My ODDyssey chapter 3 Turning Japanese, big in Japan: Cheesecakes, Ricecakes, Bon Bons, and Sugar part 1

January 10, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey chapter 3 Turning Japanese, big in Japan: Cheesecakes, Ricecakes, Bon Bons, and Sugar part 1(I suggest you listen to these while reading my stories, Love is a battlefield by pat benatar, toy soldiers by martika and other favorite selections as told

"Here I am at last, Japan, land of cute weirdness, robots and ninjas and
bloody fucking awesomeness" I said breathing in the wet grass scent in
Megumi's very sexy zen tropical garden. "You have a lovely home and a
really wicked garden Ms Megumi" I said, Megumi chuckled "thank you for
that assessment miss *****" and then held her hips "and what's with the
bloody fuckingmiss? hmm" she said with a frowned smile.

"Speaking of ninjas and robots, how did you got over our 10 foot fence again?" I asked Saeko,
"I show you" Saeko replied smirking and she shoved me her backpack and went
out the gate. Then I heard an anime girl sounding "Huaahh!!!" and Saeko
leaps gracefully over the wall and slowly rises from the gound staring
ferrally and then smiled slowly showing her cute japanese fang teeth.

"Whoa-ow!" I murmured "bra-vo, that's very sexy" I said very awed and
Megumi lightly clapped her hands. "B-but what about not tripping on our
security systems, I had them on since I'm not expecting any company, and
also why you saw me with the katana you gave me and the pepper spray and
the tazer" I asked "werr I saw your camera enza security from company,
werr my ankur Saito enza my ozer auntie is engineer" Saeko boasted as
she took her backpack from me.

"Oooohkay that explains it, a family of ninjas and tekkies, uh you don't happen to have a giant robot in a secret silo under your flat do you?" Megumi laughed shaking her head and
puts her hand around us and led us inside her amazing home.
(in case I haven't mentioned both Megumi and Saeko both had those cute
and sexy japanese fang tooth, which many in the west would foolishly
ruin with braces)

We went inside Megumi's very zen, very japanese and yet very modern flat
taking off our footwear at a sunken area. It seemed that she and Kate
had the same architect, well as it turns out, Megumi IS an architect and
the head of her division. She and Kate designed Kate's smashing modern
flat as well and also did the landscaping. I think I'd want her to
design the resto pub I'm planning to open after I graduate from college.

Megumi's amazing home is a mix of concrete, wood and lots of greens,
very modern as instead of switches, she has sensors, touch panels, one
can control the luminosity of the lights, water temperature and flow,
opening doors, the tv, cabinets and such, the fireplace even the
coffeemaker, heh! and yet with these laziness inducing devices the
japanese never had any problems with obesity.

Saeko and I freshen up for supper, and the main bathroom is very zen and
modern, the flooring with irregular large mountain spring stones, large
antique clay jars decored the place, a spacious rain type shower, again
sensor controlled as well as the temp, lots of plants around, it's a
bloody fucking resort. I tried freshening up japanese style, sitting on
a stool with a towel draped, and theres a tilted earthen jar supported
by stones and water of varying temps pours out when you hold out your
hands below the spout. "I can bloody get used to this" I said to myself

and as was washing my face with a towel draped on, Saeko came up from
behind me and hugged me very tight. "Senk yeu for coming to japan wiz me
baby, I'm so very happy!" She said, "I'm very happy too sweetie, very
very very bloody fucking happy I said as I squeezed her hands, and then
I turned to her, I think I will enjoy myself here and kissed her lips,
because "It's my first time in japan" and kissed her lips again "I'm
with a fucking sexy ninja girl" and kissed her again "I'm with my baby
girl" and kissed her again "and most of all I'm with one of the very few
people who are very very very (squeezing her) very very special to me"

"I'm very speciar to yeu **** chan?" Saeko said making puppy cutesy
faces, pressing her wrists and hands on my chest and I also made cutesy
faces at her and rubbed noses with her and went giggling.
"I wished Ac Li and Kate were here" I murmured "Hai!, me wish too" Saeko
murmured back. Then she she pulled me holding my arm with both hands,
out of the bathroom and I held on the towel draped around me as I'm
still not yet comfy being myself in a new place.

She led me to a small coffee table where Megumi is sitting at smoking
and having tea wearing loose shirt buttoned only at the middle going off
shoulder showing her fair supple japanese skin and luscious cleavage
just like Kate's and she's wearing really short shorts unhooked her lean
supple belly exposed and almost half of her crotch.

"here you try itsu very dericious!" Saeko giggling very excited as she
feeds me a small wedge of japanese cheesecake. I took a dainty nibble
then a small bite and with a hand under my chin to catch any crumbs. "no
no no, you eat all!" Saeko said stomping her feet frowning, then smiled
like a little girl as I eat the whole wedge "m-mmhm" I uttered nodding
my head as japanese cheesecakes tastes so exquisitely decadent. I saw
Megumi checking me out and I felt a li'l embarassed and brushed a hair
over my ear. Megumi sexilly but very subtly licked and bite her lips as
her lovely eyes scanned my body, and I held my towel and squeezed my
thighs together.

"oohhh you're brushing!(blushing), zat means it's dericous yes?!" Saeko
yelled giggling like a little girl.  "m-mm" I uttered beaming and nodding finishing a mouthful of the creamy decadent confectionery.  Saeko had me sit down with her between her and Megumi and
had another cheesecake "what tea would you like darling?" Megumi asked
sweetly "Uhmm earl grey please?" I said with a mouthful of cheesecake
Saeko fed me again, with my hand at the ready to catch any morsel from my full
mouth. Megumi went laughing her voice is just like kate's like the crisp
sound of mountain spring flowing, except when Kate is in her Jadis
persona her voice can be hauntingly beautiful yet frighteningly cold
enough to freeze the warmest of souls. "Darling you two are so adorable,
and you're in luck I have earl grey. She went up and puts some in a
small crystal teapot, she went back and waves her hand over the table
and the decorative wraught iron turns out to be a stove for tea. I
flinched as flames went on and she adjusts the flames by moving her hand
over the stove.

"Whoah that's bloody wicked, please tell me I'm not in a scifi movie or
have time travelled to the future?" I said and Megumi chuckled shaking
her head as she puts the small crystal kettle on the stove.
Megumi put out two crystal and metal demitasse from under the table.
"m-mm-m" Saeko uttered with her mouthful, shaking her head and holding
up her index finger as she wanted us to share from a single cup. Megumi
watches us beaming with her head resting on her elbow. Saeko and I ate
much of the cheesecake and Saeko reached for another whole piece which
has berries on top, and Megumi slap her hand lightly speaking in
japanese and Saeko retracted her hands with a very cute scowl on her
face and I'm trying not to giggle as I sip my tea. Megumi then lightly
winced for speaking in Japanese, "don't eat too much my darlings, I
don't want you to ruin supper and your gorgeous figures" and she winked
at me.

Saeko then stood up and sat on Megumi's lap and hugged her auntie tight
"(in japanese and Megumi grunted with her eyebrow raised)uh I sorry uh
sanks for za wondafur shnacku Megumi chan!" Saeko said then kissed
Megumi pressing her face on her supple cheek "mmmmmwhuahh!" Saeko
uttered. "My pleasure sweetheart, always, Je t'en prie moi cherie"
Megumi said smiling as she caresses Saeko "Merusi bu ku ma berr
M'dmoiseru, Je t'aime" Saeko said then kissed her lovely lips, she then
went to me and kissed me, and then ran back to the bath.

Megumi craned her neck and after making sure Saeko is inside the bath
she moved her chair close to me and held my hand and caressed it.
"Sweetheart, my lovely niece is so madly in love with you" I smiled and
nodded lightly "please, I-it would hurt me so much seeing her get hurt,
I would do anything to keep her happy" she said as she stared with her
lovely strong oriental eyes which kind of remind me of Li's. "uhmm, all
I can say is, she is very special to me and I love her too" I said
sheepishly She moved closer and caressed me and brushed a hair behind my
ear as she lovingly looks at me "I know sweetie..." she murmured and
puts her hand over my thigh. My eyes widened and my heart went racing as
Megumi kissed me on the lips, my cheeks got so pumped with blood, I got
so fucking goosebumps as she began caressing my thigh.

