My ODDyssey chapter 3 backstory Li and Ac

January 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey chapter 3 backstory Li and AcBefore we continue with my Japan ODDyssey, I know lots of you blokes and
lads wanted, if not fucking bloody dying to know how I met Li, her
cousin Jade and Ac (most especially her since I described her as being a
splitting image of anne curtis, only with auburn hair and slightly
oriental hazel brown eyes and yes, way better bosoms)

from diary 2004, 2005, 2006

Li is a year and 2 month's older than I am, and she's a leo. Li is one
of those very pretty, sexy, cute english oriental girls whose sexuality
people may see as being seemingly ambiguous, as she is very tomboy ish,
she has a really stong personality, bloody tough, that is why we get
along, her style is a wee dark, punk, she has two body piercings, simple
gold and diamond barbells on her belly button and tongue, the latter
which is kept secret from her family. She is somewhat a wee bit gothic
ish, but it really works for her and she could be a model if she wanted
to, her parents are both chinese, her dad an immigrant and her family,
as fucking always, tied to bloody old traditions. We go to the same posh
school where my Kate, is the headmistress of our division or level
(principal, duh?) and the youngest headmistress at 26 if not the most
posh smart and gorgeous. Not being stereotypical of the chinese but Li
was really fucking bloody good with math and often she helped me with my
math lessons. We were not close then being at different classes and of
different age and crowd and she was among those whom I have fucking big
crushes and pleasure myself to before we became close (teehee)

Anyhoo I frequent this particular offy (that's convenient store for you)
one of those big chinese owned, 7-11 and mom and pop ish grocers that
dotted london, which I prefer over those indian, iranian, pakistani and
arab owned shops not being racist though, but I really bloody fucking
hate how most of their men behaved and SMELL! most of those shops really
do reek and the men even the really old ones oggling, lecherous and
always trying to impress you with their possessions, stinking wankers,
oh BUGGER!" I saw her at the shop as I was in line with my purchases,
and she was this really very pretty and very shapely, really fucking hot
yet very tomboyish young chinese girl with her silken black hair tied to a
pony tail and she has some hair over her face, like an anime character,
and she seem to be the super of the shop. She saw me at the end of a
long line kicking my heels and blowing hair from my face, and had a
counter opened for me and personally punched my items, and we recognized
each other as going to the same school, and at first I thought how could
someone like her going in a posh school work in a grocer even if she is
the supervisor and very young at that, and I learned the offies were
owned and run by her family and relatives, so very chinese, where the
children are made to look after the business at a young age.

I frequent the store more often, being very attracted to her as I came
to know her more, we became close at school going to lunch together,
helping with homework, not stereotyping because she's chinese but is hes
very very very bloody good with math, and we used to hate Kate together
(being very bloody strict and a tit and we're among those who use to
call her Jadis the white witch or the snow queen because of her icy
disposition and very wicked rule)and eventually I met her cousin Jade
who is as equally pretty and tough but more reserved and a year older
than she is, and they do deliveries together sometimes as Jade already
got her license, until recently Jade was very straight and even had a
steady boyfriend. Before I can only have bubblies and fizzies and other
alcoholic drinks at Kate's place, and because of Li I have unlimited
supply of booze at a big discount and oftentimes free but only she and
Jade had to make the delivery I also learned to smoke a little weed from

Li and I became open with our sexuality, like myself she has very little
interest in boys. We became very intimate, we kissed and pet each other
the first time in school and she was the first girl I ever kissed in
school and one time we can longer bear the 'heat' she closed shop and
sent the workers home early with groceries. (We had our first sex weeks
after my first experience with Kate) I remember what Li said after our
first hot kiss, "gawd , whoah! I feel like not bloody wanting wash me
mouth for a month. "

We began with torrid wet kissing and petting as we undress each other it
really drove us both mad with passion as it is the first time we saw
each other naked, and she is really fucking gorgeous, from head to toe,
and she also thinks the same of moi and loved my face bosoms and round
supple bottoms, and my smooth supple pussy, from then on she frequently
shave down there. We went licking sucking nibbling every inch of each
other's lovely nubile bodies and went tribbing hard going as fucking
bloody loud as we can, while on top of the counters, we orgasmed a lot
and we finished in time before the next shift arrives. I was Li's first
sexual experience one of the reasons she became emotionally attached
with me. My sex with li was always very wild, hot and very very wet,
passionate, and very romantic as with Kate Saeko and Ac, though it was
as of the current wee bit more serious with Kate and Saeko. Though
passionate and close that we are we never got jealous of each other's
sexual encounters with other girls, sometimes we even share.

One day we got so fucking hot but it was a busy day with a bloody lot of
customers, and we did our first daring sex in the storage and we forgot
to lock and Jade caught us naked kissing torridly and tribbing hard on
top of the produce, behind the shelves she gasped and then she went
giggling as we look at her and a hurriedly walked out of the storage she
even locked the doors for us allowing us to finish. The three of us had
coffee afterwards and Jade said while giggling "you we're always a
bloody tomboy, but not a fucking dyke as you don't look like one, and
then looks at me giggling, and you also ***** no one would ever think
someone as gorgeous as you are would be into girls! but I always knew
ling ling would be a lezzie. my gawd ling ling you started early!" and
Li made cutesy taunting faces "guess I won the bet early huh ling ling?"
Jade went on "what was it? uhmm maxing out your card, doing my work, and
treating me to movies and posh dinners from now on?" Jade said
tauntingly and then Jade and I went laughing and Li chuckled tauntingly
shaking her head. Li and Jade are very close cousins and Li would always
be jealous of Jade's boyfriend and has never shown any wee bit of
niceties to him no matter how nice and handsome he was, Li sour attitude
towards Jade's boyfriend became worse when he and Jade tried to set her
up with his equally cute brother.

And going over to Ac, and as I've mentioned to you folks earlier she was
the only daughter of a close family friend and we met at a sunday
service, her parents being both catholics, she's a year older than I am
and she's a virgo, and besides being a splitting image of anne curtis
with auburn hair and slightly more oriental hazel brown eyes and way
better bosoms, she is also "malaking bulas" like I am. She was enrolled
in the same school Li and I go to after they move in to london from the
north, her dad's welsh of belgian and german ancestry and her mum of
mixed asian ancestry which contributed to her exotic gorgeous look, like
(ahem) moi. She's fluent in french and also became a teen model through
me. I always get jealous whenever cute boys would flirt with her and I
became very protective of her and people would see this as a very
sisterly attitude and many say because I consider Ac a competition for
the boys' attention and affection, and Ac and I would just shrug on the

Tuesday (month and 2 weeks after I officially became very close with Li)

Ac and I became very close as I am with Kate and Li and I wanted so much
for them to meet and become close as well. Ac and I did many things
together giving each other rides to school and back whenever our
schedules meet, and she also bacame active riding horses and motorbikes
with me most often with Li and Jade (but that's after we did "it" the
first time). She would never go on dates without me and one day at
school we got into a heated argument and she finally asked why am I so
fucking bloody protective of her and yet I haven't dated any of the
boys. I led her into a shady bench and there I confessed that I see her
more than a very close girl-friend, that I felt more than emotionally
attached, that I find her really fucking hot and all that shit. She was
very surprised at my revelation and then she said that she also felt
rather "special" about me but dismissed it as nothing but sisterly best
friend feelings. She would also feel a little jealous whenever a boy
would flirt with me, or cute boys would buzz around me like bees around
a young flower, but not much since she knows I would just reject their
advances no matter how friendly I am towards them.

She was a wee bit reluctant at first when I kissed her the first time,
being her first and by another girl, so I plant soft kisses on her
supple lips and cheeks while caressing her smooth nape and arms. I
lovingly suck pull her lips and she finally gives in and caresses my
head as I lock mouths with her, I being her very first kiss, and it was
very deep hard and very wet. We we're moaning and groaning very loudly
as we wrestle and suck our tongues hard. We fondle each other's bosoms
outside our uniforms. Being so bloody aroused, I then went under her
skirt and dipped inside her knickers, that almost instantly became
soaking wet of her warm love juices as I fondle her virgin pussy as it
was her first time having her virgin pussy fondled. "I think I'm deeply
in love with you *****!" Ac whispered with a longing look in her eyes
and I smiled sweetly at her and then we went giggling, "gawd this is so
daring" she said as we were at the far end of the school grounds,
shielded by plants and canopied by trees "and very kinky" she continued,
"you like it?" I whispered "mhmm" she uttered nodding and we went
giggling again and then we kissed. She went moaning and groaning even
more, calling out my name as I went nibbling licking and sucking her
earlobes and every inch of her smooth supple and slender neck while
fondling her soft wet pussy. She grunted bitelipped and shivered as I
slowly inserted my middle finger in her tight lovehole bringing her
thighs together, "ooh gawd **** ooh fuck!" she exclaimed and it was the
first time Ac ever said the word fuck.

I then carefully inserted another finger and and she grimaced in erotic
agony grunting and groaning as she grip on my wrist. "does it hurt?" I
whispered as I lovingly stare at her. "N-no, I-I want you to do it," she
murmured grimacing and forcing a smile "p-please do it sugar" she said
aching with desire. My fingers went in deep and probing, her insides
contracting hard "gawd ***** that feels so good uhhh, kiss me **** kiss
me while you do it!" she said whimpering her tears flowing as her warm
nectar continually pour from her soft tight lovehole, I kissed her
passionately as I continue to finger fuck her deep and hard my fingers
making loud squishing sounds with her pussy. I took a knee on the bench
and her hand trembingly went under my skirt and dipped inside my already
sopping wet knickers. I moaned at the loving touch of her soft supple
hand on my soft wet pussy, making my hips sway and gyrate and this was
Ac's first time doing it on another girl. "Your fanny feels so smooth
and soft *****" Ac whispered "and it's so warm and wet." "Put your
fingers inside me sugar" I whispered.

"ohhh gawd!" I exclaimed as Ac's supple fingers slowly and gently enter
my lovehole, Ac shuddered and gasped as my soft insides contracted on
her fingers and then we went giggling. "That feels so good Ac" I
whispered as I plant soft kisses on her "yeah?" she said smiling then I
groaned and also went whimpering as her lovely fingers went in deep and
hard. We stared at each other bitelipped as we finger fuck each other
deep and hard, our warm juices kept flowing profusely down our thighs.
"I want to cum with you Ac uhh baby" I whispered as I climaxed. Ac
looked at me lovingly at then she slowly pull my head to her and we
kissed very hard wet and deep, caressing each other's heads. Groaning
and moaning loudly we went as we come closer and closer to orgasm. We
came gushing hard on each other's hands. We grind our cheeks together as
we went breathing hard. "I never knew it could be so fucking romantic
and sexy doing it with another girl" Ac said to my ear panting.

