .
She stood up and sat on my lap. She cupped my face and with tears
flowing she whispered "I
rav you so much ******chan" "aishiteiru yo Saeko chan!" I whispered
back, and again we
kissed long hard and deep. I gasped when she began taking her clothes
off. "Oh my gawd!" I
exclaimed as she got down to her underwear and thigh high socks, and she
was wearing one of
my favorite knickers that I gave her. She unzipped and pulled off my
denim shorts and she
smiled as I too was wearing the striped hello kitty knickers she gave me
at that time. She
again sat on my lap as she undo her bra. I again saw her lovely boobies
with their cute
milk chocolate bon bon like nipples "gawd you're so beautiful Saeko" I
whispered as I
fondled her titties. She slowly lifted my shirt up exposing my titties
as I am not wearing
a bra at that time. She wet her lips as she looked at my bare breasts.
"Your boobies are so very cuto and shekshi, your nippurs rayk pinku
cherries" she said as she fondle and knead my bosoms.

"Ohh Saeko ohh gawd umphh ohh fuck! I kept saying as she sucked licked
and nibbled my
boobies very hard. It was quite chilly that afternoon and my nipples
were already stiff and
she made them even stiffer. She then stood up and let me pull her
knickers down. "You rayk?
I orways shave poosi fo you" she said smiling as I stared bitelipped at
her smooth hairless
crotch "mhmm" I said nodding and smiling. She then pulled my knickers
off and we're very
naked in the porch, and the first for me as well, barely shielded by a
fence and vines with
only shirt and thigh high stockings on, I worry that my nephews may
suddenly come out and
see us. She then spreads my legs and kneltdown, I felt her hot breath as
she looked
hungrily at my smooth hairless crotch. She got me moaning grunting and
groaning really loud
as she sucked licked and nibbled every inch of my smooth crotch moaning
and groaning as she
went, she parted my pussy and her cute tender tongue and lips explored
every inch of my
womanhood. "Ohhh Saeko uhh aishteiru yo! uhhh" I kept saying as I caress
her head. We
stared passionately at each other as Saeko went on pleasuring my kiki
with her lovely mouth
and tongue and I arched and shivered as her supple fingers slowly probed
my lovehole, going
deep as they can. My warm lovejuice trickled profusely as I went closer
and closer to
orgasm. I had uncontrollable spasms and going bitelipped and grunting to
keep myself from
screaming and getting unwanted attention from people beyond the fence as
I came gushing
hard on Saeko's lovely face.

After licking and sucking much of my nectar she went up and sat on my
lap again. "You are
so fucking bloody wicked sweet baby" I said and she smiled and she
kissed me while rubbing
her lovely body very hard against mine. "Make rav to me p-pureez" she
whispered, and I
kneaded and caressed her smooth round while nibbling and sucking her
ears and neck as she
continually grind her body very hard against mine. She kept calling my
name while grunting
and groaning as I nibbled sucked and licked her boobies very hard,
pulling her cute bon bon
nipples gently with my lips and teeth making them very stiff, and she
even went louder when
I finger fucked her tight lovehole and anus, being careful not to break
her hymen, her hot
lovejuice continually trickled on my hand. I then had her sit on a
cushioned chair, with
her legs spread.

I parted her soft pussy lips which became very reddish pink like
delicate young rose
petals, I watch as it contracts like a blossoming rosebud, (I had my
hymen broken by a lot
of horseback and motorbike riding back then remember?) then I licked her
with her pussy
lips parted, from anus to pubis and then fucked her virgin pussy with my
"******chan uhhh! ******* aishteiru yoooo!!!" she kept saying between
moans and groans,
grimacing and whimpering in extreme erotic agony while caressing my

I slowly twist my fingers inside her very tight lovehole making her arch
and grab on the
armrest, flushing pink everywhere and sweating hard. And she looked at
me grimacing in
erotic agony. "Gawd you're so fucking tight baby" I whispered "you very
very tight too
*****chan" she whispered back pantingly. We kissed hard and deep as my
fingers went deeper
and deeper in her lovehole making loud squishing sounds as they went. I
pulled my fingers
from her tight lovehole and and she watched as I sucked and licked her
sweet nectar from my

I then went down again and sucked licked and nibbled every inch of her
crotch with my arms
around her legs, she bit a finger as while grunting and groaning, and
her body went
writhing, twisting and arching, I loved the feel of her stiff clitoris
throbbing in my
mouth as I sucked it.

Dusk came and it became more chilly, but were both fucking hot and
sweating hard. I got her
down on the rug with me and we went tribbing, our legs and arms locked
around each other as
we grind our smooth soft and very wet pussies together, as hard as we
can, making loud
squishing and sucking noises. Both of us whimpered with tears flowing,
to extreme erotic
passions. "I rav you sooo much ***** do you rav me?" Saeko said
whimpering and moaning
"aishteiru yoo my sweet Saeko ohh my, uhhh oh my g-gawd aishteiru
yoooo!" I said loudly. We
locked our mouths in a tongue bath as we come closer and closer to

We came gushing hard, grunting and groaning loudly, while kissing hard
and deep as hot
lovejuice gushed from our loveholes. We are still moaning and kissing as
our grinding
bodies gradually slow down. "I rav you so much *****!" she said
whimpering "aishteiru yo" I
whispered back also whimpering "I want to marry you bitch!" she giggled
and again we kissed
and then laid on the ground panting with her on top of me. After having
rested for awhile,
we got up and gathered our clothes. We didn't put them back on and just
held them over our
privates as we went back inside the house.

We tiptoed pass our nephews giggling with excitement I hushed Saeko so
we would not be
attracting the 3 and 4 year old boys' attention as they watch tv and
playing with their
toys, and then I realized one of them is missing, a 5 year old boy of a
family friend. We
turned around and there he was looking at us. Saeko and I screamed and I
dropped the
clothing covering my titties as I covered my mouth. I hurriedly picked
them up and held
them against my exposed boobies. I told Saeko to go up the bathroom
upstairs, and she
hurriedly went up the stairs trying to cover her bums. "Why don't you
have your clothes
on?" the indian boy asked "oh uh we're uhmm we got tea spilled on us it
was so hot we had
to take our clothes off" I said "what were you doing in the porch?" he
asks "uh what do you
mean" I replied with a frowned smile worrying he might have seen us
naked and doing it "you
were yelling" he said "oh that!" I said lauging "uh uhmm we were just
uhm playing, yes
we're playing a game and then we spilled hot tea on ourselves"

I then asked him to go in the kitchen and get my "book" and I hurriedly
put my clothes back
on when he left, he ran back to me saying he didn't find any book on the
table, I just
giggled and patted his head. Later his parents came to pick him up, and
as soon as they
left I hurried upstairs and found the door of my room opened I went in
and saw Saeko coming
out of the shower with my towel draped around her. She beamed sweetly at
me "hey stranger"
I said smiling "how did you find my room? and theres a bathroom just
near the staircase"
"you not like? you mad I go in yo room enzuh tekuh shawa?" Saeko replied
"n-no no no" I
said giggling shaking my head "I'm not mad really, I'm just curious how
did you know which
is my room?" "simpur, I smeru you" she said and got near me and sniffs
me bobbing her head
like a lioness sniffing her prey "ohh!" I exclaimed giggling "you
followed my scent is that
it?" "uhmmm yeah and your aura" she said giggling. "Uhmm Im going to
take a shower, choose
whatever clothes you like in my closet" "uhm oki sank yuoh" "unless you
want to take a
shower again, with me?" I said teasingly as I caressed her bums. I got
her moaning as I
suck and kiss her ears and neck, "you want that don't you?" I whispered
and slides my hand
over her crotch "ohhh baby uhmm, raetah oki? raetah" she whispered as
she gently pushed me
"alright later then" I said smiling sweetly "aishiteru yo" I whispered
as I slowly close
the shower door and she blew me a kiss. I got out of the shower after 15
minutes and put on
the sexy silken kimono robe and one of the cute cotton panties which she
both gave me.

I smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen, and I found her
preparing dinner
wearing my short black bathrobe with an apron over it. I sneaked up
behind her and kissed
her smooth and slender neck as I held her hips. She got startled and
exclaimed "Oi!" and
she shuddered, then she giggled as she was very ticklish as I am "that
smelled very good,
what's for dinner?" I said with my chin resting on her shoulder. I meyk
sushi and sarado
(salad) fo us and furaid raisu korroke and tempura for reetur boys" she
turned around fed
me a sample of her croquette and then a shrimp tempura. "Mmmm Oishi
desu!" I said and then
licked and sucked her fingers "you rayk it?" she said looking very
pleased "mmhmm" I said
licking my lips. She then saw I'm wearing the sexy silken kimono robe
she gave me. She
smiled and said "you rayk my prezent?" "y-yes me like, aragato uhm
aishite imasu!" I said
"aishiteiru yoo!" she answered back and we kissed "you ruk vehree sexshi
in robe" she
whispered. She opened my robe and gasped as I am only wearing her
knickers undeneath, she
quickly closed my robe and was about the tie the sash "no leave it open
baby" I said "you
fucking kinky sweet baby!" she exclaimed giggling. I removed the apron
from her and opened
her robe and saw she still has my towel draped around her. She gasped
when I undraped the
towel and let it drop on the floor.

I saw she is wearing another one of my sexy cotton knickers, "you look
very very sexy in them candy
girl" I said. "You rayk?" she asked with a happy gleam on her lovely
eyes. "Mhmm" I said
smiling and then we kissed hard and deep as I caress and knead her
lovely bosoms, she
moaned as I gently twist and pull her cute bon bon nipples. I then
sucked her boobies hard
as I fondle them and made her nipples stiff as my tongue flickered on
them and pull them
with my lips. "ohhh Aishteru yoo ****chan uhhh I rav you so much ohhh!"
she kept saying
between moans as she caress my head. I then dip inside her knickers
(panties) and my
fingers explored every inch of her smooth tender crotch, she grip on my
shoulders and went
moaning and groaning loudly and then went pulling on my robe as I gently
but deeply finger
fuck her tight lovehole while I suck and lick her boobies.

I then let her suck and caress my boobies while I finger fuck her and
her panties soon
became soaking wet of her sweet smelling nectar which continually ooze
from her lovehole.
Her hand then dipped inside my knickers and fondled and finger fuck my
fanny and in minutes
my warm lovejuice poured from my lovehole and trickled down her supple
hand and my thighs.
She looked up to me, moaning as she lovingly sucked my boobies, her
lovely light brown eyes
aching with longing and desire. "Aishteru yoo Saeko chan" I whispered
and she responded
with moaning and subtle giggling. She then went up and slides her hands
on my bums and
kneads them, pulling me and pressing my body with hers. "You so very
preety, so very
shekshi, you so fucking hooottt!" She said as she stared very lovingly
into my eyes.

"Let's take these off" I said with my hands on the sides of her panties
"b-but baby za
reetur boys?" she said trembingly I pulled her panties down to her
things "I want to taste
you" I said as I lovingly stare at her. "O-oki baby" she said and went
up the counter top
and lifted her legs "take off my panties baby" she whispered. I pulled
her knickers off and
put them aside. She parts her pussy and I went down and sniffed it, and
I got enthralled by
it's sweet smelling scent, I then sucked licked and nibbled every inch
of the smooth tender
white flesh of her crotch with my arms around her thighs and then I
sucked licked and
nibbled, going between the parted pussy lips from anus to pubis. "Oishi
desu" I whispered
as I look up to her "You taste very sweet and delicious baby!"

She again went moaning and groaning very loudly as I sucked her clit
very hard and it
became very stiff and throbbing in my mouth, and I fucked her hard and
deep with my tongue,
it went wriggling as it probed her tender insides, and she went
whimpering and had her feet
caress my back and her hips rocked and bobbed while her hands caress and
push my face
harder on her sweet tender flesh. Her warm nectar continually ooze from
her lovehole and
trickled down my neck and her thighs. I then slowly move up kissing
licking and nibbling to
her face. "I want to fuck you baby" I said cupping her face and grinding
my pussy with
hers. "Fuck me *****chan fuck me hard ohhh, my pussy is yours!" she said
loudly aching with
desire "oh my gawd" I said as I was deeply moved by what she said. I
took the biggest and
longest baby corn and slipped it between our pussies. I slide my hands
on her smooth round
bums and rocked my hips grinding our pussies together with the baby corn
shaft between
them, smothered by our soft lips, heightening the pleasure. It didn't
take long before our
pussies started making loud squishing and sucking noises, and our warm
nectar continually
trickle down our thighs. She puts her arms around my neck and locked her
legs around me
pressing my body against hers even harder as we climaxed.

