My Confessions: In Appreciation

July 30, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I was so glad that I got a high grade on my paper work. Thanks to Philip though, it was his masterpiece. Damn, that kid is really something. He just finished it in hours and still got a high remarks. I was very impressed. I was very thankful. And for that, he deserves a 'prize'.

Back then, I was living with my Auntie at her place in Mandaluyong, together with my older sister. My auntie Luth doesn't have a family that's why she's a little rugged and strict. She always got that “Ms. Minchin” look on her face, but she's sweet, at times.

My sister and I were roommates. That time, I knew that she was going out, perfect timing for me to make the deed with Philip. So I texted him to come over to have dinner. I prepared and wore something seductive. A white spaghetti tank top, thin brown satin shorts, purple lace push up bra and purple lace panties as well. I also used a strawberry-flavored body butter, to make his inner senses go insane. It'll be a heaven-of-a-night for this young man indeed.

We were about to eat when he arrived. I fetched him at the gate and accompanied him inside...

“Hello po, good evening!”, he greeted my auntie and my sister.

“Auntie, classmate ko po, si Philip.”, I quickly followed through.

“Oh, good evening iho. Upo ka. Sakto dating mo ah.”, auntie Luth said.

“Kain na tayo, sabay ka na samen.”, my sister greeted.

We sat down and ate supper. He was sitting beside me. My Auntie was the head of the table while my sister was sitting across. I quietly came close to the table and leaned my chest against it, reason for my cleavege to popped out. I was trying to get Philip's attention and playing mind tricks at him. It didn't take long before he noticed, his eyes started glancing on it. He was getting unease but still maintaining his composure while eating. I bet he wanted to stick his face on my cleavage. The thought of it though, was turning me on.

“Huy, una na ako sa inyo ah. May lakad pa ako eh.”, my sister suddenly stood up and walked by to auntie Luth to kiss her on the cheek. “Bye, auntie!”

“Ingat ka ha? Huwag kang magpagabi!”, Auntie said.

“Opo. Bye guys!”, my sister waived to us.

We finished dinner but still sitting in the dining area. My auntie asked questions to Philip regarding our school life and stuff. We sat there for almost an hour, chit-chatting. I was getting bored so I had to break their conversation by inviting Philip to watch TV in the living room.

When we got there, we watched a movie while waiting for my auntie to go up to her bedroom...

“Okay ka lang diyan?”, as I whispered to Philip.

“Oo naman. Thanks for the dinner.”, he whispered back.

“You're welcome. Nasarapan ka ba sa food?”

“Yup, it was so good. Nabusog nga ako eh.”, he smiled.

“Hm, eh sa dibdib ko? Nabusog ka din ba?”, teased him.

“Uhm, yes. Sobra! Ang laki kasi. I can't take my eyes off it. Gusto ko sanang hawakan kaso may makakakita.”

God, he was teasing me back! This kid who only knew how to play chess, video games and read comic books, now knows how to play the game! A fast-learner, indeed! But I won't let my guard down. I won't let his words overpower me. I wanted to make him submit to my own will, not the other way around.

“Really, huh? Do you want to touch it now?”, I said.

“Yes, I want to touch it. Ok lang ba?”

“Nope. Not yet. Maybe later.”

“Grr! Why you're doing this to me, Dy?”

Short after, I looked back at the dining area and my auntie wasn't there anymore. She has probably went up to her room. To make sure, I asked our maid, who was at the dirty kitchen washing the dishes. And she confirmed that Auntie went to bed already. 

Now is the time to make my move!

I hurried back to Philip, sat closer and kissed him on the lips. He kissed me back right away without any hesitation. Just like that, our lips got engaged. I stuck my tongue out so he can suck it. Vice versa we went. He wrapped his arms around me, it was so tight that my chest were pounded against his. I was slightly moaning inside. I didn''t want to make some noise because auntie or the maid might hear it.

