My Letter To You

August 15, 2017 (9 months ago)
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When walking alone in a jungle of true darkness,
There are three things that can show you the way:
Instinct to survive, the knowledge of navigation, creative imagination.
Without them, you are lost. But of all the weapons in the world,

I now know love to be the most dangerous.
For i have suffered a mortal wound.
When did I fall so deeply under your spell,
I cannot fix the hour or the spot or the look or the words which lay the foundation.
I was in the middle before I knew I began.
But a proud fool I was.

I have faced the harsh truth.
That I cannot win your love in this life.
And so I sought solace in writing.
I have been and still am a seeker,

But i have ceased to question stars and books,
I have begun to listen... Read More

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