Megumi caressed my nape as her kiss become more torrid and it feels like
my heart is going to burst through my chest and my whole body frozed.
Her supple hand further went in my inner thighs and my thighs closed as
her hand touched my bare crotch as I am not wearing any knickers under
the towel. Then I felt her sexy wet tongue snaking in my mouth and I
moaned at the very erotic sensations with her fingers caressing my
crotch and groin. Megumi opened her eyes and stared hard at me her
lovely head turning as she went on sucking my tongue. Her hands slides
over my bums and lovingly knead and caress it. She let's go of my mouth
and I leaned slightly forward to her, enchanted by her lovely mouth.

"Sweet, very very very sweet" Megumi murmured sexilly, as her supple
hand slowly slides off my thigh, and I felt hot wetness within my
tingling crotch like when you suddenly have your period but it's not.
I fixed my towel and still shivering and my cheeks still ache. "Now I
know why my Saeko is so mad about you, among other special things"
Megumi said smiling mischievously as leans on her chair. I'm shaking
lightly as I sip my tea, she lights a slimmy and takes a puff, she then
offers me a puff "here you go sweetheart, let's calm that lioness inside
your chest" I took a long puff and then exhales it slowly.

I smiled feeling a li'l bit calmed, and Megumi chuckled as she puts one
of her gorgeous legs over an armrest, then takes another puff and
caresses my calves and feet with her toes smiling as she winks at me and
I smiled sheepishly.

We had supper on a low table which is a slice of the trunk of a big
tree, so it's not the usual japanese low square or rectangular table,
but it's beautifully lacquered black showing the tree rings in a subtle
gradient, the slides were open and we're near the waterfall of the
garden, and we sat on cushioned mats with rubbish bowls and washing
bowls on each side. Supper is not so japanese, as we had an assortment
of steaming seafood with lemon wedges, crab legs, lobsters, prawns and
shellfish like oysters on a bed of ice and we ate with our hands with
soy and garlic butter dippings and a side of salad rolls which are sweet
pickled vegetables rolled in lettuce and rocket and washing them all
down with sauvignon blanc. I haven't stuffed myself with so much seafood
in one night and the shells in my rubbish bowl really fucking piled up
high. I washed my hands on a big basin of mint water and wiped them with
paper towels. I then chewed on a mint leaf as I rinsed my mouth with
sauvignon blanc.

My eyes became heavy from the sumptous meal the wine and of course the
jet lag, I excused myself from my table mates especially my beautiful
host. "Sweetheart won't you stay for dessert and coffee?" Megumi
offered, "I'm afraid I must past but thank you, I feel a wee bit tired
and so full" I said "of course dear, rest well" Megumi said smiling
sweetly we exchanged kisses being careful not touching each other with
our seafood soiled hands. "m-m-m-m-m-mmmmm!" Saeko uttered loudly, lips
pouting and her arms raised to me. "Come here fish breath" I said I
knelt down and we hugged being careful not touching each other with our
fishy hands. "Yeu too is fish breath" Saeko said as we squeeze our heads
over each other's shoulders. "I think I'll have my dessert now" I
murmured as we look lovingly at each other. Saeko closed her eyes as our
kiss gradually becomes torrid. We held each other tight, still has the
consciousness of not letting each other be touched by our fishy hands.
Saeko and I kissed long hard and deep moaning and breathing hard as we
went "A-Ahem!" Megumi went loudly, and she was smiling in a devilishly
sexy way. "That's some very exquisite dessert I think I'll have some too
and she winked at me. Saeko and I turned to each other making cutesy
faces and mouthing I love you then rubbed our noses, "see you in bed
ninja girl" I murmured then went bitelipped. I stood up yawning and
stretching and again bade goodnight to Megumi and I walked towards our
room which has it's own bath.

The room I would be staying with Saeko is also very modern and zen as
with the rest of the house, we have our own hd tv and a big legless bed
with sort of memory foam. The bed is quite big really for two lovely
girls, I reckon it can accomodate 2 more with extra space to spare.
After washing up thoroughly, I checked my phone and laptop for any text
email or chat invite. Which is fucking odd of Kate Ac and Li,
I emailed and sent chat invites and I mean lots. I tried to stay awake
as long as I could but no response from any of my lovely bitches and
then I thought something is on.

My eyelids became really heavy and I fell asleep with my laptop on. I
woke up still no emails no chat response, also Saeko is not in bed, I
checked the time and it's 20 past 11. I went out of our room in my silk
lingerie, and short jammies and headed for the kitchen, as I pass by the
sunken living I saw Megumi and Saeko curled up and cuddling and having
wine by the fire place. They are speaking partly Japanese and partly
english I smiled as I went on to the kitchen. The kitchen lit up as I
stepped in, the lights showing all the sexy modern zen curves with the
appliances, "heh! not too shabby!" I muttered, I dimmed the lights a wee
bit with the touch control on the wall and walked towards the big
fridge. I opened Megumi's big black and grey fridge to look for no guilt
munchies for li'l nibbling and a little sinful to wash it down.

"hmm let's see..." I said to myself tapping my chin with my fingers. Li
may not like Megumi's big fridge, as it doesn't have any greasy savory
and sweet munchies, there are a lot of wines, voss water, juices, light
beers, yogurt, assorted berries and a lot of salad veggies, and yes
panty hoses and stockings, theres strips, slivers and steaks of raw kobe
beef, and I'm tempted to get some of the decadent japanese cheesecake,
and theres the leftover from our dinner all shelled and cut up and
sliced and arranged beautifully with the prawns, and there are these
spicy squid jerkies in packs, I took a pack, then some baby tomatoes, a
celery stick a little of the dinner's seafood I arranged these on a
square plate and got a little soy and wasabi, I also took out a voss and
a light beer "happy days" I murmured

As I'm drinking and nibbling I heard some sounds coming from the living
room, I tiptoed and slowly peeked behind the slides and saw Megumi
making out with her niece, and it was such a beautiful sight. I slowly
put the celery stick to my teeth as they really get it on, Megumi
undressed Saeko and then herself, both lovely naked bodies by the
fireplace. They went moaning and groaning loudly, speaking in japanese
as they make passionate love with each other. I became so fucking hot
and wet watching them and my thighs went squeezing on their own as my
nectar continually flow from my lovehole. Megumi's form and bosoms are
almost identical with Kate's and it's like watching very beautiful and
sensual oriental versions of ourselves, of me and Kate. Saeko is so
lovely sucking and fondling Megumi's luscious bosoms. Megumi went so
fucking sexy as she lick and suck Saeko's lovely nubile body all over. As
Megumi is sucking and licking her lovely pussy Saeko went arching
writhing and twisting moaning and groaning really loud calling out her
gorgeous auntie's name and then she went "ohhh ***** chan uhh my baby!"
she went on calling out my name between moans and groans and then softly
calls out "Ac kun, ohh Ac kun and then Ri uhh Riiii!" I giggled softly
holding myself to go any louder.

I walked back to the kitchen as I can't stop giggling, as I find it so
cute sexy and very funny. I heard them scream as they came, "there we go" I
murmured raising the bottle of beer to them and then chuckled as I take
a sip. Minutes later I saw a pack of Megumi's lemon flavored slimmies, I
took out a stick and lights it. "Hey beautiful!" I heard Megumi as I pop
a cherry tomato to my mouth I turned to her as she closes the shutters
to the living room, she is wearing a sexy silken kimono short robe, just
like the one Saeko gave me and . Then a message alert chime came from
her laptop, she walks over it and opens it. "Oh I got me a message from
Kate, hmm what's up with my lovely whore" she said chuckling as she
reads a message. "Oh? uhm what did she say?" I asked sheepishly as it is
very unpolite asking about another's private message but I wanted to
know if there is anything there for me. "Uhm, n-nothing, nothing really
dahling, just some bitch stuff" she said in a rather suspicious tone as
she closes her laptop.

She sat on a chair very close to me and rest her elbow on the backrest
of the chair I'm on and caressed my head going behind the ear. She takes
the slimmy from my fingers and takes a puff then puts it on the ashtray.
"May I" she said as she held my bottle of light beer "yes of course" I
said smiling and she takes a long drink. "Oh gawd that bloody hits it!"
she exclaimed then burps, we giggled as she lightly wipe her lips. She
then took a cherry tomato and sexilly pops it in her lovely mouth as she
stared at me. "U-uhm how is I mean w-where is Saeko" I said "oh the wee
little cheescake fell asleep" Megumi said as she caresses me.

