Love, Shall Hello be Always A Prelude To Goodbye?

September 13, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Witnessed by the fading light on the distant horizon
My silhouette in soliloquy
Anguishing over a shattered paradise
And bitterly savoring the deafening silence of solitude.

Before I met you, I translated maturity to age
I equated responsibility to intelligence
I identified gentleness with professional ethics
I substituted emotion with mere logic.

I was blind to the magic of love
I was cynical to the statement “I Love You”
I was deaf to the melody of eternal promises
I was innocent to what they call a sweet and gentle caress.

Then you came
Before the summer dusk
I can see the reflections of my precious golden past
Where I fondly shared moments with you.

We met
You smiled
We talked and then shared.

gradually, changes ruled
Your presence, your enigmatic smile, your brilliant ideas
Your talking and tantalizing eyes
Showed me grandeur in things I considered nondescript.

With you, everything seemed to be magic
You ushered me to the threshold
Of infinite appreciation and realization
On the difference between the free flowing thoughts compared to the surge of human passion.

Suddenly you bid goodbye
Amid the haze of bitter tears
I saw you go, that very moment
Of such a sad and lonesome time of the parting day

Now within me are pure fond memories
Of that bittersweet yesterday
Witnessed by our pacific rendezvous
Where you showed me the meaning of sharing and loving.

Love, to you I’ll never say goodbye.... Read More

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