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May 17, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Once napadaan ako sa chat room, and someone whom I don't know, ask me, if kamusta na ako? bakit hindi pa raw ba ako nakaka move on? I answered back, I told her, Kilala ba kita? although I dont have any idea who she was, pero sa mga binitiwan niyang salita, she reminds me of someone I used to know, and bigla siyang nawala, and then lumabas si tantananan... hehehe

Why someone ask me hindi ako maka move on? :) well for a fact nakalimutan ko na ngang may account ako dito, and I like the stories here, I was kind a busy lately, so when I have the time, I decided to drop by, then this USER showed up and ask me question, like naka move on na ba ako?
how pathetic, pero deep inside I was asking myself saan ako mag move on? ahahaha... :D

Well sa nagtanong (although I have an idea who she was) here is the thing, I'm not a kind of person who keep something that is bad, in some points, I'de rather keep something that is good, those beautiful memories that is something I cherished, pero yung mga bad, gawa ko man or ng iba sa akin, I keep it as a close book story, kung sa mga taong nagawan ko ng mali ay galit pa rin sa akin, sila na na magdadala nun! :P

To be positive in life is something you need to be, for in life those who will stay mocking you and still have their grudge, those people are the ones who cannot move on, for those people are still guilty beyond reasonable doubt, guilty of their sins, kaya ako, I thank someone for giving me the choice, may kahalalan, may karapatan, at pinili, for this is something I cannot have with this people from the past!

Now my answer to that pathetic question from user someone? that pathetic question is already answered, cause I will not have the peace of mind, if I will not forgive and forget those bad thing that I've made, for now I am enjoyi... Read More

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i m a person with simple views in life, what you see is what you get nothing else, huwag kang choosy! ^_^
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