My left hand traveled down to his pants. After it reached his thing, I grabbed it from the outside and slowly caressed it. Few moments after, I unzipped his fly, dug down in his briefs and slid his dick out of his pants. I then started masturbating him. I sucked and bit his lips to give him more pleasing sensation. God, I was so into him that night! He was lucky because I already had a thing for him. This thing is called desire, that caused by curiosity. Curiosity that originated from a simple school project. What a story!

“Dy, malapit na yata ako. Sheeettt!”, he suddenly said.

“Hey! Not too fast!”

I got up from the couch and directed him to follow me. He put his cock back and fixed himself.

“Ssshh! Akyat tayo sa room namen pero huwag kang maingay ah, baka may makarinig satin. Okay?”, I instructed him.

We slowly went up, eliminated every inch of noise as much as possible. When we got to the 2nd floor, we sneak passed auntie's room. I heard that she was still watching TV so we hurried to the next room and gone inside. I locked the door then pushed him towards the bed. I quickly followed and went on top of him. We sucked lips. I felt his hard cock through my shorts and panties. It tickled me through my spine.

Began swaying my hips, side to side. Rubbing my flower even stiffer on his pants. I felt my love juice rushing in me. His dick was getting harder and harder. It was so tempting that I wanted to put it in right away but I was holding myself. Not yet, Dy! Not yet!

I let go of our kissing and sat straight up. With just a hand gesture, I kept him quiet. Slowly, I then slid the straps of my tank top and pulled it down. While staring at him, I unhooked my bra and casually removed it. My boobs were now exposed to this virgin. His eyes were locked on it, amazed on what he was seeing. God, his stare, his curiosity, his freshness, his young cock, it was making me so damn horny!

I held him up so he can sit straight as well. His face was across my chest...

“Ssshh! Let's not make unnecessary noises.”, as I whispered to his ear.

He just nod his head in approval. He was breathing heavily. Too excited, I guess.

“Can you please lick my nipple? Slowly and gently?”, I commanded him.

He immediately stuck his tongue out and licked my nipple. He was glazing it gradually. My body was electrified in so much pleasure! God, if I could just moan louadly! 

“I want you to play with it, Philip”, as I grabbed his hand and placed it on my right boob.

He followed. The kid was caressing, groping, squeezing my chest while licking, biting, sucking my nipple on the other. He was doing it alternately. Fuck! This virgin was doing it right so far! It was like Einstein, doing work on me!

“Uhhhmmmmp.”, a silent moan came out.

I was holding his head, appreciating what he was doing.

He bit my nipple, hardly.

“Ahhhh, shiiitttt!”, I couldn't hold it.

He switched to the other and sucked it roughly.

“Oooohhhh! Philip, uhmm.”

His saliva was over all over my chest. His hands were cuddling it. My tits were so hard. Fuck! I can feel my slime rushing through my cunt. My body was trembling in aphrodisia. Blood temperature was fiery. I was knocked out of my consciousness. God, oh God!

I pushed him off and stood up. I quickly removed my top, then my shorts, leaving my panties on. Went back on the bed and laid my back. He removed his clothes as well, except his underwear. I spread my legs and invited him to go over me. He immediately followed. I felt his hard-on pinned my pussy through my panties. Shit! 

We locked lips. I wrapped my arms and thighs around his body. He licked my neck and ear.

“Aaahhhh!”, I was starting to lose my composure. 

I pushed his head down to my boobs. He grabbed one of it and put it inside his wet mouth.


After some few sucking, I pulled his head up again. I grazed and licked his lips. He opened his mouth, our tongues entangled. The taste of lust was so delicious that we could savor it for the rest of the night!

“Uhhhhmmmpf! Uhmmp.”

I was so horny. I wanted him now! I wanted to be fucked! But the thought of him, cumming dangerously inside, haunted me for a second. What if he can't hold it? How will I stop an excited first-timer? What should I do? Ahh, fuck! Hate that feeling! But I wanted to deflower this virgin. I wanted to leave him a mark that he'll never forget. I wanted his dick inside me! In the end though, all I thought of was, “Bahala na!”.

