My Bestfriend's Mom Part 3

October 5, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I apologize about the long LONG delay, things happened. I hope it's ok, but this one is a bit longer than the rest since I'm trying to end the story. Part three, if you haven't seen the first two, you should check them out.

Our third bottle of Empe light was almost half empty. A little bit dizzy, but I still know that I'm not drunk yet, and tita Lisa was still far from drunk. Habang inaalis niya yung pagkatali ng buhok niya, she said with a beautiful smile,"despite of what happened to me, sobrang saya ko, kasama ang dalawang anak ko. I no longer need a man's support." That made me realize na it would be very difficult for me to convince her that I am on the same pace as her. With that in mind, with no hesitation, I stood up and replied to her, "tita, at my age I have nothing to offer you. All I have is everything I am, and I want to give you everything I am. I understand that you don't need any help or support from another man. Then... I'll give you love and all the love I can give." From that moment on, our eyes never parted.

She's flustered. The expression on her beautiful face says so. Our eyes never met and never parted. I walked closer to her and reached for her hand. Inabot niya ang kamay kong nag aabang, then I pulled her up para tumayo siya. I wrapped my other arm around her waist and kissed her. Without letting go of her hand. Without letting go of her. We kissed. Long and pationate. Both of our eyes closed. Her lips was warm and soft. She then opened her mouth and gave me a hint that she wants a french kiss. It was all liqour and sweet all over inside her mouth. Our tounges clashing, hands started moving but never stopped kissing.

Maya maya, we both stopped. We both knew that we wanted more. We needed more. Quietly, binulong niya sakin, "Halka sa kuwarto." We moved quietly para hindi magising yung mga anak niyang natutulog na. Hindi naman namin kinaylangang umakyat pa sa hagdan kasi her room was downstairs. As we enter her room, we started making out again, a lot more agressive than before. But I stopped, just to tell her something "tita, do you remember my first time sleeping over dito sa bahay niyo?" She said, " Oo, that was years ago" then I told her, "I saw you... I watched you touch yourself, I saw the whole thing" I was a bit nervous, na baka ayaw niya yung ginawa ko. But, as she removes her duster like dress, she said "Nakita mo na katawan ko... Ok lang ba sayo? I'm a lot older than you, iba na ang katawan ko kumpara sa mga kaedad mo. Tingnan mo."

She obviously didn't know that she's a lot sexier and hotter than most girls my age, and so I told her exactly that. She didn't reply anything, she just kissed me again, I kissed her back. Our lips was making a lewd and sexy noise that turned me on instantly. Whille we're making out, she untied her long, brown, curly hair loose. She then reached for her back to remove her bra. The dark color of it, emphasizes her fair, white, soft skin. Hindi ko naman nakita agad na na alis niya na yung bra niya when I was too busy savoring her lips and everything in it. Pero nung kinapa ko, napatigil ako sa pagka halik namin para tingnan siya. Wala nang suot kundi panty. Her white, perky, soft, t*ts, fits in my hand perfectly. Nagulat din ako ng sinabi ko nalang bigla na "ang sarap ng d*de mo, tita."

As she sat down on the bed, I started taking my clothes off. Habang inaalis ko yung shirt ko, tumulang na din siyang mag alis ng pants ko, but she left my brief on. I sat down near the head reast and leaned my back against it, then I pulled her up in front of me, pinaupo ko siya and we're making out again. Nag iinit na kaming parehas. My hands are all over her. Iniingatan kong masagi yung dibdib niya thinking it might turn her on, and it did. "Laruin mo ako Mark, please" with her eyes sparkling. I didn't say anything, I just pulled her closer and at last sucked her t*ts. She then started to moan with pleasure. Her sexy and lovely voice motivated me to keep going. Her pinkish n*pple was already erect before I even started sucking them.

Salitan ang ginawa ko. Sucking on one side and my hands playing on the other. Then I started licking all over her chest. Underboobs, sideboobs, circular. I made sure that I get to lick every part. While I was doing so, tita Lisa was playing with my ears, neck and nape. Biting it, licking, leaving kiss marks. As my tounge moves up from her chest to neck, neck to chin and chin to her lips, she kept reaping the phrase "oh god" and it turned me on every single time. After a few mintues of kissing, sucking and everything else. She suddenly asked, "Bakit ang galing mong mang romansa? Hindi ka na virgin no?" Mejo nahihiya kong sinagot na, virgin pa ako and dahil siguro sa kakabasa ng stories online. We both smiled, but we both knew that it was far from over.

Tita Lisa then moved away from me and told me to stand up, and so I did. She then started kssing and licking around my belly button. She then bit a part of my brief, as she used her mouth to pull it down, with her hands at my knees. My eyes was focused on everything she was doing, nung lumabas na yung alaga ko, rock hard and fully erect, tuluyan ko na ding inalis yung brief ko with my feet. Akala ko hahawakan niya muna, but sge didn't. Siguro didilaan niya, but she didn't. Agad agaran niyang sinubo yung alaga ko as soon as na alis ko na yung underwear ko. "Tita, shit... Ang sarap niyan." I said habamg napapatingala. Nangangatog na din mga tuhod ko at nahalata niya siguro yun kaya pinahiga niya ako.

She then proceeded to suck my d*ck, ako di ko alam ang gagawin kaya inenjoy ko nalang. Sabi niya na hawakan ko siya sa ulo, ginawa ko, with my both hands. She sucked me again, pero hindi na nag taas baba yung ulo niya, I felt her tounge moving all over my d*ck. It was amazing. "F*ck tita, grabe... Ang galing niyo." Hindi ko namalayan na I was holding hear head down. Keeping her from releasing my d*ck. But she wasn't fighting it. Naisip ko na yun talaga ang gusto niyang gawin ko. Maya maya, I had the urge to move her head up, akala niya siguro ihihinto ko na, but I didn't. Nahalata ko sa mata niya na nagulat din siya. I moved her head a little bit up, so I can move my hips.

I f*cked her mouth. She knew na lalabasan na ako, so she just went along with it. A bit of gagging, she tapped my thighs so I stopped. She asked me, "bakit ka tumigil? Keep going." And so I di... Read More

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