Saeko then gasped closed her robe and trembingly said "b-baby, uh b-
boy?" and motions with
her face and eyes, and I saw the five year old who was picked up by her
parents earlier is
back. "What's that bloody little wanker doing here? uh what are you
doing here? uh whose
with you? who let you in?" I said pantingly as I kept on grinding but
very slow. "My uncle
he's out on the porch should I call him?" "n-no no don't uh why are you
here?" I asked "mum
says if she can borrow some dvds and a bag of rice because the store is
already closed
"fucking indian cheapskates!" I muttered

"what are you doing?" he asks "uh uhmm n-nothing we're uh playing uhmm
we're dancing" I
said and Saeko looked at me with a rhetorical facial expression and with
her lovely mouth
open. "Let him watch" I whispered feeling a different kind of
excitement, kind of like when
we were high and drunk in that particular night on the beach in cebu.

We went on kissing and grinding our pussies hard not concerned about the
little wanker
watching. "ohhhh*****chan fuck me ohhh fuck me I rav you so much uhhhh!"
Saeko kept saying
and her arms and legs held me even closer her feet lifted my robe
exposing my bums. "Wow!"
the boy said "where are your knickers?" we just ignored him as we're
both very close to
cumming. "Your bums are very pretty!" he shouts and I felt strangely
more aroused and then
I shuddered as I felt his little hands feeling and squeezing and
slapping my bums. "Ohhh
shit baby!" I exclaimed with the added pleasure, "I'm cumming *****chan
ohhh I cumming fuck
me hard baby ohhh" Saeko screamed, and then she closed her eyes and
uttered something in
japanese. I locked mouths with her as we cum, sucking each other's
tongues as our sweet
warm nectar gushed from our loveholes, and went trickling down our
thighs. "I w-want to b-
be w-with y-you foreva *****chan I rav you so much" Saeko said
whimpering with tears
flowing. "Will you marry me baby?" I said smiling and she giggled and we
kissed long hard
and deep.

"Hey stop it ! I yelled as I scolded the boy as he kept squeezing my
bums "filthy little
monkey" I muttered and pulled my robe down. I gently pulled the baby
corn sandwiched
between our pressed fannies, and it smelled so very sweet of our nectars
mixed together. I
held the other end of with my teeth, and our mouths met at the middle
and we bit off a half
each, and we went moaning as we savor the sweet taste of our lovejuices
with the baby corn,
and then we kissed hard and deep again.

"Why are you two kissing?" the boy asked again "Well it's part of the
dance and she is my
girlfriend" I said making taunting faces and Saeko and I giggled "it's
true, isn't she as pretty as I am?" I said "y- yess" the boy said
sheepishly but looked really puzzled. I then went to get what the boy's
mum wanted the borrow the dvds and the small bag of rice. The boy went
out the door and I
handed the items to her ugly indian uncle while hiding behind the door
as I am only wearing
a wee silken robe. The bloke was about 18 then and had a big crush on
me, of course I
haven't showed any wee bit of niceties to him, I slammed the door shut
after handing the
items while he was still talking, "uh ok uh see you later ******?" the
brownie monkey
shouted in a funny and very annoying indian accent "alright bloody
enough already! we're
bloody busy!" I shouted back "uh o-ok ok then bye bye, bye bye" he said
and again in his
very annoying indian accent and equally annoying voice. "You're very
ugly and you really
stink hope you choke on your turd!" I shouted and only then I realized
they havent left and
he just started his motorcycle. "Oh well nothing lost nothing gained" I

The four of us had dinner feasting on what Saeko prepared for us, and
the boys really liked
what Saeko cooked for them, and they ate on the regular table, while we
girls had the sushi
and the salad of baby carrots baby corn celery cucumbers and capsicums
in a light japanese
dressing, on a low square table near the terrace, sitting on mats and
cushions. I let the
boys had soda only for that evening while Saeko and I had light beer
(you might wonder how
an underaged english girl like moi was able to buy beer among other
things, you'll know
later on) Saeko and I ate still wearing robes with nothing underneath,
feeding each other
with our hands, I sat on the cushioned mat with one leg raised while
Saeko sat in the usual
japanese girl manner, later she sat like I do and letting me see her

Saeko took a baby carrot and then parts her pussy lips and looked at me
teasingly as she
gently fuck herself with it as I watched bitelipped. She then held the
other end of the
carrot with her teeth and leaned over me and I took it with my mouth.
"You rayk it?" she
asked smiling "Mmmm oishi desu!" I said as I chew. "Aishiteiru yo
*****chan" she whispered
"I love you so much Saeko" I whispered back and we kissed long hard and
deep and then Saeko
whispered "mmm za reetur boys" as she motioned with her eyes. "Are they
looking? I said
looking mischievously and we both giggled and we took turns feeding each
other veggies
after fucking our pussies with them.

After dinner Saeko's phone rang and it was her group telling her to get
her sweet tofu ass
back to the ritz because they need to do a rehearsal the next day for
the mini concert. I
told Saeko to spend the night with me since it's already late, and also
"I want to be with
you" I said to her, she was more than happy to agree of course and then
tells her troupe
she would meet them in the venue the next day. I put the boys to sleep
and whenever the
adults are out they were to sleep in my room with me, in a medium sized
bed just across
mine, after making sure their asleep I dimmed the lights and went out of
my room.

I went down the kitchen and saw the dishes were all done and everything
is clean and
well arranged. Then I notice light flickering out in the terrace and I
went out and saw
Saeko sipping coffee and smoking as she looks out in the open, and
theres lighted scented
candles on the table beside her. I put down the bottle of dom, a
champagne glass and a small
bowl of strawberries and dark chocolate truffles and walk up behind her.
"Hey!" I said as I
put my arms around her "aren't you feeling cold? how bout a nightcap? I
got us a bubbly and
some chocolate truffles and strawberries" I said teasingly as I plant
soft kisses on her
supple cheek and neck, she moaned and caressed the back of my head
"what's wrong baby cakes
aren't you happy?" I said as I held her tight and rubbing cheeks with
her. "I'm very happy
and aruso very sad" she said "oh? and what would make my vewi vewi vewi
sweet wittle
stawbewi puddin vewee sad?" I said doing baby talk as I held her tight
and shaking her "I
wiz you now, we make rav very very hot so very very shekshi very very
romantic and zen I not see
you again for rong time" she said sobbing.

"Oh bloody hell!" I whispered, I took the cigarette from her hand and
puts it out after
taking a puff. "No matter what happens you will always be my special
strawberry shortcake,
no you're my hard rockin' ninja girl, anata dake no basho ga aru kara
you're my ichigo
kunoichi forever" I whispered pressing my cheek with hers. And then I
felt her warm tears
fell as she shivered and her heart racing. I plant soft kisses on her
supple cheeks and
then sniffs her hair. "Aishteru imasu, Je t'aime ma belle ninja girl" I

Sensual fires began to blaze again, and I went sucking nibbling and
licking her ear, then
slowly moving down her slender supple neck. I gently lift the robe with
my teeth exposing
her shoulder, then plants soft kisses and lightly nibble the exposed
soft and supple skin.
I fondled her boobies under her robe, getting so fucking bloody excited
with each passing
second as I am doing it again like the first time in our terrace, barely hidden
by the night and
cascading plants and low wood and metal railing, more daring than in the
porch. It was so
fucking erotic and frightening at the same time.

Saeko moaned as she grip my wrists. I slowly slide my face, sniffing her
hair, as I move to
her other side, and also nibbled and licked her other ear, then slowly
moving down her
neck, lifting the robe with my teeth and exposing her other shoulder and
planting soft
kisses and nibbling the bare supple skin, "ohhh *****chan *****chan
aishteru yoo!" she kept
moaning as she caressed the back of my head. She turned her head and we
kissed passionately
and then her hands went under my robe and caressed my hips bums and
thighs. I shivered as
the cold night breeze kissed my exposed bums. I felt myself getting wet
as I rub my crotch
with her bums, I slide my hand under her robe

She then faced me, and slowly pulled the chopsticks from her head,
freeing her luxurious
raven black hair and then she ran her fingers through my hair, while
looking at me
tenderly. She lovingly cups my face then slowly bring our faces together
as we lovingly
stare at each other's eyes. Her lovely brown asian eyes, were so
enchanting I don't want to
blink. I rav you so much *****chan" she whispered as her rosy tender
lips plants soft
kisses all over my face, sucking, nibbling and pulling my lips. Her
supple hands slides up
my head lightly grabbing and pulling my hair as her amazing mouth
explored every inch of
skin beneath my face, even going over my nape, sucking, licking and
nibbling as it went.
"Ohhh Saeko ohhh gawdd Saeko uhhh!" I kept whispering with my hands
slowly going back and
forth caressing her shoulders and arms as I get so fucking burning up by
the seething
erotic sensations.

She slowly unties my sash as she went nibbling sucking and licking my
ears. My heart went
racing even more, thumping like it's going to burst and I got panting as
Saeko slowly open
my robe, the thrill and excitement of getting totally naked on the terrace for
the first time
adding to extremely burning passion got me so overwhelmed.

Sensual electricity went running all over my body as I let my robe drop
on the floor as
Saeko's sensual mouth slowly move down, I felt my pussy getting more
moist with each
passing second being pleasured by the girl I love and getting sexy and
fucking daring. I then undo her sash while she is sucking licking and
fondling my boobies. She sexilly opens her robe and drops
it on the floor then she leaned back against the railing with her hands
on the wood beam.
"My gawd why do you have to be so beautiful?" I said aching with desire
it felt as if it is always seeing her lovely young naked body for the
first time

Again we kissed, hotter, deeper and harder than ever, moaning loudly
with our hands
exploring our bodies. I then help her up the woodbeam, and sucked licked
and nibbled her
lovely boobies as she leaned against the timber post. She caressed my
head as I slowly move
down my mouth never leaving her smooth soft flesh. She moaned and
groaned even louder as I
went nibbling licking and sucking every inch of her silken tofu crotch,
with my arms around
her thighs.

She then became wild as she leaned over the terrace, hanging on the
woodrims, moaning
groaning even louder with her body writhing arching and twisting and the
cool night breeze
blowing her silken black hair. Her warm nectar continually poured from
her lovehole with my
mouth sucking her stiff and throbbing clit very hard and tongue fucking
her tight lovehole
as deeply as I could, making her hips bob and sway even more wildly. Her
feet caressed me
and she had uncontrollable spasms as I bring her closer and closer to
orgasm. "***** chan
uhhhh, aishteru imasssu *****chaaaan!" she suddenly screamed as she came

Gawd was it so daringly erotic, It made me so very vampire ish as I went
on loving her
sweet virgin pussy even harder with my mouth and tongue even after she
has cummed hard and
her nectar trickled down my neck. Her hips began to bob and sway again
as get aroused
again, but after I licked and sucked her clean of her sweet nectar my
mouth slowly move up
ending on her soft lips, and we kissed hard deep and very wet while
holding each other very

She made cutesy faces between giggles as I stare at her, I smiled and
mimicked her and then
we rubbed noses "I rav you so very much *****chan, Watashi wa eien ni
anata o aishite" she
whispered. "let's get your sweet ninja girl bums down from here shall
we" I said, and I
helped her get off the beam. We put a couple of sheeps wool cushions on
the floor by the
table and sat on them. I brought out my ipod from the kitchen and
listened to some of my
favorites while we sipped champagne sharing the glass I brought and
feeding each other
chocolate covered strawberries with our mouths (the heat from the candle
has melted most of
the truffles on the strawberries)

"Gawd you were so fucking loud and wild Saeko" I said as I pour another
glass of the bubbly
"I zont no, I so want su shouting su za worud, I rav *****chan!!" She
said lighly cupping
her hands around her mouth "mmh very sweet" I muttered "becoz you" she
said pointing at me
then taking my hands to her chest "Saeko's first rav! and Saeko, me,"
she said tapping her
chest with my hands "ravs you forever" then she giggled and again made
cutesy faces. "and
I, me," I said tapping my chest with her hands "love Saeko forever" and
also made cutesy
faces and we giggled then we kissed.

