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April 10, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I was 17 years old when I first had sex with my first bf.  It was brownout and very dark inside our house.  My boy friend was just beside our house.  that evening my parents were not at home.  My boy friend came.  since I loved him so much, I tried to give him a kiss just like in korean movies.  As I start kissing, he kissed me and he started touching my breast.  I was so nervouse.  but keep kissing each other.  then the started to open my buttons. nice...wonderful.  He started to take of my bra and touch my breast.  it was wonderful.  both of us were shaking since it was the first time for us. \

He kiss me down to my belly and started to touch my panty.  Everything was so nice for me. he moved his finger inside my panty and started careling my private part that made me arouse much more. Then he asked me to lie down on the bench.  He kept kissing my breast, nipple and touching my private part. 

finally, he pulled down my panty.  he started to insert his penis but I was virgin.  We tried it again and again.  finally he forced.  it was so painful and i was bleeding.  After that I was so ashamed.  I suffer for for a few days of the pain.  But after a new days we did it again and from then on we have sex every time we are horny.  sometimes I even want to have when I was in public places.

My parents used to go to market to sell early in the morning.  Every morning after my parents left home, my boyfriend came to our house.  He used to sleep beside me.  Kissing, me, touching my private part that was always so nice for me.  Sometimes, he would insert his penis from my back but never in my anal.

One morning, I was taking a shower as I finished i came out of the bath room.  he was there inside the house.  He told me to take off my towel.  Yes, I did.  He like it so much.  he was so horny.  started kissing all over my body.  I was always enjoying because I loved him so much.  He used to tell me I like your pussy, it is so nice ...and so good and so yummy.

Sometimes, coming back from my work, I was horny.  I just call him to come to my house and fucked me hard.  Most of the time we had sex in the bathroom.  he loved fucking me from my back.

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