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September 8, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This story happened on a holy week a few years ago.  I had this officemate who was my batchmate when I started to work in a BPO company.  We were in the same department and worked in the same shift so we got close.  Her name is Sandra, single, 24yo then, chinita, chubby, smart and about 5'4".  She wears glasses that hides her true beauty, but also made her more attractive being a demure type of girl.  She is kinda maldita and strict.  When the company revamped its personnel, she was promoted as team manager and was moved to another department.   In less than a year, she was being tagged as the GM's mistress which I believed was true based on sightings of them being intimate and the favors her department get from our boss.  With different shifts, we kinda lost track on each other and see only when there are company wide meetings and activities.

It was a holy monday when our paths meet again.  She asked me if I still lived at the same place and I said yes (she's been to my place couple of times already).  She asked me a favor if she could park her car at my place since she will be out of town for the holy week as she parks her car in the street from where she was living.  I said it was ok as my neighbors would also be out of town and there would be parking space available in the compound.  Sandra told me that she was leaving wednesday and that I would call her after my shift.  I came out of my shift at 7am and called her after I had breakfast.  She was expecting my call and we met at a nearby fastfood joint and ate breakfast again.  She asked me if my day was free and I said yes.  She asked me if I could bring her to the airport and that her flight was at 1pm.  We drove in a convoy after breakfast and passed by my place first to leave my car and then to her place after.  Her apartment was old and not well maintained.  You could see broken windows, crack doors, and dusty metal screens.  She lives there with 2 other siblings, but they already went ahead of her to their province as both of them were students.  It was a small apartment, with 2 bedrooms all on the second floor.  I sat on the couch comfortably as she went upstairs to pack her things.  I turned on the TV and rested for a while as I was kinda sleepy and tired from work.  I closed my eyes for a bit taking a nap when I heard creaking sounds of the wooden stairs.  The stairs was directly across the couch and slowly, I saw Sandra coming down the stairs in towels and bringing laundry.  She told me that she will wash some of her clothes and that she will be needing some of it (making me think she was not living there anymore and that big boss has another place for her).  She said that I could just sleep as there was still time and that we were not that in a hurry.  As much as I wanted to rest and take a nap, watching her pass by just in towels made me horny.  I have many times fantasized about Sandra and would dream of one day doing it with her (She really is pretty but intimidating in a way).  She was the bitchy type of girl you would fantasize with her skimpy outfits (always wearing mini skirt).  I moved and went to the kitchen to get water and peek at her through the dusty screen door watching her doing laundry at the back of the house (there was a dirty kitchen and laundry area).  I was confident that she would not see me as  the dust of the screen door was thick enough to hide me.  Noticing she was washing her panties and bra, I was quite sure she was naked under the towels.  The only sound you would hear was the washing machine and the TV which I left turned on.  I hurriedly went back to the couch as she was moving back towards me, and acted as if I was partly asleep.  She talked to me and we talked about work.  Among our friends in the office, I am the only one who calls her by her name and not Maam which was because we came in together and we are that close.  We talked about the place and asked her if there are ghost stories since the place is so eerie.  She told me that she's afraid of ghost stories and that she changed topics.  She asked me about my wife for which she had met and told her that we were in a verge of separating which made the conversation interesting to her.  Our conversation became even more interesting as sex became the topic.  She asked me if I had any crushes at work, if I had sex with any co-worker, if I had been screwing someone she knows.  I told her I had a few tryst with some officemates, but had no guts to ask her the same questions.  However, she was the one who answered my questions without even me asking, telling me that she has a relationship with our GM.  We became silent for a while, then she went out to finish her laundry.