"Hope we are not any jealous are we, sweetheart?" she said as she went
on caressing me, her supple slender fingers grazed my cheeks and slowly
went down my neck. "N-no, why should I" I said forcing a smile getting
turned on by her touch. "I just missed my baby niece so much" she
sexilly murmured. She leaned and plants soft kisses on my cheeks, then
slowly going over my ear. I flinched and shivered as I felt her soft wet
tongue probing my ear, then she sucked and nibbled my earlobe, pulling
it gently with her teeth. Her lovely sensual mouth then explored my neck
and nape. I moaned bitelipped, and my body frozed as I get erotic
goosebumps all over my body. She gently turn my face to hers and she
kissed me, going so hot and sexy sucking my lips and tongue. Her supple
hands went inside my shirt and lovingly knead and fondle my bosoms,
twisting my stiff nipples.

Her kissing became very torrid as she dipped inside my knickers making
me flinch and shiver and my thighs went squeezing. She made my knickers
so soaking wet as she fondled my pussy. She gently pull me over to her
and made me sit on her lap. She pulled my shirt up exposing my bosoms
"you're very gorgeous sweetheart" she murmured caressing my sides,
feeling my form. She opens her robe exposing her lovely japanese 36ds
"y-you're very beautiful as ever" I murmured as I got mesmerized by her
lovely form. She lovingly suckled each of my round firm bosoms as I held
on her lovely shoulders.

My hands slides down her lovely boobies and lovingly knead and fondle
them as I rock and rub myself on her. I bumped the table and knocked the
bottle of beer, and I got awakened from my ecstasy. "Oopsie" I murmured
as I get off from Megumi to clean the mess. "Don't worry about it
dahling I'll take care of it" Megumi said smiling. "Uhm Megumi I reckon
I should go back to bed now" I said sheepishly "of course, sweetie" she
said smiling and kissed both my cheeks and my lips.

I slowly walked back to my room arms folded, I glanced back at Megumi
and she waved her fingers at me smiling as she clears the table and I
waved my fingers back smiling. I fell to the bed, and checked again my
laptop for any email nor any response to my chat invites. "Fuck you
whores!" I muttered and I slammed my laptop as I'm fucking very upset
and then my eyes became very heavy and I fell asleep.

I was awakened later that morning by Saeko who caresses and plants soft
kisses on my cheek and pulling my earlobe with her teeth murmuring "wake
up baby girl, wake up ***** chan!" I moaned and stretched as I turn to
her "Hi!" she said smiling with her lovely japanese eyes. "Hey ninja
girl!" I said sleepily as I touch her lovely cheeks. "Good morning!" she said
softly "morning? what the bloody time is it?" I said yawning as I rise.
"I sink its fifuteen aftur faibu" Saeko said "really?" I said with a
tone of contempt. "Why are you up so early?" I said as I open my laptop
"I orways wake up earuly, onri wiz you I sureep rong and wake up very
rate" she said holding me and looking over my shoulder.

"Fuck! bloody hell, buggers!" I yelled as I slammed my laptop. "Why
*****chan, uh you why so angury?" Saeko said looking a bit shaken. I
took a deep breath to calm myself "yeur not angury wiz me are yeu?"
Saeko said looking from below then makes cutesy faces "silly bitch, my
silly lovely, sexy, ninja bitch!" I said smiling as I caress her "I say Good moruning to yeu enza yeu not
kiss me!" she said with a sexy cute scowl on her face. "Oh bloody 'ell"
I said then kissed her slowly becoming torrid and I fondled her lovely
bosoms then roughly opening her robes exposing them "hows that for a
good morning kiss huh?" I said as I stare fiercely at her, she let her robe fall over her sexy shoulders and pulled our lips for another torrid kissing "ohhh **** chan y-you oruways makes me so fucking hot and wet uhhh" I dipped inside her knickers and and made it more sopping wet as I fondled and fingered her. then I saw Megumi kneeling outside our room looking at us beaming as she held a
hand to her breasts. She seem to be in such bliss as I pleasure her lovely niece. I felt more
hot as a lovely woman like Megumi watch me make love to another lovely girl.

"I want to feer orr oba(of) yeu" Saeko murmured aching with erotic heat
as she pulled my knickers off "now you takuh offa my panties, pureez I
want to make rav to you!" "didn't you just made love with your aunt last
night?" I murmured as I plant soft kisses all over her face while
pulling off her knickers. "Megumi I rav her too very big but she
diffurent speciar peruson, you I rav too very big and speciar, very
speciar" "Oh gawd Saeko..." I whispered thinking perhaps a hot passionate sex with
Saeko would calm my nerves, being very fucking bloody upset with Ac Li
and Kate. Saeko took my hands to her boobies which are swelling pink and
the nipples stiff, and she fondled mine.

"See baby? our boobies so big and pinku and owa nippurs very hard, suck
my nippurs **** chan! pureez zey feel so hard and hot" Saeko begged
whimpering I suckled her lovely round bosoms hard, suck pulling her
luscious chocolate nipples, gettin her moaning and groaning loudly"ohhh
**** chan my body feers o hot for you ohhh I'm so fucking wet for you
****chan. My hands slide down Saeko's supple nubile body down to her
luscious hairless virgin pussy. It is already fucking hot and moist and
I made it even more dripping wet and hot. Megumi bit her lip as she
watched Saeko in total ecstasy, her sweet smelling warm nectar flowing
profusely from her virgin flower.

Megumi watched as I went down my mouth never leaving Saeko's body and
pleasure every inch of the silk tofu like flesh between her legs with my
hands fondling kneading her lovely firm 36c boobies. Saeko kept calling
my name between moans and groans, as her pussy lips become more red
swelling her clit become more siff and throbbing she arched her
uncontrollable spasms become more intense as my tongue went inside her
tight wet lovehile, going as deep as it can, tasting her insides. I felt
Saeko is close to coming as she is caressing pushing my face harder on
her sweet smelling soft crotch. Saeko soon came hard with a sexy scream
and she fell on the bed panting as I went on sucking licking and
nibbling her womanhood. I saw megumi also touching herself going under
her robe, she bit her finger leaning on her elbow as it is propped by
the shutters.

She then went up tears falling and gently pull me up and I went along slowly, my
mouth not leaving her beautiful body until it reaches her lovely red
lips. She puts her arms around my neck "*****chan why I shtill so hot
and wet for you" she said whimpering "make rav to me pureez I want you
to fuck me"Megumi giggled softly as I kissed Saeko torridly rocking my hips very hard
smothering our soft wet pussies together, Megumi blows us a kiss as the
shutters slowly closed.

Saeko and I continued our very passionate loveplay as we take a hot
shower together. We went out to join Megumi at breakfast wearing robes
over lingeries. The shutters to her lovely zen garden were opened again with the subtle rays
of the rising sun cutting through the leaves. "Come to my arms my very
gorgeous dahlings" Megumi called in her very beautiful and sexy voice
just like Kates holding out her arms to us. We hugged with her very
tight, oh my lovely babies you're so adorable together uhmm" She
murmured sexilly and then she looked at Saeko and kissed her very
passionately and it was really fucking sexy and so beautiful as gorgeous
aunt and niece become so intimate then Megumi turned to me and murmured
"thank you for making my niece my lovely baby Saeko very happy, she
became more beautiful because of you, literally, she received more fan
mails, even from bleegh very old men" and smiled as she lovingly looked
at me, Saeko then whispered something to her ear and Megumi giggled

"Saeko says I should kiss you" she said "oh-ok" I replied chuckling softly
 and very excited. Megumi starts with soft kisses then lips
sucking and totally going very hard deep and very wet. "mmm you taste
really sweet dahling, just like my Saeko" Megumi said and she kisses
Saeko on the neck shaking her head, and Saeko became ticklish and went
giggling and began speaking in Japanese and Megumi grunted and looked at
her frowning, and Saeko grinned very cute making the v or peace sign.

We sat down again by the lovely lacquered tree table. It's so
relaxing as we have our sweet tofu and coffee. "Hurry with breakfast my
dahlings we have a long day ahead and she winked at me. "Megumi didn't go to work that day, but
carried work with her via laptop and her phone kept on ringing all day
as they gave me a tour of Tokyo. After working up a pail of sweat in
Megumi's posh gym in the city, we went out shopping and had me sample
japanese street munchies, and I came to like takoyaki very much.

The next morning we visited Saeko's family and had my first ride in a
bullet train. I met Saeko's parents and her two cute little brothers,
and gawd did I became so japanese as they are so traditional which is
quite fine. They were delighted with the gifts I brought with me from
london. I had only japanese food during our stay which is quite
different if not better than those that I've had in restaurants back
home, and gawd the etiquette and a lot of bloody bowing was such a stiff. We visited places and had baths in the hot springs. During my stay there I still haven't received not even one bloody email. We stayed there for three days and then went back to Megumi's place in tokyo.