"So you mean you haven't had any boyfriends, yet?" "m-mm" she said
shaking her head" "but
you no have boyfurend su yes?" "uh-y-yeah b-but, uhm but isn't it in
japan, most girls your
age, our age, I mean before reaching 15 or 14 uhm already had their
cherry popped uh I mean
no longer virgins? our age ish? I said. She leaned closer hands on my
thighs, "You turaning
fifateen nekshuh year yes?" "u-huh, uh yes?" I said looking puzzled
"your oruso shtill
borugin" she said smirking with an eyebrow raised. "Touche'!" I said "I
think what you're
trying to say is you don't want to be chained to any fucking social
norm, you'll do it only
if you want it" "uhm iyeah, kinda rayk zat"

"but uhm, don't you like other boys? like actors, other j-pop stars,
boys in your school,
"Oh I have many many big crush on many many cuto boys, and ze many many
cuto boys big crush
to me to, but now I rav you more ***** chan I don know why" "like my
oba, uhm auntie
Megumi, many many cuto actor and oruso cuto gaijin big crush to her but
Megumi ravs Ketu
(kate) and aza women. "I don sink Ima resbian I just rav you ***** chan
very big!" I
giggled and fed her with a chocolate strawberry with my mouth, she took
it with her mouth
and some of the chocolate smeared above her lips and I chuckled "why
what funny?" she said
frowning but I kept on giggling "what funny?!" she said and she began
speaking japanese as
she tickled me. And then she realized she had the smear, she wipes it
off and licks her
lips. "You very very bad geru (girl)" she said making cutesy frowned
face "I wir punish
you!" "oh yeah Im very very bad girl" I said making taunting faces, she
then scoops
chocolate from the bowl and smears me across the face with it then down
my chest "what the
bloody fuck?!, you bitch!" I said giggling, "Hmph!" she said smirking.

She then leaned forward and licked and sucked the chocolate from my face
"mmmh w-what the
f-uckk!" I whispered smiling. I moaned with my head turning as she
hungrilly licks and
sucks the chocolate from my neck and chest. "You my woman now" She said
smirking I gasped
when she suddenly roughly open my robe, she looked at me bitelipped
while she heats a
truffle with the candle flame then pressed it hard on my left nipple. I
gasped and went
bitelipped as I grunt at the sudden pain that gradually becomes a
pleasurable sensation as
she smudges the heated chocolate ball around my nipple. She gets another
ball and heats it
and did the same with my other nipple

She also stuffed my lovehole with heated truffles, "see? I punish you!"
Saeko said grinning
devilishly cute as she watch me grunting and grimacing to erotic agony,
I remembered what
Kate did to me the first time. I took the woolen cushion from underneath
me as the
chocolate inside my lovehole began to ooze out, flowing down my anus.
"You're superbad" I
said as I make frowned cutesy faces, and she taunted me with her tongue
sticking out.

She gasped and shrieked as I pull her close, I also roughly open her
robe with her legs
spread as they rest over mine. "Why? you want su punish me su?" Saeko
said with an eyebrow
raised, as she knows there are no truffles left, and there is only
melted chocolate and two
small strawberries. I smirked as I put the bowl on a metal ring for the
scented candle, and
puts the candle underneath it and let it heat the bowl.

We kept on taunting each other and then after some minutes, I parted her
pussy lips and she
bit her lip in anticipation. I then poured the heated chocolate all over
her pussy making
shudder and shriek. "you fucking very bad bitch uhhh fucking very very
bad uhmmphh" she
said grimacing. I chuckled as I took a small strawberry and pressing it
hard as I run it
between her chocolate covered pussy lips. I then gently fuck her tight
lovehole with the
strawberry, going deep as I stuff the inside with chocolate.

Saeko leaned on me grunting while gripping on my robe, her hips began to
rock and gyrate
slowly as I continue to gently fuck her deep with the strawberry. She
then went moaning and
groaning loudly and her hips began to move a wee bit faster as her pussy
makes loud
squishing and sucking noises as I continue fuck her deep with the
strawberry. I then pulled
out the strawberry with a squish, I licked the tip in a teasing manner
before popping it to
my mouth.

"hmmmm oishi desu mmm" I said as I chew the lovefruit, making cutesy
taunting faces at her.
"hmph!" she said smirking with an eyebrow raised, then she took the last
strawberr which is
bigger than the last one. She parts my pussy lips and pressed the
strawberry even harder as
she run it between my chocolate covered pussy lips, going back and forth
from my anus to
clitoris. And then she shoves hard in my lovehole, making me twisting
the fruit as she
fucked me hard and deep with it. I moaned loudly with my head turning as
she sucks and
licks the chocolate from my boobies, while twisting the strawbery as It
went deeper and

She finally pulls out the strawberry with a squish and popped it into
her mouth. "mmm-mmm
very dericious mm-mm-mmm" she said cutesy taunting while chewing the
lovefruit. She looked
so cute and sexy as I look at her bitelipped, with her face smeared with
thick chocolate
from my tits. I was so fucking enthralled I can longer bear my very
gigil na gigl for her
and I slowly brought our lips together and we kissed very hard very deep
and very very wet
as our mouths tastes of strawberries and chocolate mixed with our love

"I want you so bad *****chan yeur my woman now, enz I want so f-fuck
you!" she said
pantingly as she gently lifts my right leg and slips her left leg under
it. "My pussy is
y-yours Saeko, fuck me very hard, I want you to cum inside m-me" I also
replied. pantingly.
She then made a song selection on my ipod and had it on loop. She puts
the mini remote
between her teeth. She pushed my bums with her feet roughly towards he,
pressing and
smothering our fannies. She then pinned my arms against the wall
gripping my wrist holding
them above my head, "ooohh kinky!" I said, she then pressed play on the
remote with her
teeth then spits it on the cushions. She then went kinda feral, in a
very sexy kind of way,
as like a virgin began to play on my ipod, her eyes glaring like a
lioness's. She went
sniffing me deeply slowly bobbing her head. "I'ma rayonesss, and yeur my
baby gazelle
rrroowwrrr" she said getting my heart racing.

(and this was the first time like a virgin is associated with a sexual
activity I decided
to add this detail as it is also in my diary)

She began to grind her hips, slow but very hard, then gradually becoming
harder and faster,
both of us were panting hard, feeling each other's hot sweet breaths.
She kept groaning and
grunting with glaring eyes and I, moaning and whimpering loudly, being
pinned and dominated
made me feel numb and limp , I uncontrollably became like a predatory
animal's prey, unable
to move while having all the sensations, it felt so fucking hot and sexy
feeling so

I'm aching to kiss her, but instead, sexually feral as she is, grunting
and groaning as she
went licking nibbling, sucking and teething me, teasing me as I try to
follow her sensual
mouth, she would suck and pull my lips with her teeth and then will move
to another spot on
my face, leaving with my mouth aching for hers. Like a virgin kept on
playing as her
sensually feral mouth slowly go down, ravenously explored every inch of
flesh of my neck
and nape, then my shoulders, and then each of my boobs, as we reached
climax. She was the
second female after Kate to have been so ravenous on my boobies, sucking
nibbling and
teething them so bloody hard and made my nipples so fucking stiff and

We both had uncontrollable spasms and she kept on grunting and groaning
like a lioness and
I'm her prey moaning and whimpering with tears flowing as we came,
gushing hard on each
other, "Saeko uhh Saeko" I uttered whimpering as I did feel her hot
lovejuice squirting
inside my lovehole . She let's go of my wrist and went like a tender
puppy, "Aishteru yo,
aishteru yo" she kept whispering as plants soft kisses and licks on me.
"I fir your cum
inside my pooshee" she said as we catch our breaths leaning on each
other's foreheads "gawd
you're so fucking wild" I said panting "You raykd it?" she whispered
pantingly "Y-yes ohh
gawd y-ess!" I said as kiss her. "I do it first time" she said "yeah?
was it your first?
being so bloody wickedly wild and yet very sexy?" "yeah I first time do
to yeu, not do it
befoa, remember you ***** chan first make rav to me, I zont make rav yet
wiz any boy o
girl" "you fucking wicked baby I mean you were so good" "Im was good
becoz of you" she
whispered "ohhhh Saeko!" I said as I'm so overwhelmed and again we
kissed hard and deep
until we become so hot again.

We did a 69 with her on top and then I get to be on top as we climaxed
until we cum hard on
each other's faces. After licking and sucking our fannies clean of our
sweet warm nectar we
went inside the house. My bathroom shower has mirrored sides and I saw I
got so many
fucking bitemarks and kiss or suck marks , on my neck shoulder and
boobies. "ohhh sori sori
***** chan sori, you mad?" "No silly girl!" I said giggling and then she
gently licks and
plants soft kisses on every sore spot. We got out of the shower each
draped with towels and
we tiptoed to my bed so as not to wake up my nephews. We put out the
filmy border curtain
for a little privacy as we drop our towels and I opened my closet which
was cleverly
incorporated on the wall and opened with a switch. We went inside and I
opened my underwear
by another switch and she saw the knickers she gave me were on a special
tier. She took one
of her knickers "I want su wear zis su you" she said holding a pink
striped one with a tiny
bow, and she helped me put them on. "mmmm very very cute anza very
shekshi mmm!" she said
lipbiting and making cutesy faces. I thenI picked two of my favorite
knickers "which one do
you like" I said as I held each. "You chose **** chan!" she said "mhmm
right, uh how bout
this" and I helped her put on a wee bit scanty white cotton lace. "mmmm
now that is very
cute and very sexy you're very yummy reowrrr!" I said roaring and

I chose a loose oversize shirt as a top and she got one of my white
hanging sandos, that go
well with her form and breasts. We went out of my closet and I sat on my
bed as I dry my
hair while she did some aerobics and she also of some of her dancemoves,
listening to an ipod.
She was so fascinating to watch moving so gracefully so cute and sexy
wearing my shirt and knickers.
"Come here you!" I said as I pull her and made her sit on my lap facing
me. "Gawd youre so
beautiful Saeko" I lovingly said "you very very beautifur too *****
chan!" she said
pinching my cheeks "so cuto so hot so shekshii! uhmmm!" I caress her
sides, feeling her form as I stare at her enchanting brown eyes. "Stay
with me forever Saeko" I said and she became teary eyed, and then threw
herself on me and hugged me really fucking tight "ohhh **** chann! I
want zat! I want su be wiz yeu forever ever!" she said sobbing. "Oh fuck
here we go again!" I whispered.

"I'm always here for you baby" I whispered as I nibbled and sucked her
soft earlobe, slowly
working down her smooth slender neck and shoulder, then back to her
lobe. She stopped
sobbing and begin to moan sexilly "Ohhh *****chan (something in
japanese) oh ***** chan
aishteru yo!" she whispered between moans as she gets heated up. She
moved her head and let
my mouth pleasure her front neck, going up and down her chest and chin,
as I caress her
sides feeling her very lovely form and then my hands slides over her
bums and lovingly
kneads them. She slowly grind her hips while caressing my head, she
moaned loudly as I
explored the other side of her supple slender neck and shoulders going a
wee bit harder.
"***** chan uuhhhh (something in japanese) ****** chan I wanz yeu sooo
baddd uhhhh!!!" she
said very loudly as she grind even harder. I opened my thighs as I'm
sucking and nibbling
her earlobe and felt myself getting increasingly moist "shit Saeko why
do you have to be so
fucking hot?!" I whispered. My hands then slip inside her knickers my
thumbs and fondle her
bums and hips and my thumbs on each of her smooth supple groins. "ohhh
***** chan I'm so
fucking wet for you! oohh I rav you sooo much!" she said whimpering with
tears flowing.

She leaned back and showed how sopping wet of love juices her panties
are. "Look ***** chan
I'm so very wet fo yeu, yeu make me so very hot enz so fucking wet, you
only!" She then
lifts her shirt exposing her lovely bosoms with their bon bon nipples,
her boobies flushing
pink and got more firm and bigger again her nipples stiff as she is so
fucking aroused. I
groaned as they look so fucking enticing in the light "S-Saeko..." I
said as I pull her
shirt down, she pulled her shirt ever higher totally exposing her
gorgeous boobies "no I
want yeu su see zem, in za rayt (light), my boobies are yeurs **** chan"
"oh my gawd
Saeko..." I whispered "I want yeu su suck zem **** chan suck my boobies
pureezz!" she said
teary eyed and whimpering, aching in erotic agony.

