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September 5, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened sa late 90's na.  I was still a student in college and my gf at that time (na naging asawa ko na ex ko na ngayon) was one year ahead of me in college.  Although we have different courses in college, we were close because we had a subject na naging classmates kami.  Papalapit na summer and it was time for educational tours.  I was not yet graduating at the time so hindi ako kasali sa tour.   Their tour was supposed to be to Manila, Subic and other parts of Luzon.  I convinced her not to join her tour but instead have the tour for ourselves.  But she said she needed to join as it was a part of their grades and a pre-requisite to graduate.

Dumating na ang araw na paalis na sila para sa tour nila.  On the last minute, an unexpected event happened.  Her bestfriend's dad suffered a massive stroke and couldn't come.  She then had the idea of convincing the instructors that her friend needs her and she need to support her in her time of grief.  She had to insist that her friend is more important than the tour.  The teachers just told her that her payment was not refundable and that she is responsible while the tour was on-going.  Eventually, she stayed with her friend.

Bambi (my gf/ex-wife) was 21 yrs old then.  She's around 5'1" and a little chubby.  Since, di pa uso text or cellphone at that time (expensive pa), I was just at home playing with my playstation one.  It was not till morning that I got a call from Bambi and told me that Krizy"s (her bestfriend) dad has just passed away (di na umabot ng umaga).  She didn't tell me yet she didn't join the tour but told me to visit Krizy at the hospital.  I went there after fixing myself since Krizy was also close to me.  When I arrived sa hospital, Bambi was there to meet me to my surprise.  She told me she decided to stay with Krizy and not go to the tour.

Since wala naman kami magawa sa hospital, hinihintay nalang nila na ma release, Krizy told us to rest lang since both of them had no sleep and rest.  Bambi and I decided to get a hotel room (sosyal kasi dami baon para sa tour).  We had lunch and headed back to the room after.  The toilet has a nice bathtub so sabay kami naligo.  I knew she wasn't in the mood yet to have sex because all she talks and thinks of is her bestfriend.  Tahimik lang kami sa tub, letting the water flow, playing with the bubbles and not uttering any words.  I was already so horny that time, but I wanted to give her space so I was not insisting of having sex with her (para na rin siyang namatayan kasi close sila ng dad ni Krizy).

Nasa bathtub kami, and Bambi was laying on me.  I had already a huge hard on and I knew Bambi felt it.  I would hug her and breath heavily at her nape.  I could feel her getting aroused, as her feet would gently move and feel mine.  She is also starting to breath heavily.  I hugged her tight and felt her nipples getting harder.  She had one of the nicest nipples I have ever seen, pinkish and proportioned and well rounded.  I would massage her boobs, and run my fingers in her nipples.  Pinching it, making a circle motion feeling its edges.  I then slowly moved my other hand and moved it towards her pussy.  Di ko siya fininger agad, nilalaro ko muna ang lips ng kanyang pekpek.  Feeling she wanted it, sinimulan ko ng fingerin siya.  Na feel ko na unti-unting nawala stress nya, sobrang heavy ng unggol nya.  She would then grab my hard cock and starting to stroke it.  Habang finifinger ko siya, Bambi slid my cock inside her.  I continued to play with her clits with one hand while my other hand was playing, massaging and grabbing her boobs.

I would pump hard at her and it was getting wild.  Yung tubig ng bathtub  is spilling out.  I would lick her nape and kiss her ears.  I wanted to change position pero i didn't want to lose momentum.  We were getting into it that I didn't withdraw as I shot my load inside her.  We had the same position for about 5 mins till my cock became soft and eventually pulled out by itself.

We washed and went to bed naked.  We had a short nap and cuddled in bed.  I woke up with a hard on.  She was still sleeping.  I just stood up and had yosi.  She was laying on her back.  I could see clearly her pussy crack.  She then moved and spread her legs even wider.  I didn't want to wake her up so I just started to wank myself.  I was watching my girlfriend naked in bed spreading her legs.  I saw a glimpse of her waking up so I stopped and joined her in bed and pulled up the sheets.  She saw my hard on, and smiled.  She crawled under the sheets and gave me a blowjob.  I pulled her over towards me and we had a 69.  Her pussy was well trimmed although not shaved, you can lick the pussy lips directly na walang naka parang na bolbol.  I then pulled her up and fucked her doggie style.  I just loved watching her boobs pulled by gravity and move due to the friction created by the pumping motion.  Almost ready to explode, I let her stand up and carry her.  I hugged her tight and pump while carrying her.  It didn't take long that I ejaculated inside her again without protection.

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