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She woke in the quiet, in the stillness and for an instant thought the waking a dream. But she knew the arms around her, the legs that tangled with hers. She knew the scent of him and drifted into it as her mind waded through the thinning fog of sleep.

She looked at him as she stroked her hand down his flank, watching his eyes as she glided it up again between their tangled legs. "It's funny isn't it, how a guy's dick wakes up before he does. Why is that?" "It doesn't like to miss an opprtunity such as now." he added when she guided him inside her. And when she began to move, it was just slow and easy.

Soft, sweet this effect of her. His mind and body woke to her, roused to her in a long, quiet rise while the day took it's first breath in the sky. Her eyes, intoxicated but more in them was the light he'd yearned for all of his life. She was his daybreak, his sunrise after the long hard shadows of night.

Wanting more, needing more, he shifted to bring her under him, pressed his lips to the curve of her neck. And with the taste broke his fast with her. She sighed again, but longer, deeper with a catch in her throat as pleasure saturated every pore. Her mind emptied so all of those circling thought drifted away under the blissful hum of sensation, the steady beat that was heart and blood and breath belonged to them in this still and hazy moment before dawn. With it there were no questions, no sorrows, no worries, no regrets.

She gave herself to it and him, let's herself open on that slow ride. When her breath quickened burgeoning on that thin line between need and re... Read More

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