The burning passion was so fucking overbearing I give in to our desires
and I hungrily
sucked licked and nibbled her lovely bosoms with my hands caressing her
sides feeling every
inch of her lovely asian form. "oohhh ****chan oooh zat suh good uhhh
shit! I rav you sooo
much!" Saeko kept uttering caressing my head as she grinds her hips hard
as I make her bon
bon nipples became even more stiff in my mouth, It felt I can go all
night sucking them, as
I have never seen them so deliciously flushing pink, in the light.
"harder! **** chan
pureez suck my boobies harder!" I suck her boobies even harder as I
stare at her lovely
brown eyes. She stared back teary eyed and bitelipped I let her suck my
fingers to keep her
from going loud. She went so passionately, lovingly looking at me as she
went sucking my
fingers, licking my entire hand and caressing her face with it, mon dieu
she got me sucking
her boobies even harder!

She then went kissing and licking down my arms, getting me tingling all
over, strange as if
it were our firsts together and we just had hot and wet sex more than
twice earlier. My
heart went racing as her amazing lips went closer and closer, going up
my neck sucked and
nibbled my earlobe, then went under my face and also pleasured my other
side. She then
brings my hands to her bosoms which are so drowning in my saliva.

"You suck boobies so very good *****chan I rayk it!" she uttered making
cutesy faces "Why I
am so wet orways fo yeu **** chan?" "I'm asking myself the same bloody
thing Saeko, I
haven't been this so aroused and had this much sex with anyone in a day"
"my boobies stir
so big and fir very hot inside for you" she said as she we fondle her
bosoms. "Our pussies
so very hot enz wet again huh?" she said as we look down our knickers
soaking wet of our
love juice. "Yes they are" I whispered "I haven't been like this" "me
too *****chan me too,
we're such hawny bitches!" "yes we are, aren't we?" I replied and we
giggled very loudly.

"oopsie, shhhh!" I said shushing ourselves with an index finger to my
lips, as we look at
the boys' direction behind the filmy curtain. "oooh zis so fucking
kinky" Saeko said
giggling lightly. "Yes it is" I said and I made cutesy faces bitelipped.
"why you make me
so hot zis many?" Saeko said with her arms around my neck, her forehead
rests on mine. "I
was about to ask you of the same thing" I said as I went on feeling her
all over. "Befoah I
hav sex, zen not again fo many many days sometimes even month or more?,
but wiz you, I make
rav rots in one day, why?" she said queerishly. She groaned bitelipped
and closed her eyes
when I squeezed her bosoms hard. "Ahhh **** chan! yeur hands feers so
good!" Saeko's lovely
supple bosoms became more pinkish and have gotten bigger, and I felt
mine swelling as well
"You have very lovely bosoms Saeko" "I wansu see yeur boobies ****chan,

"S-Saeko.." I whispered as she pull up my shirt and exposing my bosoms.
And not only my
boobies felt so swollen, they're flushing pink as well. Saeko went down
and suck and lick
my bosoms, lovingly staring at me as she went. She made my nipples even
more stiff again as
her lovely lips played on them and pulling them gently with her teeth. I
make cutesy faces
at her as she is so cute and sexy sucking my boobies with the lights on
"yeur nippurs soo
preetti like pink candies!" she whispered as my stiff nipples glistened
with her saliva. "come
here bitch!" I said as I pull her up. "Yeu so preetti ****chan" she
whispered as lovingly
looks at me and cups my face. I kissed both her hands and and then held
her face as we
kissed very passionately.

Saeko began to grind her hips hard again as we continue to kiss hard
deep and wet. I slide
my hands on her supple round bums and kneads as I too grind my hips.
"let's to go sleep
baby we have a long day tomorrow" "no ***** chan, I-I w-want t-to fuck
you!" she said
trembling with desire. "Now?! here?" "yes, you not want to fuck me?"
"I-I do b-but..." I
said motioning with my eyes pointing to where my nephews are. "I want
you so bad again
***** chan, I want to make rav to you again, wiza rayts on!" "we should
be working on your accent,
especially with the 'r's you horny little tease" I said caressing her
behind her ears "You
not rayk it?" she said with an eyebrow raised "no it's cute actually, in
a hot and fucking
sexy way" and we giggled.

"rets doo it wiz za rayts on!" Saeko whispered sitting up and gyrating
her hips. "Ohh you
fucking little ninja slut!" I said then sucking air through my teeth
"yeur my engurish
bitch!" she grunted "Oh yeah?! you think so? huh?!" I said as I rock my
hips harder. She
leaned back and and gets me sucking her lovely bosoms again while
caressing my head and
then she gently pushed me on the pillows and lets me watch as she takes
her sando off she
then went for my shirt and took them off. "you naughty little..." I
whispered and she put
our lips together before I was able to finish. We're kissing very hard
wet and deep with
our hands exploring each other's lovely bodies, our hips in a very
erotic dance grinding
hard and our panties became soaking wet of our warm juices "I haven't
felt like this with
anyone before Saeko I can't get enough of you baby" I whispered teary
eyed "me too ****chan
me too!"

"rets take our panties off ****chan I want to feer yeur pussy!" Saeko
whispered, I let her
take my knickers off and then I take off hers. Our pussies were so
fucking wet, swollen and
flushing pink. "your pussy is so fucking beautiful Saeko" I whispered as
I part it with my
fingers as it looks like a very moist young reddish pink orchid. "yeur
pussy very cuto too"
she whispered as she also parts my pussy "rayk wet red rosebud" she
whispered and we
giggled. We went back kissing as she sat on top of me, grinding our hips
hard with our
hands exploring each other's lovely form.

"Fuck me haruder *****chan pureezz" she moaned teary eyed "ohhh Saeko
uhhh" I moaned as I
went even harder grinding my hips. "Aishteiru yoo baby!" I uttered very
loudly "ohhh I rav
you sooo much **** chan, my baby uhhh!" she also uttered very loudly. We
became so fucking
lost in erotic oblivion, we were so loud calling each other's names
between groaning,
grunting and moaning as we climaxed. We got into a tribbing position as
were very close to
cumming, kissing very hard deep and wet pressing our pressing together
and we came gushing
hard on each others pussies. "Ohhh Saeko S-Saekooohh" I uttered as I
feel her hot nectar
inside my lovehole. "Yeur cum feers sooo fucking hot inside my pussy
baby" she whispered as
our grinding gradually slows down. We feel on the bed panting, wih her
on top of me.

"You want us to wash off?" I said as I lovingly stroke her raven black
hair as she lays on
top of me. "You want?" she said as she lovingly looks at me, "actually I
want us to smell
of our lovejuices as we sleep" I said "yeah me to ****chan" she said
smiling and we kissed
long hard and deep. "I rav you so much **** chan" she whispers
"aishteiru yo Saeko chan,
forever" I whispered back. We then help each other put back on our
shirts and knickers. I
dimmed the lights and we lay down and slept while holding each other
very tight. Later on I
woke to the sound of her phone ringing and vibrating at my feet. I got
up and saw Saeko
sleeping soundly.

I picked up her phone, to turn it off as it might wake up the boys, and
it was one of those
really fucking small, japanese folding celphones, a hit with young
female pop stars, almost
the size of a lipstick. "Oh gawd this is so fucking japanese!" I
whispered getting very
frustrated as I can't figure out how to shut it off, Saeko moaned as
gets awakened by the
fucking loud ringing. It stopped ringing and then I had a really bloody
naughty and very
fucking mad idea, I pulled my panties down, and parts my pussy lips as I
gently push the
tiny phone inside my lovehole. I grunted as it hurt, being the second
non organic thing to
enter my very tight vagina and so different from my "love pet."

Again the phone rang as it vibrates very fucking intensely, and I
groaned at the sudden
rush of pleasure, bringing my thighs together as I shuddered and
squirmed, my lovehole
became very wet and lubricated the phone. I grunted bitelipped as I
slowly and gently push
it deeper until I have most of the phone inside my fanny. I quickly pull
my knickers up as
Saeko rose from her sleep. "**** chan you see my phone" she said yawning
and rubbing her
eyes, "n-no, I-I didn't" I said trying to keep myself from giggling. I
reached for the
panel and brighten the lights in our area. She went over over the sheets
and pillows
looking for her phone as it kept ringing and vibrating inside my pussy.
"Ohhh fuckkk!!!" I
said between grunting and lipbiting shuddering and squirming, toes
curling to agonizing
pleasure, "wer za fuck is my phone?!" Saeko yelled "I hear it ringing!
(then she went
speaking in japanese)" "fuck!" she yelled as her hands slapped the bed

I groaned as I feel myself close to cumming. She then looked at me as I
squirm and shudder,
my thighs squeezing tight" "**** chan wheres my phone?" she asked with a
frowned smile,
"m-mm" I said shaking my head, grimacing in erotic agony, forcing a
smile. She try to open
my thighs but I kept it shut. "Hmph!" she uttered smirking naughtily and
she began tickling
me and she was able to spread my thighs, she saw the bulge bobbing
inside my knickers, "No
you dizin't!" she yelled and then she roughly pulled my knickers down.
She gasped as she
saw her phone inserted in my lovehile bobbing as my pussy kept
contracting. "You bitch!"
she yelled giggling

"Oh my gawwdd uhh!" I yelled as I cum very hard and her phone popped out
of my pussy. She
picked it up, unfolded it and frowning at me as she talked to it. I
pulled my panties,
grinning naughtily at her as she talks to someone in japanese. "who is
it?" I whispered
"its my mom, she said covering the mouthpiece and then mutes the
phone"she was worried, and
very very angry Im not in hotel when she called zer" she said rolling
her eyes. "Wait" she
said holding her index finger and unmutes her phone and continued
talking in japanese. She
made cutesy faces as she sniffs her phone and licks her phone in a
teasing manner. she then
sucks her phone as if it were a cock and she shuddered as her mum
screamed and she went
back talking with her. I played footsie with her while she talked with
her mum, slowly
my feet slides to her thighs and caressed them, she covered the
mouthpiece and mouthed
"stop." I kept on teasing her with my feet and I pressed my feet on her
crotch and fondled
it, making her moan and I bitelipped trying to keep myself from giggling

She mutes her phone and yelled "stop bitch!" and pulls my foot from her
crotch and lightly
slaps it. My foot then went inside her panties and fondled her soft
pussy. She grunted
bitelipped as she held my foot. I giggled as I went on pleasuring her
fanny with my foot,
and it became very moist of her warm nectar. I stopped torturing her
juicy fanny and took
my foot out of her knickers and she slapped them again lightly
whispering "bad bad bad." I
bent forward and kissed her, I then got off the bed and went to the
toilet to take a pee. I
could still here her talking on her phone as the bidet washes me, and
talking still as I
wipe myself of bidet water with tissues. I pulled my panties up and
walked back to bed.

I sat behind her and held her tight. "Hi!" I whispered she turned her
head and also
whispered "Hi!" I then kissed her holding her cheek. "wait baby I'm on
phone" she
whispered. I made cutesy faces and rest my chin on her shoulders with
arms around her. I
then sucked and licked her earlobe, then went down kissing her neck and
shoulders, my hands
then went inside her shirt and dipped inside her knickers. I got her
moaning more as I
fonder her boobies and fanny with my mouth exploring every inch of her
neck and shoulders
and nibbling sucking and licking her earlobes. Then my eyes begin to
grow heavy, and then
everything went black. I woke up to a flash from her phone, and then I
sawa picture us with
me behind her sleepin with my head on her shoulder on the phonescreen
with a japanese
character in red blinking and then turned green and the screen went back
to default. "What
the bloody fuck was that all about?" I said rubbing my eye "mum wanted
to know if its girl
who I wiz now because I'm moaning yeu bitch! so I take our foto and send

"Oh mum says you very pretty!" Saeko said reading a text message. "Huh?!
uhm tell her I
said thank you she's very kind, and also her daughter is very pretty
too, she has a really
hot hot hot daughter with a fucking rocking body!" I said sleepily,
Saeko pinched my side
as she texted a message. Lower your phone's volume or put it on silent
and just vibrate, we
don't want to wake the kids. "Oki!" she said.

