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nakalimutan ko na sino yung kausap ko tungkol sa buwan..anyway reporting this entry from way way back

instant bedtime story

his part (the curious boy)

there was a story about a boy

who always stare at the moon

he always wonder why the moon keeps following the earth

and of all the planets in the universe, why earth?

and why every moon in the universe...the moon chose to stay there, the earth

that question always makes the little boy wonder

... he wondered, if he could ask the moon

what will the moon say

to be continued

her part (the moon)

the moon longs to be part of earth

but can't

it did try

but everytime it comes near...

the moon notices a change

the earth does not respond that good

bad things happen

so the moon just stays afar

always watching


but even though the moon cant be part of the earth

the moon continues to be there

in its full glory

sharing light

drawing smiles to people on earth, it is glory during the full moon,
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