We stopped, I whispered to his ear...

“Do you want me, Philip? Do you want to fuck me?”, I asked quietly.

“Uhm, yes, Dy! I want you. I want to fuck you now.”, he begged.

I pushed him aside. I stood up and removed my panties. God, it was so wet! He stared at my body as he was removing his underwear.

“Oh my! Ang hot mo, Dy!”, almost muted but I read his lips.

Walked towards the bed and slowly went on top of him. My shaved pussy brushed his dick. I pinned my body and collapsed to his chest. His cock almost went in along the process. The tip of its head slid over my clit. Fuck! That felt so damn good!

“Shit, Dy! Please let me in! Uhm.”, he was begging like a child.

“Ssshh!”, as I kissed his lips.

I carefully worked my hips, circling my pussy around the head of his young cock. Fortunately, it was wet enough and helped ease the friction.

“Ooohhhh!”, I let out a sensation.

Sat straight and moved my hips from side to side. My cunt was over his dick's body, rubbing it strongly.

“Aaaaahhhh! Shiiiitttt.”

My hands were leaned on his chest while I was dancing my hips. I circulated my body on his penis, like an aloha girl dancing hula.

“Fuuuuck, Dy!”

I stopped, lifted my left leg, held the body of his wang and casually pointed its head to my hole. While still holding his dick, my body came down on it and slowly pushed its way inside me. I let go of it as soon as it touched my innermost. A virgin's cock! Yes, a virgin's cock! Shit!

“Uhhhhmmmmmmmmmp!”, I gave a long moan.

“Wooooow! Tanginaaaahhhh!”, he almost shouted.

I halted to savor his moment. The kiddo has become a man now. I looked at him and gave him a smirk. His expression was priceless!

“So, Philip, masarap ba ako?”, I quietly said while starting to work my hips again.

“Dy, ang sikip moooh. Ang init sa loob, shiit! Ganito pala ang feeling. Ang saraaappp!”

I began to go up and down on his shaft. I took control of the pace. 

“Ooohhhh! Philip!”

He groped my boobs, fondled my nipples as I went.

“Fuuuucck! That's it Philip, play with me. Uhhmmm.”

I quickened the pace. Bashing his rod even harder. My hole was dripping with hot juices. God, I was loving his cock!

“Dyyy, I'm cumminggg! Sheeettt!”, he quickly said.

“Fuuuck, Philip! Don't let me hanging! Can you hold it?!”

“Noooohhh! Fuuucckk, ayan nakooohhh!”

I hurriedly got off and sat aside. Seconds after, he popped his cum without even touching his dick.

“OOOOHHHHH SHEEEE....”, I immediately put my hand on top of his mouth to mute him.

Damn, his load was so plenty. It was all over his navel area, like a lake on top of it. His penis was throbbing until all of his slime came out of it. I removed my hand as soon as it was over.

“Tangina, Philip. Bakit ang bilis mo?”, I asked disappointingly.

“Sorry Dy, hindi ko kayang pigilan.”, he responded while gasping for air.

I didn't want to end it without having an orgasm. So I came close to his head and aimed for his mouth.

“I want you to lick me, Philip. Like what you were doing on my chest.”

I positioned my wet cunt over his lips and started swaying my hips again. He hardened his tongue and kindled my pussy.

“Fuccccckkkk! Uhhmmp!”, as I bit my lips.

I re-positioned myself so his tongue can aim for my clit. It reached me in no time. God! I was being indulged by this kid, or should I say, this man.

“Ooooohhhh! Lick it harder, Philip. Paikutin mo yung dila mooohhh!”

He nailed it! Right on my spot! It was superb! Fuck!

“Aaahhhh! Right there, Philip. Oooohhh!”

My left hand fondled my boobs,... Read More

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