She then closed her phone and faced me, and I rest my chin on her raised
knee "yeu very
naughty, you know that ****chan?" and I made taunting cutesy faces at
her. "why you put
phone in yeur pussy? enz I lookin for it, now your cum smells on it"
"you not like?" I said
beaming. "No, I rayk!" she said sheepishly, then she bitelipped as she
pinched my sides.
"And why yeu so make me hawny anz I'm talking to my mommy?!" I giggled
and said "I got
turned on again as I saw you suck your phone like a cock, where did you
learn to suck like
that, you haven't been with a boy have you?"

"I just mimic what girls do in porn" she said smiling "oh so you do
watch porn, you naughty
little slut!" I said. "Hows it feer?my phone inside yeur pussy
vibrating. "It felt sexy,
kind of painful and pleasurable at the same time. "Was it good?" she
asks "I did cum hard
on your phone right?" and we giggled. "It's two in the fucking bloody
morning sweetheart,
let's get back to sleep" I said yawning "oki!" she also said yawning,
and then went giggling she puts her very slim phone between her parted
pussy lips and snaps the knickers and made cutesy faces at me, and we
went back to bed with arms around each other. "Why so I rav you
****chan?" Saeko said sleepily, eyes closed and sucking her thumb. I
plant tender kisses on her face until I fell asleep

I woke up around seven, and Saeko is not in bed, I got off the the bed
and I saw the boys
still asleep I then went into the bathroom and saw the shirt and
knickers she wore in bed
neatly folded, I then took a quick shower to pep me up. I went down the
kitchen wearing the
silken kimono robe with a towel draped under it. I saw Saeko making
breakfast while jpop
music plays on her phone, she is again wearing my black bathrobe and her
damp hair held up
again with a pair of chopsticks. "Hi sexy!" I said as I put my arms
around her. "Hi, baby!"
she said and turned her head and we kissed. "So what's for breakfast?" I
said while rubbing
cheeks with her. "I making engurish japanese burekufast she said" "Oh!
hmm interesting so
how does it go?" She points at different items as she names them "Werr
uhm, zer is sausage,
japanese omerette tamago yaki wiz cheese and bekon (bacon), miso soup,
radish sarad, and
salmon and rayt creamcheese on rittle toasts" she said as she turned
around and fed me with
a small toast square, with salmon and herbed light creamcheese.

"You rayk?"she asked with her lovely eyes gleaming "m-mm oishi!" I said
while chewing away.
She smiled as she wiped my lips with her finger. "But uhm these toasts
may be scrummy and
decadent but the boys may not like them" I said "uh no no no, miso soup
enza toast wiz
salmon and creamcheese are fo us and radish sarad , bekon enza cheeze
tamagoyaki and
sausage for za boys, we need su watch za our figure" she said caressing
my hips. "Well I
think it wouldn't harm if we have just a few sausages" I said teasingly
as I took a finger
slim sausage and then held the other end with my teeth. She smiled the
took the other of
the sausage with her teeth.

I then went teasingly sucking the sausage as if it were a cock, moaning
as I went. She
giggled and mimicked me with our lips meeting at the middle. We went
sexilly sucking the
sausage, moaning as we feel each other and then we each bite off a half
each. "Would you
like me to make some coffee? or tea" I asked as prepare to set the
table. "You choose *****
chan" she said "enza, uhm rets have burekfast outside its beautifur day
hmmm?" she said as
she puts her arms around my waist from behind me and her chin on my
shoulder I looked at her and she smiled sweetly as she pulled the
chopsticks and her silky raven hair cascaded down. We have
breakfast on the terrace, with the food on the mat beside us and a
thermos of jasmine tea,
we talked as we fed each other, sharing the bowl of miso soup and
sipping tea from the same

"You didn't kissed me after you woke up" I said with an eyebrow raised
"hey I kissed
you many many times ***** chan" she said frowning "is that so? hmph how
is it I didn't feel
anything" "I did kiss you ***** chan many times and you even whispered
'I rav you baby" she
said mimicking me on how I supposed to have said it. I giggled as she
looked funny doing
it, then she leaned towards me "maybe because you want onri mor kiss?"
"mm maybe I do!" I
said smirking with an eyebrow raised. Then we kissed long hard and deep,
cupping each
other's lovely faces. I then loosened her robe sash. "**** chan it's not
night, it's
morning" she whispered, "so?" I said smiling devilishly as I went on
loosening her sash
"zis is very kinky" she said and went bitelipped. I opened her robe and
saw she was wearing
nothing udnerneath but my pair of black lace knickers.

"May I have zis too?" she said looking at me lovingly "you look very hot
in it, you chose
very well, you like my knickers so much don't you? I may have to shop
for new ones" I said
giggling "not only that **** chan, but because I want to feer you
orways. I smiled as my
heart went racing and felt my cheeks tingling and I got so warmed up
inside. "Yeur
brashing! (blushing), yeur cheeks so pink, you rook so fucking cute!"
she said giggling
while lightly pinching my cheeks. "hmm I don't know if I should be
letting you have that
pair of knickers, should I not be getting something for them?" I said
raising an eyebrow,
she leaned forward and plants soft kisses all over my neck "I do anysing
for yeur panties"
she whispered as she kissing and licking me all over my neck and I
moaned slowly tossing
my head as I get more heated up. She starts undoing my sash as she
continues to kiss and
lick me "why I feer so kinky with you always? are you wearing my panties
now?" she
whispers, she opens my robe and undrapes my towel and saw I' have
nothing underneath.
"Yeur not wearing my panties ***** chan she said as the cool morning
breeze caress my body,
making me tingle and my nipples stiff. "You wan't to fuck me don't yeu
***** chan?" she
said and I smiled teasingly bitelipped.

"You want to do it now?" I said motioning with my eyes, indicating that
barely shielded in the terrace. "Orways ***** chan, orways" she
whispered lovingly. I
slowly took off her panties and then we took off our robes getting
completely naked again
in the terrace feeling so fucking hot again as it was last night. "I'm
so kreyzi fo yeu
**** chan" she said "Watashi wa anata to koi ni kurutta yo ni ne" I said
"you say it so
good and very sexy ***** chan" she said teary eyed and we kissed
passionately, very wet,
deep and hard as always. I then took one of the slim finger sized
sausages and sucked it
like a cock and as she was about to suck the other end I teased her with
it, touching her
lips and cheeks then sliding down her bon bon nipples and getting them
stiff, I then run
the sausage between her tender moist pussy lips. "Put it inside my pussy
baby" Saeko said
panting, are you sure baby?" she held my hand holding the sausage "yes
baby I want you to
fuck me wiz it pureez" she whispered while caressing my hand.

I gently pushed the sausage inside her wet tight lovehole being careful
not to
break her hymen. She grunted as I went deeper. "Does it hurt baby?" "m-
mm" she said
smiling and shaking her head. I kissed her deeply and went down and
licked and sucked her
wet soft pussy as I gently fuck it with the sausage. Her supple hands
crawled to my bosoms
and fondle them, as her hot nectar continually pour on my hand. "You're
so wet baby" I
whispered "you only one make me so fucking hot enz wet, uhmm baby"
"Saeko..." I whispered
and we went back kissing and feeling each other with the cool morning
breeze caressing our
lovely bodies. I began to fuck her a wee bit harder with our moaning and
groaning getting
louder. She suddenly breaks off from our kiss "I want to cum with you
**** chan" she
whispered pantingly. We pushed the other end of the sausage in my
lovehole and grind our
bodies very fucking hard with our legs locked around each other, moaning
and groaning
loudly as we kiss passionately with our hands exploring each other
other's gorgeous young
bodies, our pussies went squishing very loud as we fuck with each end of
the sausage inside our tight wet pussies.

"I-I'm cumming Saeko, gawd I love you so much baby!" I uttered pantingly
said something in japanese whimpering and moaning, "I rav you too *****
chan so very much
uhhh!" We locked mouths again grunting and groaning to keep from
screaming loud as we cum
very hard. "I love you uhhh I-I love you so much Saeko" I whispered to
her ear as we slowly
grind our bodies. "I rav you too my **** chan (then she said something
in japanese) Ohhh I
want su be with you forever!" she whispered pantingly holding me very
tight. We pulled the
sausage from our pussies and sucked it sexilly like a cock then biting a
half each. After
the very erotic breakfast we got up and prepared the table for the boys
and then we had a
shower together. I called our nanny to look after the boys and asked her
to stay longer as
I may come home late.

I let Saeko chose what to wear from my closet as she will be giving me
she was wearing when she came in yesterday. She wore one of my stressed
tight jeans, shirt and hooded long coat and my cherry red beret with a
big union jack, and smaller french, german, and
italian pins on it and a pair of boots. I wore her short pleated skirt
over full leg black
stockings, and her sailor shirt buttoned only at the middle with a
sports bra underneath,
showing my lean stomach and bit of nubile cleavage, and a pair of
trainers, I wear her pink leather
jacket over everything. We went out the house and put on sun glasses, I
gave her my
wayfarer and I wore an aviator and did a fashion walk. I had the driver
take us to the
venue and there I met the other lovely members of her girl group.

I sat with their very gay director, as they danced and sing with their
equally gay
choreographer. Her group and I then had dinner at my favorite
restaurant. Saeko again
spent the night with me and the next day we went to the venue much
earlier for her
rehersal. They're trying out new moves for their english fans and then
she ran to me
during a short minute break "zis may take rong baby, is it oki?" she
said panting "uh s-
sure of course, I'm having a blast, you're a smash out there!" I said
making cutesy loving
faces" she giggled and kissed me passionately, I pushed her gently
"baby?" I said rolling
my eyes .after the short practice she giggled and kissed me
passionately, I then pushed
her gently a "baby?" I said rolling my eyes indicating someone might
see, she giggled and
ran back to the stage but turned back and blew me a kiss and mouthing "I
love you."

I went for a walk around the place, marvelling at the cyber japanese pop
and then I went to get tea at the refreshment station. As I was having
my tea and biscuit,
a pretty japanese young woman in glasses, stood beside me and got
herself an ice cold
snapple, she looked about around 21 and was sweating and she was looking
mischievously at me and giggling. "What? what is it" I said with a
frowned smile "nasing,
uh herro my name Yoko, oruso choreographer" she said pointing to the
very gay choreographer
with Saeko and her group "and oruso makeup za group's styrist" she said
holding out her
hand "uh hi I'm *****" I said shaking hands with her. "Pureezd su meet
yeu" she said
giggling and bowing, "uh right, a pleasure" I said as I slowly lets go
of her hand. "Uhm
you Saeko's gerufriend?" "Uhm yes I am" I said sipping my tea thinking
she meant we're just
girl friends. "You very pretty" Yoko said as she held her snapple close
to her lips "uh
thanks, you look very hot yourself" I replied. "You rook very cuto
sugezer" she said and
she then went giggling bitelipped "what's so hilarious?" I said "Oh
gawd, you saw us didn't
you?" I said with my heart racing.

"See you rater, she said giggling and walked away. I smiled and then
later I followed her. "So how much have you seen Yoko?" I said smirking
and she got
fucking startled exclaiming something in japanese and dropped the makeup
kits she was
holding. "Oh you surprised me, oh shit!" she said holding her chest"
"I'm asking how much
have you seen bitch?!" I said still smirking "I not see uh wer just
rittle" she said
holding up her index finger and thumb. "Oh a little, did you liked it?
did you liked what
you saw? you liked it don't you?" I said as I got close to her feeling
her breath she
looked at me through her glasses unable to say anything. "You want it
too don't you" and
she gasped as I fondled her tits "You like that don't you bitch?" "uh
n-no....uhmph!" she
wasn't able to finish as I kiss her hard and deep, sucking her tongue
and lips.