I then stared at her teasingly as I slowly pull my fingers from her
tight and very wet lovehole as it contracts, they went out with a
squish. I smelled then licked and sucked my fingers moaning as I went
"Oh gawd!" Ac whispers and then she also slowly pulled her fingers from
very wet and tight lovehole as it contracts also going out with a
squish. She smelt and also licked and sucked her fingers "It's very
sweet" she said smiling "Yours too sugar" I whispered back smiling and
making cutesy faces with her, and we went giggling.

As we were about to kiss again the bell rang and we quickly fixed
ourselves and ran as fast as we could. As we were marching along with
the coeds in the hallway she went falling behind smiling mischievously
at me, puzzled and with a frowned smile I slowed down so she can catch
up. She then suddenly pulled me at a corner and lovingly cups my face
and then kissed me very wet hard and deep as she pinned me on the
storage room. door. I put my arms around her neck, as we continue to
kiss passionately, her hands caressed my sides as she went grinding her
crotch hard against mine. "Later... sugar!" she said then she winked at
me, and then she ran way. "Whoah!" I said chuckling and blushing as I
slowly walk with arms folded towards my class room, she saw me as I pass
by her classroom and she made cutesy faces and blows me a kiss before
the door closes.


after school as I was thinking whether to call home to pick me up or
just get a cabbie, her car drove in front of me and she opened the door,
"hey beautiful may I offer you a ride?" she said "Are you going my way
lovely stranger?" I said smiling "I was thinking we go to the moon and
back" she said "hmm, that's quite a ride m-hmm" I said pouting my lips
then doing a teasing lip bite, "c'me're you wench!" she yelled and
pulled me inside the car. "Whatever happened to your schedule?" I said
as we drove off "it got bloody shifted" she said "soooo...." she then
took my hand, squeezing it as it rests on her lap while she caresses my
thighs "it means we can go to school and home together!" she said
sounding excited. "mmm romantic!" I whispered bobbing my eyebrows and we
went giggling. Her hand went caressing my inner thighs under my skirt,
the lovely sensation made my thighs come together as I moaned

"Uh excuse me ladies? uh miss? uh I need to answer a very important
call, and it's long overdue! that is if you're not in a hurry to get
home" charles her driver said looking at us through the rear view. Ac
smiled and sighed "sure charles, I understand as always" she said in a
descending taunting tone and then she turned to me "his stomach problems
became worse" she whispers "but he's very cool he's been with the family
for a long time and he has become like an uncle to me and only calls me
miss when I'm with other company" charles then farted and we burst out
laughing and giggling as we cover our noses and opened the windows "oh
come on charles really?, please!" Ac said as we can't stop giggling "uh
sorry my apologies ladies, but uhm eheheh does it not always thunder
before it rains? eheheh" old charles said sheepishly in his cockney
accent. "Oh charles!" Ac said chuckling, shaking her lovely head "My
apologies again M'ladies" charles said raising his hand.

Charles pulled and parked by an offy and Ac requested that he park at
the far end of the lot which he did so and then hurriedly went out of
the car "charles will you be a darling and get us apple fizzies and
munchies? the usual?" Ac said "Yes of course miss" charles said smiling
and tipping his hat "thanks charles" Ac yelled as she rolls up the
windows and charles ran huffing inside the offy,. She then takes my hand
and smiled lovingly at me rubbing my hand to her cheek and kissing it
"thanks for expanding my horizons" Ac said and then makes cutesy faces,
bitelipped as we hold hands "that's fucking bloody poetic" I said
smiling "fucking bloody it is" she whispered as she moves her face close
to mine "why don't you expand it further, sugar?" and we kissed
passionately, cupping each others faces. The she sat on my lap with our
mouths still locked in a passionate kiss.

"uhmm Ac, s-sweetie uhm w-what about charles?" I said pantingly as she
kisses and nibbles my neck, unbuttoning my shirt, "knowing charles he
spends a longer time in the bloody toilet than most women do, ever since
the stomach problems began, an hour and 15 the most, so we have plenty
of time" Ac said then gave me a quick kiss then looked at me teasingly,
as she removes her jacket and then starts unbuttoning her shirt. "mmm is
that so?" I said smiling raising an eyebrow. I unhooked her bra as she
lets her shirt fall from her shoulders. It was the first time I beheld
Ac's gorgeous 15 year old bosoms, they were full, round and firm and
flushing pink and with pinkish nipples like mine. She moaned as I
lovingly fondle and knead them, "gawd you're so beautiful Ac" I
whispered. She giggled and then unbuttons her skirt. I remove my jacket
and I let her unbutton my shirt her hands trembling as they went.

She slowly lifts up my undershirt exposing my bosoms as I didn't wore
any bra after physical ed, and she groaned as she beheld them "gawd I've
never thought I would feel this way for another girl, especially one as
gorgeous as you are **** gawd you have such lovely bosoms sugar!" Ac
said with an aching tone as her hands slowly crawled to my flushing pink
round bosoms. "Oh I feel so hot and sexy doing this" Ac said as she
fondle and knead my boobies" Ac said and then we kissed passionately,
our nipples became stiff with our fondling. I removed my skirt and were
both down to our black knickers. Our hips began to grind hard and soon
our knickers became sopping wet of our sweet warm love juices. "Uhmm
sugar let's take our knickers off!" Ac said, "a-are you s-sure s-sugar?"
I said "yes babe" she said panting as we suck lips, " I-I want to see
all of you **** I-I want to feel all of you!" Ac said teary eyed, me too
Ac me too" I whispered also aching with desire, she let's me pull down
her knickers and then I let her pull off mine.

She sits on top of me again, with our thighs open, shirts fully open and
over our shoulders, and only with our thigh high stockings left on,
feeling each other's form as we look at each others soft, flushing pink
and very wet virgin pussies. Ac's mound has thin auburn hair, I parted
her soft wet and red pinkish pussy lips as I caress them and saw her
hymen still intact, "you have a very gorgeous red orchid fanny *****" Ac
said as she caresses my smooth hairless mound and then parts my pussy
lips. "And you..." I said as my hands slides from her lovely thighs to
her smooth round bums, kneading them as I slowly pull her and we both
grunted as our crotches pressed very hard "you, your's is very very very
sexy like a rosebud glistening with honey" I continued going like an
erotic poet "that's fucking poetic" Ac murmured with an eyebrow raised,
her lovely eyes glistening with delight, and then I went bitelipped as
we slowly grind our hips hard. "You think my pussy is very sexy? hmm?"
she whispered and then went bitelipped. "m-hmm" I uttered and then Ac
gasped as I lick and suck hard one of her lovely flushing pink boobies
and also went for the other making both her nipples more fucking stiff.
"Ohh uhmphh gawd ***** t-that f-feels s-sooo goood!" Ac said whimpering
as her hands crawled down to my swelling pink bosoms and lovingly kneads
and fondles them.

We continue to grind our hips very hard, torridly kissing, fondling each
other's lovely bosoms, the airconditioning is on, but we're both
sweating hard and the windows became very fogged up. Our sweet warm love
juices continually flowing, and trickled down the leather seat. Ac
licked and suckled my bosoms hard making my nipples even stiffer as I
fingered her tight anus and lovehole. "I want to taste you sugar" I
whispered as we stared lovingly at each other "take me, sugar" she
whispered back smiling sweetly. I turned her over and she sits with legs
spread, her body slowly swaying in total submission, her eyes hungered
for what I will do. I kissed her again with her hands exploring my body,
my mouth then moved across her face, nibbled and suck each of her
earlobes and then slowly went down pleasuring every inch of her neck,
and shoulders, then moving down, my mouth not leaving her skin and
suckling each of her firm round nubile bosoms, then down to her lean
supple belly she went moaning and shivering as I lick her cute navel and
went very hard.

She arched and went squirming, moaning loudly as I lick suck and nibble
every inch of her womanhood, with my arms around her thighs. I parted
her soft and swollen pussy lips and licked and sucked her from anus to
clitoris, she bit a finger as I suck her clit very hard, it became very
stiff and went throbbing inside my mouth. I fucked her gently with my
tongue but went deeply as I could tasting her sweet soft insides. Ac
looked at me her lovely face grimacing in erotic agony, I put a plastic
sheet and a folded towel over the hump divider and rub myself on it hard
as I went on pleasuring Ac's cunt. We both climaxed and I went up and
grind our soft wet vaginas together with our legs locked around each
other, moaning groaning and grunting loudly as we come closer and closer
to orgasm. She turned me over and locked mouths me as she grind even
more harder and faster until cum we cum gushing hard, and I felt her
warm lovejuice inside me. "*****, uhh s-sugar!, I-I felt your juice
inside me, it's so hot ohhh" Ac moaned pantingly as we rub our cheeks
together, "Me too sweetie uhh, your juice feels so good ohhh!" I moaned
back. We held each other tight breathing hard, as our our bodies went on
grinding, gradually going slower.

"It's confirmed" Ac said cupping my face as we lovingly stare at each
other's gorgeous eyes and I'm caressing her sides "I'm bloody, fucking,
deeply madly in love with you!" and we went giggling and then kissed
passionately. "I-I reckon we should be getting dressed now" I whispered
"what if I still wanted to taste you sugar?" Ac said with a teasing look
"uhmm very naughty!" I said and we kissed again. Suddenly charles opened
the door, we shrieked and quickly put our jackets over us and the towel
over our legs. "Here ya go ladies, as ordered" charles said handing the
bag as he inserts the key "just put it down near the shift charles
thanks" Ac said slightly stuttering and trembling we grip each other's
hands fearing charles might look and see us. "Ahh bugger! I forgot to
ask for napkins" charles exclaimed as he look inside the bag "and that
bloody brownie wanker at the counter should've given me some without me
asking, uh wait here miss" charles said and went out the car and quickly
went inside the shop again, we hurriedly put our skirts on and quickly
button up our shirt, charles came out quickly and went inside the car we
had no time finishing buttoning up and putting our black knickers back
on. "Strange" charles said "curious all the windows are very fogged up"
he turned the wipers on and we drove off.