At breakfast Megumi's doorbell rang, and Saeko and I looked at each
other wondering who the bloody hell it could be riinging the bell so
early. Megumi remained as she is, sipping her chamomile tea while working
on her laptop. "Dahlings would you be dears and see who's at the gate please"
Megumi said without taking her eyes off her laptop and Saeko and I each
responded with "hai!" "of course!" We hurriedly put on shorties (short
pants) and fixed our robes and ran to the gate. The bell rang again and
I yelled "coming!" and Saeko yelled it in japanese "thanks cheesecakes" I said panting.

We saw a cab driver by the gate tipping his hat, curious we opened the
gate and he then bowed to someone behind the wall and then bowed again to us
before getting back to his cab. We cautiously went out the gate to see
who it is.

"Hey dumpling" Li said calmly "sugar?" Ac also said calmly. Extreme
emotions slowly build inside going up like hot magma and then blew up
like a fucking bloody volcano as we all went hugging, jumping, yelling
shreiking and screaming really fucking bloody loud it even startled the
old policeman across the street and made him spill his coffee onto himself.

"Sorry sorry, my apologies sir" I yelled wincing and waving at the poor constable as I hug Li and Aci, Saeko even went bowing, shouting her apologies in japanese, and he bowed slightly tipping his hat and walked away chuckling and shaking his head. We pulled the two lovely whores inside and after we closed the gate again we again went jumping whilst holding hands, circling shrieking, screaming
like banshees around a may pole.

"You bloody whores what the fucking bloody hell you're doing here?" I
said giggling and laughing with excitement as we all hug again. Hey
bitch we can't bloody wait for the souvenirs we decided to come over and
shop for ourselves and I, we missed you already you slut!" Li said
squeezing me really fucking tight. I squeezed cheeks with them and
kissed them both.

"So uh how and wh-..." I asked panting and confused "Well remember that
building that got renovated the one beside the lot where you and bon bons here had mh-hm" Li said making rhetorical facial expressions "Uh I-yeah?" I said sheepishly as I recall that day when Ac and I did it in that lot "so what about it?" I asked "well those bloody workers messed
up bloody bad on an area, inspectors saw it and so school will not open
in another 2 weeks and 3 days, so Kate arranged for us to come here and
look after your sweet bums, soooo" Li said as she puts her arms around
my neck "sooo?" I replied with an eyebrow raised and locked my arms
around her shapely waist. "so we get to rock and party in japan
together, you'd like that don't you bitch?" Li said as we stare
teasingly at each other "no, you like it more whore" I said and we
giggled then kissed then as we went sucking lips, we saw Ac and Saeko
with both hands holding the other, swaying their arms, both are blushing
like foolish little girls with a crush. "Hi....Ac" Saeko murmured sheepishly then brushed a hair behind her ear and Ac replied "H- hello...S-Saeko" and also brushed her hair behind her ear. Li leaned
with a bent arm on my shoulder and she and I chuckled bobbing our eyebrows.

"So! who are these lovely young goddesses?" Megumi said walking towards
us tying her sash. I was about to speak when Saeko suddenly blurts very
excitedly "Oba uh Megumi chan, zese owa furends in rondon, zis Ac and
zat is Ri" Saeko presents them with her hands, "Ms Megumi" Li  and Ac murmured
and she and Ac bowed, Megumi chuckled "come on girls, really?" and hugged
and kissed them both "uh okay t-thats nice" Li said as she pats Megumi.
"Uh auntie can zey stay here too, wiza ***** and me?" Saeko said. "I
don't see why not? so these are the lovely angels Kate is telling me
about who would be flying over" Kate said, as it turned out she and Kate
are in cohorts with Ac and Li coming over to Japan.

"Come inside girls and get tucked in, let's continue this soiree over
breakfast" Saeko and I helped Ac and Li with their duffles as they carry
their backpacks and went inside the house. "Whoah" Ac uttered as we
leave our footwear and stepped inside "as if the garden isn't smashing
already Ms Megumi" "yeah!" Li said "you have a wickedly smashing home Ms
Megumi" "come on darlings, I'm still much of a modern london girl, just
Megumi, please, you're in my house not in a bloody charm school" Megumi
chuckled. After putting their bags in our room, we had breakfast
together and Ac and Li can't bloody stop moving their heads around,
marvelling the house. "Girls please, you'd hurt your lovely necks"
Megumi said chuckling as she sipped her latte and Saeko and I went

"We can't bloody help not admiring your house, Ms...(winces) uhm shit,
uh Megumi" Li said very excitedly "Truely" Ac added "everything screams
you M-uh Megumi" "thank you my lovely darlings, and it would honor me
very much if you make yourselves at home please my gorgeous dahlings
make my home your own" Megumi said "Thank you Mu ehr Megumi" Ac and Li
replied in unison and bowed, Megumi sighed and chuckled shaking her head. "My lovely dahlings you haven't touched your breakfast yet" Megumi urged "uhmm this is breakfast?" Li commented showing
contempt "what is this?" as she looks at her sweet tofu" "it's sweet tofu, it's very good and
it's food for royalty once and you're suppose to know it's tofu you're bloody chinese" I said.

"seriously? food of royalty? heh! I don't want to know what peasants are having, you have this everyday for breakfast?" Li commented and Ac nudged her with her elbow. "No bitch we had that
last week" I said tauntingly mad getting annoyed "Oh sorry sweetheart do you want something else?" Megumi said "uhm you're very much welcome to check the fridge for anything you'd like.

"Saeko dear take the lovely ms Li to the fridge and let her pick
anything she fancies there" Megumi said Saeko stood and accompanied Li
to the big fridge and I giggled because I know how Li would react once
she opens that fridge.

She and Saeko opened the fridge and the excitement on Li's pretty face
quickly fades. "Ooohh-kay" Li uttered with a look of contempt on her
face as she taps her chin with her fingers "wickedly star wars fridge
that's an incentive" "anthing wrong Li dahling" Megumi said "uhm Li was
expecting lardy and greasy fatty stuff like bacons hams cakes and the
like in your fridge" I said chuckling "Oh, uhm oh-k I'll have some
groceries for you delivered here then, dahlings be sure you be at the
ready when it arrives. "Thank you very much meg" Ac said bowing and then
she winced for calling Megumi that "Uh no no no sweetheart, I like it,
short simple sweet and kinda sexy" Megumi said chuckling.

Li still can't fancy anything from the fridge, "stirr not finding
anysing you rayk?" Saeko asked as Li kept puffing and sighing "hmm let's
see now the only tasty treat here is" she then cupped Saeko and torridly
kissed her, Saeko got taken by suprise first then she slowly closed her
eyes and her hands went limp. Ac and I squeezed together as we ooohhhd
with no sound. Li then let's go of Saeko then stares at her while she
licks and smacks her lips. "Yeah, right, you're the only tasty treat
here, and Saeko went blushing really intensely and she puts her hands to
her lips. Ac and I had our head down trying not to giggle as we grip
each other's hands

"Uh meg?" Li said "yes dahling?" Megumi responds still looking at her
laptop "May I have some of these gorgeous looking cheesecakes?" "yes of
course sweetheart help yourself" Megumi said chuckling. Saeko clapped and went
jumping like a little girl and she took 4 of the 6 inch cheesecake pans holding
them with her hands and chin, while Li still polite just taking 2 pans
of different flavors each.

Megumi grunts and looks with disapproval at Saeko and Saeko smiled making cutesy faces at
her as she puts down the pans on the table "I share zese" she said
grinning naughtily making the v or peace sign at Megumi. "Oh you
definitely must try these lovely japanese cheesecakes they're so fucking
exquisitely decadent" I said feeding a small wedge to Ac, Saeko bites on
a raspberry wedge then feeds me the other piece, then I feed her with a
piece Ac took a bite from, and her mouth got stuffed with 2 different cheescakes which is just fine with
her. "Good isn't it" I said and Ac uttered "mhmm" nodding and her lovely eyes widened with delight.

"hummmmmhhhhohohogawwdd" Li uttered with her mouth stuffed, swooning
to the decadent pleasure. "Oh my gawd this is so bloody smashing" Li
said with small wedges in each hand "My gawd Li dahling how were you
able to keep such a lovely figure if you eat like that?!" Megumi asked
with amazement as she sips her coffee. "She drinks ancient kung fu tea
and does some secret chinese exercises" Ac said giggling "oh really?"
Megumi said in a low tone with an eyebrow raised "Oh shut up bitch!" Li said and
stuffs Ac with a wedge and Ac winces and catches a big morsel from her
mouth, "oh bugger, you whore!" Ac said very annoyed "but I love you" and
she pulls Li and they kissed semi passionately she and saeko then feeds
each other with cheesecakes as I finish off their sweet tofus. Li then
feeds me with her wedge and then she and Saeko feed each other. Megumi
watches us smiling with her lovely head leaning on her elbow looking as
if her heart is melting.