I got her enthralled and she went moaning as I kiss and fondle her
boobies. She
went gasping and moaning even louder as I sick and lick her earlobes and
every inch of her
neck. "I not have any girl yet, ever" she whispered as I stare at her. I
slowly unzip her jeans and dipped inside her panties. "Uhmm you're
fucking wet" I said as I fondle her moisty pussy, I then finger
fuck her and she grunted and groaned loudly while holding on to my arms.
I cover her mouth
and pulled my hand from her. "Oishi" I whispered as I sexilly suck and
lick my fingers.
"Give me 5 minutes oki?" she said panting and then ran back to the
stage. She came running
back then pulled me inside the dressing room and locked the door. We
kissed hard and deep
as we take off our clothes off, her eyes rolling at the back of her

"you very beautifur!" she said as she looked at my boobies I took her
hands to my
bosoms and she trembingly fondles them, "I not do this to any geru
boobs, feers so
shekshi!" I smiled as I take off her glasses and she loosened her hair.
We then went down
on the rug, I unhooked her bra and beheld her gorgeous titties, she
moaned and groaned and
speaking in japanese as I fondle and suck them very hard pulling the
nipples with my teeth.
I pulled off her panties and lick suck and nibble her soft haired pussy.
Her lovejuice
poured profusely as I fuck her lovehole with my tongue and fingers, and
suck her clitories throbbed and became stiff in my mouth as suck it
fucking hard.

I let her pull my panties off , and she stared bitelipped at my smooth
virgin pussy, "very cuto, rayk hentai!" she said giggling. I smiled as I
gently pull her
head to my crotch and she tried to mimic everything my mouth did to her
pussy. When my
lovejuice began to pour profusely I lock legs with her and grind pussies
with her very
hard, feeling her hairy pubes on mine. As we get closer and closer to
orgasm there was a
loud knock on the door. Yoko hushed me with an index finger on her lips
"don't stop *****
zey no I'm not here, I hav keys" and the knocking did stop and Yoko and
I continued fucking
and feeling each other until we had a very intense orgasm I locked lips
with her as we

"M-my first time make sex wiz very pretty geru" Yoko said smiling and
"and that's for looking!" I said panting and smirking "me never zis hot
enza very wet wiz
boyfriend! yeur so fucking hot! yeu make me so fucking hot" she said
giggling "you're
welcome I said smiling" "Saeko is very raki" she whispered and we kissed
long hard and
deep. After cuddling we got up and put our clothes back on and sneaked
out of the dressing
room. Saeko ran up to me and hugged and kissed me "where you been? yeu
dizn't see our new
moves for concert" she said frowning. "I-I uh just went looking around,
w-went exploring"
I said smiling sheepishly, and Yoko beamed at me. "I could always see
you dance, I know
you would be smashing this friday night. Saeko giggled and kissed me
long hard and deep.
I heard Yoko giggling and I pushed Saeko gently "uh baby, people, duh?"
I whispered and we
walked back to the set she saw Yoko acting casually. She pulled Yoko by
the arm to us,
"this is Yoko, oruso our choreographer and our styrist" she said making
cutesy poses.

"Herro!" Yoko said holding out her hand, "Hi uhm Yoko, I'm *****, a p-
pleasure" I said as I
shake hands with her, and she went bowing and giggling bitelipped. "So
uhm you're one of
their choreographers" I said almost stuttering "y-yes me is" Yoko
replied keeping herself
from giggling again. "She is very good, always new ideas for dancing and
styring" Saeko
said proudly "you don't say" I said beaming. Yoko then said something in
japanese to Saeko
and then looked at me "back to work!" and she winked at me and slowly
walked to the stage
"I dance very good for yeu, yeu watch oki?" "why wouldn't I" I said she
giggled and gave me
a quick kiss and ran went back to the stage to continue rehearsing. I
had dinner again
with her group and then they went back to the ritz and again Saeko spent
the night with me.
We didn't have sex and just went very mushy and cuddly.

The following day was Saeko's group's final rehearsal before the big
night and we went in earlier than usual. As they danced and sweat their
sweet bums off, I
again got fucking very hot wild and wet with Yoko in the dressing room.
Their practice
ended very early and so I gave her and her group a tour of london
especially the london eye
taking pictures everywhere shopping for trinkets and stuff, we could
have a done a video
montage with a japanese pop song playing in the background. Later that
day we decided that
we have a sleepover party at my house and we went shopping for stuffs we
may need for the
party and I called a girl-friend Li, an english chinese whose parents
own offies
(convenience shops) everywhere in london to have some beers fizzies
chips and fags
(cigarettes) and a couple of bubblies (champagne) delivered to my house
(and yes she and I
are doing it too) She and her older female cousin Jade made the delivery
I invited them as
well to the sleepover but they need to go to a family reunion. After we
stack the bottles
in the fridge I walked them back to their van, "I owe you again bitch" I
said "and so it
seems slut" she replied and we kissed long hard and deep while her older
cousin watched.
"ohh kinky why can't my bloody boyfriend kiss seethingly hot like that"
her cousin said.
Li and I smiled naughtilly at each other, "well you should be dumping
that useless bloke if
he can't kiss like this" I then pulled Jade and kissed her long hard
deep. "Wow!" Jade
whispered as she licks her lips. I again kissed li and waved at them as
their van drove

"Who is zat girl?" Saeko asked as I closed the gate "oh that's one of my
girl mates Li and her cousin Jade, they got us the stuff we need for our
party we and have
cigarettes tooooo!" I said in a singing tone. "She's chinese?" she asks
"yes she is, she
was born in england and can also speak mandarin and a little bit french"
I said, "Ri is
very pretty and her cousin too" she said with a hint of jealousy "uh-
yeah she is...hey are
you jealous? again?" I said smiling "no" she replied frowning like some
bitch in her
period. I pulled her into the garden and she sat on a garden rock arms
folded. "Hey
sweetie" I said after I kissed her on the cheek "remember what I've to
you said before?
that we're better than others we can see other people, and still we're
both special to each
other? Right?" I held her chin and gently turn her face "right?!" I said
again "I'm very
jearous because I'm so in rav wiz yeu **** chan" she said teary eyed "Oh
Saeko..." I
whispered and we kissed passionately.

We begin to heat up moaning as we kiss hard and deep while feeling each
"I feer so fucking wet for you baby!" Saeko whispered and unzips and
pulls down her jeans and indeed her knickers are soaking wet of her
sweet warm nectar. "Later sweetie, we have a party to go to, ours!" I
said and we went giggling as we ran inside the house.

The girls really went out as themselves, we got so fucking pissed
wild and rowdy, singing karaoke (and I don't have to worry about the
neighbors as our modern style house was cleverly built in a way to
contain any loud noise inside) there were 8 of us and we were
all cute and sexy wearing shirts and knickers and silk lingeries as we
sat in a circle in
the living room and we have non stop jpop music. We have pizza, Saeko's
famous sushi,
chips, mini kebabs of seafood and thin meat strips broiling on a grill
we bought, washing
them all down with the beer, fizzies (soda) and bubbly. I had the
dehumidifier turned up
high as we're also smoking slim light cigarettes. Three of the girls
tried smoking for the
first time and went couging and grimacing. Saeko and I took turns lying
in each other's
laps sharing cigarettes and beer, feeding each other and drinking from
the same champagne

Rei then started a game what she called, "dirty and sexy truth or dare"
instead of turning the bottle, we pass a bottle of dom as a timed jpop
music played, of
course whoever is holding the bottle when the music stops gets to be
"it" and we get ask
questions sometimes 3 or 2 per player at random or she does a dare, if
the it girl wasn't
able to answer question she is forced to do a dare, which often we also
choose what will be
at random, anyone who does a dare very well gets a special prize.
Everyone does not want
to give out their deepest darkest secrets other than crushes and other
not so embarassing
stuff. Mie chose to do a dare and what she did was sexilly riding a
stuff toy. Saeko and
I looked at each other as we've been doing that many times and with our
clothes off. Mie
really went very sexy moaning and all and she won a box of chocolate
truffles. Mariko
fesses up she has fantasies with other girls sometimes, Ai sucked and
licked a banana like
a cock and won an expensive teddy.

Saeko then gets to be the it girl and she chose to do a dare, and her
dare is to kiss any girl in the room as passionately as she can or she
gets slapped by all
of us bare butt. Saeko smiled as she slowly exhales smoke and then puts
out the cigarette
we are sharing. She went crawling on all fours going like a lioness on a
hunt and each
girl giggled and winced whenever Saeko sniffs and claws at them. Saeko
then crawled
towards Mariko doing her sexy feral look, and sniffs Mariko all over the
longest with her
hands clawing at her thighs. Saeko sexilly growled at her then crawled
towards me still
doing her sexy feral look. Saeko sniffs me all over clawing at my thighs
then the girls
went screaming and whooping as she licks and plants soft kisses all over
my face. They all
gasped as Saeko locked lips with me and we kissed long very hard wet and
deep. I played
along and became like her prey "whimpering" in erotic agony as Saeko
sucked licked and
nibbled my earlobes, neck and shoulders while she slowly lay me on the
carpet. The girls
became silent as they held their camera phones with their mouths open.

Saeko then sat up and sexilly licked her lips as she clawed on my sides.
All the girls went screaming cheering really fucking loud, it was quite
bloody deafening.
Saeko won a small flask of my favorite expensive perfume. Things really
begin to heat up,
at first everyone just reveal her most wildest intimate fantasies and
other secrets, boys
they dated among other things. I of course have no quams revealing my
fondness for hentai
movies, but I haven't been asked questions with regards to girls. Then
the game moved up
to a level, we are to form pairs and everyone chose whom they want to
pair up with, Saeko
and I of course already have ours.

Some of the questions come in the form of a trivia and the dare went
from cutesy sexy stuff
to really wild. Rei and Mariko went really wild with their dare, Mariko
was reluctant at
first, but gives in as she and Rei went dipping inside each others
knickers as they kiss.
The the girls went tribbing with their clothes on, pressing their bodies
tight, and went
moaning really loud with Mariko being the louder bitch. Then they
stopped and we all cheered and screamed really fucking loud as both
girls knickers are fucking soaking wet of their lovejuice. They got
embarassed and Mariko became teary eyed and we all huddled. My gawd I
love sleep over parties!

Other pairs like Ai and Yuki also did an awesome dare, exposing and
sucking and licking
each other's lovely young bosoms, we had such an erotic fun blast with
the game. Later
some of the girls being pissed (drunk) are sleeping on the couch, the
carpet, some are
holding each other as they watch porn clips, Saeko curled up on the
couch I kissed and
stroked her hair. I then got up and dimmed the lights and went out the
terrace wearing a
robe sipping champagne as I smoke one of the fruit flavored weed sticks
Li gave me earlier.
Saeko then went up behind me and put her arms around me. "Hi!" she said
holding me tight.
"Hi baby!" I said holding her arms and then rubbing cheeks with her
while caressing her
sides. "Happy?" she asks as she takes a puff of my weed stick. I turn
around and faced
her as she exhales, "what do you think?" I said smiling.

"werr I think yeu very very happy!" Saeko said quite tipsy. "Well, hmm?
I'm very happy indeed because, I got my baby" I said and kissed her on
the lips "and I like your friends" and kissed her again "and I really
had a very good time" and kissed her again "You rayk my friends?" she
asked as she looked
lovingly at me, "mhmm very much" and kissed her lips again "You sink
zey're very cute and
shekshi?" "uhmm y-yes uhuh" I said and kissed her lips again "you rayk
make sex wiz zem?"
"uh yeah b-but I never ever think of anyone else when I make love with
you and again I'm
very very very happy because I have my very lovely Saeko, my very sweet
and uber sexy
baby!" I said as I lovingly knead her round bums, and she became teary
eyed and then we
kissed very hard, very deep and very very wet, moaning and groaning as
we went.

"Saeko?" we heard Rei utter as she stands by the opened sliding glass
door. She
was the eldest of the group almost 17 and most of the time their front
girl. She is very
pretty and shapely as well and speaks english like Saeko and Yoko. She
is talking in
japanese as she walks towards us with a frowned smile. "Are yeu two
uhmm...." she said
bringing her index fingers together. Saeko and I looked at each other
and nods sheepishly
at her. Rei covered her mouth as she went giggling then she and Saeko
talked in japanese.
We then sat down on pillows in the terrace, sharing fruit flavored weed
and sipping
champagne as we talk. "Yes Saeko and I well uh have been kind of dating?
ever since after
we've met and uhm" I said then looked at Saeko and smiled at each other
"became official in the resort" and we hold hands. "I never sought Saeko
is a resbian, she has many big crushes
on many boys" Rei said giggling "Hey I'm not resbian! wer... uh just
rittle bit wer.. I
rayk girls now oruso, because I fer in rav with ***** chan" and she
looked at me and
embraced me "and I rav my ***** chan very very very much" she said
holding me tight and
lovingly looks at me and again we kissed long hard and deep.

