My Bestfriend's Mom

September 27, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Just so you guys know, this is my very first attempt for a story. I hope you guys like it.

Tita Lisa, I've always called her that. My best friend Jeffrey & his lil' bro's single mom. I found out that their dad left them back when they we're still in elementary school. They said he is now in Texas, USA, with a family of his own. But, despite of all of what happened, it was obvious that they're happy. Back then, I've never appreciated tita's appearance. She was just my bestfriend's mom. Well, until recently.

Despite having two kids already, halatang halata na napaka alaga niya sa katawan. Maputi, slim, and for her age (around 38), she IS pretty. All of it goes well with her height na maliit. 5 ft I think. But I saw MORE of her when Jeffrey invited me to sleep over. We we're both in highschool, I was in 3rd year and Jeff at his 2nd. We were big fans of an online game dati, at yun lang ginawa namin magdamag. When midnight came, tita scolded us that we should sleep, in her 1 piece nighties. That's the first time I saw her thighs, thick and white and just sexy (I'm a sucker for thighs xD) As I was entralled by her thighs nabigla ako sa pag alis niya, yun pala Jeff had already turned off the computer kasi matutulog na daw, and so we did.

We stayed in one room, I was on the floor and Jeff on the bed. But for some reason, I just can't make myself go to sleep. It wasn't the thighs, maybe because I'm in someone elses house. So I decided to go downstairs, just to explore their house.
As I was walking down the stairs, I remember tita Lisa, which is probably asleep, my curiosity peaked and thought of taking a peek of her room. I thought my stupidity will end once I find out that the door is locked... But it wasn't, so I opened it, just wide enough for my eye to catch a glimpse of something.

She was awake, the bright light rom her t.v was helping me scout. A few seconds later she, grabbed the remote, and Iturned up the volume I guess. At first it was just some muffled audio, then I started hearing moans, groans and what not. Yup... She was watching porn. I already knew where it was all going. She started to carress her body, from her neck, to her arms, to her chest. I'd say I was drooling. My bestfriend's mom is masturbating. As I watch her it was all clear I wasn't wondering why. She's single, alone, so there was no problem of her doing something like this.

I knew what she was about to do, pero nagulat parin ako when she removed her nighties, all of her, unclothed, in front of me, habang naka higa, and I liked every part of it. Her breats, a handful and perky topped with pinkish nipples. While she was playing with herself. I decided to play my own too. Linalapirot niya yung parehong ut*ng niya, habang minamasahe yung d*de niya. Nahalata ko na nasasarapan siya, her facial expressions says so. All of that, and her sexy moans. Pati mga murang pabulong

As she starts to spread her legs, so did my jaw. I couldn't believe what I'm looking at. Her wet, pink, thick p*ssy. The way she spread her leags was amazing. Parang  missionary position. I didn't know where to focus on, sa p*ke niya, or sa s*so niya. Kaya sinundan ko nalang yung kamay niya. Sinimulan niyang pisil pisilin yung hita niya na gustong gusto ko. The light from the t.v was sparkling from the juice of her p*ssy. Sinimulan niyang igalaw yung kamay niya papuntang singit. Palakas ng palakas yung mga ungol ni tita Lisa.

Dinala niya yung isang kamay niya sa labi niya, saka niya sinubo. Back then, hindi ko pa alam kung bakit niya ginagawa yun. Matapos niyang isubo at dilaan, dinala niya ulit papunta sa p*ke niyang basang basa na. She tarted rubbing all over her pussy. Sa tinggil niya, sa guhit... all with even louder and hotter moans. Two of her fingers going up and down along her pussy lips, and her other hand, palying with her amazing b*obs. Napapamura na din ako that time, pero very quiet to be heard. The s... Read More

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