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April 14, 2014 (4 years ago)
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this is the legend of little juan...

maybe you know how he got his name...

but it's better yet to know...

why his woman stayed.

little juan used to write,
tho he’s not very bright,
when he’s not holding his shovel,
he’s up making a novel.

one day he met little sussie,
who’s proud of her big pussy,
well, he got her fooled,
by the stories he told.

in his bed she fell,
without a wedding bell,
her panty were out,
it’s too late she found out.

then there, she was noisy,
when he’s making her moisy,
but when he entered her,
barely she could tell he’s there.

little juan used to talk,
time for the tongue to work,
then little sussie went a-screaming,
her little hips a-shaking.

it's the time they spread the word,
pen-is mightier than the sword,
but tongue is mightier than pen-is,
to bring woman happiness.
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