Matamis na Paghihiganti (Part 5)

August 3, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Hinawakan ko sa mga braso si Ariean at tiningnan kung okay na ba siya. Di siya makatingin sa akin, pinupunasan ang mga tumutulong luha sa kaniyang pisngi. Sayang na babae, ubod nang sipag, maasikaso sa lahat nang bagay sa buhay pero tulad nga nang kasabihan hindi lahat ay napapasa iyo. Humihibik nang tahimik at muli yumakap nanaman sa aking bisig. Ramdam ko ang higpit nang kaniyang pagyakap. Dama ko na ngayon ang kaakit akit na katawan nang asawa noong tao na yumuyurak sa aking pangalan at pagkatao.

"Ariean, tahan na."

"Bakit nagawa nila ito sa atin, bakit...?"

"Ewan ko Ariena, ewan ko..."

"BASTARD! He's gonna pay for doing this! After all the shit i've just watched he and your slut wife are both going to suffer for doing this!"

"Easy there, let's both talk about it and decide on what we're going to do in getting proper justice."

"What do you propose to do?"

"Well, i've thought about the solutions which summizes this problem. however, because of my sons and reputation we both carry it would be devastating if it were to become public. And you know how the media loves to have such a scoop in these matter. It would affect not only those who are dear to us but also of our businesses and other associates. We might just lose everything if it comes to a terrible divorce proceeding. Including that of the church and you know of what their opinion is about that on my side. While of yours, you don't have children but you may just lose half of what you own in your entire life. Besides that, he's jobless therefore it's either alimony or him acquiring half of your assets."

"I'll be dammed if he get's a single centavo or a business firm from me!"

"That's why I came to you, because the ideas that passed in thought for me are quiet extreme and i don't want to be involved in such activities. Rather, i'd go for more subtle but forceful measures."

"I know where your heading too, and since i'm more persuasive I may just have the persons who'll do it without us being implicated in any of these."

"And who would they be, Ariean?"

"Really M, you don't want to be involved yet you want to know who, hmmmm?"

"I'm only interested on how they'll be doing it. Further more, would it cost us a steep amount."

"Don't think of the cost, it's all on me since it was you who brought this, i'm abound to reward you for your honesty and loyalty as a friend."

"I doing it because I want REVENGE! I'm a quiet man Ariean, seldom do I ever get involved in quarrelsome matters. But if it involves my name and reputation then I must defend and uphold my honor."

"So do I M, so do I..."

Tumayo si Ariean at lumapit sa lamesa, pinindot ang communication console.

"Ms. Jo please come in here immedieately!"

"Yes ma'mm!"

Bumukas ang pintuan at pumasok si Jo dala ang ipad na itatala ang mga iuutos ni Ariean sa kaniya.

"Write this down... Starting today all activities of my husband shall be investigated by our private investigators on the grounds of suspicion by diverting corporate funds for personal use including illicit activities. Any such activities will be recorded and be forwarded to ME alone. No auditing shall be made known to the businesses which he handles on my ownership. Please inform our special auditors to do so execute this executive order secretly. Lastly, I must have a word with our 'special friends' their services will be mostly useful after this investigation."

"Done ma'mm!"

"Oh and Jo, erase any implications of these coming from me. DURING and AFTER applying such solutions..."

"Yes ma'mm; will that be all?"

"I still have something special for you to do, i'll call you when needed... Now go and be done with this!"

Pumihit kaagad si Jo at muli kaming 2 lang ang nasa opisina niya.

Maganda talaga ang penthouse suite office ni Ariean. Halos nay 360 view ka nang buong siyuda. Sabi sabi nga ang tawag nang mga empleyado sa kuwartong ito "Heaven's Qu... Read More

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