Charles saw we are buttoning up our school jackets "are we feeling cold
ladies? should I turn off the ac?" he said, "no charles it's quite
alright we just feel like putting them on, and uh charles you can drive
slow no need to hurry, go around in circles a wee bit, we'd like to
finish the munchies and talk more, tomorrow's saturday anyway. "of
course miss" charles said tipping his hat. We fed each other with the
munchies, thou shalt not eat for models, nachos and chili fries (chips
as we call them) very bloody heavy with cheese and meatsauce, and
chocolate bon bons, we suck and lick each other's fingers and we drank
from the same bottle of apple fizzy. I picked up our black knickers on
the other side of the seat and she quickly grabbed mine I thought she
just mistook it for hers, but she stuffs it inside her shirt as she
teasingly looks at me. She then stuffs her knickers inside my shirt and
blows me a kiss. The she caressed my inner thighs touching my crotch, I
went moaning and groaning as I bring my thighs together. "Sugar!" I
murmured in a reluctant but excited tone. Ac went giggling and grinning
mischievously as she pressed her hand harder on my bare crotch and I
grunted bitelipped, annoyed but very excited. She pushed me on the right
side door squeezing me and then I pulled her skirt up exposing her
womanhood and she shrieked. "Bitch!" she mouthed as she covered herself,
I taunted her with my tongue sticking out, she grabbed my tongue with
her soft red lips, she went sucking my tongue with her soft wet tongue
flickering on it. We sank down as we lock our mouths in torrid kissing.

We kissed very hard very deep and very wet, we went giggling as Ac's
lovely mouth explored every inch of my neck sucking and nibbling and
licking as it went, and her fingers entered my soft wet and tight
lovehole. "Charles?" Ac said as she continue to finger fuck me slow and
deep and unbuttons my jacket "Yes lassie uh I mean miss" charles replied
"I think I want to have crispy aromatic duck before we drive straight
home" she said as she stared at me with desire. "would you be eatin at
the restaurant miss?" charles asked "no I will have it at home, I want
it hot" and then she shoved her fingers deep, "glazed with honey, spicy"
she said moving her fingers inside my tight wet lovehole, my love juice
pouring out profusely and I grunted bitelipped "A-Ac uhhh s-sugar
uhhmmphhh!" I uttered then she pulled out her fingers. "honey glazed,
very aromatic" she said as she sniff her fingers glistening wet of my
love nectar, "and very very sweet" she said and sucked and licked her
fingers as she lovingly stared at me. "But that would take an hour to
order miss" charles said "that's ok charles you can have a pint as you
wait, who knows you may need to answer another important call" she said
and winked at me.

"Really now? well theres a chinese restaurant that sells very fine ducks
across a pub I often go to, I could use a pint" charles said "and
charles could you park us again at the far end? I'd like to relax as we
wait for my duck" Ac requested "of course mum" charles said tipping his
hat. We arrived at the place and charles tipped the park hop to give us
the shady lot. She pulled her knickers from inside my shirt and stuffed
them in my bag, and puts my knickers in her bag.

We arrived at the place and charles tipped the park hop to give us the
shady lot. She pulled her knickers from inside my shirt and stuffed them
in my bag, and puts my knickers in her bag. Charles parked the car in
the shady lot as our legs went crazy, shaking and knees bobbing with
excitement (I think this is what you call kuyakoy?)

"Do lock up miss this is quite a shady area" charles said as he opens
his door "we know charles, now go and get my duck and your pint" Ac said
softly but with an impatient tone. We quickly lock the doors and
hurriedly unbutton each other's school jackets, she then took off her
skirt and throws it at the front seating, going totally bare below her
waist except for thigh high stockings. "Sugar!" I said being reluctant
"I want to feel all of you sugar" Ac said as she unbuttons my skirt, she
pulls them off and threw them aside. She made me sit on her lap cowgirl
style. She unbuttoned my shirt and I let her totally take it off. My
undershirt is so wet of my sweat and we're so fucking burning for each
other the windows begin to fog up again. "undress me sugar" Ac murmured
and I unbutton her shirt exposing her sexy round nubile bosoms again,
which are again flushing pink and swelling. She removed her shirt and
threw it at the driver's seat and then pulled up my undershirt again
exposing my bosoms which are again also flushing pink and swelling, she
took off my shirt and threw it on the front seat. "Gawd you're so
beautiful ***** !" Ac said as she lovingly knead and fondle my bosoms
"I've never wanted anyone like this so bad!" Ac uttered with an aching
desire in her tone "me too Ac uhnnghn m-me to" I whispered as also I
fondle and knead her lovely round bosoms.

"Ohh sugar I'm so fucking hot and wet for you again, your pussy feels so
warm soft and very wet" Ac said as our hips went grinding very hard, she
pulled me close to her and licked sucked and nibbled my lovely round
nubile bosoms going so hard and making my nipples very stiff. "ohhh Ac
uhhhgawd Ac you're driving me so fucking mad uhhh" I moaned very loudly
as I caress her pretty head and her bosoms. I was so taken with Ac's
lovely mouth pleasuring my bossoms, I accidentally pressed the power
window with my elbow, and were so engrossed with our passion and lust
for each other, we're unaware that the window was slowly rolling down.

As my lovely Ac continue sucking licking and nibbling my bosoms, with
our shapely hips grinding hard and I went twisting and arching, moaning
and groaning very loud, grimacing in extreme erotic agony, I realized
the window is totally open and theres a car parked beside us, with a boy
watching us with his mouth opened in amazement as he leaned out the
window of the other car. I gasped and exclaimed "Oh gawd Ac!" as I
gently pat her cheek, with my heart racing fast. "hmm?" Ac uttered
looking up to me and I motioned with my eyes as I felt my entire body
went limp. Her eyes rolled over to where my eyes are pointing and she
gasped and let's go of my bosom. "Oh shit, bugger!" Ac exclaimed and she
quickly pressed the window up button. "How long you think the persian
kid had been watching us?" Ac asked and I felt her heart racing fast as
I pressed my bosoms to her chest. "I-I d-don't know?" I said trembling.

"How old do you think he is?" Ac asked as we look at the window and the
boy still leaning out of the other cars passenger window and craning his
neck "I dont know sugar, 5, 6 uhm old enough to enjoy himself watching
two lovely young naked girls make out?" I said giggling and Ac clicked
her tongue frowning and pinched both my sides and I shuddered as I got
tickled. "But you know Ac I felt a wee bit strange, the excitement and
the adrenaline rush was bloody incredible!" I said caressing her cheek
"I think I'm feeling it too sugar" Ac said "it feels weird, awkward I
have never felt anything like it, it's seemed very, liberatingly sexy,
frighteningly erotic feeling, sexy feelings with the taboo" Ac said
"yes, I'm feeling those too sugar" I said "gawd what is happening to us
sugar?" I said as we stare at each other with arms folded across our
bosoms, hands going up and down our arms as we get intense goosebumps
everywehre, and then we went giggling.

"Uh Ac, sweetie, should we go on?" I said hesitating feeling so aroused
and excited, overwhelmed by the incredible adrenaline rush. "We went
this far sugar, let's not have the moment go to waste!" Ac said smirking
and looking fiercely at me, she turned me over and I'm on the leather
seat, she sat between my legs, smothering our pussies. "My gawd why do I
have such intense passionate and erotic feelings for another girl?" she
murmured while caressing my cheeks and the back of my ears. I caressed
her sides feeling her lovely form and my feet slowing caressing her
back. "I've seen gorgeous women naked many times, but never had feelings
for any of them" she continued "but you sugar why I desire you and your
body so bad and yet I still feel very feminine, even more sensually
feminine with you!" Ac said as she rocked her gorgeous hips fucking me
with her soft wet pussy.

We again kissed torridly, then her lovely mouth slowly moves down never
leaving my body, sucking licking and nibbling what she could of my
supple skin, "uhhh Ac ohhh gawd sweetie!" I kept murmuring between
moaning and groaning, she went even harder on my bosoms drowning each
round firm flesh in her warm saliva and making my nipples more fucking
stiff. Her beautiful supple hands replaced her mouth in loving my
bosoms, as her lovely sensual mouth went further down, pleasuring every
inch of my lean belly.

I fondled my boobies with her lovely hands as they went harder kneading
and squeezing,Her soft tongue felt so exquisite as it licked and probed
my navel. I arched and moaned really loud as her exquisite mouth licked
sucked and nibbled every inch of flesh between my thighs, I parted my
swollen red pussy lips for her and her mouth went back and forth sucking
licking and nibbling, my anus and pubis. My toes went curling as I put
my legs over her back, and I caress as I push her lovely head on my
crotch. I felt as I'm going to pass out being pleasured by another
lovely young woman and my erotic agony became intense as she fucked me
with her fingers, my body twisted and arched as I have uncontrollable

Then I saw the persian boy again, pressing his face on our window trying
to get a peek. In my extreme lust I became overwhelmed with the burning
desire to let him see our lovely young nubile nakedness, let an ugly
brown monkey watch as we make passionate love, I fought the urge and try
to concentrate more on my lovely Ac as she pleasured m. She sucked hard
on my clit, and it became fucking stiff and throbbing inside her lovely
sensual mouth, as she fingered while she suck and lick me, her middle
fingers went deep as they could and pumping out more and more of the
sweet warm nectar from my lovehole .

The boy went to the other side of the car, also pressed his ugly face on
the window trying to get a peek. Ac saw him "gawd wha-a horny li'l
bugger!" she exclaimed, she looked at me and we went giggling. "What do
you think sugar? should we let the little bugger watch?" I said as I
fondle her boobies, Ac looked at me naughtily, bitelipped "I-I d-know
sugar, it's fucking tempting, really!" she said "I knooow right?" I
murmured giggling as I bring her face close to mine. "But I'm concerned
about the adults I quite afraid of the persian men who might be with
him" I said "Yes t-that too" Ac whispered as she suck lips and tongues
with me. She slides her supple hands to my hips, as her gorgeous hips
went rocking and gyrating between my thighs, grinding, smothering our
soft wet pussies together.

"I Love you Ac" I whispered teary eyed. "oh sugar, you're driving me so
fucking mad!" Ac murmured, We locked our legs and arms around each
other, holding each other very tight, grinding rocking our lovely hips
together, squeezing our virgin pussies hard, getting the leather seat
wet with our sweet warm nectar trickling continually from our loveholes.
I caressed her her nape as I locked mouths with her torridly kissing as
we come closer and closer to cumming very hard.

