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Lust and Love (Not a story but a sharing)

September 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi! I'm new in this site. As for my confession. I'd like to admit that I am lustful. Why did I say that? Well, I like sex. Since I started to feel wetness between my legs, I've always have the urge to do what is sacred for some. Thus, I lost my virginity to a complete stranger despite of having the ideology that I should only give it to the person whom I'm gonna marry someday. But then, since lust is overflowing my system, it smashed the idealistic thinking side of me. 

Why do I like sex?
   1. I like orgasm.
   2. I like to please my partner.
   3. I love exploring things in bed.
   4. I love the little chit chats after sex.

What I hate about being lustful?
   1. It makes me want some more.
   2. It makes me feel lonely in the end.
   3. It makes me forget my value and self-worth as an individual.
   4. It hinders me to truly fall in love.

Years ago, I had a boyfriend. He knows how sexually active I am yet he accepted me. The feeling was surreal. I told myself that I finally found the one who can love me despite of every flaw that I have. But then, he broke up with me months after. Ofcourse the reason of time and work is invalid but then, I accepted it and pretended that it's cool and even said that I am free again. But deep inside, my heart was shattered into the tinniest piece it could ever be. I know the real reason is my past.  

In the end, I realized that love is impossible to someone who had a troubled past. The least that I can do is to ge... Read More

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