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July 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Many have requested to share my “own” stories here on FSS. I've been thinking about what to share first. So, I went back to memory lane alley and have thought of one story about an experience with a nerdy schoolmate in college. It's kinda short but I will share it anyway.

But first, let me tell you something about myself. You guys can call me, 'Dy'. This will be my screen name here on FSS. I'm 27, birth month is November, zodiac sign is Scorpio. Yes, you know what they say about Scorpios, haha! Vitals, 34C-25-36, 5'7” tall. Numbers don't lie, btw. White skin complexion, long black hair with brown highlights. I'm mestiza, my dad has Spanish DNA. Almond eyes with round thin eyebrows, straight-edged nose, diamond-shaped close point lips.

I reside in QC, living on my own for 5 years now. Hometown is Bulacan. I have a BSBA college degree, alumni of a prestige school, located in Pasig city. I'm working as an Sales/Ops Manager for my dad. He runs an Iron and Steel business. You thought working for my dad is easy, you're wrong, he's a tough boss. Business is strictly business for him. But in other aspects though, he's a cool and understanding father. I have 3 siblings, 2 boys and a girl. I'm third to the youngest. My two eldest siblings have their own families now.

I'm very much single but seeing someone right now. We're date buds, but of course, you wouldn't think anything clean about it, do you? Haha! My sex life, should I say, is VERY active. I lost my virginity when I was 16. Late bloomer, some would say. I'm not an easy girl, though, but if I want the guy, I make sure that he feels my affection. In many ways, I should say. I always get what I want.

Hobbies: Clubbing, surfing (board), shopping (of course) and traveling. Dislikes: People who are arrogant. Super over-confident sons-of-bitches! Sorry for the harsh word. I'm genuinely friendly and easy to be with, just don't disrespect me or you'll get the bitch out of me.

If you want to ask what am I doing here on FSS? Well, I love to read, but not usually erotic. I got bored one time and searched for a Filipino literature site. Then it led me here. I read a few stories and got me inspired. The rest is history.

I think that's pretty much it. These are the basic things you should know about me. Back to the story, shall we?

So, I was a freshman in college. I have this classmate in one of the accounting class that I was in. His name is Philip. He's a typical nerdy type of guy. Someone who always wears an eyeglasses, don't talk too much in class and has a cartoon-inspired shoulder bag. But he's super intelligent. He was like Einstein's grandson or something. He always finishes the exams so damn quickly. Of course, he has the highest scores every time, not only in our class, but topping every one else in our batch.

But behind his geeky look is a cute smile and kind eyes. I would not have second thoughts dating this guy and having an odd conversation with him. I have this thing about quiet guys, they make me so curious and it's a turn on for me.

The semester was coming to an end. Our professor gave us a project which deadline was a few days left. I really haven't started anything yet that time so in short I was in deep trouble. After the class, I approached Philip and asked him for some help.

“Hey, Philip!”, I greeted him with a smile.

“Oh, hi, Dy!”, he smiled back.

“Are you busy? I have a BIG favor to ask of you. Would you mind?”

“No, not at all. Ano po yun?”, he asked.

“Do you know the project that Mrs. Santos has asked us to do? Well, honestly, I haven't started it yet. Gusto ko lang sanang itanong kung pwede mo ba akong tulungan don?”

“Hindi ko pa po alam eh kasi tatapusin ko pa din yung akin.”, he said.

“Oh please, please please? Just one time. Hindi na ako hihingi ng ibang favor sa'yo, I swear.”, begging him.

“Hm, ok fine. So, kelan mo gusto and saan po? Dito na lang tayo sa school?”

“Hm, there's a lot of distractions here. Pwede bang sa house mo na lang?”, I said.

“House ko? Ok lang sige. When po ba?”

“This Saturday, is it okay?”

“Saturday it is, then.”, he agreed.

“YAY! Thank you so much, Philip!”, I happily said to him.

Saturday came. I wore something conservative that time, just a pink shirt, worn-out jeans, the usual black underwears and closed shoes. I went to his place, it's just few minutes away from our school. Their house is big, they even have a security guard at their gate. He fetch me outside and accompanied me into the house.

“Ma, Pa, classmate ko po, si Dy.”