Ac went whimpering her tears flowing as we came and she got me crying as
well, and our tears flowed from our eyes as our warm love juices poured
out from our pussies. "I feel your love, sugar uhhh I love you so much
ohhh" Ac murmured as we felt each others warm nectar in our loveholes.
We again kissed passionately as our grinding gradually slow down. We
went curled up and cuddling at the right end of the seat leaning against
the door coincidentally madonna's crazy for you is playing on the radio
adding to the romantic mood. Ac looked at me lovingly as she caress my
arm and behind my ear "I love you so much (my complete name)" Ac
murmured as I plant soft kisses on her lovely face, "I love you (Ac's
complete name) very very much" I said "my sweet whore" I continued
smiling naughtily. "What did you call me, you slut?!" she said giggling
as she sat up and I end up giggling as well. We then looked at each
other tenderly as we caress each other behind the ears. "I have never
felt so feminine, more womanly with you sugar, it's like we shared more
than our bodies" Ac said "and I as well with you sweetie, always" I
murmured and again we kissed passionately.

Charles came back as we were buttoning up our shirts "here ya go miss,
one very fine chinese duck" charles said as hands the box to Ac "thanks
charles, you're a darling as always" Ac said, as we took the box. "and
again my apologies my ladies for taking so long" charles said bowing and
tipping his hat "as you are right miss, again I had to repaint the
bloody loo and I had a pint of guiness!" "charles!" Ac said frowning as
she opened the box "uh my apologies miss, and uh enjoy your duck!
eheheh" charles said sheepishly tipping his hat as we drove off. Ac
breaks off a piece of the crispy aromatic duck and fed me with it. She
lovingly wiped my lips and I sucked and licked her fingers, she breaks
off another piece and puts it in her mouth. I lovingly wiped her lips
with my fingers then I sucked them. Ac giggled and said come home with
me let's finish this duck together, then spend the night with me I'm
sure auntie wouldn't mind (she is pertaining to my mum) it's saturday
tomorrow. I sighed and caressed her cheek "as much as I want to sugar my
nephews are again staying with us and mum and dad are going out on their
weekly prayer meeting, and your mum and dad is going there too right?" I
said "yes they are, hmm that's why I wanted you to come home with me,
they're going to stay in my grand mum's house after that, we could have
our house to ourselves all fucking night" Ac said "what I bugger!" I
said and went bitelipped "mhmm" Ac uttered and made cutesy faces
bitelipped. We looked at charles humming as he drived and we slowly sank
behind the driver's seat and torridly kissed.

She then drops me off at my house, "see you later sexy!" she yelled and
we almost kiss torridly again and suddenly we remembered about charles,
she rested her head with an arm on top of another as her car slowly
droves off she blows me a kiss then teasingly caressed her cheeks with
my black knickers and sniffing them and then winked at me before rolling
up her windows. Later that night at around 11 after my nephews had gone
to bed just across mine, I just came out of a hot shower and she texted
me "hey sugar missed you already, let's chat!" I opened my laptop and
there she was also just came out of the shower, wearing a cute and sexy
silk lingerie top and teen knickers, "I think you forgot something in
the car that now belongs to me" she said grinning mischievously and I
thought she was referring to my knickers and sweaty undershirt but as
she was toweling her hair I notice what she's using is my bamboo fiber
towel that was folded on top of the plastic sheet over the hump that I
was rubbing myself on very hard earlier as I pleasure her. "Hey wench I
think that's mine I said as I towel my hair" "not anymore sugar" she
said teasingly and then she sniffs the towel then folded it on her
pillow which also has my undershirt over it, "give those back to me
whore or else" I said smiling devilishly "or else what slut?" she said
she sniffing my knickers sexilly touching her cheeks with it "I will
rape you so bad, you won't be saying nothing but my name for a year" I
said "ooh kinky!" she said looking at me teasingly. We chatted for
awhile then we lay down sniffing each other's knickers as we lay our
cheeks on them.

"I want to see you sugar" Ac said she then pulls up her lingerie
exposing her lovely bosoms and I opened my robe exposing mine "gawd
you're so beautiful" Ac moaned as she fondled her bosoms, and then
dipped in her knickers a fondled her pussy and made her knickers soaking
wet. I fondled my boobies as well "I can't wait touching and tasting you
again Ac" I said burning up, "me too sugar" she replied smiling she
pulled down her soaking wet knickers and I saw she has shaved herself
smooth of her few pubic hairs, she parted her pussy lips and finger fuck
herself as I watched, I got so overwhelmed I took off my knickers and
finger fuck myself hard, we went on as and became more burning hot and
very wet touching ourselves, fondling our lovely swollen pink bosoms and
fingering our tight wet pussies, grunting as we bit on each other's
knickers as we cum hard. We fell asleep naked with our cam and mic still

Friday 2 weeks later (this was a week after Jade caught me and Li doing
it in the storage room)

Ac and I both skipped Lacrosse and make out in a corner near the storage
room. We torridly kiss as she pin me against the wall. I put my arms
arond her slender smooth neck and her hands slide under my skirt and
lovingly kneads my bums as she lifted me. I locked my legs around her as
we grind our bodies hard, she rocked her hips pressing and grinding our
crotches very hard until our knickers became sopping wet. We became so
bloody fucking hot and wet for each other, we decided to skip our next
classes and really do it. We ran in our pe uniforms to the spotwhere we
first became very intimate with each other, but the groundskeeper is
there. I took her to my secret spot where I always get fully naked and
touch myself, it was near an abandoned office, it was near the sidewalk
and busy street but it was wee bit more shielded with plants and grill
fence, I removed the tarp covering a big old red lounge sofa we
undressed each other leaving only our knee high socks on. "gawd this is
so kinky, I never felt so fucking frightened and yet very sexy at the
same time" Ac said.

We then torridly kiss, our hands exploring each other's lovely nubile
bodies. We sank on the old red sofa with Ac on top my legs spread as she
grinds herself hard on me. I went moaning loud and tossing my head as Ac
nibbled and suck my earlobes and then every inch of my neck and
shoulders, as she grind her soft wet pussy harder with mine and our warm
sweet love juices continually trickle down our thighs and on the sofa.
Her lovely mouth went down and licked and suckled hard each of my
bosoms. (I know many of you are right now imagining anne curtis with
sexier boobies sucking another lovely young girl's luscious bosoms, well
ok, but athough Ac and Ms Curtis are a splitting image of each other I
think Ac is more lovelier, bosoms and form not yet included)

Ac slowly moved down her mouth not leaving my skin and mimicked
everything I did on her when we were in her car. Getting me twisting
shuddering and groaning bitelipped as she licked my navel going hard as
I did, and then she got me caressing and pushing her head as I moan and
groan even louder with my body squirming and arching and I went
grimacing in extreme erotic agony as she lick suck and nibbled every
inch of my smooth crotch, my fleshy mound, my entire womanhood, licking
and sucking me between my swollen red pussy lips hard as she parts them,
her lovely mouth went back and forth my and anus and pubis. My clitoris
throbbed and became more stiff in her mouth as she sucked it, and her
tongue fucked my tight wet lovehole going as deep as it could, probing
and tasting my soft insides. Ac slowly move up her mouth not leaving my
skin and again grinds her pussy very hard with mine, I fondle her
boobies as we torridly kiss and her supple hands lovingly kneading and
fondling my bums. I locked my legs around her pushing her smooth round
bums, one hand caressing her head as she pleasured my earlobes and neck,
and the other hooked around her shoulder.

As we come closer and closer to orgasm, I saw something in the corner of
my eye, and I looked and gasped shuddered when I saw Kate looking down
at us through the window of the room that I believed to be no longer
used and locked up and sealed. Kate looked with her usual demeanor, icy
cold, and emotionless, hair tied up the glasses and posh female
executive look. I closed my eyes as I let myself be overwhelmed by
intense erotic passion and seething pleasures. I opened my eyes and saw
the blinds were down again, I hoped my mind was playing tricks on me
brought on by the incredible adrenaline rush, as were both feel very
fucking bloody tensed, frightened, yet very sexy and excited, being
naked and making love very daringly.

"Anything wrong sugar?" Kate said as she went on grinding hard with mo
"m-mm no you're just so good sweetie" I whispered "You tasted very sweet
and yummy" Ac whispered back as she lovingly stare at me. "Ohhh gawd
Ac!" I exclaimed and turned her over and went tribbing with her grinding
my body with her as I push her hard on the backrest Ac bit a finger,
whimpering to extremities. "I'm cumming ***** I cumming fucking hard for
you!" Ac said whimpering with tears flowing as were both going closer
and closer to glorious orgasm. "Ohhh Ac, sugar! uhh I want to feel your
warm juices inside me baby uhhh!" Ac kneads my bums as she pushes it, we
were very loud as we came hard, and felt each other's hot lovejuice
inside our loveholes.

"ohh gawd I'm so in love with you ******!" Ac said whimpering and
panting hard as we hold each other tight "ohh Ac I love you too sugar!"
I whispered back. We remained in that position fell asleep for more than
an hour. We woke up missing lunch and skipping another class, we giggled
and again torridly kissed until we burn up again with seething passions,
after much foreplay we ended up in a 69 with Ac on top and cummed on
each other's faces. After licking and sucking each other clean of our
warm sweet nectar we curled up and cuddled.

"Gawd you're so like candy Ac" I said rubbing cheeks with her and Ac
giggled "I was going to say the same thing about you ******!" she said
and kissed my long on the cheek, and I did the same. "Uhm sugar I really
wanted you to meet someone" I said "Who is it?" she asks as she caresses
my arm "a girl" I said "a girl, really?" she said with contempt in her
voice. "Why is she your girlfriend?" she said and she turned the other
way" I giggled and held her tight "are we jealous?" "hmph!" she uttered,
I "is she a girl-friend? yes" I said as I plant soft kisses on her
cheeks and neck making her moan "is she pretty?" she asked "very lovely"
I said and she tries to move away and I held her tight began sucking and
pulling her earlobes gently with my teeth. "She is very gorgeous, very
sexy, very feisty, very strong very sweet and many other sexy things,
just, like, you!" I said while kissing nibbling licking and sucking up
and down her nape. She gripped my hand as she went softly groaning
moaning slowy tossing and turning her head. She then faced me "will you
ride home with me?" she asked caressing my cheek and then kissed my lips
"uh as always?" I said "and will you have coffee with me?" she asked and
kissed me again "perhaps" I said smiling "will you feed me bon bons?"
and kissed me again "why not" I said making cutesy faces, "perhaps
dinner too?" she said and kissed me again "that would be nice" I replied
smiling "will you make love to me again?" she said and kissed me again I
gave her a low look "really? do you have to ask me that?" I said and we
went giggling and then we kissed passionately.

