Matamis na Paghihiganti (Part 7)

August 4, 2012 (5 years ago)
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"Hubaran mo ako."

"With pleasure..."

"Ariean, si Ms. Jo ba e 'game' sa ganitong mga laro?"

"Bakit mo naman naitanong, are'nt I enough for you to try?"

"Forgive me, if it offends you in thinking your not good or enough to satisfy my thirst in sex. It's just that while waiting for the elevator to bring me up I over heard some of the employees mention such speculative ideas in what goes on during executive after office hours, specially when the ascending chosen ones are the attractive and known for sexual conquest."

"Really now M, you do know that some of the clients must be given 'special attention' in meeting the requisites of our deals..."

"I know Ariean, i'm just being honestly curious."

"However, since you're curious, i'll satisfy it with an answer...."

Pumihit nang kaunti at pinidot ang communication console sa akin likuran.

"Ms.Jo, please come in here again; i've got an unusual business procedure that needs an extra body to help."

"On my way, ma'mm..."

Kaagad bumukas ang pintuan. Nakatungo si Ms. Jo nang pumasok, at...

"Huh?!...ah, ma'mm what help do you need from me."


'Zzzzzzzppp!' Hinila ni Ariean ang zipper nang aking pantalon, ipinasok ang kamay at hinalukay ang nakatago pero buhay na buhay kung tite. Nanlaki ang mga mata sa gulat ni Ariean, ngayon ay ang 2 na niyang kamay ang nagbubukas sa pants button ko at hinihila pababa. Lumuhod siya, sa kaniyang harapan ay ang 7 pulgada ko. Hinahaplos niya ang ulo, pababa sa katawan hanggang sa sinasalo ang bayag nito.

"Such an amazing equiptment of manhood , you've got there M.... Hmmm, smooth skinned. is it sleepy or alive and ready for a test run on me and Ms. Jo's delights?"

"See for yourself..."

Lumapit maige si Ariean hawak ang unti unti nang nabubuhay na tite. Para siyang humahawak sa isang tuta o kuting na may puwang sa kaniyang puso. Hinahagkan nang magaan muna ang ulo, pa petik petik sa tumatabang katawan at naglolobong bayag. Dinilaan at isinubo ang 1 bayag, pinaglalaruan nang dila ang mga itlog ko, ang sarap niya mag fellatio....

'Ummmm,... you've got heavy ball, M. I think you're about to blow this time, BIG TIME that is..."

"Shiiit... ahhhh, suck my balls again woman. I've missed the feeling of a woman's tongue and lips down there... yeeessss, that's it, lick my cock good...."

'slup! slup! slup! slup!'

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