“Hello po! Good morning!”, I greeted his parents who were at the living room that time.

“Good morning, iha! Tuloy ka.”, said by his mom. His dad however, just nod his head.

We proceeded to the study room. It was like a mini-library. I sat down on a couch while he went to his room to get his laptop.

“Dy, kumain ka na po ba?”, he said to me when he came back.

“Yep. Already did. Thanks, Philip!”, I answered.

So, he started helping me out on my project. He was just sitting beside me while typing away. I suddenly asked him some random questions.

“Philip, how did you look at me? I mean, ano expression mo sakin nung una mo kong nakita?”

“Hm, at first, tingin ko talaga sa'yo, mataray ka and suplada. Ang tapang kasi ng itsura mo eh. Sorry, hehe.”

“Haha! Talaga? No, it's okay. Mataray talaga itsura ko pero hindi ako suplada, akala mo lang yun. Hm, but do you find me attractive?”, I asked.

“Do you want the honest answer, Dy?”, he asked back.

“Of course! So?”

“Honestly, you're not just pretty. You are amazingly beautiful! Guys would die for you!”, he answered.

“Wow! Thanks, Philip.”

I blushed a bit. It made me smile. He is truly a modest person, plus his attitude and honesty is a rare find for guys these days. I was getting more curious about him. Our conversation was turning me on.

So I leveled up my questions and asked him something personal...

“Philip. May girlfriend ka na ba?”

“Ako, wala pa. Wala akong time dun, hehe! Studies muna before anything else.”

“Oh, okay. So hindi ka pa pala nagkaka-gf. Hm, it means you never kissed a girl before?”

“I had! Anong akala mo sakin? Haha!”, he laughed while his cheeks blushed.

“Talaga lang ah?! Halikan mo nga ako.”, I urged him.

“Seryoso ka ba diyan?”, his shocked voice.

“Yes, I am pretty sure, Philip. Kiss me!”, I obliged.

He put down his laptop on the side, removed his eyeglasses and leaned towards me. I closed my eyes and waited for him. His lips graced mine. I didn't kiss him back. I was trying to see if he can seduce me with his kiss. Unfortunately, it didn't. He was shaking like hell! He didn't even use his tongue to lick my outer lips. He just kissed me like a girl kissing her mom. Obviously, it was his first time.

After a few minutes of, well, nothing, I stopped him...

“Hey! You lied, Philip. You don't know how to kiss!”

“Um, sorry na! Oo na, it was my first time. Sorry!”, he quickly responded

“Haha! You don't need to lie and impress me. I want you to be honest, all the time. That's what who you are.”, I said to him.

“Okay. I'm sorry, Dy. It won't happen again.”, his head was down, saddened on what he did.

“It's okay, Philip, anu ka ba? Haha! Come here, let me show you how you should have done it.”

I lifted his head and leaned towards him. I kissed his lips, slowly and fluently. He was trying to kiss back aggressively, but I stopped him.

“Ssshh! Don't rush it. You need to kiss a girl's lips like you're eating an ice cream on a cone.”, I taught him.

“Sorry.”, he said.

I leaned again and kiss him. He was learning. His kiss became more gently. I stuck my tongue out to lick his duck lips. He started to rattle again, haha! I didn't attend to it, hence, I continued. After few seconds, his tongue joined the action as well. Yes, this kid is a fast-learner and it was a self-fulfillment for me.

What started as a simple touching of lips, suddenly found ourselves engaged on a tongue fight. We were french-kissing in a matter of minutes. This was becoming more interesting for me. It was really getting into my spine. I was heating up.

We were at the moment when all of a sudden, his hand grabbed my boobs. I quickly stopped and leaned off him...

“Hey! Not so fast!”, I said.

“Sorry, Dy! I was caught in the moment!”, he apologized immediately.

I paused to gather more information from him. The curiosity has sky-rocketed and I was liking it.

“So, if you haven't kissed a girl before, I'm sure you haven't had sex before. You're a virgin, aren't you?”, I gave him a smirk.

“Umm, yes I guess I am...”, he was too shy that he nodded his head down, again.

In someway, the thought of it tickled me more. I felt some urgency. I asked myself, have I decided to let his young cock fuck me? No, not now. I haven't got what I needed yet. But I will make sure that he'll be satisfied before I leave his house.