"Gawd sugar! I can't bloody fucking get enough of you!" Ac said as she
plows my face with her lips and tongue "me too sweetie uhmm me too!" I
replied tossing and turning my head, she got me moaning and groaning "
loud as he sucked my bosoms while fondling my pussy, she looked at me
teasingly as she fingerfucked me and then pulls out her fingers and
sexilly sucks and licks her fingers. "Uhmmm" she utters while licking
her lips "you have a beehive in there?" she said "funny I was meaning to
ask you of the the same thing, really" I said she looked deeply into my
eyes then smiled as she knows I'm speaking the truth and then we kissed
long hard and deep, "You have a chocolate factory in there sweetie?" I
said with saliva stringing between our lips. As we're about to kiss
again the bell rang, "last two classes" we both uttered. We hurriedly
put our clothes back on and ran to our lockers to change to our regular
school uniform before coeds come pouring in from the fields. As we
hurriedly walk along the hallway we heard Kate's assistant calling my
name through the speakers informing that I am excused from my remaining
classes and I should be going straight to the headmistresses' office. My
heart went racing and Ac pulled me on a corner and kissed me long hard
deep and very wet moaning as we went.

"Later sugar, yes?" she said as he lovingly wipes under my lips with her
thumb, I smiled and nodded she blows me a kiss then winks at me and
hurriedly walked to her class. Slowly I walked to Kate's office inhaling
and puffing the hair on my forehead as I'm at the Snow Queen's throne
room. As I was about to knock at her door I got startled as it was
opened by her assistant, "Oh she's expecting you Ms *****" she said "You
wanted to see me headmistress?" I said a wee bit trembling "Yes Ms *****
come in and close the door!" she said without looking her voice is
beautiful yet very cold and icy enough to make ricky hatton pee in his
pants. "Sit down Ms *****" she said still without looking as she
continue to write and types on her laptop. I could not stop thinking why
she called me at her office, is it because I skipped classes, or she saw
me naked with Ac and doing it and she is bloody fucking jealous.

"Kate, I uh..." I said then she interupted, her voice became more
scarier "are we forgetting something Ms*****?" She looks sternly at me
tipping her spectacles "like etiquette, protocol and decorum, Ms *****?"
She said looking very feral "uhm My apologies Headmistress" I said
sheepishly. "Well now, let's see the extent of the damage shall we?" she
said and looks on her laptop screen, "skipping classes, five of them,
scandalous, illicit sexual activity with a fellow student, (she then
gave me a very icy stare) on school grounds, so Ms ***** what do you
have to say for yourself in your defense?"

"Kat-uh Headmistress, I'm confident that I can catch up with my lessons,
in fact modesty aside, I am more advanced, 7 lessons ahead of class" I
said " And what about your scandalous activity on school grounds? ms
*****, are you aware that the building I was at when I saw you with that
other student Ms ****** is currently being reconstructed, you are quite
fortunate the workers are not present. What do you think would happen,
if lecherous workers who has no sensibility nor decency nor any shred of
morality left saw you, what if they're iranians pakistanis indians,
arabs, somalians all immigrants, are you aware Ms ***** how those beasts
treat women, what they do to young women such as yourself? your
knowledge of self defense and martial arts would not help you any bit
against a pack of rabid wild dogs.

"are there any employed headmistress?" I asked stuttering "yes, there
are, and you can thank sheer dumb luck I came inside the room first and
saw you through the blinds and had to forbid them from entering and they
only have one a decent looking englishman, their foreman and the rest
are immigrants workers of every ethnicity I have mentioned. I felt very
cold inside thinking of the consequences if ever such men saw me and Ac,
they would be stalking us, and true my knowledge of self defense may not
be any good at all against such men who treats women like livestock and
rape is justified and part of their stinking rubbish culture.

"Step forward Ms *****!" I slowly stand up and walked over her desk
"Come over here Ms ****" Kate said motioning me to come over to her
said, I'm still quite shaken of her and what she had told me I sat
on her table forgetting about etiquette. She then removes her glasses
and caressed my thighs going inside my skirt, and went even further my
inner thighs, making me gasp and shiver as she touched my crotch made me
bring my thighs together. She gently pulled me and me sit on her lap and
then hugged me very tight. "ohh muffin I'm so worried for you!" she said
as I put my arms around her. "And darling you were so fucking hot!" she
said smiling lovingly staring at me as she caresses my thighs and the
back of my ears I still have my arms around her slender and supple neck.
I became teary eyed from mixed emotions.

"Was I?" I said chuckling lightly, wiping my tears. "you were so very
very very erotic!" she said "I can't help not touching myself as I watch
you sweetheart" "y-you pleasured yourself as you watched us
headmistress?" I said feeling exhilirated "muffin the glasses are off,
it's Kate" she said "but head-uh kate how were you able to, I mean the
blinds were down?"I said "well I can't bloody hold up the bloody old
blinds up while I pleasure myself duh?" she said with a taunting smile
"I sent out the workers out as soon as I saw you and Ms ******...." "Ac"
I said "or Ac kissing and feeling each other I lifted the blinds to so I
can warn you instead you got me so fucking enthralled and watched as you
and Ms uh Ac undress pleasure each other through the slits. I told the
workers to have a coffee break and I will come to them when ready, I
closed and latched the door, but the door itself has already been hit
much with their heavy hammers, so there were a lot of slits, still I got
down to my lingerie and pleasured myself watching you.

"Did you watched as we did it again and again?" I asked "I stayed the
whole time you two lovely nymphs were there baby" she said "you look so
beautiful together so very cute and adorable and oh so fucking sexy!"
she said, I went giggling "did you cummed?" I said "lots muffin lots"
she said "I feel so hot and wet just thinking about what I saw and
heard" "you heard us too?" I said, "some parts of the glass panel are
shattered and the geometrics and well physics of your area somehow
funneled the sounds to where I'm at, what you did sweetheart was such
beautiful poetry a very erotic poetry" she said caressing and kneading
my inner thigh and groin getting me excited more. "But what's with the
Jadis or snow queen act?" I said with a frowned smile. "Well I was
really bloody angry at you for being so foolishly careless, and you were
supposed to be so bloody smart!" "Well I've been using that spot many
times whenever I feel pleasuring myself ever before we uh, I find it
well very sexy, daring but secluded and I thought..." "well you thought
bloody wrong!" Kate interrupts "Oh sweetheart, I was so worried about
you because I love you! I love you so much!" She said holding me tight.

"Ohhh fuck!" I murmured asI felt so fucking warm and buzzing inside and
my cheeks felt swelling as I became teary eyed again with what she had
just said, staring at the lovely eyes of my big sister, my lover, my
love teacher, my beautiful aphrodite, and then my tears fell, "ohh
baby!" she murmurs and kissed me passionately making me close my eyes
and I felt something like burning, scalding hot water that springs
withing my my vagina and flowing throughout my body. Her lovely mouth
went nibbling my earlobes then went up and down sucking licking nibbling
every inch of my nape and neck, and I open my thighs as she fondle my
pussy outside my knickers making them soaking wet again, I'm so aching
for her to dip her hands inside "Ohh Kate" I kept murmuring and then she
stopped at my lips and we went suckpulling each other's lips.

"So! whatever happened to uh what are they again? etiquette, protocol,
decorum?" I said as I make taunting cutesy faces as it is our first time
being ourselves in school, and not as student headmistress as we have
agreed before. "Well..." Kate said she removes her hairpins "I'm the
headmistress am I not? I can always make an exception, and you got me so
fucking turned on muffin" she said and then tosses and shakes her head
loosening hair and it it cascaded beautifully down her supple slender
neck, and I beheld again my goddess the michelle monaghan and Kate
beckinsale hybrid although both hairstyles works beautifully for her,
it's just the persona switch.

It's like she has an alter ego whenever she puts her glasses on, batman
bruce wayne, jeckyll hyde, and so on. She removes her jacket and hung it
on her chair, she removed her shoes and tossed them aside she undoes the
big buttons on her shirt leaving just 1 at the middle, she helped me up
her desk and she removed my trainers and tossed them aside as well , and
then she takes off her executive pants and hung them on her swivel chair
along with her jacket, she's so bloody hot in her lacy white knickers.
She pulls me off her desk and made me seat on her lap, cowgirl style.
"Have you anything else, I need to know muffin? other than very lovely
friend Ac?" she said while caressing my side and the back of my ear.
"Well..." I sheepishly mutter as I play my index finger doing circles
around her chest, and then inserting it in her sexy cleavage, then
slowly I look up to her and lovingly stare at each other.

I told Kate all my sexual encounters with other women after her, random
acquiantances in, wherever my job as a posh teen model takes me (being
on the honor roll, and having the headmistress as your girlfriend really
allow me skip classes and go on all of those quick photoshoots, whether
it be in france italy or germany. She would caress my thighs if she gets
turned on with a story and I would slowly rock my hips. Kate became
really interested, and more aroused when I told her about Li and Ac,
whom I consider my kindred, my special ones next to her, with them sex
is not just sex, it's beyond reaching orgasms, the passion and the
adrenaline rush is fucking incredible, and the only females other than
Kate with whom I orgasmed more than twice (right now I also have Saeko)
it is not just hot wet sex with them, it's aptly making love.

"Take off your clothes sweethheart" Kate murmured as we suck lips, "take
off off your clothes as I watch." I smiled teasingly then stepped on her
chair, between her thighs and went up her desk. I teased her by
caressing her inner thighs with my feet and she moaned as I pressed hard
on her crotch. My foot then slowly went up caressing her smooth lean
belly then popped off the last button on her shirt. My foot went under
her bra and fondled her gorgeous bosoms, pulling and pinching her
nipples with my toes, while my other foot went on caressing her crotch
and inner thighs. My foot then slowly move up, sliding up her slender
supple neck, she smiled and held my foot and kissed it. She pulled
herself forward on her chair, holding on to my foot.

She kissed and licked my inner thighs as she slowly pull my thigh high
stocking, her lovely mouth going down, kissing licking every inch of
skin that gets exposed I moaned bitelipped as I caress her head, I bend
my knee as she was was pulling my stocking down then off my foot. She
drops my stocking and kissed every inch of of smooth supple skin under
my knee slowly going down to my foot and sucked my toes. She did the
same with my other leg as she slowly pull the other stocking off.