"My gawd dahlings you all look so very cute together so sweet and
decadent than those confectionaries and we all blushed and bowed with
appreciation. Nine empty 6 inch aluminium pans later, we all can't help not
burping Li and Saeko being the loudest and Megumi grunted and frowned
and Saeko went tee hee doing the peace sign. "Oh my word, now that's
breakfast" Li said rubbing her slightly bulging tummy and she and Ac
bowed and thanked Megumi. "please dahlings, vous etes tres bienvenus mes
beaux cheris" Ac and Li both said "merci beaucoup" giggling. "We can't really help not marvel at your
wonderful home Meg" Ac said as she and Li again went turning their
heads. "Thank you again my lovelies" Megumi said chuckling and shaking
her head.

"well there's one more part of this house that you bitches should see" I
said and then looked at Megumi who nods smiling and then winked at me
"get your towels in the room bitches I'll meet your there" I said and I
winked at Saeko, then she Ac and Li stood up and after bowing to Megumi
they hurriedly went to our room with Saeko in the lead and holding their

"Come to me dahling" Megumi said looking very delighted, holding
out her slender supple arms to me, I crawled to her and we hugged very
tight. She then made me sit on her lap cowgirl style "Thank you for
making my Saeko very happy sweetheart" She murmured to my ear I looked
at her blushing and I brush my hair behind my ear as she looked at me lovingly I felt like an icecream melting in the bloody sahara. "Gawd you're so lovely sweetheart and your two girlfriends as well and I like, no love love love Li's feisty attitude it's fucking sexy" she murmured sexilly as she caressed my arms then behind my ear.

She lovingly cupped my face and gently pulled me to her
and passionately kissed me. I held on her wrist as I totally get
overwhelmed by her very sweet hot seduction. "I'm so happy you and and
your very lovely friends loved my dear lovely Saeko so much, but uhm can
you love me too?" Megumi murmured most tenderly and sexilly.

"Y-yess o-of course" I stuttered as I stare on her gorgeous strong japanese eyes just
like Saeko's, "Who would not love such, kind, intelligent,
compassionate, very beautiful and so fucking hot woman most of all?" I
said Megumi giggled with her hand to her mouth then she kisses me again,
and slowly unties my nightie I felt her supple hands on my boobies
outside my thin silk top. She opens my top and exposes my bosoms which
are now swelling and flushing pink, "mmm you are like Saeko's sister, and
your lovely nipples are like milk chocolate and strawberries" She lovingly
suckled each bosom making the nipples stiff in her hot sensual mouth.

I moaned as her lovely mouth feels and tastes as decadent and equisite
as many cheesecakes. "Ohh Megumi" I whispered with my eyes closed, as
her lovely sensual mouth explored my face then nibbled sucked and gently
pull my earlobes with her teeth. I bit my lip as her sweet hot mouth
explored every inch of my neck and nape "oh my gawd *****you're so
irresistible I can't wait to taste your friends too dahling!" Megumi
murmured passionately "I want to know why my Saeko is so madly in love
you!" I grunted bitelipped trying not to go so loud as I held on her
silken robe then instinctively I began fondling her sexy
luscious firm bosoms.

"Ohh sweetheart that feels so good and she made me sit on her lap
cowgirl style with thighs open, she then opens her silken robe and I
again beheld her divine oriental naked beauty, which is more vivid in
daylight, she wasn't wearing any knickers and she had a thin
patch of wavy dark hair on her fleshy pubis. I stared hungerily at her
gorgeous supple firm bosoms and their milk chocolate brown nipples much
like saeko's bon bons, only a wee bit bigger, Megumi has chocolate
truffles as Saeko has bon bons (it is just an erotic analogy folks
Saeko's nipples are not as big as chocolate truffles) Megumi looks at me
lovingly and I'm reading on her gorgeous face that she wanted me to
touch her.

Slowly and trembingly my hands crawled to her lovely supple firm bosoms
and we both groaned the moment my hands touched her lovely mounds of
flesh. I lovingly fondled her boobies and its feel reminded me of Kate
and I'm feeling and loving an oriental version of her, I got more heated
up as I felt her lovely nipples getting stiff in my hands. "I love the
feel of of your hands *****" Megumi murmured, I feel I've been brought
back to that time me and Kate cherished so much "Saeko is so lucky to be
loved by you sweetheart"She then unhooks and unzips my shorts getting me more aroused with

She then dips inside my already moist knickers making them even more
soaking wet as I felt a fondling matching that of Kates. I knead her
breasts harder making her gasp, and then I suck each them hungrilly I
went loving the feel of her pretty stiff nipples in my mouth on my
tongue.I let go of her boobies and groaned as I flinched and arched as I felt
her supple middle finger went in deep in my tight pussy. "Oh you're so
tight and wet and so soft inside just like my sweet Saeko" Megumi

She inserts her ring finger and fucked my lovehole with her middle
finger. He fingered so hard and deep I lifted my hips as held on her
shoulders. My hot lovejuice trickled profusely wetting the groin and
thigh area of my shorts. She pulled her fingers from my lovehole with a
squish, bringing my thighs together as the muscles contract. "hmmmm
yours smelled very sweet" Megumi murmured as she smelled her fingers and
then sucks and licks them and then giggled softly touching her lips and
eyes closed.

"Somehow you warm sweet love nectar reminded me of Kate
when we were very much virgins, li'l dahlings like you and Saeko" she
said as she lovingly caressed me putting hair behind my air as she
lovingly stared into my eyes. "You are so much like Kate, I remember
when we were your age, young innocent and beautiful, you even kiss like kate
when we were young, you bring so much happy nostalgia sweetie" Megumi

"You are still very beautiful Megumi you and Kate don't look your age
it's like 7 years were taken off each from both you" I said "Oh you're
very kind sweetheart" "no really" I said "well there's no secret to
youthful beauty sweetheart just be what you are don't let yourself be molded by
others, don't do things just to belong, you are your own queen, try to
enjoy the things that you like but never in excess. "Gawd Megumi you
talk just like my Kate" I murmured in wonderment.

"and you my very lovely one and my lovely Saeko remind me so much of
myself and Kate when we were your age" she said tapping my nose with her
index finger. I hope you go on like us" she said smiling "I think we will be and now theres 4 of us and who knows more will be added to our number" I said "that's nice, sweet dahling, Kate and I only had each other then that is why until now we're bonded stronger than twins, even if we have new friends there are no one else in our inner circle but us two" she murmured. She then tells me to go back to Saeko and the others.

"Go sweetie, have fun" she murmured I kissed her passionately cupping
her face. "Ohhh Kate" she whispered and smiled at me she closed my top
lacing it lightly "Vamos mi niña bonita" She lovingly murmured. I slowly
walk stooped, hands together forming a single fist. Glancing back at
Megumi she waves her fingers at me. I giggled as I felt my cheeks
blushing again as I held my fisted to my crotch, and then as I look up I
saw Saeko leaning by the wood beam smiling. "Uh-h-hey cheese cakes" I
murmured and she raised her eyebrow still smiling.

I held her hips going sheepishly "sweetie? is there anything amiss? uh
anything I-I should know" and she remained staring at me smiling. I
pulled her close to me "come on Saeko you're driving me mad with that
bloody stare" I said getting annoyed. "Wat would yeu do to me if woulz I
not shtop?" Saeko muttered teasingly, her right leg bending caressing my
legs with her knee. "What do you think I would do" I said and slide down
my hands to her sexy bums and squeezed them hard making her groan. "Why
is zis oopen" She murmured making circles on my chest with her right
index finger playing with the laces. I looked at Megumi and she also is
looking at us smiling, with her chin resting on her elbow.

She slowly opens my top lightly exposing my bosoms which are again
flushing pink. "Who open zis? who touchuh yeur boobies?""Are you jealous
baby cakes?" I whispered she just smirked raising her eyebrow. She then
kissed me passionately and I responded as I always do. As I got so
heated with sucking my neck and ears with so much erotic passion I saw
Megumi wiping her eyes of tears and yet she seemed very happy. Either
she is very happy for Saeko or we did remind her of Kate and her when
they were very young.