"You rook so very very very cute tsugezer, and uhm very uh s-shekshi"
said sheepishly with her thighs slowly grinding as she knelt. "Should we
ret ze ozers know
you two are...?" "well I don't see why not?" I said "Hey you cheat in
game bitches!" Rei
shouted giggling "you so good in dare because you fucking resbian bitch
Saeko!" Saeko and I
beamed naughtily at each other then she said something in japanese to
Rei "uhm what?" I
said smiling "I said Rei oruso rooked very cuto and shekshi with Mariko
in game" Saeko said
smirking. "Yes you we're so fucking hot and your knickers are soaking
wet Rei became
embarassed and her cheeks blushed in the candlelight. Saeko and I
grinned devilishly
sexilly at each other and then slowly crawled towards Rei. She gasped as
we began fondling
and kissing licking and nibbling her. We pulled up her shirt exposing
her lovely young
bosoms and Saeko and I sucked and licked them while fondling them making
her cute bon bon
nipples fucking stiff. We then dipped inside her soaking wet knickers
and fondled her soft
pussy as we continue to suck and lick her boobies. "Ohhh (she uttered
something in
japanese) ohh f-fuck uhmm y-you b-bitches uhhh!" she moaned loudly. She
caressed our heads
as we continue to make her more hot and fucking wet.

I then locked lips with Rei while Saeko lick suck and nibble her
and smooth and supple neck. I let go of her sexy mouth and we stared at
each other with
saliva stringing from our luscious lips. Saeko then locked lips with Rei
going hard and
deep and wet as I did, moaning and groaning as they went. "I love you so
much baby" I
whispered to Saeko as I nibble and suck her earlobes and neck, and she
moaned even louder.
She let's go of Rei's mouth and we kissed passionately as we continue to
fondle Rei's young
gorgeous body. "I rav you two uhmm" Rei whispers as she kissed and
licked our cheeks,
caressing our heads as Saeko and I continue to kiss very hard wet and

We pulled up our shirts exposing our lovely bosoms to the chilly night
"Gawd we're so fucking hot and sexy" I whispered and we all went
giggling. "Why zis so
very shekshi zan wiz boys?" Rei said "I know, right?" Saeko and I said
in unison. She
watched as Saeko and I undress each other going totally naked our lovely
nubile bodies
exposed in the barely shielded terrace. "Yeur pussies rook so very cute
enza shekshi, no
hair and very smooth!" Rei exclaimed she then gasped as we undress her
and got her totally
naked as well. "I fir so afraid e-nza oruso feer v-very v-very shekshi!"
Rei said trembling
with her arms across her lovely bosoms. I took Rei's hand to my bosoms
and lets her fondle
them, and then she and Saeko fondled and sucked licked and nibbled my
bosoms while fondling
my pussy, Saeko went down and lickd and sucked my pussy hard as she
lovingly kneads my

"Ohh gawd uhhh shit" I kept saying between loud moaning and groaning,
slowly tossing
my head. Rei and I also did the same thing with Saeko, loving her body
with our mouth's
and hands, Saeko and I then licked sucked and nibbled Rei's soft and
very wet reddish pink
pussy with our hands loving every inch of her body. We then got into a
"love triangle" on
the rug, sucking nibbling and licking, each other's pussies while
fingerfucking and rubbing
them, Rei is on Saeko's pussy, Saeko on mine, and I'm on Rei's. We went
on on going harder
and faster, whimpering, moaning grunting and groaning really loud until
we all gushed our
sweet warm nectar on each other's faces.

We then leaned on pillows by the terraces railings with me at the middle
of the gorgeous
young japanese girls, panting hard with arms around each other. "Ohh
shit, oh my, gawd
you're so good bitches" I said panting "m-my first yuri uhhh it's so
fucking shekshi!" Rei
exclaimed panting. "You rock as always baby" I whispered to Saeko
"aishteiru you ****
chan" Saeko whispered back and we kissed passionately, Rei rubbed her
cheek with mine with
her hands caressing our bodies. "You guys reary rooked so cuto sugezer,
Saeko is very
raki!" Rei whispered. We then kissed Rei and we all went sucking and
pulling each other's
lips. "We bitches rock!" I said, Saeko and Rei giggled, "We fucking Rock
bitches!!!" Rei
shouted raising her arms and we hushed her and she covered her mouth and
we all went

"Zis is so fucking romantic" Rei whispers as we lean on the pillowed
sipping champagne from a single glass and sharing a fruit flavored weed
stick "m-more
fucking romantic zan wiz boy" "you think so? it is isn't it?" I said and
we all went
giggling, After cuddling each other for some time we felt getting
aroused again, we
gathered our clothing and went inside the house naked. I turned up the
lights and we saw
the other gorgeous lolitas and nymphets sleeping everywhere in the
living room. "Mariko
rooks so cute enza shekshi" Rei whispered as we look at her sleeping on
the carpet, her
lingerie top is rolled exposing her lean smooth tummy and some of her
cute titties, we
looked at each other bitelipped then we went down on her and started
kissing and fondling
her all over.

Mariko moaned as she gets awakened and gasps as she saw three lovely
girls, loving her. She was reluctant at first speaking in japanese as
she resisted while
we undress her and we got her totally naked she folded her legs and
covered her pussy and
bosoms. I then locked lips with her while Saeko and Rei nibbled and
sucked her earlobes
and neck. I went very hard deep and wet with Mariko's mouth wrestling
and sucking her soft
tongue until she went moaning and finally gives in and fondled my bosoms
as we kissed. The
rest of the girls get awakened by our very loud erotic noises. They
gasped and covered
their mouths giggling. Saeko and I left Mariko and Rei and pulled the
other girls to join
in our love party. The others went in with little persuasion except for
Ai who kept
giggling and speaking in japanese as I pull her by the arms to get the
fucking off the

Ai shrieked when I pulled her knickers off she went giggling as she
herself yelling "no, no, no!" I parted her legs and sucked licked and
nibbled her soft
pussy, later she was writhing and twistinga nd moaning loudly. I slowly
pulled her up from
the couch and we took off her shirt and joined the lesbian orgy. The
room was filled with
erotic sounds and scent of young women loving each other, we cummed
again and again until
we all pass out holding each other as we lay naked on the carpet. Later
Saeko and I woke up
and we caressed each other leaning on the couch as we look at the naked
gorgeous young
bodies lying on the carpet with us, Mariko and Rei's head resting on my
thighs. "You still
rav me *****chan?" Saeko whispers "what do you think" I whispered
smiling "I rav you so so
very very much" she whispered teary eyed "I know baby" and we kissed
passionately holding
each other tight. "We're so fucking sexy!" I said "Y-yes **** chan, I
rav zis party, iza
best!" and we giggled and then kissed again until we fell asleep.

We all got awakened by Mie's screaming in japanese as she shakes
everybody. It
is almost 4 in the afternoon and the concert starts at 7 we hurriedly
tidy things up and
collecting and putting out the rubbish. We all took showers together,
using two bathrooms,
Rei Mie Saeko Rio and I in the bathroom in my room and the other girls
the big bathroom
outside. We were like prettly little soldiers hurriedly toweling drying
each other off and
also dressing beautifying each other up. Their limo is already outside
when we stepped out
the house and we drove off to the biggest club in london. Kate is
already there waiting
for me as we both have special tickets to front row center. The girls
each hugged and
kissed me and hurriedly went into their dressing room to change into
their costumes I saw
Yoko holding a thin laptop, she tipped her glasses and sexilly winks at
me and ran to the
girl's dressing room. Kate nudged me "so whose that pretty young woman?"
kate asked as she
nudged me. "Oh some random acquiantance" I said "Oh uhuh, so does Saeko
know?" she said
beaming "we're cool" I said giggling.

"Good Evening and Herro Rondoooon!!!" Saeko and her group shouted, they
dance and sang
their newest songs wearing cyber jpop costumes, taking turns being in
the center while
Kate and I cheered and screamed and danced our gorgeous bums off with
the crowd. Each girl had a solo and I cheered the loudest when it was
Saeko's turn. The show ended at 10:30, and Kate and I we're the only
ones with backstage passes. "You rock bitches!" I yelled as we huddled
in the dressing room "Hai! we fucking rock bitches!!!" Rei shouts and
then shrieks and the other girls followed Kate winces and smiles as she
covered her ears. "You rayk the show?" Saeko said as she put her arms
around me and the other girls whooping "Ohhh yesss! Me Rayk!" and we
giggled Saeko looked around and then we kissed passionately with the
girls woooing and cheering and kate laughing and clapping.

"We reave for japan zis tuesday" Saeko said in a sad tone getting teary
again. "Oh baby... don't" I whispered as I caress the back of her ears
"come back su japan
with me!" she said very excited "school not start yet zer" "h-huh? uh
well I wanted t-to
b-but" I said stuttering we went over to Kate and asked about the
matter. "Hmmm I don't
know muffin I already enrolled you for your next term and school starts
monday" Kate said
as she personally handles my school affairs for me.

"Come on Kate just for a week, puh-leeeze?" I begged as I rub her hand
on my
cheek as I make cutesy sad faces. "Am I not an honor student? actually
your best student" I
boasted, "I'm pretty sure I can keep up with my lessons, and uhm y-you
can email them to
me, right?" as I pressed her hand to my fanny, and then I lovingly knead
her sexy bums as I
stare at her gorgeous eyes. "Well why don't you two sweet little sweet
darlings come over
sunday at my place for tea and we'll" she then looked at Saeko then back
to me "talk about
it" then she winked at me. My cheeks blushed with excitement and I
smiled and then I
kissed Kate.

She then turned to Saeko and embraced her "you we're smashing sweetie"
kissed her lips "Uh sank you k-ketu, uh you're very gorgeous as ever!"
Saeko stammered
"your english is getting good" Kate said "Megumi is a very good engurish
teacher" Saeko
said as she locked her arms around Kates hips. "Oh and how is my lovely
japanese bitch?"
Kate asked "Oh she's very good, just very busy wiz corporate shit!"
Saeko said and Kate
burst out laughing "oh my you really are getting good. "So *****, honey,
uh are you
staying with me tonight?" Kate asked me. "Uhm we may have another sleep
over party" and I
winked "why don't you join us?" "yeah kate" Saeko added "uhmm not
tonight sweet muffins,
I'll just wait till sunday" and Kate winked at us, Ai then approached us
in her cute
lingerie holding bottles of cold jasmine tea, and gave one to Kate
"thanks darling" Kate
said, and then Ai gave me and Saeko each.

Kate then sat down on the rug with the girls who are still in their cute
underwear. "You ladies really brought the house down, uh you we're uber
smashing out there
uhm..." Kate said then she looked at me "you fucking rock bitches!" Kate
yelled shaking her
horned fist, and all of us went screaming really fucking loud and some
of the girls
sticking out their tongues doing the horn fists. "My gawd you were all
so gorgeous!" Kate
said and they went giggling. Yoko then entered the room, put down
something and then looks
at me smiled and winked tipping her glasses then went out again. Kate
saw it and she
smiled naughtily at me "Why don't you girls come along with ***** and
Saeko at my place for
tea this sunday? It would be smashing!" Kate said and they all agreed. I
then stood up and
tells Kate and Saeko I need to call mum and dad and I'm not getting any
signal in the room
(they're vacationing in the states by the way with mum's family there).

"Sure muffin, I'll just be here and bond with these gorgeous young
ladies" I kissed kate on the cheek and ran for the door and as I open it
Saeko ran up to
me in her underwear, "hey wait up! want me come wiz you?" she said with
arms around my
hips. "baby?" I whispered motioning at her with my eyes "oopsie" she
whispers and I closed
the door. "I won't be long Saeko stay here with Kate and the others I'll
be back later, I
promised mum and dad I'll be calling them" Rei and the others went
giggling as they look
at us bitelipped. "Oki" Saeko said and kissed me then ran back with Kate
and the girls. I
went out and looked for Yoko and I saw her in the corner doing stretches
holding a bottle
of apple fizzy and a cigarette.