I just stayed in the couch and waited for her to finish everything.  Less than 30mins later, she was back inside and bringing with her a bag of laundry.  She asked me to help her bring some of her stuff to her room as she was having a hard time bringing them at the same time.  I picked up her bag and followed her in the stairs, slowly peeking under the towel which she was wearing.  Upon entering her room, she asked me to put her bag on the bed (it has no beddings and no pillows).  But there were a few swimsuits spread in the bed.  I couldn't help but ask saan ka ba magbabakasyon?  She answered Boracay with Mr. GM.  She then gave me a devilish smile for which I just laughed.  I was then about to go out of the room when she told me to close the doors and asked me which swimsuit she would bring.  I told her I like the black 2pc swimsuit and also the white one, and also there was a very sexy black 1piece swimwear.  I told her she would look sexy and alluring in those.  I couldn't say a word when she approached the bed took the swimsuit and told me, I would model for you.  She then dropped her towel facing the wall, and my eyes just feasted on her beautiful body.  She wasn't the chubby girl I knew, and she had a tattoo at her back shoulder.  Although there were still bilbil on her sides, it was unnoticable watching the perfection of her body.  Her butt were perfectly round and white.  I couldn't wait for her to turn her back and face me.

She wore the black 2pc swimsuit first.  It was so sexy, but the top wasn't her cup size as her boobs looked small (I have a good ideas how big her boobies are, 34D) and seemed it couldn't breath.  I told her about the top and she told me that indeed it was small for her.  She then turned around and strip naked to wear the 1pc black swimsuit.  I couldn't control my hard on as my dick was feeling pain as it wanted to sprang out.  This time I wasn't ashamed to watch and peek at her.  When she raise her legs to put on the suit, I could see her pussy and it was cleanly shaved.  It was a little dark considering her fairly light complexion.  It was also perfect for her, her belly button was exposed and it was a really sexy one piece swimwear.  I also noticed that her nipples were beginning to stiffen.  She then tried last one, a white 2pc swimsuit with floral design.  After wearing the panty, she approached me and asked help with the strings at the back of the top.  I moved towards her and tied the strings at her back.  My hands were ice cold and was shaking while doing the strings.  She laughed and faced me and told me to relax.  I blushed, and she told me I'm cute.

Speechless, I looked her in the eyes and before, I could utter a word, she kissed me.  I kissed her back and put my hands at her back to bring her closer to me.  I pressed her body to mine and felt her huge boobs in my chest.  I moved my hands down and slid it under her panties and grabbed her perfectly round butt.  She pulled my shirt up and took it off and started to lick my nipples, and slowly unbuttoning my belt and pants.  I pulled her back up and kissed her while she finished unbuttoning my pants and pulling it down.  She pushed me towards the bed and pulled my briefs to release my hard cock from misery.  She then gave me a blowjob kneeling on the floor while I was lying in bed.  I pulled her up and grabbed her boobs and pulled the strings of her top.  Her boobs were almost perfect and her nipples were perfectly round and were fully erect.  I pulled her and placed my mouth in her boobs licking it, sucking it, playing my tongue all over it.  I also slowly pulled each side of the string on her panty.  I turned her over to change positions with me on top ans she laying on bed.  I continued to play with her nipples and boobs and slowly moved downwards to her bellybutton and eventually to her wet shaved pussy.  It smelled good (the best smelling pussy ever) and was cleanly shaved.  I slowly spread it and licked her clits making her moan.  Although her pussy was dark outside, it was pinkish inside.  It was so damn wet that my tongue could taste her juice oozing.  While licking her, I inserted a finger inside and finger fucked her while licking her.  I could feel her reach orgasm.  She pulled me back up and rolled me over to again change positions with me laying on bed and her atop me.  She got hold of my dick and let it slide inside her.  She was doing all the work while I was laying flat watching her pump her body and her nice looking boobs jumping up and down.  I was pacing myself so as not to cum early.  I was almost ready to explode when I pulled her up and asked to change position.  I let her bend over so I could fuck her dooggie style (actually my favorite position).  But before entering her from behind, I placed rubber on my soaking wet dick.  I let my cock slide inside her again and fucked her from behind.  My pumping was slow at first and before I could make my pace faster, I exploded.  Since I was wearing rubber, I just continued and made my pumping faster.  I stopped when my cock started to soften and hear her utter one big moan.

We just laid there for about 5 more minutes and rested and catch our breaths.  She told me that she enjoyed it and that she wanted to do it with me be... Read More

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