We then Knocked over a very expensive ming vase, I caught the stand and
Saeko did her ninja girl thing and caught the vase with her fingers,
knees bent and she is on her toes like a ballerina she puts back the
vase holding it by her finger tips. I saw Megumi eyes widened with both
hands to her mouth. Li and Ac went of the room and saw us returning the
vase. "Uh we knocked off the vase and you should've seen Saeko with her
anime ninja like graceful moves. "no rearry itsu jast gymnastics and
aikido" "are you two fucking whores having ice cream without us?" Li said with
Ac clinging to her arm clicking her mouth shaking her head, then they both dragged us into
room, and threw us on the bed, Ac went on top of me, going cowgirl and
pinned my arms. Li did the same to Saeko but tickled her.

"bad bad bad birl" Ac said tauntingly and clicking her mouth, eating
icecream without inviting your bon bons and ricecakes huh?" She then
sucks and licks me and Li is still tickle raping Saeko, and then went
down kissed her and Saeko puts her arms and legs around her. "Uh Ac,
sugar, bon bons uhmph" I uttered "what you don't like icecream?" "no you
whore you turning me so fucking on and I have to show you bitches
something. Li rubs her sexy body on to of Saeko as they kiss
passionately. Ac giggled and locked mouths with me, we kissed long hard
and deep. "uhmm" I said making taunting cutesy faces "great icecream
what was that passion fruit or chocolate?" "call it hot fucking bon bon fudge
ala Ac mode, Sugar!" Ac murmured sexilly. "uhmm sexy I think want more of it"
and we went giggling "I missed you we missed you so fucking bad sugar,
Ac whispered" "me to bon bons, I'm so fucking bloody happy you're both
here" as I lovingly caress and stare at her Ac beamed as she caressed me
then pressed her chest with mine letting me hear her sexy heartbeat.

"Feel that sugar?" she said and I nodded "bon bons love her sugar so
much!" Ac murmured so lovingly and again we kissed passionately and then
we shuddered as we felt something in our crotchs. Were so afraid it's
our period we sat down huffing puffing "ready bon bons?" I said "ready
sugar" she replied we dip into our panties and pull our hands out and we
both sighed with relief it's just a sudden burst of love juice. We
hugged giggling and sucked each other's fingers clean. We turned at Li
and Saeko, and watch as they have icecream, and li went rape tickling
her and Saeko kept saying no no no stop iye iye
stop yamite! while giggling and laughing.

Saeko and I showed them the awesome zen bathroom "Oh bloody wicked, it's
a resort!" Ac said as she and Li gets mesmerized even more "I know
right" I said "I could die here" Li said. "How bout it bitches?" I said
as I held both Ac and Li "let's get you out of these clothes shall
we?"We helped each other undress, Me with Li and Saeko with Ac giggling
and excited as we went most probably thinking as I do that some hot steamy shower sex
would most likely happen. We neatly folded our clothes on some
huge stones and I dimmed then totally shut off the lights with the touch
panel, letting the natural light coming from the dome give a sensual tropical

We all huddled giggling in the rain type shower, playing with the temp
and mode and direction of the waters. Li sexilly sat, in waterfall mode, with her
back inclined by smooth stones. She moaned as the semi hot water
massaged and caressed her shoulders "Ohh thank you Kate thank you love
love love you" Li said with her eyes closed and Ac and Saeko went down
and joined her laying their heads on each of her shoulders and their
arms and legs over her. I went bitelipped as I got a naughty idea, I
suddenly changed the temp to tap that is semi icy cold and they went shrieking
and screaming.

Theres also ambient piped in music (in case I haven't mentioned it yet
to you girls and boys) and music can either be from stored files or from
the internet via laptop also video is shown on a big led screen that
seemed to magically appear and disappear on the bathroom wall. I made my
"shower party" semi karaoke (that is the vocals are lowered just a wee
bit) music video selections and we went singing dancing going as wild
and as rockstars as we can be in the shower, to madonna's get into the
groove, burning up, like a virgin, cherish - to which Ac does a very
good if not perfect Madonna.

We also had Heaven is a place on earth by belinda carlisle, fading
like a flower and joyride by roxette, touch myself by divinyls, wild
thing cover by joan jett, shake the disease cover by hooverphonics, love
is a battlefield by pat benatar, because the night 10,000 maniacs, once
in a lifetime by gregorian, Toy soldiers by martika, Love is a battlefield by pat benatar (I strongly suggest you listen to these female vocal picks while
reading my stories)

To even classics from blokes like You spin me round (like a record) by
dead or alive, beautiful ones by suede, centerfold by j geils band, your
kiss by hall & oates, don't you (forget about me) by simple minds, pour
some sugar on me by def leppard and cherry pie by warrant.

"Hello girls!" we heard Megumi's lovely voice and I lowered the music's
volume. "May I join you?" she said smiling and opens her robe and
reveals her gorgeous body to both Li and Ac the first time. "Oh-my-gawd"
exclaimed "or aptly goddess" Ac added (while cherry pie is playing
coincidentally). Megumi put her robe and knickers over the rocks with
our clothes and walked gracefully towards us tossing her silken raven
hair. We huddled holding each other as well admire her gorgeous form

"Oh my stars and bosoms, look at you! dahlings" Megumi exlaimed as she
looked at
our wet naked bodies and we at her "you're like lovely nymphs in a
spring!" and we all went giggling "I really must paint you dahlings like
this sometime" she continued. Megumi joined us in our shower party,
dancing and singing with us, and then Megumi took a loofah like sponge
and said
to me, "would you be a dear and do my back dahling? you do me and I do
you" and she winked at me, then we all went bathing japanese style,
sitting on stools scrubbing each other's backs but under a warm drizzle
and we rinsed with water coming from all directions and also splashing
water at each other with wooden buckets.

Japanese baths usually have big hot tubs in which members of the family
would dip
themselves after scrubbing off, and another thing is revealed as the
bath opens to the other side of the zen garden with a huge pond and a
waterfall that is the hot tub, happy days. Anyhoo we didn't take a dip
as we have already spent more than an hour in the bath and Ac and Li
haven't had their rest yet.

"We must have used if not wasted water enough to grow an oasis" Li said
as we towel
each other off "Oh don't worry about it dahling" Megumi replies "the
water that goes on the drains gets recycled as we speak"
"truly?" Ac said in amazement "Oh indeed sweetheart, the water gets
filtered, treated and mineralized then pumped back to a cistern under
the house. "So it's just like bathing with evian or voss always" I said
"mhmm" Megumi said shrugging "who says one can't be green and posh at
the same time" Ac remarked and we all laughed.

"So how did my ricecakes and bon bons able to fly here?" I said hugging
them both with towels draped and robes on the bed as each lay their
lovely heads on my shoulders Ac is caressing arms and legs and making
cutesy faces with Saeko as she rest her chin on Ac's raised knee, "Jade
got my bums covered, as always" Li replied sexy looking with robe off

"mum didn't agree at first" Ac said with a towel draped "and Kate had
casual tea with her saying she would very much like moi being with your
sweet bums for a bit of cultural learning, and yes your mum and dad
already knows but don't worry you have your bums covered as well, I
reckon you email them asap bon bons, and you get them bloody awesome
souvenirs sugar" Ac said and kissed my cheek.

""Girls?! would you all come here! my gorgeous babies?" we heard Megumi
calling out and we all hurried to where she is. She is dressed very
corporately beautiful and posh and we're still in our towels and robes,
"very Kate ish" Li whispered and Ac and I giggled. "I'm very sorry
dahlings I can't take you out on a date today, bloody off from the
office for four days and I must do fucking damage control" she said.
"That's quite allright luv" Li said "We still have a week and 5 days"
"whah? pardon me I..." I said very confused as I knew I only have 3 days
before flying back to england. "Don't worry about it sweetheart" Megumi
said caressing my cheek and she winked at me. "So! I leave my little
temple to you now my lovely angels, and if any of you bitches can drive
and HAS" she said very strongly "a license you can use my other car or I
can send a driver for you" "Oh that's ok meg" Li said then ran quickly
to our room and came back. "In yours bitches!" she said doing the rock
horn fist and holding up her license reeking with the scent of new

And we all huddled to her jumping and screaming except for Megumi,
"bitch when did you?" I asked "and how we didn't know you had lessons"
Ac added "Jade had been giving me lessons and also went to driving
school" "and you didn't let us know you whore!" Ac and I said frowning
"well I'd like to surprise your sweet boobies off" Li said chuckling.
"Omedetou gozaimasu" Megumi said beaming "Arigatou Gozaimasu,
Shinsetsude totemo kireina josei anata ni kansha" Li said bowing and
looks at us bobbing her eyebrows and smirking as Ac Saeko and I all
gaped at her "you're welcome congratulations again my dahling" Megumi
said chuckling as she hugged Li then kissed her. "Gawd I've so wanted
to say that before I loose it, I learned some japanese phrases prior to
our coming here" Li winked. (it really did worked sexilly for Li though
chinese, as she had that punky anime look with that raised pony tail of

