February 18, 2013 (5 years ago)
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Oh, I would have to say that morning sex is absolutely THE best!! Nothing like being woken up to having your pussy kissed and licked on, then begging please for some nice hard cock to slowley ease its way into my soaking wet pussy. Still half asleep, and getting all that manhood pumped into me first thing in the morning. What an awesome way to start out the day!! Guys, would you agree that getting your dick slurped and sucked on before you even open your eyes is an incredible experience, or what? Gets the blood flowing, and heart pumping…what an awesome way to start any day!! It has also been my experience, as a woman, that when my bladder is just a little full, the orgasms are all that much more incredible. Nothing like having that clit swell, throb and beg for more, more more. Waking up and wrapping my mouth arouns a nice stiff cock is like having all the dreams of the night come true. Starts off slow, and if don’t have to hurry and get ready for work, make it last for hours, over and over again. Years ago I was with a man who would love to wake me up by eating my pussy until I came all over his face. He liked to leave my scent on him so he could smell me all day. After eating my pusssy, I would mount him and ride that hard throbbing cock until he was just about to come so hard, then we would let him squirt all over my stomach, and he would rub his love juices all over my tu... Read More

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