Midnight Opera

July 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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He's kept his silence while she struggled to insist
"Say something!" he heard but bound to resist
Amidst the lingering mute he finally dared
With unshaken faith he whispered "I'm too lost, too scared..."

Far from being heard he kept his murmur
While she stayed unaltered she waits for an answer
"Its not a good time" she sobbed through her shoulder
Holding her ground, still she will not falter.

"I love you too much," then a fist to the temple
She's everything he wanted, his sweet little angel.
Yet he whips her with words and condemns her with silence
"Say sorry you fool!" he's at war with his conscience.

As the clock trudged to one, he clenches a fist.
He has paid for his fear what he didn't to exist
She's his reason to live now, his new life story.
And he wouldn't wait for morn to say how much he's sorry.

Now she's long been in slumber, and his promise has bled.
He'll walk through their door and sit on their bed.
"Forgive me..." he'll kiss her, wip... Read More

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Nako si RF ba? Ay pucha, tol wag yan. Matindi yan. Ngiti pa lang nakakapag paluwag na ng garter ng panty. Alam mo bang pinag sabay nyan si Anne Curtis at si Cristine Reyes tapos hiniwalayan para kay Anne Hathaway? Yung account nya sa FB? Susmaryosep tol, ini-stalk ng lahat ng chickas. Oras oras nga raw may nagmakaawang makipag date sa-- Huh? Sinong rhythmfreak? Aba malay ko.. Hindi ko kilala yon. Ipagtanong mo sa iba.
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