I slowly unbutton my shirt as she watched with anticipation and let it
fall over my shoulders, I pulled the sleeves off my arms very sexilly
and threw my shirt over her. I then unhooked my bra and freed my boobies
which are again swelling pink with arousal, and she gasped as if it was
her first time seeing my lovely round nubile bosoms. "You're so gorgeous
muffin" she murmured as she lovingly fondle my bossoms, twisting and
pulling my stiff nipples making me moan. She stood up and lets me take
off her shirt and bra and I gasped as again I saw her perfect 36ds with
their cute light brown nipples, firm and round and swelling pink. We
fondle each other's boobies as we torridly kiss and then I made her
groan and moan loudly as I suck lick and nibble her bosom very hard
making her nipples very stiff and sore, "gawd sweet baby uhhh, you're so
wicked, fuck that's so good" she murmured aching with pleasure. "I have
a very good teacher" I said as I looked at her lovingly "ohh muffin" she
whispered and went kissing nibbling and licking my earlobes, going down
my neck then suckled each of my bosoms.

She pulled down her knickers to her thighs and sat down on her big
leather swivel chair and raised her legs to me and lets me pull her
knickers off. She then caressed my sides feeling my form then slowly
pulled my knickers off. She open my thighs and parts my pussy lips while
caressing them. I moaned and my body swayed as her lovely sensual mouth
went sucking licking and nibbling between my parted pussy lips, going
back and forth my anus and fleshy smooth mound. I groaned very loudly as
again I felt her sexy long tongue enter my tight lovehole. I held on her
shoulders as her sexy long tongue probed deeply tasting my soft insides.
I held on her long slender neck, my legs over her shoulders and my feet
caressing her smooth back as her lovely tongue continue to fuck me deep
and hard and sucking my clit which became so stiff and sore as throbs in
her mouth. My phone went on ringing inside my bag, between lots of
message tones. "Oh gawd Ac..." I murmured.

She stopped loving my pussy with my mouth after I climaxed, and she
stood up. I saw her lovejuice dripping down on her thighs as she was
also pleasuring herself the whole time. "T-take me Kate" I murmured
aching with desire. She pressed her body with mine and her gorgeous hips
rock and gyrate grinding our pussies hard. I locked my arms and legs
around her holding her tight as she fucked me. We then went tribbing on
her desk our mouth's locked in a very torrid kissing, our lovejuice
continually flowed from our burning pussies on to her desk. We came hard
screaming and gushing, feeling each other's hot love nectar inside our
burning hot pussies.

We then curled up cuddling on her big leather swivel chair. "Kate?" I
murmured curled up and my head on her shoulder "yes muffin?" she
answered as she caresses my head, "should I tell Li and Ac about us?"
"well sweetie uhm" she said sighing "it really depends how well you know
these girls, the only other person who knew about us is my english
japanese girlfriend Megumi.

"Megumi? is she gorgeous?" I asked as I caress her arms. "are we
jealous?" Kate said chuckling I sat up and looked at her and said "No"
with my eyebrow raised. "Is she gorgeous?" then kissed her lips "uhmm
yes, very?" Kate said making taunting cutesy faces "is she very sexy?" I
said and kissed her again "m-mm" Kate uttered nodding and bitelipped.
"And is she single like you too?" and kissed her lips again. "Y-yes we
knew each other since we were li-l girls we, went to school together"
then she kissed my lips "went on dates without each other tagging
allong" and kissed me again "and explored our sexuality together and
also well" then she went giggling "we lost our virginity together" but I
will leave that story for some other time" she said tapping my nose with
her index finger. "Sadly after graduating from college she and her
parents moved back to japan" she said sighing while squeezing my hands.
"Oh bugger" I murmured "well we're still in touch, we visit each other
whenever we could and not fucking busy with work, we go on trips,
touring places. Last year I went to Japan and spent christmas with her,
and the year before that she was here in london and spent christmas with

"That's very romantic" I said "m-hmm" Kate uttered. "And..." and kate
went giggling "she was watching us as we do it, and possibly recording
it" "what?!" I exclaimed "Noo, really?" I said with a frowned smile
"don't panic muffin, it goes to her private files" she said tapping my
nose lightly with her index finger. "I was video chatting with her when
you came in" she said then wriggles her fingers at her laptop, she then
pulled us to her desk (we were on her big leather swivel chair duh?)
"it's on text mode and video is off, "probably she's in a meeting" Kate
said "Megumi says you're very cute and very very hot!" Kate said as she
reads the text on her laptop. "May I see a picture of her?" I said "uhmm
darling I reckon you meet her in person instead" Kate said "so when do I
get to meet her?" I asked "uhmm soon baby and we got you a present, and
we know you will like it" Kate said making cutesy faces and pinching my
cheeks "present? my birthday is a month and weeks away" I said. "And
with regards to telling your girlfriends about us is up to you
sweetheart" Kate said.

Later Kate drove me home in her Aston Martin (her parents are quite
loaded, and she got it after becoming the youngest headmistress of our
school) We got home pass 7 in the eve and my parents are outside waiting
for me and was very surprised why my headmistress personally drove me
home. Kate waved goodbye to us as her window closes and she drove off.
"What happened to you poppet?" Dad asked "Your dad and I became restless
when Ac informed us you were called at the headmistress office and not
returning her texts and answering her calls" Mum said as she embraced me
"all is good mum, dad it's nothing really" I said as I kissed my dad
"are you sure dear?, we worry it's something about your academics" dad
said caressing me behind the ear then cupping my cheek. "No worries dad,
you have a very good darling daughter, I happen to be the headmistress
favorite" I boasted "well if you say so darling" mum said sighing with
relief, "Dad I reckon we should be going our baby is home" Mum said "Yes
yes we should, were very late" dad said looking at his watch "now
sweetheart, don't wait on us and do lock up a'right?" mum said rubbing
my arms "yes mum" I said in a lazy tone and kissed cheeks with her "you
can order any dinner you like, but no junk food!"mum said sternly "we
don't want to ruin that lovely figure" mum said chuckling as she
caressed my sides then pinched me and I got tickled. As they head off to
their car mum turned and said "oh by the way someone very very adorable
is waiting for you inside" and she winked. "Ohh mum not another bloke!"
I said stomping my feet as I thought my parents are matching me again
with another cute boy "(my full name)! are we so mad to leave you with a
boy?" "well the last time the snotty harry potter had a chaperone" I
said with an eyebrow raised.

"don't start with that ***** now go inside it's getting quite chilly mum
said as dad puts on her coat
"now you two enjoy yourselves and don't stay up late, love you
sweetheart! see you sunday mornin" mum yelled by the car and dad smiled
and rolled his eyes. Mum blew me a kiss as I waved at them as their car
drove off and I then ran inside the house. I saw theres no one on the
sofa nor in the dining room and in the living room. I wondered but felt
strange with my heart racing and I feel like a child on christmas. I
went up stairs to my room and as I opened the door, I saw Ac sitting
lady like on my bed, with her long slender legs crossed, and she is
still in school uniform except her shoes are off. "Hey gorgeous" she
murmured sexilly "h-hey lovely stranger" I murmured back she stood up
and ran to me, and put her arms around me.

"What happened sugar? I'm so worried for you!" Kate said as she held me
tight, rubbing cheeks with me "no it is all ok sweetie, really" I said
as also hugged her "you're not answering my calls and returning my texts
bitch!" she said holding on to my waist "I was in Jadis's throne room
remember? no celphone zone? duh?" I said as I remove my school jacket.
Ac pops off two buttons on my shirt "sugar you could have at least tried
secretly texting me back" Ac said softly, making sad cutesy looks as she
look down, and makes circles on my chest with her index finger. I gently
lift her chin up "you got worried for me?" I said staring at her lovely
eyes "bloody hell I did, and fucking hell I was!" she said sternly and
we went giggling. "Oh sugar, my sugar" she murmured and we torridly

Her hands then went under my skirt and I moaned as she lovingly knead
and squeeze my bums, I slowy unbutton her shirt and then we fell on the
bed mouth's still locked with each other. I lifted our skirts and we
grind our lovely hips and our knickers soon became sopping wet of our
love juices. "ohh sugar I love you so much" Ac murmured with her eyes
closed as I suck and nibble her earlobes and neck. She locked her legs
around my bums pushing me harder. "I'm so fucking hot and wet for you
sugar" Ac said pantingly between moans.

She then rolled me over and got on top of me riding me like a cowgirl as
she suck lips with me and unbuttons my shirt. "Uhmm Ac, uh sweetie, baby
girl?" I said as Ac went kissing and sucking my neck and shoulders.
"should we eat something first?" I murmured "I already am, and she is so
yummy mmmm!" Ac said as she went kissing sucking and licking me.

I sat up, as Ac went went on kissing and grinding her lovely hips hard.
"Uhh honey? sweetie?" I said as I gently push her "what is it sugar" Ac
murmured as she looks at me teasingly, he arms around my neck and
continue to sexilly grind her lovely hips. "Oh-my-gawd..." I murmured as
she was fucking hot doing it and also saw ourselves on my big mirror on
my dresser. "sweetie you're so fucking hot" I said mesmerised by the
graceful movement of her flexible and shapely body and Ac giggled "and
you make me so fucking wet sugar!" she said and as she was about to kiss
me I shake myself of my hypnosis "uh baby let's have dinner first?" I
said holding on to her moving lovely hips"aren't we having one right now
creampuff?" Ac murmured teasingly with her eyes closed, and sucking lips
with me. "I'm having my supper and dessert" "oh my..." I whispered
closing my eyes "you're such a tease, you whore!" and we burst out
giggling "ok dinner first!" Ac said "so what do you want to have for
dinner sweetie?" I asked again.

"Uhmm I don't know, uh you?" Ac said taungtingly sexy "I said dinner,
that's dessert bitch!" I said tickling her then squeezing her bums
making her go lauging and giggling "no seriously mum always calls
Sainsbury ahead to prioritize my order when they leave me in the house "
I said as I caressed her sides and feeling her form "you want moi to
cook dinner for you?" Ac said as she suck lips with me again. "Don't
trouble yourself sweetie, I know you are a junior nigella with your
cooking but..." I said with my eyes closed "It's no trouble really sugar
bitch" she said.

"sugar bitch, really?" I said as I look at her with contempt and she
made cutesy taunting faces "and you're my honey whore!" I said "honey
whore!?" she said looking disgusted and stood up from the bed giggling,
"well you started it" I said chuckling as I sat on the edge of my bed
and she unbuttons her shirt from bottom up. "Or we could just order
pizza and" I said and pulled her close and plants kisses on her bare,
lean and supple belly "...we have beer or wine with it." "Uhmm perhaps"
Ac said as she drop her skirt on the carpet and then sat on my lap again
"you sure you don't want me to make dinner sugar?" she murmured as she
caressed me behind the ears "stay with me for another night, and make me
dinner, mum and dad will be back sunday morning" I said "I could stay
with you for ever" Ac said and we kissed passionately.

