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September 1, 2013 (4 years ago)
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They say your first time is always memorable, good or bad.  This was my first sex experience.  This happened when I was still in 3rd year high school.

When I was in high school, I would go with our neighbor to school since they had a car (carpool).  My neighbor works in the bank which was near our school and his son was a schoolmate of mine.  On the way home, I sometimes would also go with them specially if ubos na ang baon ko and I have no jeepney fare already.  The problem is I would arrive home late because my neighbor sometimes do overtime.  It was there in the bank that I met Mai-mai.  She was a fresh graduate and was recently hired.  She was so pretty and that she looked good in her uniform.  If there is this thing called a perfect body, she got it.  A body to die for (36-25-34).  She also has a pretty face (Rita Avila look-alike), and is about 5'4".  She also lives within our baranggay.  I got close to her since she would approach me and talk to me while I was waiting for our neighbor to go home. So I would sometimes go with her and would walk her home.  I didn't make ligaw because I was afraid it would break our friendship and she was 5 yrs my senior and I heard she has a boyfriend, and besides I was a 3rd year high school boy at the time.

As we got closer, it would be a daily routine that I would pass by her bank and we would go home together.  I never asked her though about her boy friend and she would never talk about him.  One day, as I picked her up, she looked pissed and was not her usual self.  We never talked and while waiting for jeepney for about 30 mins (rush hour), she finally said something, she told me that she will treat me to dinner since it was still rush hour and most jeepneys were full.  So we went to a fastfood joint and ordered some burgers.  She looked sad and had wet eyes.  I knew she had a problem and it would just be a matter of time that she would cry.

She then told me of her problem.  She told me that they have big wigs from manila on an audit and one supervisor was hitting on her.  That the guy touched her inner thighs and was lucky that someone came in the room.  That no one was there for her at the time since her bf was assigned in Dumaguete (Sales Rep) and she felt she was so alone.  I held her hand and told her that I was there for her.  I could see her face brighten up and our chit-chat changed topics, to her bf and to my zero love life then.

We talked for about 2hrs when we decided to go home.  She asked me if I could walk her home and it was my pleasure doing it.  When we arrived at her home, there was nobody there as all the lights were off except for the one on the terrace.  She then told me that her parents and siblings were out because they had a close family friend that just recently died and maybe they were there at the wake.  She invited me in and asked me if I could stay for a while and wait till they come back.  I have to call home to ask permission and tell my folks that I was in a group study and that I would be home late, and that a friend would bring me home.  My Dad told me that my curfew was at 10pm, and it was around 8pm when I called, so I said no problem since our house was just about 15-20 mins. away

Never in my mind that I was thinking of getting laid that night but my mind was already at home masturbating, imagining the story she just told me of her boss touching her inner thighs.  We were just in the sofa in the living room, she was still wearing her uniform skirt but she changed her blouse to a shirt.  She showed me available betamax tapes that I would like to watch.  Not wanting to watch a movie, I just opened up a conversation with her and talk about his bf who I knew she missed so much.  Instead of answering my questions, she returned the favor and asked me about my lovelife.  Although I have not experienced having a gf that time, I told her that I have a one (feeling manly) and its our secret.  She then asked me if we kissed already, and I told her holding hands lang and kiss sa cheeks.  She just laughed and told me "di siguro ka kahibaw mo halok".  I just bowed my head and felt embarrassed when she approached me and pulled my head up, and kissed me on the lips.

I was speechless when she did that and felt afraid (instead of excited).  She had her tongue inside my mouth for which I responded.  Our lips together and our tongue playing with each other, I felt my cock getting harder by the second.  I was sitting on the sofa and Mai-mai on top of me.  She then laid me on my back and continued kissing.  She then led my hand (which was chilling cold and partly sweating) at her back.  I ran my fingers at her back towards her bra and just felt its lining (she was anticipating that I unhook it, but i had no idea then on how to at that time).  It was just a matter of time that she unhooked her bra and took it off.  I couldn't contain my hard on anymore as I was wearing new tight briefs and I could see her felt my huge hard on.  She then led my hands under her shirt and for the first time, I was able to hold real boobies.  It was so soft and firm.  Her nipples were small but was hard already.  I tried to pull her shirt up to see it but she stopped me (she thinks I was taking it off).

With me lying on my back she just sat on my legs and let me play with her boobs as she grinded feeling my dick under my khaki school uniform.  I looked down and saw her skirt was already up and I could see her panties.  That sight alone almost made me cum but my dick was so hard that it felt it was numb.  Acting as a teacher, she unbuttoned my pants and let out my numbing hard cock.  She lifted her skirt as if to get a better position and free movement, and just slide her panties on one side, held my cock and shoved it inside her.  It was heaven for me.  I could feel wetness and heat as my cock was inside her.  She then pushed her way up and down and grinding her hips.  I wanted to do some pumping also but we were out of sync.  So I just continued playing with her boobs, this time lifting her shirt up to see her perfectly round boobies and pinkish nipples.  Her pumping began to move faster and I could hear her breathing as every pump she would make would make her moan.

I couldn't stop her from doing her thing that I ejaculated inside her, not bothering to think of pregnancy or STD.  She just stopped, picked herself up and fixed her skirt and shirt.  I couldn't stand up yet and when I did, it felt that I would loose my balance.  She gave me tissue and showed me the way to the toilet.  I went inside and could see stains in my brief and my khaki pants.  I washed my penis and eventually took off my brief as it was wet and cold at the same time.  I went out of the toilet and there she was, sitting on the sofa with the remote control on her hand as if nothing happened.  She also changed shirts and was wearing shorts already.  She just smiled and asked if I was okey.  I just smiled and sat opposite her.  We were watching TV and there was silence in the room (I still remember the TV show, it was 21 jump street... Read More

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