My Demons and You

November 21, 2017 (4 months ago)
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Lying quietly in the dark
Thinking ‘bout everything as it breaks my heart
Wondering why life do this to me
Am I not deserve to be happy?

Been smiling and laughing all day
Pretending as if everything’s okay
But when the sun disappear in the sky
My wings are cut off and I can’t fly

Deep breath as I look down
Demons are starting to run around
Screaming, shouting, insulting me
Telling I am not even worthy

Even in my dreams I cannot escape
My demons are there too
I guess this is really my fate
I just wish I can share this with you

You, who ease my pain a little bit
You, who accept my dramas and shits
The one who hold my h
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I am not sure if I need a hug, 6 shots or 3 months of sleep.
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