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just because i missed writing :)


X-MEN : Jean Grey

She's controlling, reads minds, reserved.

Jean Grey has her Phoenix. Her fiery persona. A part that was restricted in her subconcious mind because of her sheer power. She can be destructive to others and herself.

I am Jean Grey. I am Phoenix.
Early on, i knew i had it in me. There were times that it scared me too. Because i know what i am capable of doing. I had to make this conscious effort to control both. To be the ms prim and proper and be ms wild and wilder.

I've seen both sides in action. She's actually beautiful. To be able to strike the balance between these two takes tremendous amount of control.
To be able to explore both sides without prejudice.

I loveCyclops. i love wolverine. both men makes me happy in different and similar ways.

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