“So, if you're still a virgin, you haven't seen a naked woman yet, right?”, with a devilish voice.

“Well, in porn, yes. Pero in person, hindi pa.”, he said.

“Haha! You're too funny, Philip. Hm, okay then.”

I got up from the couch, locked the room's door, walked back and stood right in front of him.

“So, Philip. Do you want to see a naked girl? Do you want to see me naked?”

I removed my shoes then teased him while slowly undoing the button and zipper of my jeans.

“Hm, yes. I want to see you naked, Dy.”, he stared at me.

I turned around from him. Very slowly, I put my jeans down halfway to the cheek of my butt. My black panties peeked a little.

“So, do you want me to continue? Philip?”, I looked back at him.

“Yes po. Please continue.”, he swallowed deeply.

Gradually, I put my jeans down again, with a little help of my hips slightly shooking its way along the process. My jeans just dropped on its own after it passed my butt cheeks. I lifted both of my legs to remove it completely. I pulled my shirt up, leaned my hands against the wall and arched my back a little so he can gracefully stare at my asset.

“You like what you're seeing, Philip?”, I looked back again and asked.

“Hm, yes! You're so damn sexy!”

“Do you think so?”

“Yes, Dy!”

I was really into it now. His stare was making me horny. His innocence has made me want him more. I wanted to taste his young, fresh manhood. I wanted that day to be his most unforgettable one. I wanted him to remember it for the rest of his life.

I turned around and faced him this time. I casually started removing my shirt. Very slowly as well. I stared at him, bit my lips and crossed my legs. I was like a stripper, pleasuring a high school kid. For free, though.

“Shit! You're too hot, Dy!”

After few more bedeviling, I was able to remove my shirt off, leaving my underwear still on. I came close to him, spread his legs, knelt on the floor and gently caressed his thighs using both of my hands. It slowly went up until it reached his already-hard manhood from outside his shorts.

“Hmmm, ang tigas na nito ah. I'm sure wala pang girl na nakahawak nito.”, while staring at him.

“Uhm, opo. Wala pa, ikaw pa lang. Shit!”

I felt that his body was rattling, bet he was getting too excited so I teased him more. My head aimed towards his dick. I licked and gently bit it from the outside. I touched and groped it. Did that numerous times.

“Ahh, can I please remove my shorts now?”, he begged like a kid wanting a balloon.

“Hm, let me do that for you.”

I removed the lace of his board shorts, opened the strap and pulled it down. Didn't take it off completely though. His brief quickly followed. He was wet already. The head of his cock has its juice all over it. I was surprised at the size of his thing, not too bad for a nerdy kiddo. It was so untidy, though. Its pubic hair was like a head of an afroman. Not really my type but I was already caught up on it.

“Hm, nice package you have here, Philip. I'm sure this has never been kissed as well, huh?”

“No, not yet.”, he was lying back on the couch, awaiting my next move.

So I started licking his sacks, then up to the body of his dick, until my tongue reached its head. I sucked his pre-cum dry, left nothing. I held his thing and gently put it inside my eagerly-waiting wet mouth. Ah, yes! A virgin's cock, nothing tastes better!

“Uhhhmmmm...”, he was slightly moaning.

“Is it good? Do you like being sucked?”, I teased.

“Yes, yes. Please continue po.”, he begged.

His dick was going in and out of my mouth. My hand was stroking it, syncing with my head's movement, up and down, up and down. I was like a young girl, hungry for a lollipop. It started slowly but I fastened the pace soon after.

“Uhhhmmmm! Ohhh!”, he was moaning away.

I quickened the pace even more. His dick was filled with my saliva. My strokes went smoother, more fluid. He was abnormally shaking! He was having the best time of his life, I assume. He was in heaven already!

“Aaahhhhhh! I'm cumming!!!”, he quickly said.

I didn't let go. I wanted this young boy's hot and fresh cum inside my mouth. My hand squeezed his cock even more. My tongue was so aggressively sucking its head. I felt it got bigger, sign of his upcoming explosion.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Ayan nakooooohhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!”, he held my head tightly.

Then I felt it. His cum burst inside my mouth.... Read More

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