We walk Megumi to her car still in towels and short robes. "Now
dahlings don't wait up on me I might stay again in the office and theres
my other car" Megumi said pointing to her subaru" "now do be careful and
I mean it, you're more precious cargo my babies than that bloody car"
Megumi said strongly "uhm I think we'd like to go out trying the trans
here for awhile, I think that's loads of fun" Ac said "and perhaps
tomorrow, I feel a wee bit tired" Li said yawning and stretching. "And
in case you'd like to 'partee' (as she shakes her bums a li'l) The bar
is well stocked and I'd be sending more light beers with the groceries
and lots of munchies for a glutton-princess-I-don't-know-how-she-keeps-
herself-hot-and-sexy!" Megumi said while pinching Li's cheeks

"hmm partee, too bad I wasn't able to bring few 'flavored smokes'" Li
said "we can still party hard without them bitch" I said with an arm
around her waist "it's just sprinkles on our sundae" Ac added clinging
on her arm then Megumi and Saeko winked at each other and Saeko nods
lightly. "Come here dahlings" and we all hugged "uhmm I want to take as
much youthful aura and energy with me" Megumi making gigil with us and
kisses each of us.

and then she breaths and exhales "Haaahh! I'm ready to face monsters!
she said chuckling" she said as went in her lexus. "Ta-ta dahlings!" She
said waving her fingers and then blew us a kiss as her car rolls out,
and we all went bowing until the car went out the gate and then the gate
automatically closes.

"so what now?" I said as I held Ac and Li and Saeko cling on Ac with her
head on her shoulder. "I d-don't know, sleep first?" Li said yawning
"that bloody rocking bath was so relaxing!" And we went back inside the
house laughing and giggling. After putting on shorties and shirts we
jumped on our smashingly comfy bed. "Oh gawd this is so fucking comfy"
Li said "see you later bitches, I love you my gorgeous DAHLINGS" she
said mimicking Megumi and we all kiss and hug each other. Ac and her
lay holding each other as they slept betwixt Saeko and I, and we caress
and plants soft kisses on them as we lay down with them, with Saeko on
Ac and I on Li. "are yeu very happy now? Saeko said. "Are you?" I said
smiling she takes my hand and squeezed it "I am very very very happy as
yeu are!" She said her eyes glistening. I smiled and took her hand to
my face and caressed my cheeks with it and kissing it. We kissed
passionately over Ac and Li. "You're having icecream again without us?"
Ac said sleepily and li grunted in her sleep. Saeko and I went giggling
and went down on Ac and shared the 'ice cream' with her and Li as she

Saeko and I were awakened by the doorbell and we ran to see whose at the
gate. Theres a delivery truck at the front and the japanese man bowed
tipping his cap and the other a filipino guy in his late twenties said
"wow! tsampiyun ang gaganda!" as Saeko and I bowed and got me really

Saeko talked to the younger japanese guy in japanese and directs them
to take the truck around back.Saeko guided the nice japanese man
carrying boxes after boxes of groceries inside the pantry. As the annoying filipino guy just stood by
oggling at us. "You uh live here alone alone?" He said with a funny
accent "No" I replied not looking at him "we're with our uncles and
cousins, they're out patrolling" I said"ah they are pulis man" the
annoying filipino went on. The nicer japanese kept bowing kept bowing tipping his cap as he went back to his truck for more groceries. "You very very pretty
and your kasin is she your kasin or sister?" he went on, I sighed and said "salamat!"

"ay galing, you know tagalug?" he said very excitedly "oo
konti lang" I said very surly still the fucking prick went on "ah may lahing pinay
kaba? (gawd I hate that word as I prefer Filipina, and I find pinoy or
pinay as demeaning as it means all negative stereotypes which makes even
sensible Filipinos the laughing stock of the world and the philippines a
basketcase)"buti nakilala kita hahah ubus na ingles ko at di ako matutu tuto mag
nihonggo kahet sobra isang taon nako sa japan"

"Siguro uhm because bobo ka? and hindi ako gusto ikaw makilala" I said
very surly with an eyebrow raised "ah hindi ah, ang taas ata ng tinapus
ko sa pinas, madami ngang nagkakagusto sakin pati ma nga tisay kaso
gintilman ako eh matatalino at malakas sa chicks ata ang mga lalaking
pinoy hahah" he bragged in the usual pinoy pride style, the younger
japanese guy bowed tipping his cap at me then taps the annoying pinoy
speaking in nihonggo pointing at the truck and he said "oki oki" telling
him to wait motioning with his hands.

(forgive me for saying this guys, but this is one of the reasons why
Japan is so ahead of the philippines, why most japanese men are far
better than pinoys in terms of attitude. The japanese are more hard
working, dedicated, reserved, honorable, hindi ko nalalahat ang lahat
nang filipino guys but as I have observed lalo na when I came to live in
manila, the pinoys are very hubristic, very mayabang and pretentious,
always what do you call it? papansin and I'm sorry a lot are hypocrites
and are opportunistic although there are a lot of nicer ones especially
my girl friends here. Pinoy men are always drooling over mestizas and
trying to get lucky as if they're all so adorable men)

"ang ganda ganda mo talaga pati kasama mo, baka gusto mo makuha number
ko or baka pwede ko makuha selpon mo?" he went on "gusto mo makuha
cellphone ko? why wala ka ba pambili nang cellphone?" I said very surly
"ah hindi hahah baka lang kasi gusto mo lumabas minsan" making me more
really fucking irate. "Listen isn't it your job to make deliveries?
and not flirting and annoying customers? I said very loudly "o o wag ka
mainis ang ganda ganda mo pa naman" the stinking bloke said and was
about to touch my arm "Don't you dare! you bloody wanker!" I said
slapping his hand with the list "ang taray mo naman nakikipagkaibigan
lang naman ako!" he said frowning "chaka tagalog nalang mga pilipino
naman tayo!" (yeah right typical line of pinoys who can't speak english
very well, would just pretend to be patriotic)

Saeko ran to me and the japanese guy put down the box he was carrying
and went to us. "***** chan what is wrong?" Saeko said as she held me
"this stinking pinoy wanker has been annoying me, instead of doing his
fucking job, he has been very uncourteous disrespectful and quite
lecherous" I said angrily"and if you are mataas natapos as your stinking blustering mouth says
then bakit ka dito sa japan and working as a delivery man?" I said still
erupting like a fucking volcano"

Saeko spoke with the japanese guy and
he took off his cap and went bowing to me saying apologies in japanese
and then he taps the fucking pinoy prick telling him to get back to work
and the prick said "sobra ka naman makapang lait ayaw mo ba akong maging
kaibigan?!" he said chuckling "Go!" I yelled and the japanese man pulled
him and as he passed by us with groceries he grinned at me stoking my
fires even greater. Saeko scoffs "him is very irritating" she said "I
know, baby would you call the shop and tell them about what happened" I
said "sure *****chan" and gets her phone "also tell Megumi about it"

(pinoys are like that, acting so courteous and friendly to foreigners and after knowing someone is Filipino or has filipino lineage they they become fucking opportunistic wankers, of course there are still those who are sensible, really nice and I don't call them pinoys but Filipinos)

As the delivery guys went to us after putting in the groceries I said
"tell the shop about the inappropriate behaviour of this annoying pinoy
wanker, so that they will fire him and put a stain in his record!" I
said angrily "ay naku wag naman, day, may pamilya ako sa pinas, parang
awa mo na please, hindi ako madaling makakapaghanap nang trabaho pang
limang trabaho ko na to!" the fucking prick begged. "Yes I'm talking to
Megumi now she will call shop" Saeko then covered the mouth piece "she's
very angury" she whispered and the man whose name is ronnie as indicated
on his shirt pocket became teary eyed and sweating "jusku naman para di
tayo magkababayan, parang awa mo na wag nyo na akong ireport!" the
monkey begged. "Oh please! we-are-NOT magkababayan, I was born in
england, and please do not make me think all pinoys are as despicable as
you are, you filthy wanker, I will not consider very mabaho pricks like you as
kababayan! eVer!" I said very surly "please leave before you pee on our
ground" I continued.