"Want to take a shower with me sugar?" Ac said teasingly as she slowly
pops off the 3 remaining buttons on her shirt. "not now sweetie...I-I
reckon I should be starving and teasing myself, and wanting you more" I
said and Ac giggled. "uhmm sweetie, since you pretty little whore,
decided to crash in on someone's house without bringing any change of
clothes" I said as I stood and went to open my closet which was cleverly
incorporated in the wall behind my dresser. Ac laughed "well I had
charles drop me off here and auntie offered me to stay for the night
since they're going out and called my mum for me"

Ac took a shower and I went downstairs deciding what food to order, and
I ended up calling for pizza instead, 12 minutes later my pizza came,
which is half margherita and other of mixed seafood that quick because
the owner of the classy italian bistro guiseppe is a close friend of
dad's, and I only have to tip the delivery man whoo happy days!

I pop it in the oven and set the timer to keep it warm and went up my
room to get a couple of the light beers and a bottle of bubbly, courtesy
Li of course, that were secretly stashed in my closet. Ac is in the
shower with my Ipod playing a medley of oldies including Madonna's
burning up and crazy for you, and she is singing loudly with it and she
can do a medley quite well especially with crazy for you. After popping
the fizzlers in the fridge I went up the other bathroom to take a shower
and then went to my room with a towel draped and Ac is not there, and
her clothes were neatly folded on my bed, I picked up Ac's black
knickers and inhaled on it deeply, feeling my lungs with it's lovely
scent and exhaled very slowly. I put on my favorite cologne lightly
dabbing my "love spots" and put on a loose shirt and a favorite pair of

I went down the stairs as I'm buttoning my shirt up and saw that all the
lights are out and only the flickering led of the security system. The
kitchen and dining lights are out as well and there's light flickering
in the living room. I took of my flip flops and walked barefoot towards
it and saw Ac sexilly propped against the big sofa as she sits on the
carpet with a knee raised, she looks so cute and hot in my cotton shirt
and knickers. "Hey gorgeous dinner is getting cold!" she said looking
teasingly at me and I saw the pizza steaming on a big crystal plate and
the light beer bottles icy white on coasters and the bubbly (a bottle of
dom) on a bucket with ice, (I'm not a typical english girl and I prefer
my brew cold heh!) and she has lighted all the scented candles.

"well now, this is quite posh and romantic" I said with an eyebrow
raised pouting my lips as I crawl to her. "I got us dessert" and she
showed me an opened box of assorted chocolate truffles, "I had charles
drive me to my favorite chocolatier in harrod's, I was thinking this
would cheer us up in case something really is amiss after you came from
Jadis's throne room" she murmured "dessert? I thought we already have
dessert" I said and we lightly kiss, tasting and nibbling each other's
soft lips, while I caress her inner thighs. "mmm yummy" Ac said licking
her lips and mine "what is it?" "appetizer" I said smiling sweetly,
"exquisite" Ac said making cutesy faces.

We then had dinner feeding each other pizzas, drinking from the same
bottle of light beer. "Sweetie I didn't know you listen to madonna" I
said "well ever since I heard crazy for you being played as we did it in
the car I got hooked" She said and she kissed me "and I like the
selections you have in your ipod
some very old but very sexy, I especially like shake the disease cover
by hooverphonic, because the night cover by natalie merchant, I touch
myself by divinyls, gettin to the groove, burning up and crazy for you
by madonna. I beamed "wait here sugar" I said then kissed her, I
hurriedly went up my room and came back quickly with my black ipod and
it's station, and I played my selections that included some 80s english
new wave while we dine.

When Crazy for you began to play I stood up and took her hands, "May I?"
I murmured she smiled and stands up, and we danced slow, with arms
around each other's lovely hips and heads over each shoulder. As the
song reaches it's end we lovingly looked at each other and said "crazy
for you" with madonna then we went giggling. We sat down on the carpet
and she puts the box of truffles on her lap, "you promised to feed me
bon bons" she murmured "did I" I replied with a queer look and she
frowned "of course I did sugar" I murmured teasingly and kissed her.

We had dessert feeding each other truffles and sipping from a single
glass of bubbly, and smoking a strawberry flavored weed stick Li gave
me. Ac grimaced and coughed at first but eventually she got the hang of
it. We then erotically danced to the 'sexy' songs, which included get in
to the groove, shake the disease, I touch myself, burnin up for your
love, fadin like a flower, and we went very slutty with each other
pressing our bodies and swaying and rocking our lovely hips. then we
fell laughing on the carpet, sweating very hard. I then thought of Li
and Kate who should have partied with us.

"Sugar what's wrong?" Ac said caressing me behind the ear. "uhm sweetie
I really want you to meet this other girl "fuck that again?" she
exlaimed very irate and lights up a slimmy (slim cigarette) "this is
suppose to be our night and you have to bring that bloody thing up?!"
"hey hey baby" I said caressing her arms then taking the cigarette from
her hand, puts it out after taking a puff. "It's because I love you so
so so bloody much and her as well" I said caressing her cheeks and
behind the ear. "Who do you love the most?" Ac said with her hands
folded and not looking at me "I can't say because" I said as I plant
soft kisses on her supple cheek and neck and make circles around her
nipples with my index fingers "both of you are very, very, very, special
to me" I murmured between kisses. She moaned as her nipples became

"you are both very very gorgeous, very very very sexy, and very very
very bloody fucking hot!" I said and Ac went giggling. She then faced me
and said "I she really pretty?" she said then kissed me "like you sugar
like us" I said "very fucking sexy?" and kissed me again "we could have
been from the same gene pool, yes" I said chuckling "is she really
really really very very very fucking bloody hot?" then kissed me on the
lips "scorching seething as we are sugar" I said then slowly I dipped in
her knickers and fondled her soft pussy. She grunted and shivered as I
slowly insert my fingers in her lovehole. "can I fuck her?" she said
teasingly I growled and hissed like a cat she then puts a truffle
between her teeth and I took it with my mouth as I'm chewing it she
pulls me and we kissed torridly, sharing the exquisite chocolate with
our hot mouths. I pulled out my hand from her panties which are now
soaking wet of her love juice. I sucked and licked my fingers, "I like
this better, it tastes sweeter" I murmured and we went giggling.

The ipod looped and again we danced erotically to sexy tunes going
wilder and bitchy than ever, then danced slow to crazy for you. We went
down on the carpet kissing passionately and Ac fell asleep. I whispered
"I love you sugar" then kissed her tenderly on her supple cheeks and she
smiled in her sleep. I took the left overs and rubbish and cleaned the

The I went out the terrace feeling exhilirated, I smoked the last
strawberry flavored weedstick as I sip some bubbly. "That's very sexy
and daring!" Ac said from behind and I turned and saw her leaning by the
beam of the opened slide door. The she walked towards to me with arms
folded. I sat on top of the wooden beam of the terrace railing as she
approached me. "Hey gorgeous" she murmured as she puts her arms around
my hips. "Hey beautiful" I murmured cupping her lovely face and my legs
locked around her. We kissed passionately on the terrace with chilly
night winds blowing. She then took the weed stick from my hand and takes
a puff "this is really cool, I could get used to this" she said as she
exhales "not too much sugar I limit them only with parties" I said "and
we mustn't let the other models who party hard know we are into alcohol
and weed alright sugar?" I said holding her chin.

"where do you get this anyway? and how" Ac said as she takes another
puff and gives it back to me. "Li gave them and also supplies me with
beer and bubblies" I said and took a puff "Ohmm the chinese hottie" Ac
said pouting her lovely red lips, "are we jealous again?" I said as I
put my arms around her slender neck "uhm just a li'l" Ac replied making
cutesy faces. "So sugar, is this a regular thing for you? going
scantilly clad out on the terrace at night?" Ac said looking around
"This is actually my first time, I suddenly felt so fucking sensual with
you here" I said and takes a sip of champagne "Oh?" Ac murmured sexilly
and takes a sip from my glass then takes a last puff and puts the weed
stick in the champagne glass "that's our last one bitch!" I said
chuckling "we could always get more from Li right sugar" Ac said as she
stared sexilly, "we can still party hard without it, right?" Ac said as
she slowly bring her lips to mine and we torridly kissed, "Oh yeah we
can" I said and we giggled and kissed some more

"this is really daring, and very sexy" Ac murmured as she looks around
again "I'm feeling so frightened excited and very sexy all at the same
time" "I know sugar" I whispered as she looked at me bitelipped. "It's
kind of more romantic daring and sexy than in the lot at school don't
you think?" I said "mhmm" Ac uttered nodding lightly and then she then
kissed me torridly as she unbuttons my shirt. "baby, uhmm sweetie n-no
what are you uhm" I said as I held her hands. "hmm I-I bloody c-can't
h-help m-myself sugar! I feel so hot and sexy" she pantingly said as we
kiss and she continue to undress me. She opened my shirt and pulled it
over my shoulders exposing my boobies. I put my arms over them and she
gently take them off. "Your bosoms are so fucking sexy sugar" Ac
murmured "just like yours sugar" I whispered. She then sucked and licked
each of my bosoms, getting my nipples very stiff in her hot gorgeous
mouth, getting me so fucking moaning and grunting bitelipped.

She then pulls up her shirt exposing her boobies "n-no b-baby don't" I
said pantingly as I pull her shirt down. I went down the beam and kissed
her "let's go to bed sugar" I whispered and she nodded. We went up my
room and made very passionate love, it was seething burning, and very
wet, we cummed again and again until we fell asleep between the sheets
holding each other.

We woke up at pass 2 in the afternoon and had a cold shower together.
She cooked dinner later that evening, pasta and she also made light
creamcheese tiramisu for dessert. We spent the entire evening watching
porn clips, mostly lesbian and hentai and we got so aroused and we made
passionate love again and as always it was very hot and very wet love.
We finished the bottle of bubbly and went to sleep naked holding each
other betweenthe sheets.

I was awakened with a caressing on my hair "good morning sweetheart" my
mum said softly and kisses me on the forehead. "Mum!" I exclaimed and
pulled the sheet up to my chin, and Ac also woke up and pulled the sheet
up to her nose. "Darling are you, sleeping naked? uhm good mornin Ac"
mum said with a queer look on her face "G-good m-morning auntie" Ac
replied sheepishly and a bit trembling. I sat up holding the sheet to my
chest "yes mum I am" I said more confidently and pushing the bottle of
dom and glass under my bed "but why? what about those teen jammies and
lingerie I bought you?" mum continued "mum I'm almost 15 and this is
more comfy and I don't always sleep like this it's just a li'l bit more
toasty last night, and it's not we're lesbians?!" I said "silly girl,
well you must have left the timed heater on high, now you two lovely
girls freshen up and head downstairs in the porch for breakfast, we have
company dear" mum said and kissed me on the cheek, she puts the lock on
my door "Taa!" she said wriggling her fingers as she closes the door. Ac
sat up and we both uttered "whoooo!" feeling very relieved and then we
burst out laughing and giggling. We lay down on the bed again caressing
each other.