"Congratulations on a smashing show, you did a very good job Yoko" "Oh
sank yeu!" She said
exhaling and puts out her cigarette. I went up to her with my hands to
my hips "uhm say uh
we're having another sleep over party, I was thinking if you could join
us" "now? oh I rav
too bat um I hav rats of fucking sings to do enza oruso I need to cor my
boyfurend rater"
"oh bloody hell that sucks, and you're leaving on tuesday!" I said as I
put my arms around
her, she giggled and puts her arms around me. We then kissed hard deep
and wet caressing
each other.

"You want to do it, now?" she whispered, and I beamed at her "come wiz
me!" she said
and she led me by the hand we went giggling as we ran into her trailer,
we quickly
undressed each other and got really fucking wild and wet, after gushing
hard on each
other's pussies we got into a 69 and cummed on each other's faces and
after licking each
others warm sweet nectars we lay cuddling with me on top of her. "I sink
after zis I wir dump my
boyfurend" Yoko said as she caress and lightly pinch my arms and we went
giggling "maybe I
wud come to yeur party after all." she said "that would be smashing" "I
bring za pizzas
then" she said "oh that would be cool"I said and we went giggling again.

As I look up the door of the trailer I saw Saeko looking at us, she
looked a wee
bit sad but not teary eyed she then smiled as she slowly closed the door.
Yoko and I got up
and put our clothes back on, I went out of the trailer working on my
belt and zipping up my
jeans and yoko turned and slowly walked away. I ran up to her and said
"hey!" and held her
hand "hey" she replied back and grip my hand smiling "I sought you said
you wir be carring
yeur mum and dad?" "Uh yes but uhm something came up" I replied
sheepishly. "You enjoyed
it?" She said as she puts her hands around my hips "Yes, I-I did" I
replied "I rav you
****chan" she whispered "Aishteru yo Saeko chan" I whispered back and we
passionately. "Ahem!" Yoko exclaimed as she casually pass by fixing her
clothes, she
pinched Saeko's bums and she shrieked "bitch!" Saeko yelled giggling at
her, Yoko turned
and tips her glasses and blew us a sexy kiss and continued walking.

"I invited her to our party is that ok? and also Li and her cousin Jade
might also come" I
said as I caress her sides and lovingly kneads her bums. "mmmm that's
oki" Saeko said
"perhaps I make fucking hot and very wet sex wiz zem whire you watch"
she said making
cutesy taunting faces. "Mmm that's fucking very naughty I rayk!" I said
also making
taunting cutesy faces. We went giggling and again kissed passionately.
Kate drove some of
us home in her aston martin, Rei at the front with her, me, saeki and
mei at the back. and
the other girls followed in their rental limo.

I put my arms around Kate and kissed her cheek and whispered "thank you"
she caressed my head and whispered "anything for you sweet muffin" "I
love you Kate" I whispered and kissed her on the cheek again moving down
to her neck and she moaned. We arrived at our house and the limo drove
off after they put out their stuff. The girls ran inside to take showers
and set things up. "Are you sure you
can't party with us" I said to Kate as she Saeko and I walk into the
porch "I'm afraid so
baby, as much as I wanted to uh 'party' with you" she said caressing me
behind the ears and I'm feeling her form "I need to be early at st.
***** tomorrow, because school starts this monday and also I need to do
a favor for someone" and she winked at me I mouthed "I love you" and
made cutesy faces at her. She lightly pinched my cheeks bitelipped "I
know bitch I know" she said.

She then turned to Saeko "besides you promised to come to my little tea
party this sunday
right?" and Saeko and I smiled and nodded, "fucking smashing" Kate
exclaimed and then Kate
and I kissed passionately, and then she turned to Saeko and puts her
arms around her "you
lovely ladies enjoy your party yes?" "mhmm" Saeko uttered as she puts
her arms around
Kate's slender smooth neck. Kate then plants soft kisses on Saeko's face
and then locked
lips with her as I watched bitelipped. Saeko went moaning as her mouth
gets erotically
tortured by my kissing mistress, my "love sensei."

"You mind if I borrow your very lovely girlfriend?" Kate said to me "n-
no not at all" I said smiling devilishly. Kate slowly put Saeko on the
cushioned wicker chair and starts undressing her, I I unzipped and
pulled down my jeans and take off my boots then also undressed Kate.
"Gawd you're very gorgeous Saeko" Kate whispered "you oruso very pretty
and shekshi K-Kate" Saeko whispered back and she fondled Kates lovely
round boobs. I also went totally naked and together we suck, lick and
nibble Saeko's lovely young bosoms, making her bon bon nipples fucking

Kate spreads Saeko's legs putting each on an armrest. She parts Saeko's
soft wet pussy
that went flushing reddish pink, "mmm tight virgin pussy just like you
baby" Kate said to
me "except that she still has her cherry" Kate said smiling devilishly.
Saeko went moaning
and groaning really loud as kate sucked licked and nibbled every inch of
her soft juicy
womanhood, Saeko's clit throbbed and became fucking stiff as her warm
sweet juices trickled
continually from her tight lovehole, and she went even louder and
whimpering as Kate fucked her deep but gently with her sexy long tongue.
I locked lips with Saeko to keep her from going too loud
then she shuddered and went spasmic as she came hard on Kate's lovely

Kate licked and sucked Saeko's thighs and crotch clean of her sweet
lovejuices, then slowly pulls her down taking the wicker chair cushion
with her. Kate locked legs with Saeko and grind their lovely soft and
smooth pussies very hard. I went between them and locked lips with Kate
as I feel her all over, while Saeko sucked nibbled and licked my
earlobes nape and shoulder. After sucking each of Kates lovely firm
round bosoms I turned to Saeko and locked lips with her as we fondle
each other's lovely young bosoms, while it is Kate's turn to suck lick
and nibble my earlobes nape and shoulders.

I slowly move up as we climaxed with Saeko licking and sucking my body
as I go. Saeko licked sucked and nibbled my soft supple pussy while
lovingly kneads my bums and Kate suck lick and nibbled my bums and also
licked and sucked my anus and pussy. I bit a finger grunting and
groaning as I felt I'm going to burst with overwhelming passion and
erotic agony as two of the women I love together pleasured me with their
beautiful mouths, my sweet warm lovejuice continually trickled down my
thighs. We shuddered and became spasmic as we came gushing hard on each
other. Saeko and Kate licked me clean of my lovejuice, I went down and
Kate and I sucked and licked and suck Saeko's pussy and thighs clean of
her warm sweet juices mixed with Kate's sweet lovejuices and together we
suck and lick Kate's pussy and thighs clean of her sweet lovejuices
mixed with Saeko's love juices.

We cuddled and caressed each other like nymphs and a love goddess. Saeko
and I then sucked and licked Kate's lovely firm round boobies while
finger fucking her and rubbing our swollen reddish pink pussies on her
lovely thighs. We cummed again and cuddled with her with Kate caressing
our heads as we suck each other's fingers. "Oh gawd you girls fucking
rock!" Kate said panting "**** chan is very good teacher" Saeko
whispered panting as she caress me. "a-and I have very good love sensei"
I whispered pantingly as well. We three girls kissed each other then got
up and put our clothes back on. We walk Kate back to her car and before
she left she handed me a purple box from the compartment "I think you
might need this for your 'hentai' party" and she winked at me and I
giggled as I took the box from her knowing what it is, after hugging and
kissing us she drove back home.

"What is inside za box **** chan" Saeko asked as we walk back the house.
"uhmm you'll know" she then gasped "is zat ze, uh toy?" she said with
her hands to her mouth, and I nodded and we both giggled. We went
inside the house and walked into the living room, and saw it's all
'partied' up. Stuff toys neatly arranged, jpop music playing, tiny
japanese seafood and meat kebabs broiling on the grill, the dehumidifier
is on, and there are lots of lighted scented candles and bowls of
chocolates and chips. The girls have all showered, and wearing sexy
lingeries and some in loose shirts and knickers. Saeko and I went up and
took a shower together and went down wearing each other's knickers and
topped with loose shirts.

The doorbell rang and when Saeko and I opened the door it was Li her
cousin Jade with our drinks, also another 'girlfriend' at school is with
them Ac (we have quite an adventure together and I will tell you all
about it later) Ac is the only daughter of a very close family friend
and she is a splitting image of anne curtis except slightly more
oriental eyes and auburn har and way better boobies as she is part chinese and
european. "Hello bitches! uh this is bloody fucking heavy" Li greeted
smiling as she held a box of bubbly and beer and Jade and Ac each
holding a box of beer and fizzies and slim cigarettes. I greeted each
girl with tight hugs and long hard and deep kisses. I introduced them
to Saeko, who went cheek to cheek with Jade and Ac, then Li locked mouths with
her.  "Hello Saeko, yum you taste good, Li said licking her lips. They went inside the house
and I introduced each of them to Saeko's group, after stacking the
bottles in the fridge the three of them went up to my room to shower and
change. Li ran back down and handed me a sweet smelling bag "Hey don't
start without me bitch!" she said and then kissed me and went up again.
I opened the bag and saw it has lots of fruit flavored weed sticks.

As we get the party started, smoking, eating and drinking, Li Ac and
Jade went down the stairs, each very cute and sexy wearing my knickers,
lingerie and shirts, Ac is wearing one of the knickers Saeko gave me
"She rooks very cuto and shekshi in my panties" Saeko whispered giggling
"You think Ac is hot?" I whispered back "m-mmm" Saeko uttered bitelipped
and we went giggling and we kissed. "I rav you bitch" Saeko whispered
"Aishteru yo bitch!" I whispered back as we make cutesy faces at each
other. Ac and Li sat with us while Jade sat beside Yoko and and the
older girls. The doorbell rang again and Saeko Ac and I went to the
door. We saw Yoko with stacks of large pizza boxes at the gate as her
ride drove off. We went out just wearing our shirts and knickers and
flip flops and Yoko gasped. "zat's very cute and shekshi, aren't yeu
suree girls afurayd someone might see you?" Yoko said "only if you
scream very loud about it" I said smiling I opened the gate for her and
helped her with the pizza stacks and put them on a bench. "Glad you
could make it Yoko" I said as I hug and kiss her "this is Ac by the way"
"oruso cuto and very shekshi!" Yoko exclaimed "you're fucking hot
yourself" Ac replied giggling and they kissed each other on the cheeks
"and uh" I said smiling as I roll my eyes over to Saeko "Herro, Bitch!"
Saeko said smirking with an eyebrow raised "Uh herro Saeko?" Yoko said
Saeko then pulled Yoko and locked lips with her, Ac and I gasped. Yoko
was really surprised and then gives in, it was so fucking sexy to watch
a 21 and 14 year girl old kiss very hard deep and wet. Yoko and Saeko
then spoke to each other in japanese, Saeko then put her arm around my
hips and hold hands with Ac as we all went inside the house with the
pizza stacks. We left our flip flops and trainers by the door and walked
barefoot to the living room.

Saeko's group went screaming loud seeing Yoko and they all huddled to
her. "Babe why don't you take Yoko to my room so she can freshen up and
change" I said to Saeko and I winked at her. "No need uhm I took a very
rong showa as I wait for za pizzas" she said "I see or of yeu bitches so
very cuto, so, fucking hot and shekshi" she said giggling "shower or
not, you still need to 'dress' up for the party!" Li yelled "uhm I sink
I can do zat!" Yoko said grinning wickedly and she took off her coat and
begins to undress and we all went whooping and cheering, she unzips and
pulls down her denims then unbuttons her shirt. She got down to a very
sexy pair of lacy thongs and an old and tattered ramones shirt she then
took off her bra and threw them away "rets party!!!" she yelled with her
arms raised. And we all went screaming and cheering.

Twelve lovely bitches went partying, dancing, drinking and smoking and
eating, and Yoko brought margherita pepperoni and seafood pizza, I
brought out Li's flavored weed sticks, and we passed on 3 different
flavored weed sticks, apple cinnamon, strawberry and mint. I saw Ac and
Saeko with hands on each other's thighs, then the hands went between each
other's thighs as the lights went dim. We danced sing karaokes... Read More