"Also tell them how this bloody stinking pinoy prick behaved lecherously
to minors!" I said "huh ilang taon ka na ba miss? nakupu wag malalaman
nang ma nga tao sa pilipinas to wag po maawa kayo! nakakahiya ako" and I
felt even more sadistic as I fucking hate such men who behave like most
of the persians arabs and indians back home.The japanese guy pulled him
up as he was about to go down on his knees and beg and went bowing to me
and Saeko as he put on his cap, his celphone rang and he answered it and
all I can understand is "hai, hai" as he talked in full obeisance to
someone over the phone while he looked at ronnie and kept bowing at us
as he and the pinoy prick went back to their truck. Ronnie went sobbing
and wiped his eyes. "And make bloody sure he can never find work again
anywhere in tokyo!" I shouted and ronnie went sobbing even more as the
truck drove off.

"Ohhh fuck what a rush, that felt good" I said as the automatic gate
closes "You ok ***** chan, my sweet baby?" Saeko said as she held me
looking very concerned "I am now cheese cakes!" I muttered giggling and
then rubbed noses with her then we kissed and rubbed noses again "yeu're
very brave and show zat asshole whose bossu" she said giggling "you rook
very sexy I rayk it" she said making cutesy faces bitelipped and I
beamed and squeezed her bums. We then went back inside to arrange the

Saeko and I made dinner singing dancing to Jpop music mostly her group's
songs and I came to like it pretty much since she gave me a cd of her
unpublished songs. Supper is a sumptuous and sexy, a japanese european
fusion, we made japanese style carbonara with lots of japanese bacon
cubes for Li, spicy udon noodle salad with crab and shrimps and
minestrone with tofu. Dessert is flaming liquored ice cream and the

We went to our room to wake Li and Ac. "wake up rice cakes, wake up bon bons" we murmured lovingly as we plant soft kisses and caressed them, both yawned and
stretched "uhmm what's up bitches?" Ac said sleepily "hey whores," Li said yawning "gawd that was really pussy licking sleep
ever! I love this bed!" "We made dinner for yeu bitches" Saeko said.
"Oh really?" Li said sarcastically "what are we having?" "hmm what would
you like?" I said teasingly "hmm I feel like having japanese and some
english muffins" Li said teasingly "And so very dear of you bringing
dinner to bed I like having dinner in bed" Ac said smiling wickedly,
Saeko and I looked at each other confused with mouths open.

Li and Ac pulled then us down, kissing and fondling us. "Mhmm love
dinner in bed" Li murmured sexilly "I know right" Ac added as they went
on lovingly molesting us"uhmm bitches uhh supper is getting cold" I said
getting heated up as Ac licks and kisses me and Li on Saeko "isn't this
dinner?" Li said "Ice cream is for dessert" I said as Saeko and I pulled
them up "and speaking of ice cream..." I said "we have very shexy
dessert, framing ayshcream and brueberry cheesecake" Saeko continued
"hmmm" Li and Ac said "sounds sexy" Ac said.

Saeko and I led them to the beautiful low black tree table the shutters
opened to the zen garden and waterfall. "Uhmm nice and posh" Li
remarked "nice work sugars I like it" Ac said and hugged and kissed me
and Saeko. We sat down to dinner serving and feeding each other
washing them down again with Saeko's choice of sauvignon blanc.
"Excellent choice of wine cheesecakes" I said "hear hear" Ac and Li said
in unision as we raised our glasses to Saeko and she blushed and giggled
as she bowed. We had dessert cuddling and feeding each other of the
flaming ice cream with dark chocolate liquer and blueberry cheesecake,
as we watch the lovely waterfall and the koi pond by the edge of the
elevated flooring.

"The water fall hot pond really looked fucking sexy" Li said referring
to other waterfall and pond adjacent to the bathroom  and still part of the lovely zen garden. "Wouz yeu rayk to take a dip Li chan?" Saeko said as she feeds Li with icecream and cheesecake "uhm perhaps tomorrow? after we party hard tonight?" Li replied with a mouthful of
the dessert "Yeah!" Ac Saeko and I yelled raising our horn fist in the
air. We finished dessert sharing a slimy.

We did the dishes together and then Li and I made some mini kebabs skewering very thin strips of spiced marinated kobe beef and pickled peppers on little
metal skewers while Saeko again makes a batch of her famous fish and prawn tempura and croquettes mixing them with chips in a thermal bowl (these are just
regular crisp potatoes in a bag like lays) and she made sweet soy and wasabi dip with shredded daikon. As I was making dips with japanese mayo and herbs Ac
puts her arms around my hips and laying her head on my shoulder. "I'd like some nachos heavy with cheese and drowning in heavy spicy meatsauce and olives"
she said puppishly, "we'll have them next time bon bons" I said "then she looked at me trying to mimic puss in boots (from shrek)" "come on bon bons here try
this" I said as I pop a tempura fry in her mouth "it's good" she says but I'm fucking craving for some" she said doing cutesy faces "we can get resheepi for
chiri furom inturonet" Saeko suggested and I looked at her frowning and she made cutesy grinning doing peace sign.

"here I found resheepi for chiri" Saeko said looking at a laptop. "Oh bugger, alright, we check the pantry if we have something to build your nachos" I said
and Ac went shrieking like a little girl as put her arms around my neck, "Love you sugar" she murmured and I looked at her with contempt and then she kissed
me, we then got long hard and deep until Li pinched our bums. "You too cheesecakes!" and Ac hugged Saeko and they went pecking each other's lips like hens.
We went inside the pantry and found olives, spices, chunky tomato sauce, a jar of cheeze wiz and a small bag of tortilla. Li toasted the tortilla Saeko and
I made the sauce as per the recipe, browning lots of kobe beef that Saeko grounded earlier, spiced it up with onions garlic and turmeric before adding the
olives and made it hot as Ac likes it.

We put the food in oven to keep them warm as we do the dishes and then we then proceded to the sunken living room with the food and bottles of light beer of
and packs of the squid pulleys called otsumami and also cracker peanuts. As the kebabs went slowly grilling at the fireplace in the center of the living room (it's a modern take on
a japanese sunken fireplace with lavastones and a brass chimney exhaust above it) we dimmed and turned off some of the lights Ac and Li went jester with the
light's touch controls as we light some candles. I added my favorite selections with our music (you know what they are) as we are getting a bubbly in the
bar. We sexily unzip and pull down each other's shorties going in our cute and sexy knickers and shirts.

Li said "well everything is set, food beer and bubbly checked, hot and sexy whores checked" and we did poses "mood and music checked and checked, slimmy
fags (cigarettes) checked, too bad we don't have any of my flavor smokes" Li continued. Saeko smiled and said "come wiz me" and she opened a door behind
the shelf and a staircase led to a small cool cellar with lots of wines. "Oh bloody 'ell" Li said as we all went wowing "I want this to be my tomb!" and
then Saeko opened a cabinet and brought out a middle eastern brass and glass hookah shisha "oh cool wheres the fucking genie" Ac said. "Megumi chan want us
use zis for paruty" Saeko said and we took the quite heavy thing from her and she gave Li a pack of apple cinnamon tobacco and a bag of dried weed as in weed
Li hugged her tight "oh gawd I love you so much cheesecakes!" "have you tried it?" I said as it will be my first time, "no zis be my first time too she texted me where to look for it"

We went up from the small cellar after selecting a big bottle of rather expensive dom, more expensive that we've had before, I'm sure Megumi won't mind. As
always we partied hard eating drinking smoking the weed infused flavored tobacco from the hookah. Dancing and rocking to Heaven is a place on earth, Wild
thing (by the jetts of course), joyride and fading like a flower, I touch myself, shake the disease, and some Madonna hits which became Ac's favorite, get
into the groove, burning up and cherish and many others which she did a a very good madonna. (so folks just imagine a prettier taller and much better version of anne curtis with better singing voice and better boobies singing and dancing in shirt and knickers).

Later we went senti, and danced slow holding each other, our heads on another's shoulder. Slowly going around, when slow female vocal songs like once in a
lifetime by gregorian Martika's Toy soldiers and Crazy for you played on, at the end of which were all fucking sobbing and kissing hugging each other. When
love is a battlefield went on we again went wild and sexy. Li and I then sat down smoking hookah as we sip bubbly, as we watch Saeko teaches Ac dancing to
jpop songs. "We like you whores better doing THE DANCE!" Li yelled cupping her mouth "Yeah!" I said and we went clapping wooping and cheering, "come on
bitches entertain us we're bloody fucking paying customers" Li shouted, I took the remote chuckling and played Cherry pie and pour some sugar on me and wild
thing by the Joan Jett, centerfold by j geils band and many others.

Ac and Saeko went dancing hotter wilder hotter and sexier than ever, rubbing and rocking their sexy nubiles touching and caressing each, as Li and I we went
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