My Bestfriend's Mom Part 2

September 27, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Obviously, this is the second part. If you haven't seen the first then you should, cause why not... eh?

Si tita Lisa na mom ng best friend ko, is about to put her ring and middle finger inside herself, without any clue that I was just by the door, enjoying the sight to behold. As she reaches for her juicy, wet p*ssy, her head keeps turning from left to right. Halatang halata na sobrang nasasarapan siya sa pag sasarili niya. Habang papasok ang mga daliri niya, siya namang pag bukas ng labi niya. Ninanamnam bawat sensasiyon na nararamdaman. Palaks na din ng palakas ang ungol niya, which was very lovely to my ears. Malambing, relaxed pero alam mo na pleasure ang dahilan.

For a few seconds, she was very steady, hindi niya ginagalaw yung daliring nasa loob niya, na parang sinusulit yung sarap. Then... she started to move her fingers and her waist rythmically. She was now moaning loudly, like she doesn't even care if someone might hear her amazing moan. I can't blame her, akala niya tulog na lahat ng kasama niya sa bahay. Slow and steady, her fingers in and out in her, then suddenly goes as fast as she can, then slows down again. It was majestic. Everytime na binibilisan niya, her mouth shuts at tumitirik ang mata. I was thinking to my self that it was incredibly sexy.

Moments later, binilisan niya ulit, but this time she wasn't slowing down. She started cursing out loud, even the way she says "shit" turns me on a lot. Ugly words with beautiful voice makes a perfect pair. Her other hand was all over her body, and the other, in and out in her gushing p*ssy. Tita Lisa is about to cum. As she fingers herself, I can hear the lewd sounds that her vagina was making. The wetness, and her fingers. As fast as she can. She then starts to shake, as if having a seizure, with the black of her eyes missing, and her mouth wide open. When she pulled her hands out of herself, a gush of water sprayed all over, and I was shocked. Tita Lisa squirted. Her juices gushed up in the air and it was extremely hot.

As her orgasm wears off, I saw a little smile, and heard a giggle. She enjoyed it. Maybe even more than I have enjoyed watching her. I was wondering if she'd get up but, forunately she didn't. Siguro sa sobrang pagod at sarap. Alam ko na napagod siya, it was written all over her, she barely moved. She used the remote to turn off the t.v, nag linis lang ng konti then nagtakip na ng kumot. I guess she was to sleep in the nude. That time my only problem was that if I close the door, I was afraid that she might hear me, so I waited for a bit, a few minutes, made sure she was sound asleep, and then closed the door.

I barely got any sleep that night. I was excited, I was curious, I was amazed. From that moment, alam ko na na tita Lisa would be one of my best fantasies. Kinaumagahan, as we ate breakfast, I still caoudn't get all of it, out of my mind. Nahihirapan na akong humarap kay tita Lisa. It was pretty difficult for me to stay in their house. So before lunch I decided to go home, and so I did. As the days pass, everytime I see Jeff, it reminds me of my fantastic experience. Days turned to week, weeks to months, and a few years later, something I never expected happened.

As the years went on, I would still go to Jeffrey's place, but I no longer spend the nighr, even if they insist. But a year ago, I had to. I was in college, and so is Jeff. We we're now officially big boys. And what do big boys do? They start drinking booze. It was our first time. Jeffrey just turned 18 and is now allowed to drink. Pero hindi lang kaming dalawa ang iinom. Tita Lisa decided to join. Syempre I still remember all of it, but never expected anything more. So the three of us, and 3 bottles of Empe light.

Hours past since we started, kuwentuhan, tugtugan, kantahan, ubos na yung isang bote, and the other lampas kalahati na.
Jeffrey was already dead drunk. Me on the other was just a bit dizzy, tita said na natural na mataas ang treshhold ko.
Tita Lisa then asked me to help her lift Jeff up to bed. I, a little bit drunk, said na ako nalang at ako ang lalaki. Pakitang gilas ba. Akala ko tapos na yung inuman, pero hindi pa pala. Tita said na dapat ubusin na naming dalawa. I knew that I'd do something stupid pero pumayag ako.

Kakaubos palang nung isa pang bote, I suddenly blurted out. "Tita... Crush kita" As what I have expected, she'd just laugh it off and said thanks, and said she knows. Sabi niya normal lang ang magka crush, but I was very conflicted,... Read More

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