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April 24, 2014 (4 years ago)
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letter to the unborn

I guess one of your first questions would be where is daddy. I have the same question too. I wonder if he even exists. Crazy I know baby. But mommy made a choice to have you anyway. Mommy's friends think it was a foolish decision to have you when I could just go and enjoy single life to the fullest. But I guess at the corner of mommys hard heart, is the longing to know and experience motherhood. To enjoy what kind of love and joy comes from a child. Surely mommy has lots of godchildren, nieces and nephews she can enjoy, but it will always be different from the little one she can call her own. I know its a bit unfair for you to not have the chance to grow up with daddy. Just thinking about it wrenches my heart already. Because mommy also loses the chance to be the wife and be beside daddy raising you, showering you with love and care.

I may have that option to let go of you and save both of us the future struggles we might face. But If I do that, it just deprives mommy and you of the future joy, love and happiness we could both have right? And that seems to me more selfish...

In the meantime, enjoy the little room that mommy has for you. It will be the most protective, loving, nurturing space ull have. Up until the day you see what's waiting for you outside,mommy eagerly awaits for your arrival.
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