February 7, 2015 (3 years ago)
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It’s love month again and over a cup of tea late last night I came to a realization, I don’t know if this is just out of impulse from a long conversation with someone.

But, I am not gonna close my door anymore to a possibility that I will fall in love again. I was too scared to even be close to someone like baring my soul knowing that this will also be the same reason that I will be broken hearted again. I came to this realization recently although a part of me have its reservation of taking the risk. But is sure is nice to have someone in your life. After a long day there’s someone you can just be with, even in a most comfortable silence, just knowing that there’s someone who thinks you are a great person though you know you’re not. Who thinks of you as a hard headed chick yet still treats you like a little girl. Who stays awake til the wee hours waiting for you to snore on the other line. Those silly things that makes living a bit lighter. Just knowing that somewhere out there there’s one person who can actually make you feel nice even though when you look the mirror you are reminded to hit the gym again seriously this time. Feeling giddy has it’s price though, you have second thoughts about being happy again, you are scared that it might not work again and will leave you into pieces like the last time, asking yourself over and over again if it’s worth it, crying silently because you are scared of what you will hear from your partner.

But come to think of is never fair .You can’t have everything you wish for, I think if that happens life will be boring. You won’t strive to be a better person anymore because everything is serve in a silver platter at you whim. Whereas when you know there’s pain and laughter you do the extra mile of doing your best no matter what. It may be difficult at first when you realized things didn’t work out like planned but give it time when you look back you can only laugh at all the drama you created.
Dang! Is this really me talking? Gee. Haha But I like what my mind is telling me now. I hope my heart will finally agree without hesitation the time love bus comes around again.

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