"Hey there gorgeous" I murmured "good morning sweetie" Ac murmured back
"we're not really lesbians are we?" Ac said giggling "we're just two
really lovely and fucking hot girls in love with each other" I said and
we suck each others lips "so what now? shower?" I said, "I want
breakfast first..." Ac said "Oh?" I said with an eyebrow raised "hot
steaming juicy you" she said and I giggled. We kissed torridly and made
love again trying to keep it low, after cuddling we hit the shower and
went down to breakfast wearing "good girl" clothes, We had breakfast
with my aunt and a family friend. Later Ac's mum and dad came and had
brunch with us, and mum and dad even invited charles to join us.

Later as the adults were having tea on the front porch, Ac and I make
out in the back porch because my nephews are in my room. We didn't go
totally naked just our lovely boobies exposed, our hands dipped in each
other's knickers, we fingered and rubbed our wet pussies together in our
knickers until we cummed. She then pulled down our knickers which are
soaking wet of our warm sweet lovejuices and she puts on mine, and I put
on hers (actually both knickers are mine she didn't bring any change of
clothes remember?) "I'm leaving you my other knickers bitch" she said
"gawd I want to sleep in these" Ac murmured as we suck lips. "I love you
sugar" I murmured "I love you sweetie" she murmured back.

Later she and her parents left after tea and later that evening we video
chat and she is still wearing my knickers and I the one she made soaking
wet of her lovejuice earlier and we both slept in it.


Ac decided to finally meet Li, and it just so happened that the three of
us had matching lunch schedules only for that week. And we waited on her
on the school grounds as we have our lunch, Ac came in her usual tough
snotty ish demeanor (I think this what you call mataray) tossing her
hair, and I imagine her doing a slow walk like a model. (If you want to
know how Li looks like then, uhmm take kristin kreuk and janet hsieh,
mash them together stretch them a bit put a pair of 34cs, same hair but
make her tomboyish, sexy graceful but tough looking.)

She came up to me and held me, "Hey gorgeous" she said "hey bea-uhmph" I
said and got cut as she torridly kissed me and I saw Ac flinch at the
corner of my eye. "mm is that" Li said smacking her lips "is that orange
chicken I'm tasting?" she said "yes I said "on wheat with rocket and
dressing" offering her some "no thanks luv, models (scoffs) it could use
a wee bit more hoisin and fat" she said with a look of contempt

"And who is this lovely little morsel here" Li said with her hands to
her hips "Ac this is Li, Li, Ac" I said
"pleasure luv" Li said as she shakes hands with Ac, "you really are
very pretty" Ac said "you're not so bad yourself luv" Li replied
chuckling and she pulled Ac up and kissed cheeks with her. From then on
we have lunches together whenever our schedules meet, we give rides to
each other, coffee, go out on movies, parties and such as I'm getting
the two know each other more, and these happened in a week.
Li even went to church with us on sunday and sundays that followed and
she is not even catholic.

Only after exam week after their first meeting they became really close,
and the three of us became more than a coven. We play boy games too, we
hit the arcade, playstations, riding bikes, horses, motorbikes and atvs
even, and sometimes with Jade and we are our own team in paintball and
airsoft (yes you guys we played airsoft then, I can't bloody tell you
the name of our girl team because it is registered, we befriended a
local hobby store owner to set up our gas rifles and pistols and we even
had charles learn the mechanics of our toys and he became our
'gunsmith', we haven't lost any skirmish either we're so fucking good at
the game or because we're so fucking hot, and our entry song is these
boots (are made for walking) by nancy sinatra as we do our walk in our
tactical boots.

Exam Week

It was exam week and Ac needed help with her lessons especially ones
concerning bloody shapes and numbers so we planned our weekend together,
our first night alone together. Li of course will help her with math
and physics and I with Literature and many others. We ended up spending
the weekend sat sun at my house, since dad and mum flew again to LA and
will be back wednesday. We had charles drop us off at Li's shop, and we
went inside. It was an awfully bloody busy friday with lots of
customers. "Hey bitches!" Li shouted loudly at us, and the customers
looked at her and then at us. "Get your sweet bums over here!" she said
telling us to go to the back, by the storage. She looked around and
then held me "hey sweet dumpling" she said "hey rice cakes uhmph" I said
as she torridly kissed me holding my head she then licked her lips. She
then turned to Ac and forgot herself "Hey there gorgeous" Li said as she
held Ac and torridly kissed her too as I watched with my mouth open. It
was long hard deep and wet, Ac held Li's arms as she slowly gives in and
when they finished, they felt awkward and Li murmured "oopsie" smiling
sheepishly and Ac recovering from her erotic shock "uh H-hello too, rice
cakes" Ac murmured touching her lips, and then she blushed and then
tried to control herself from giggling as she covered her mouth with her

I winked at Li bite lipped and bobbing my eyebrow as I put my arm
around Ac as she is still stooping and giggling covering her mouth and
led her away. We shared a light soda and a slimmy as we wait on Li,
then we stashed our "supplies" in Jade's car and Jade drove us home.
After we put our stuffs inside the house we walk Jade to her car "You
sure you can handle things for me for two days achi?" Li said to Jade "I
got your sweet tofu bums covered again you bitch, you owe me really
fucking big you tit" Jade replied "I know I know, no one else loved me
more than you do" Li said chuckling and hugged Jade tight and kissed her
cheeks then her lips "love you achi" Li said "I know" Jade murmured with
an eyebrow raised and then Li squeezed Jade's lovely cheeks together
"just holla moi if you need me" (going gigil) Ac and I then kissed
cheeks with Jade and she went inside her car. "You three lovelies enjoy
your weekends now, I'd like so very much to join you but I have to cover
some bitch's bums and I've got me a date with a prince and she winked at
me, and Li rolled her eyes and sighed, "well Achi I do hope that frog
prince really turn into a prince after you kiss him" Li said and Jade
sticked out her tongue taunting her.

We all waived goodbye to her as she drove off, and we went inside the
house. It was 4 in the aft and we all studied or rather help Ac study
as we have our 4 oclock tea and cakes and later we just ordered chinese
so we can continue studying while eating. After studying they, li and
Ac, each pulled me into a corner and kissed me torridly murmuring "I
missed you" and begged me to shower with her to which I regretfully
declined always saying "not tonight sweetie" (to those who needed
further detail, these occured at different places in my house with each
girl kissing and begging me while the other was somewhere comprende
vous?) we took different showers and each of us wore not-so-cute-and-
sexy bed clothes but still comfy shirts and lingeries and we slept
together, with me at the middle and with their arms and legs over me.
Each of my lovely girl-friends whispered I love you and I kissed each of

Late I woke up rubbed my eyes and saw each of my lovely girls sleeping
soundly hugging on a pillow "oh my sweet babies" I murmured and I kissed
and caressed each of them and they moved and smiled. I then went down
wearing a short black robe and smoked a slimmy on the terrace
contemplating on how this weekend would turn out smashing for the three
of us.

"Hey sweet dumpling" I heard Li murmur from behind me and I saw her by
the sliding door also wearing a short robe over her bed clothes. "Oh
hey gorgeous, rice cakes" I said beaming as she approached. She kissed
me and takes the slimmy from my fingers and takes a puff. "Can't bloody
sleep?" Li said as she exhales a fragrant smoke. "N-no I just woke up"
I said as I put my arms around her lovely chinese hips. "Do you love
her?" Li said as she puts out the slimy on a foil ashtray I made.
"Don't ask me that please" I murmured turning away. Li gently touched
my chin and asked again "Do you love her?" I let her turn my head and
looked at her lovingly and I held her cheek and she feeled my hand and
kissed it. "I love her as I love you Li, I love you both so so much" I
said getting teary eyed.

"Whoever you love I will as well baby" Li murmured "oh sweetie, rice
cakes" I murmured and we kissed passionately as tears fell from my eyes,
and then Li got so aroused and started nibbling and sucking my earlobes
and neck as she undo my robe sash "baby no" I murmured but getting so
aroused "I missed you so much sweetheart, gawd I want you so bad" Li
muttered pantingly. She opened my robe and it fell over my shoulders and
she lifts my shirt up again exposing my bosoms on the terrace. I
caressed Li as she sucked licked and nibbled each of my lovely bosoms
getting my nipples stiff. I got so enthralled as someone I love so
much, is loving me on the terrace. She lifted on the wood beam and
rocked her lovely hips as we kissed torridly grinding her pussy very
hard with mine, and our knickers became soaking wet of our sweet warm
love juices. She then opens her robe and lifts her shirt exposing her
lovely bosoms and I got awaken from my sensual trance "n-no baby not
here" I murmured pulling her shirt down and closing her robe, I took her
hand and we went back inside the house. I went giggling as we go up the
stairs holding her hand as she follows behind.

We sat on the bed and looked at Ac looking so cute, innocent but very
sexy curled up on a pillow with a thumb between her teeth her shirt is
pulled up exposing much of hair supple smooth back and knickers. "She
is very pretty" Li murmured as I pull Ac's shirt down. I turned to her
"as you are very pretty" I murmured as I lovingly stare at her "and very
sexy, and very very very hot" I continued as I squeeze her lovely cheeks
together with my hand as I gently shake her head. Then we kissed again
I lay down and put my arm and leg around Ac getting my hand under her
head, "Sugar..." Ac murmured in her sleep. Li did the same to me and
whispered "nighty sweetie dumpling" "see you both in the morning honey
rice cakes" I murmured back, and we slept, my lips pressed on Ac's nape
and Li's lips on mine.


Next day, we all woke up and after a breakfast of light creamcheese on
bagel, grapefruit and sliced berries and coffee we continued studying
and I remember Li complaining about breakfast "and this is why I do not
want to become a model like you bitches thank you" and made for herself
a big chinese omelette which Ac and Li couldn't resist eating with her
"unlike you bitch" I said with a mouthful of the good omelette "we don't
burn polysaturates like you do" "yeah" Ac added "so how do you keep your
lovely figure eating all those rich food? do you do some secret chinese
exercise or drink ancient kung fu tea?" and Li went chuckling

We spent most of the day studying having sandwiches, salad and spring
water for lunch as we study, stopping Li in whipping up a big bowl of... Read More